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1881 Intense by Cerruti

I love1881 even though I felt it did not project very much, but came to appreciate that it was much more effective that way; silent and assured.

Now its offspring '1881 intense' is a totally different story, even with a few sprays the projection is instantaneous it retains some of the character of 1881 but amplified big time (hold it, I said Some not ALL of its character this IS A DIFFERENT fragrance). Its not 1881 on streroids but an authoritative gentleman's scent. That means even if you never tried 1881 but you love classic fragrances for men then you will not be disappointed with this, it is a updated interpretation of the UNMISTAKEABLY MASCULINE fragrance it does not pretend.
24th June, 2010

Eau Fresh by Jacques Bogart

I like doing my share of scent time-travel. This particular journey takes me to 1993 Eau Fresh and I am asking my self is this from the same Jacques Borgat-one man show? well it seems so; to understand my surprise read my one man show review. But this is simply amazing, mild and long lasting, truly complex not one of those linear fragrances supposedly filled with ingredients. eau fresh actually borrows its opening from sophisticated citrus scents like Eau Sauvage and Eau de Rochas Homme and what an opening which blends effortlessly with the florals that follow and the base is just so subtle and stays fresh. Great day time fragrance. Such a shame its only been reviewed twice.
27th November, 2008

F pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

Starts off as a fresh friuty fragrance, you only need to wait for the initial notes to fade away then the real journey begins, be careful or be caught smelling yourself cos the transformation is unbelievable. from fresh to spicy leather!! Without going overboard I think F pour homme tranforms itself from a daytime to an evening scent over the entire day. You guessed it thumbs up!
30th October, 2008
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BOD Man: Really Ripped Abs by Parfums de Coeur

Can't resist reviewing this for two reasons, firstly there should be something out there for every one and/or every occasion. Secondly take a close look at the (plastic) bottle & Nozzle what does it remind you of? Guys, the verdict is in you either bought this for the honest reason of keeping the sweat induced B.O. under control or just for laughs.
13th January, 2008

KL Homme by Lagerfeld

Looking at the picture on this page is sufficient to bring back memories of this fragrance. I must admit I didn't go looking for it but when i saw it i knew immediately it was a of a kind fragrance. Will definitely buy it again if I come across it. I'm not sure but i recently went through a bottle of Gucci Pour Homme,some similarities with KL Homme perhaps???..As i said, am not sure. Anyway, to cap it all, two thumbs way up!!
28th December, 2007

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

Not like me to buy a frag more than once (which i did in this case) Honestly, seriously ungaro III achieved what many fragrances cannot seem to get right these days, warmth, class, projection, longevity all in one. It starts off like an aquatic soapy scent, but soon reveals its real quality and complexity giving the user confidence and an "edge" which i can't accurately describe and which guy doesn't need an edge once in while!!! For comparison try "Emporio Armani HE" for similarity in concept.
26th December, 2007

Boss Selection by Hugo Boss

Sometimes I would check-out the reviews before buying a fragrance, other times I do it the other way round. For BOSS SELECTION, I bought first then checked out the reviews(MIXED!!..not surprising) This is a very good fragrance, fresh and sweet-fruity but that's just the beginning, BS will go on to reveal its masculinity, arid, floral, warm musk in a way I've experienced in only one other Fragrance ROMANCE For Men (RALPH LAUREN), Which I also loved.
21st December, 2007

Amadou by Swiss Arabian Perfumery

This company has several budget type fragrances marketed under the name SAPIL. But AMADOU belongs to the high end, very strong, a little goes a long way. The fragrance is distinctly oriental, woody and musky and.... different, hard to find anything out there to compare it with.
It smells quite good after a few hours, you just have to survive the strong opening.. by the way its pretty hard to find.
06th December, 2007

XXL by Daniel Hechter

Am afraid i've got little to add except that if you've got a teenage kid or nephew you might consider buying this for him as a present. The scent is OK, but if this theme interests you personally, then consider the more potent BOSS ELEMENTS for yourself.
24th July, 2007

w.w.2000±1s by B'prime

It reads on the label that the mould for the bottle was smashed in full public view. Am not sure what that means, but if it means you ain't gonna get a whiff of this, don't worry cos if you know AZZARRO CHROME then you are home and dry with this one already, they are similar. Overall its not a bad fragrance, middle of the road inoffensive etc.
23rd July, 2007

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

I love polo sport, its a warm, cool and full bodied fresh scent. It lasted quite well on my skin, there are a lot of "sports" and your basic "cool wateresque" scents out there but Polo sports stands tall in this category. it can't offend.
20th July, 2007 (last edited: 11th July, 2017)

Parfum d'Homme by Kristel Saint Martin

What the heck is going on here?? A notes pyramid for this frag? Honestly this has to be some hastily assembled concoction that just happens to smell nice!!! Surely it is not a work of art. In the corner shops it is placed alongside fellow cheapies that you only buy as a joke! My point is how do they get a frag to smell so nice, with reasonable longevity and yet sell for only a few bucks? Thats something some big names need to work on, cos their frags seem to cost a fortune but do not last long!!
I am going to have to give Parfum d'Homme a thumbs up for a mild simple citrus scent that stays on you long after you part with a few bucks
20th July, 2007

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

I'm at the duty free (Fragrance) section, the setting is the massive Dubai airport, I'm doing my thing before my flight begins to board and am loving it and suddenly i hear a guy just behind me ask: "SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER"? a couple of times, and the poor sales girl couldn't place the name so she asks what is the Brand? and now the man becomes silent. I took that as my cue and with a slight turn of my head i said "CREED". SILENCE!! For emphasis is made the 180 degree turn to face them and said "check CREED". Finally the girl smiled with relief and said "thank you" they were actually just a few feet away from the CREED shelf. To round up the encounter i moved closer to the grateful sales girl and asked for a schpritzzz of SMW & she nearly empties the tester on my wrists mmmm...nice. and i moved on. Hours later on the flight home i kept wondering somebody close by is wearing something really good... then i remembered; the Guy, the girl, the schpritzzz.. my wrists!! SMW by CREED is a sublime fragrance which gives the wearer authority, presence and sophistication there is unbelievable power in the freshness and subtlety of CREED SMW one fragrance that dared to go in this direction is DRAKKAR DYNAMIK but there is no contest here,CREED SMW has simply set the bar too high.
17th July, 2007
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Eau de Rochas Homme by Rochas

Just bought this, and i don't want sound like an echo here but what can i say; its a heck of a job sifting through the tons of fragrances out there and once you've gone through four or five they all seem to smell the same thereafter,i.e. unimaginative and underdeveloped. Only few seem to break the established boundaries and really dare to delight. Eau de Rochas Homme is one of them. Fearless, unapologetic and in your face. A citrusy burst that leaves you spinning and you just know its not going to end there. Soon after the citrus tunic is shed, the creative blend begins to unfold and as time passes you keep telling your self Thank God I didn't miss this. Yeah cos you don't easily see it on display these days. The Comparisons by Pluran are spot on. Its simply a great scent.
12th July, 2007

Wrangler by Wranglers

Am not sure what went on here, my thoughts were CHAPS! CHEVIGNON! POLO! AMERICA! am about to say hi to your cousin WRANGLER!!!
Here goes..Schpritzzz.. waiting for a few seconds..then.. sniff.. sniff.. sniff.. sniff.. sniff.. do you get the point? Ok so despite not smelling anything i still went ahead and bought it, took a whiff of coffee beans to correct my olfactories and i tried again and mmm.. now i can say something and that is, for God's sake if you were a fragrance trying to smell like chaps or polo why make it so hard, why not just get to the point. What i mean is wrangler eventually arrives at its theme destination, as the bottle colour and design obviously suggest ie country western cowboy jeans wearing etc. except instead of being dirty ..its clean and fresh. A wearable fragrance, it also resembles the discontinued JAGUAR for men. I just wish these guys would build into these products, what most guys want; which is LONGEVITY!!!!
11th July, 2007

Denim Musk by Denim

You know what I thought, there is no DENIM
Cologne..Right now am in Singapore, 16hrs and ( two plane rides away from home) and am actually holding a bottle of DENIM COLOGNE!! NOT the AFTERSHAVE!(by the way that's not what i came for) I only cased the frag joints looking for something new or old, hey its new to me if Ive never tried it before! I admit it surprised me as a cologned, stronger, great longevity etc etc what more can i say read Ken Russel's Review if you don't believe me.
10th July, 2007

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

Just bought this thanks to reviews from here and all i can say is wow!! this is what a man's cologne should smell like perfectly blended and smooth. I have tried a few other Davidoffs and i think ZINO is it!!!
I love going back in time to discover fragrances and ZINO makes it worthwhile. Two thumbs up.
15th June, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti by Luciano Pavarotti

Discontinued but still available in some places. Dead on comparison with Givenchy gentleman a kind of hedious clone if you will but it does have its own identity. the pyramid shows a truck load of ingridients. the actual scent does have a hint of refinement but the could have been more creative. its wearable but retains its bitterness right through so think twice.. this is for the machos only.
15th June, 2007

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Mmmm..lets see, I bought this blind some years ago and Dolce and Gabbana had the edge for several reasons A) the Juice is 125ml, I like when you get more than 100ml, am not complaining i only said i like it!! B) It was and is still without a close comparison across all its dimensions ie complexity, longevity, smoothness. etc. c)you don't have to rob a bank to buy it.
This fragrance is already a classic in its own right. what more can is say the frag is really good.
15th June, 2007

Stetson Country by Stetson

Another piece of the "discontinued" puzzle.
Shouldn't a man be able to get a decent frag for a buck or two? seriously, there are some really good fragrances that don't cost a whole lot and Stetson country is one of them, im simply drawn to fragrances that called country and i love them all (so does the wife if i may add ). this one compares closely to a fragrace from yardley called 54 ON BROWNE, which is probably discontinued too.
31st May, 2007

XS Extrême pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

A conc version of the original XS PH, I am not constrained to be consistent cos i am a fan of the original..But i really do believe this frag can stand on its own. If XS PH never existed would i have liked this one? Definitely. It also reminds me of 'Givenchy Geenergy', only way overdone
26th May, 2007

Open by Roger & Gallet

when you love a fragrance and it loves you back (gets you noticed), you get that nice warm feeling (Good morning sir, you smell good)...and she wasn't even an admirer!..come to think of it do you really know your admirers?.. Now if that is not love returned, then i dont know what is..a real power scent dosen't oppose the user it stays with you like a halo confirming your presence and your quality..i hope i don't sound like a commercial R&G OPEN is subtlety and agression sizing each other up, freshness and leathery muskiness all rolled up in one. All rise Lovers of BOSS NO.1, FENDI UOMO GIVENCHY GENTLEMAN, ARAMIS, this is definitely one for you.
25th May, 2007

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

It would be criminal to decline reviewing OLD OLD SPICE, this was my FIRST cologne, the first one I dabbed anyway, from Dad's bathroom cabinet of COURSE and dad wouldn't suspect anything cos the bottle's not transparent ( that's problably why they made it so... who Knows)Now its My turn to put OLD OLD SPICE in my bathroom cabinet and prepare for the juvenile assault....Sorry.. the review: I honestly think the composition is unique, timeless and very manly, read somewhere that it was originally marketed as a ladies frag..sniff...mmmm... nothing feminine here!!! Funny, for a mass market product its mighty difficult to come across here. Finally i think OLD SPICE works best as a template on the olfactories, a kind of matrix on which the appreciation of numerous fragrances (including old spice itself) is later developed. In plain English, guys, You have to use old spice first Period!!!
25th May, 2007

Space for Men by Cathy Carden

Not a popular name where i live, so when i came across a gift pack of Space 100ml i couldnt resist it. So off i went with Space. One spray and i thought OH NO! not detergent again... i was really sampling different scents back then and i had gone through polo sport, wings, givency incense ultramarine, cool water etc..and i was looking for something different and i got hit by this. Not a bad scent itself quite refreshing and formal. If i came across it today would i buy it? probably.
22nd May, 2007

Nikos by Nikos

This was not an easy fragrance to come by, i bought its forerunner 'sculpture' a number of years ago and i liked it even though i found it one dimensional.
Nikos is different though, more comlex more layered and im not so sure about the comparison to rochas man which i think is much sweeter. I do believe though that when NIKOS settles it smells somewhat like Kouros only slightly sweeter.
07th May, 2007

Land by Lacoste

An unforgettable fragrance cant find it anywhere these days. A complex creation, very potent, long lasting frag much appreciated reminds me of Giorgio Armani Pour Homme.

December 20, 2014 and its seven years since I purchased used and reviewed this cologne and in that time I have not seen it any where. It is such a structurally complete fragrance which I rank among the great scents of the past such as Gucci Nobile and Lagerfeld KL Homme which are practically impossible to find nowadays.

21st March, 2007 (last edited: 20th December, 2014)

You're the Fire for Men by Yardley

75ml of golden sweet smelling juice, that lasts, suprisingly i still get compliments even after several hours, even now after all this years iam still tempted to pick one up when i see it.

OK!!! so its inexpensive, but its somewhat like Lagerfeld's original cologne(which is richer though and has more range and sophistication).
21st March, 2007

One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

One Man Show or the lonely man Show if you like, coz you are likely to be left alone if have this on. I tend to agree with foetidus on the standards issue. I wish i didnt have to come down hard on OMS having used it myself years ago i really thought highly of it back then, but seriously who wants to smell like a farm hand? lets match OMS for you guys if you dont already know, OMS is similar to Benetton's COLD and versace's discontiuned GREEN JEANS,i think what gives OMS away is that its harsh notes never give way to softer tolerable unforgettable notes that powerhouses are known for.
21st March, 2007

Camera for Men by Max Deville

I wore this a few years ago, a sensual manly fragrance, great for a night out with the sweetheart. To be honest i know of nothing that smells quite like it(which is a plus) and its a suprise that it is somewhat difficult to find.
My closest approximation of its likeness would be the opening of HERRERA for men and the drydown of PHOTO by Lagerfeld, My guess is if you like any or both frags you'd probably like CAMERA for men
09th March, 2007

Aramis 900 by Aramis

Aramis 900, great herbal floral notes, good lasting power, more masculine than feminine in my opinion, (no big deal) though. Anyway this is undeniably a man's frag. I am a lover of herbal scents. Aramis 900 has a generational thing going which may not sit well with younger guys. Sometimes as i have found out you do not appreciate a scent at first try, ive tried Aramis 900 more than once and i loved it more each time.
23rd February, 2007 (last edited: 08th May, 2013)