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Unforgivable by Sean John

Body Chemistry.
Short Shelf Life.
I'm not sure which all I know is that I put this on twice and both times I felt like I stank like rotten garbage. People reacted to me in the same manner.

And this, dear reader, is unforgivable and re-taught me a valuable lesson: Try Before You Buy.

So, no, I do not think that this fragrance deserves even to be listed as Best for Day Wear, or Evening Wear. For me it serves as "proof" why one should never buy a celebrity endorsed anything.

Honestly, the bottle and it's packaging is nothing but design hack, nice enough but not worthy of any kind of an award.

Nevertheless taste varies as does body chemistry. So, my recommendation is simply: Try before YOU buy. Also if you like the sample but when get home and it smells bad - Return it Immediately.

06th May, 2008

212 Men Splash (2007) by Carolina Herrera

I picked up a bottle the other day at Sephora's in New York City simply because I thought it smelled great out of the bottle and on me. Sales ladies in two different Sephora's were so impressed that I thought it smelled great, evidently they did too.

I checked and it doesn't list 212 Splash for Men. However, I found information about the fragrance on the Blog "Now Smell This" (NST).


According to NST 212 Splash is new for 2007 and is a limited edition release.

"212 Men Splash includes bergamot, mint, fresh notes, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, sandalood, incense and transparent musk."

I find it to be fresh, slightly sweet and fruity marine scent. By way of a comparison, if you are familiar with Kenzo's excellent marine fragrance line, this could be described as a sweet Kenzo Pour Homme.

In any case, I find it to be a refreshing scent, I enjoyed wearing it so much I got my wife the women's version (which is a similar smelling fresh, sweet, fruity marine scent, but, according to NST it is not the exact same fragrance simply packaged differently for women.

The packaging is cute: Both the Men's and Women's versions comes packed in a clear plastic case resembling a soda can. However, I take issue with the bottles themselves in both cases the tops are not well done. The men's version is not secure, and if you make the mistake of grabbing the bottle by the top the bottle will fall to the floor. In the women's version the caps just come out of the case. (On the other hand the women's version comes in two bottles perfect for leaving one at home and, say, one in the gym bag or in the locker. Men will just have to spray decant into an atomizer if they want to carry some with them to the gym or on a trip. (I wish more fragrances came in bottles like 4711 and Mugler Colgone so we can pour the fragrance into another bottle if we want to.

While I am enthusiastic, I strongly recommend trying it first to see if you like it. You may find the salty marine notes not to your liking, or you may find it too salty or too sweet for your body chemistry. I have noticed that some react to the noticeable but subtle sillage with nose twitches which tells me that some aren't going to like wearing this at all whether for themselves or for an intimate friend.
15th May, 2007

Dunhill Fresh by Dunhill

The frequently contradictory opinions of Basenotes members continues to amaze me.

In this case, I think I agree with the producers of the fragrance: Dunhill Fresh is a take your pick
1. a light version of the original 1934 fragrance,
2. a "fresh" version of the orignal, or
3. a warm weather version of the original.

There's a great deal gooding for this fresh version of a classic: it's that the freshness also seems natural, it lasts a good amount of time, and true to it's name, I can detect notes of the original classy fragrance.

As for the comparision to something like "Cool Water," I say absolutely not! I get virtually none of the headache making, nasal passage irritating artificial freshness notes that I get from many modern fragrances such as Davidson's "Cool Water," Calvin Klein's "Etermity," and even the current version of Burberry's "Burberry For Men."

I give it more than one Thumbs Up.

14th April, 2007
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Concentré D'Orange Verte by Hermès

I am in complete agreement with those who give the Concentree a thumbs up. I have been unable to find the au D'Orange Verte only the Concentree.

Taken on it's own, it is a great fresh citrus fragrance.

I think that is fresher than other so-called fresh citrus fragrances I have tried such as Mugler Cologne and the venerable 4711. Which isn't to say either aren't good. The Concentree's freshness doesn't rely on the artificial fresh notes found in, other so-called fresh citrusy fragrances such as Burberry for Men.

Having said this, keep in mind that it seems that the more natural a fresh scent is, the less longevity it has. It is something important to consider. So perhaps you'll want to pretend you are Napoleon or a member of the court of one of the French Kings and carry a bottle of cologne with you and spray at will when need it.

I think that Concentree D' Orange Vert is certainly worth a try.
05th April, 2007

Eau de Badian by L'Occitane

From the L'Occitane web site:

Top Note: Grapefruit Basil
Middle Note: Star Aniseed, Coriander
Base Note: Absolute mate, Calry Sage.

In my opinion Badian is a light, sweet aromatic citrus fragrance. To my nose it is in the same family of fragrances as YSL Live Jazz. I believe it is wearable on warm, but not hot days.

The most important thing for me about Badian is that it is fresh natural scent without containing what I find to be the harsh and annoyingly artificial "fresh" notes in fragrances like Cool Water, Eternity and Burberry for Men. Longevity be damned!

However, perhaps, since Badian is more natural, on me at least, it has low sillage, as well as less than average longevity.

Also, although it is sweet it is not like some fragrances that smell like cheap candy. A mature adult male can wear this without hesitation.

At $42US for 3.4 oz (100ml) it is priced a a bit too high for what is it. Apparently, it only available in L'Occitane store and through the L'Occitane web site. So an occasional eBay type sale is the only way to get it any cheaper.

Bottom line: A well made, light aromatic / citrus fragrance suitable for warm weather, casual day or evening situations.

28th March, 2007

Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water comes in a nice bottle, packed in a nice blue box. On first whiff the opens notes reminds me of "Fruit Loops," or fruit flavored hard candy. If it were only a fragarance that smelled like "Fruit Loops," I might actually find Cool Water an amusing olfactory joke, and give it to a young adolscent niece or nephew if I had one. He or she might like it or have a friend that likes it.

In my opinion, Cool Water is just fragrance like Eternity that has the distinctive and unmistakable ozone like note of "synthetic fresh." In this case it is "bound" to a fake fruit scent. As hard as it may be for some of us to fathom, like consumers at large, some Basenoters actually like the dry down smell of "synthetic fresh," even greatly like it, but others like myself find "synthetic fresh," "cheap smelling," distracting, annoying, and disgusting, even to the point of causing headache and nausea.

As I have learned, one needs to just develop and trust one's own nose not trust the marketing hype, the best seller lists, and the recommendations of others and whenever possible, thoroughly "try before you buy."

My recommendation is to try it.

[Note to perfumers: I for one will avoid "synthethic fresh" like the plague because I find it repulsive.]
26th March, 2007

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Eternity is an important instance of a "try before you buy fragrance," in my opinion.

There is an ingredient or a combination of ingredients that give Eternity an over the top annoying smell. I as well as others who have reviewed Eternity find this aroma repuslive, even to the point of causing headache and nausea! (In my case just one spritz to one wrist.)

And I will certify it's power and longevity. That one spritz annoys for hours unless you can wash it off. Being cuirous about the power and populality I tried it a couple of times before making my final assessment: It reeks.

I guess it goes to show that exploring fragrances means that a sensitive nose requires a strong stomach.

You have been warned, but if your just starting out, don't stay away just becuase I and others are repelled, obivously other really like this fragrance.

Go figure!
24th March, 2007

Brit for Men by Burberry

After Burberry London, I was sure I was going to like Brit, even though the in-store tests were basically negative. To my nose Brit's opening notes are too floral and far too sweet, but it's opening notes are fleeting, so this fragrance is about the drydown, and no in store test adequately reveals the dry down. After about 10 minutes or so, on me Brit smells like baby powder. It sure isn't ny idea of a masculine scent, but I could see were some might like it (it smells cute and comfy), but, if, you do (or she does) like it when you wear baby powder.... save your money, and visit the baby section of the local pharmacists.
16th March, 2007

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

In my opinion is an excellent fragrance; one of the best I have have tried. It has become one of the highlights in my collection. It reminds me of a mature forest more than of brandy and pipe smoke (yeck!) of some old fashined men's club. Perhaps it might remind some of a pine cabin or a country lodge in the fall or wintertime. I love the scent from the opening notes to the dry down. I can't find of the individual notes some of the other reviewer have found, may be one day I'll be sensitive enough to do that. "London" seems to last a decent amount of time on me as well.

In the end it seems to me that all one can really say in the review of a fragrance is "Hey, it worksl for me! So, you might want to give it a try."
21st February, 2007