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Young Sexy Lovely by Yves Saint Laurent

I sampled this in a department store and loved it. But the name put me off. To be honest, I'd feel a bit silly telling people what I'm wearing!
18th January, 2008

Marc Jacobs Autumn Splash Ivy by Marc Jacobs

I love this perfume. Woody, green and markedly different to most other scents on the market. Alas, a bit to heavy for use during the Australian summer!
18th January, 2008

Unforgivable by Sean John

This scent is hilarious!
It supposed to be the embodiment of tough, rich, macho sophistication. Instead it is an unbelievably girly, woody scent. Add to that the unintentional hilarity of Mr Combs(anyone seen the ad campaign? Gold!).

That said I quite like it myself, for my(female)self.The intrinsic comic value adds to the appeal. I'm not sure if Diddy would like that!
12th February, 2007
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Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

I was alerted to it via a radio interview I heard with the NY Times scent critic. He loved it, so I tried it out.
I got it as a present just recently. I love it. It's light, not too girly and just a tad woody.
All who smell me(!) like it, and my boyfriend prefers it on me more than Clinique Simply, my other staple scent.

Also, it isn't too popular here in Melbourne. Everyone I know seems enamoured of celebrity scents or other fashion houses' perfumes.
12th February, 2007