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S.T. Dupont Homme by S.T. Dupont

I like this. The top reminds me more of Cartier Declaration Essence than the original Cartier Declaration, and it has an orange smell that reminds me of Terre d'Hermes. Of the four, this one and Declaration Essence would be my picks. This one also has a floral, soapy smell coming out in the mid, and deep into the base I find it reminiscent of the base of Platinum Egoiste, fresh, sharp, and floral.
30th August, 2016
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United States

Dark Horse by Dame Perfumery

The initial blast is citrus and spice, the woody vanilla is more apparent in the dry down, yet the citrus notes manage to stick around. At first it is reminiscent of Fendi Theorema minus the creamy base, but takes on a very subtle masculine vibe. It is still easily a unisex fragrance. If you go for citrus and spice blends, this one is definitely worth trying out, like most Dame Perfumery scents it is very well rounded and easy to wear.
30th August, 2016

Touch for Men by Burberry

This isn't bad but it's missing something to make it a thumbs up. I like the opening... but it is down hill from there. Maybe if it had a little more vetiver and musk in the dry down it would be a winner... For a designer "mall" juice it is just OK. The price isn't bad (which is a good thing I suppose).
30th August, 2016
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Design for Men by Paul Sebastian

Very cheap chemical smelling juice with nothing going for it in the least. Very 80's, synthetic across the board and overall avoidable.
30th August, 2016
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United Kingdom

La Belle Hélène by MDCI

The opening blast is all ripe fruit: sweet ripened candied pear with a hint of citrus and a generous lashing of aldehydes to an extent that is has a touch of booziness attached to it. Quite delicious. Dried mirabelles prunes are added in the drydown, as are floral undertones. The latter consist of mainly osmanthus with a nice ylang-ylang mixed in. The heart notes continue the fruity main chord with the floral side bringing welcome variety and balancing the fruitiness nicely.

The drydown is a bit more predictable, following the MDCI tradition of ambery soft and quite bright patchouli with white musk characteristics increasingly evident towards the end. At that stage the powderiness sets in, but is is very gentle in this case, like a gossamer thread woven over the other notes delicately. Fairly generic woodsy impressions appear throughout the base notes too.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good, and the longevity eight hours on my skin.

This is a nice spring scent, more vivid and performing better that many other creations of this house, and, apart from the base, does not lack some originality; the first hours are the best moment in the development of this composition. In spite of the name, I get neither chocolate nor vanilla though. 3.25/5.
30th August, 2016

Iquitos by Alain Delon

Many times while utilizing the advanced search option on this site I have been offered Iquitos as a suggestion. In finally trying it I immediately realize why.

As I am sure most regulars of this site are dead tired of hearing, I am a diehard lover of vintage Minotaure, with its untouchable bright orange and aldehyde opening, mingled with beautiful rose and indolic jasmine, backed by quiet but sturdy leather and sandalwood. So what does Iquitos have to do with Minotaure, then?


The orange, jasmine, leather, rose, and most importantly to me, the beautiful, sparkling aldehydes (which were most shamefully ripped from the reissued Minotaure after its acquisition) are all here, just in very different proportions. And there is wormwood a la Tenere, the only other thing I would have added to Picasso's release (other than added strength). The rose smells dark and tacky, as experienced in Azzaro's Acteur, and the woods are deeper, darker and more prominent in the late stages. While Minotaure balances the airy and Mediterranean with the slightly dirty, Iquitos is a more hairy-chested, 'indoor tannery' version.

This fragrance didn't stick around long because, as some have mentioned before, it was wildly at odds with the taste of the time, but this is precisely the type of scent I keep searching for - the Hyper-masculine-effiminate-dandyboy floral. Yes, that's an utter paradox, and very much the reason I can't remain in love with most things I own. But once in a long while, as I am crawling over the cusp of indifference, I find something like this, and my flame is renewed for another period of fervor.

Your silly five star rating limit can eat a bug.

Seven stars out of five.
30th August, 2016

Villa Lympia by Oriza L. Legrand

There is a sunscreen (brand name escapes me, not a popular one) that my parents used to slather me up with, back in the 80's. This is almost a dead ringer for whatever that was. Of course, it's a touch nicer, as it's primary function is to smell nice, not block UV rays.

It's a very linear, non-descript floral with some "marine" notes in the mix, and a semi-musky base. Not unpleasant, but to me, it really comes off as a bit plastic and not super refined.

Sand notes? Only when I rolled around on the beach between the ages of 4 and 10, have I smelled the sand notes here.
30th August, 2016

Early American Old Spice for Women by Shulton

Aldelhydic citrus start took me by surprise. Very quickly this channels to the Old Spice for Men that I remember from the 60's. There is a suggestion to Ambergris that tickles the memory and creates a projection bubble of spiciness like non other.
I am transported back, to the time with my Grandfather.
As is stated by Epapsiou modern production is very pale and flat.
29th August, 2016

Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

From the listed notes, basil best describes the opening for me, followed by lemon: delicious and office appropriate. The base has a gamy woodiness with the basil fading to a memory.
29th August, 2016

Uomini Sport by O Boticário

Similar to O Boticario Fresh moments, namely another Aventu's descendent, in this case on my skin even more herbal and surely saltier. Terragon, dry spiciness and lavender are adamant. Not more to add.
29th August, 2016
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United Kingdom

Péché Cardinal by MDCI

The peach is present throughout - from beginning to end, most strongly in the opening moments. Soon the coconut arrives, but it is very thin and perfunctory in my perception. In the drydown tuberose and whittle lily result in the floral turn that blends in very nicely with the fruity side of this creation.

In the base a somewhat nonspecific woodsy undertone develops with an overarching soft white musk. The latter has a lightly powdery characteristic that is the hallmark of a few of the products of this house, although here it is weaker than in other of the MDCI products.

The sillage is moderate, the projection adequate and the longevity over six hours on the skin.

Like other MDCI compositions this is a discrete spring scent, but is is a bit richer and has more colour. It is well blended and develops quite nicely, especially in the opening and the heart notes. Whilst nothing extraordinary indeed, the adequate perfomance pushes is across the line into the thumbs-up territory - if only just! 3/5.
29th August, 2016

Excess No. 28 by Tokyo Milk

A failsafe orangey-woody mix with no real flaws but nothing exciting going on. A decent hot weather or exercise frag, as the amber is barely sweet.
29th August, 2016

La Vie la Mort No. 90 by Tokyo Milk

LVlM is a very confused scent. Is it trying to be tropical, spicy, aromatic, candied, floral? I would never wear this personally, but if you or anyone you know wants a fragrance that smells the way Starbucks passion fruit iced tea tastes I would recommend that you (or they) start here.
29th August, 2016
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Tainted Love No. 62 by Tokyo Milk

Like with many T-Milk creations Tainted Love seems to be devoid of top notes. It smells the way it smells and keeps on doing so until it's gone. In that regard I can't find it very exciting, but what I do like about it is the dry, inedible vanilla complementing the sandalwood. The tea note is all but lost on me, but the floral component is just enough to propel this from 'skin oil' to 'designer perfume.' I can't help but think the E+J Nirvana Black scent was utterly ripped from this.
29th August, 2016

Bulletproof No. 45 by Tokyo Milk

Bulletproof is easily one of the best this outfit has produced. Their releases are almost always extremely pared down, so surprises, development, and excitement are usually minimal, but in some sparse instances this isn't a hindrance. The creamy, lactonic top is dried right out by the woods in Bulletproof, steering it away from scents like Envy for Women. So, while Tokyo Milk's works are labeled 'unisex' but definitely marketed toward females, this is one of the group which works just as well on me as it does on my sisters. The overall scent is a bit like a dried out coconut tree covered in cocoa butter, just not as weird as that sounds.
29th August, 2016

Everything & Nothing No. 10 by Tokyo Milk

An orange tea scent sort of like the green tea fragrance made by l'Occitane, only this one is earthier and does not remind me of freesia in any way. I would be lukewarm on the matter but the orange top actually and quite impressively lasts nearly until the drydown. While this isn't by any means a marathon scent, citrus lovers will know how important that little detail is. If anyone here is looking for an introductory frag for a daughter or niece under 30 this one is decidedly less chemical in presentation than most of its peers.
29th August, 2016

Deep Blue Essence by Weil

This is every woody-spicy aquatic. It is facelessly modern and devoid of any originality or merit. It is Gio, it is Zegna, Sung, Boss, and Bahama's prior works all revisited and poorly re-imagined, like recreating a bad field trip in your head and making the memory worse with hazy or falsified details. It is the kind of scent which will be purchased by men(?) who walk into department stores and perfume outlets and, instead of sampling anything, simply asks, "What sells the best here?" and buys it (very common at places like Perfumania). He will invariably over-apply and later lash out at girls for not liking him.

I wish this style would die out, but it's so cheap to manufacture and so entrenched in the culture of urbanites without natural scent references that it's not likely to happen in the foreseeable future.
29th August, 2016

Furyo by Jacques Bogart

Lots of Reviews right on in regards to this gem.
My initial flash to the brain was this is Salome with a blast of Clove and Cinnamon replacing the Cumin. Then because of the Bergamot, Clove, Cinnamon accord Youth Dew came to mind. Then the Civet fills out a background picture (Incense) suggested by Fumerie Turque.
Drydown seems quite "Vintage Noxema Ointment" (a good thing to me) nostalgic. Civet is placed as a canvas throughout.
What else could I ask for? Not much.
To my mind Unisex, however a Masculine structure.
A fine example of Perfume artistry of the 80's.
29th August, 2016 (last edited: 28th August, 2016)
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United Kingdom

Le Rivage des Syrtes / PdN1 by MDCI

The first impression is that of an orangey citrus-fruity combination, in which the fruity side is quite generic and not easy to characterise especially. It is light but the orange is nicely done of good quality ingredients.

The heart notes are floral, white floral that is. I get mainly ylang-ylang but also some tuberose with galbanum amongst other white floral impressions. At times I get a bit of a metallic undertone. Towards the end a vanilla note arrives that brings in extra sweetness. This vanilla is neither too intrusive not in any way cloying

In the base a slightly musky aroma is added, which is rather generic and lacks any ozonic vibe or saltiness that one might expect gives this composition's name. The base also develops the accompaniment of a pleasant, light and unstuffy powderiness in the background.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring fragrance is a mixed bag: moments of high-quality pleasantness alternate with times of generic blandness, but never displaying annoyingly hyper-synthetic characteristics. Like many fragrances of this house the performance is quite poor, but that of Rivage is a bit better than that of others in this line. Overall a neutral score. 2.75/5.
28th August, 2016

Occur! by Avon

Gorgeous, sultry Oriental Chypre and worth tracking down. Top notes include yellow florals. It has a kind of smoky quality.
Its very well blended, those are brave ingredients.
I class this with Tabu and Pagan.
27th August, 2016

Topaze by Avon

An initial blast of yellow florals and and ylang ylang leads to a warm, amber dry down.
I wish I could find more of these vintage Avons, I dont get on with the modern ones at all.
27th August, 2016

Charlie Gold by Revlon

Doesnt work with my skin chemistry, smells cheap and plastic. Judging by the number of nearly new bottles on Ebay I recommend you try a tester before you buy.
27th August, 2016

Marbert Woman by Marbert

HQ blend of wood, moves through a variety including sanddalwood and cedar. Delicious and great for layering, I've tried it with Valantino Uomo (cacao), Vanderbilt violet and Clinique Aromatics Rose.
27th August, 2016

Aromatics in White by Clinique

I dont usually like florals so this was a pleasant suprise. It works well on my skin.
I get tuberose, violet, dry and powdery. Sillage and longevity are good.
Based on this I plan to try more of the Aromatics range.
27th August, 2016

Petit Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

I admit I am biased: I had the chance to visit the Maison in Paris. Then APOM was my almost exclusive scent for about 2 years.
The were numerous prefumes in the meantime I didn't really like, including the two Matins. But this Petit Matin is a stunner. Fresh, but not in a sparkling, but in a melancholy way. I can see how it will grow on me.
27th August, 2016

Avon Soft Musk by Avon

On me this didnt work. My skin doesnt generally agree with the brand. It smelled synthetic and cheap, and not at all musky.
27th August, 2016

Choco Musk by Al Rehab

Choco Musk is one of my favourite Al Rehabs and its great for layering. Its a sweet chocolate with huge sillage and good longevity.
27th August, 2016

Mister by Al Rehab

This review is for the 6ml oil, which costs less than £2 including delivery on Ebay.
Mister is one of my favourite Al Rehabs. Its unisex. It smells high quality, has enormous sillage and lasts for hours.
It starts with a blast of fresh grapefruit, and then gradually turns dry and fruity. At the bottom is some lemon and white musk.
Fresh. would be good for daytime, office, college and the gym.
27th August, 2016

Silk, Lace & Chocolate by 4160 Tuesdays

From what was available of 4160 Tuesdays on Luckyscent this was one that stood out to me and one that I wanted to try. I would consider Silk, Lace & Chocolate as a fruity gourmand fragrance. The fragrance contains a very simplistic notes breakdown which consisted of: bergamot, chocolate, and strawberry. At the opening, there was a sharp crisp bergamot note along with a supporting strawberry note that temporarily made the scent both citrusy and fruity. The bergamot quickly dies down while the strawberry and chocolate notes began to dominate the scent interchangeably. The strawberry note present here has an artificial feel to it, it kind of reminded me of strawberry extract for baking/cooking. In addition, the note has both a fruity and sweet feel to it. As for the chocolate, the note was a bit more natural as oppose to the strawberry. The chocolate was also sweet, and had an edible feel to it. At this stage the fragrance reminded me of chocolate candies with strawberry filling which was likely the impression that the scent was meant to give. The scent gave me the impression that it was both delicious and edible. Ironically, the description of the scent on Luckyscent mentioned that this was a fragrance for Valentines in 2015, probably the perfect pairing to a box full of chocolate candies. Had the strawberry note been of the natural kind, I’d be inclined to saying this may be comparable to a chocolate covered strawberry although some may see it this way. After several hours the scent dies down to a subtly sweet and slightly powdery scent with only hints of strawberry and chocolate barely present. At this stage, the scent has all but lost the delicious edible components and is nothing more than a skin scent.

The best times to wear this would likely be either during the cooler months or during evenings for warmer months as warm weather could make this scent a bit cloying. Longevity and silage were only average here. I got roughly 4-5 hours in longevity with decent silage for the first 2-3 hours before it started to stay closer to the skin. Overall, Silk, Lace & Chocolate was a linear scent that didn’t change too much with the exception at the opening. Personally I would’ve liked more complexity to the scent with a few additional notes to make things more interesting but it’s still somewhat decent for what it is. While I consider this a decent enough scent, this scent lacks any kind of wow factor for me. While my experience with this fragrance was alright, I’m less inclined to wanting to wear this in the future. In my opinion, the combination of the sweet and delicious notes of strawberry and chocolate has a bit of a feminine touch thus more likely to appeal to women then men. Personally, I’d much rather smell this on a woman than on myself. Anyone who wishes to experience a fragrance that combines strawberry and chocolate in an edible way this is one to look at.
27th August, 2016

Lady Caron by Caron

Inspired by a fantasy love affair.close your eyes and imagine run your hands over your tight stomach,your soft can feel that familiar haze haze of lush washing over you,taking your over while he is just metres in front of you and when you open your eyes you can see he is standing now,waiting for you,his own eyes glaze with desire as he look you up and down.a lovely and elegant scent for the woman who knows what shen wants in in a flirty kind of way but at the same time mature and elegant.Charming,Elegant,Independent,Spontaneous,Charming,Creamy,Romantic,Enchanting,Classic and Floral.

It opens as a soft,fresh floral with jasmine and magnolia then a slight hint of feminine rose,succulent peach and strong tuberose makes the heart notes.the base notes include creamy sandalwood to create an elegant,romantic and intimate scent that exudes quality.the tuberose and magnolia definitely present the deserves a place in any wardrobe.reminds me ladies in sundresses wearing this to a garden is not overpowering but an sophisticated and elegantly romantic scent.Lady Caron is both fresh and sensual and also utterly feminine.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

27th August, 2016