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United Kingdom

Rose Flash by Tauerville

Indeed a rose mono-floral composition, but not boring: the rose is brightish, with a distinct fruity component initially, but soon a greeninsh-herbaceous undertone is evident. Later rich rose blossom dominates, and towards the end woody impressions come and go. All these permutations keep it interesting.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity an impressive twelve hours on my skin.

A spring scent galore for the rise lover. 3.25/5.
29th April, 2016

East India by Beaufort London

This is real bold spices with a peppery piquant prickliness layered upon black tea and whiskey filtered tobacco. Lots of character is present in East India and thankfully these spices avoid the downfall of a sweet vanilla ending. Thank you for sparing us that. I can not imagine wearing this in warm weather. But, there is a ton of character in here with a smoldering tarry dark glow that will warm the darkest night. I would rate it 3.5, maybe 4 of 5 gold stars for this fine creation from the Beaufort London perfumery lab.
28th April, 2016

1805 by Beaufort London

1805 is a salt water brined, old leather blend stained with hints of gun powder, tobacco and balsam woods. All in all a very pleasant masculine outdoorsy leather scent. There are a couple of things that throw people off about this fragrance. The first is a marketing description which describes the scent as a sea battle which ends in gunpowder blasts and blood stained seas, bits of old ships broken up etc. - all BS of course. Just disregard all this since it doesn't smell like that, but there is enough there to influence how you read the scent when first applying it. Disregard the attempt to ruin the fragrance by its art direction. Second problem is poor bottling practice - early bottles, the one I received for example, was released before the oils were fully blended or emulsified. It smelled raw, disjointed and kind of awful - for the first few months. I had to let my bottle rest for a few months to allow the ingredients to meld and the fragrance improved dramatically with the aging. I would give it a 4 of 5 stars, however the potential for it to be rated much lower is present due to the reasons mentioned above. Test carefully before jumping in on this one.
28th April, 2016
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Musiqa Oud by Nishane

A well rounded, rich, warm expanding slightly animalic oud with a natural deer musk aspect. This fragrance has a similar warm sweet musk you find in Muscs Koublai Khan but there is an additional complexity from the oud and woods base. Don't know where the animalic floral musk tone comes from, but it is there. Rather than smelling like an oud oil it has the character of a mukhallat oil blend of jasmine animalics, or possibly musk gazelle with oud, safran leather and gaiac wood. The overall impression is very bold highly projecting oud that is quite a positive charge with its bold oud and sweet musk aspect. I rate it 3 of 5 stars, downgrading it only on personal compatibility with this profile. The fragrance is bold, lasts well and is artistically assembled. But, this is not my thing at all as it is just too potent for my taste.
28th April, 2016

Electric Wood by Room 1015

Tested from a 5ml sample.
Not sure what to say about this one. I love the smell of wood, especially when it's crisp, clean, cold and dry, when it actually smells of real wood. For me this fragrance is dominated by an oddly sweet, musky, warm aspect (I guess from the listed notes the ambroxan, which I've never smelled in pure form, so I'm guessing). I even thought leather at first. It kind of smells of a "thing", not a person, animal or flower or tree or anything natural in any way. When I was a child my parents had an old record player and the smell when you opened the lid reminds me of this oddly enough. For me this drowns out the wood, which only shines through beautifully in glimpses. Definitely goes powdery after a while too, which gives that feminine make-up kind of feeling that I'm not overly keen on smelling on my own skin. I'm going to pass on this for now. I've got enough of the sample left to come back to it another time when I might feel differently.
April 2016.
28th April, 2016

Polo Supreme Oud by Ralph Lauren

Wow! This is my third experience wearing RL Supreme Oud and it is great IMHO. With my limited experience with the Oud note I do know that some can come off smelling ummm "different". M7 Oud Absolu (which is a top five in my collection) this is not. This doesn't have the "cola vibe" that M7OA does. It is good with great longevity (7 to 8 hours) and projection is average to me (3 hours). Now that the price has started to come down (at least online) people looking for a nice Oud scent that won't offend need to look no further. Enjoy!
28th April, 2016

1740 Marquis de Sade by Histoires de Parfums

I like this fairly well. It smells like a sweet tobacco perfume, but then I do not see tobacco listed; so maybe I am smelling the birch, leather, and vanilla.
28th April, 2016
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United Kingdom

Vanilla Flash by Tauerville

Yes, yummy vanilla galore, sweet but not sticky or cloying m, medium heavy, rich, intensive, a touch creamy and with elements of natural goodness - veering into the realm of the gourmand.

There is enough variation to prevent boredom, with at times a floral undertone, and towards the end a touch of a smooth and fairly bright patchouli. He opportunity to play out a harsher and crispier patchouli against the vanilla sweetness could have been grasped here by other perfumers, but Tauer opted for a more tone-in-tone interplay of the patchouli and the clearly dominant vanilla - a valid approach. The rather perfunctory tobacco sidekick, however, is nothing to write home about.

The performance is impressive, with moderate sillage, excellent projection and a superb fourteen hours of longevity on my skin.

A well-balanced but rich wintery vanilla delight, maybe a tad linear and not particularly nuanced, but made of high-quality ingredients and well blended. 3.25/5.
28th April, 2016

Cuir 28 by Le Labo

Cuir 28 is a fine enough fragrance, and it’s, without a doubt, a leather-forward scent. But, at the price point Le Labo’s playing in, “fine enough” doesn’t cut it.

I don’t find this one to be all that refined. The birch tar/smoke aspect overwhelms at the opening, and it seems at odds with the rest of the composition throughout. On paper, they make sense together, but, in practice, they seem to maintain a tense relationship with each other, never quite settling into any sense of cohesion.

The effect doesn’t ruin the fragrance, by any means, and in some ways it seems quite fitting for a Le Labo scent to behave in this way. It’s something that simultaneously amps up a sense of more-than-adequate sillage, and it hearkens back to Le Labo’s all-natural bent and individual approach to order fulfillment.

Still, while it may function as something of a calling card for the house of Le Labo, it does so at substantial cost to overall smoothness and sense of refinement. And that’s not something I’m willing to spend $290 on.

But, the most shocking thing about Cuir 28, especially after experiencing that almost assaultive opening that seems to suggest this scent will last on you for a week, is it’s awful longevity.

I applied a good amount of C28 just about 3 hours ago, and all that remains is a slight/powdery skin scent. So, while this beast might snarl when first approached, it also whimpers away with its tail between its legs far too soon. I feel like a broken record here, but I find that unacceptable at this price point.

If Cuir 28 cost a fraction of it’s going rate, I would consider giving it a neutral rating. But, I expect near-perfection at this price point, and Cuir 28 is resoundingly imperfect, earning it a thumbs down.
28th April, 2016

Venenum Kiss by Ex Nihilo

Don't be scared guys since this beastly kiss is anything but a shy caress up there over the frothy clouds of dreamy heaven. Ex Nihilo Venenum Kiss is basically a "by now" conventional rose/saffron/woods based accord but while this "mainstrean" chord tends recently (in many contemporary releases) to be "around" mastered by massively synth agarwood's resins (sometimes supported by frankincense or animalics) in here it projects its daintiness in a softer and drier way. Many recent "rose/oudh/saffron experiments" from Dueto (City Oud), Onyrico (Enygma), Avery (Y), Tiziana Terenzi (Gold Rose Oudh), Xerjoff etc jump in my "crooked" mind but Venenum Kiss (despite its misleading kind of vampiric name) seems a softer, romantic and kind of less visceral experiment. There is an almost semi-gourmand (or better balmy-smooth with nutty-honeyed shades) suaveness all around while structure and evolution are frankly poor in performance. There is finally a spicy orangy/vanillic, rosey, fruity (apricot-nuanced) and creamy-woody (creamy sandalwood) smooth "olfactory basement" which seems anyway averagely dry, simil-chocolately and with hints of aromatic freshness (honestly my nose is unable to pick up any artemisia). A beautiful cloudy scent finally vanillic, mildly resinous (styrax) and almost creamy. Not my genre but a nice piece of soapy aromatic delicacy.
27th April, 2016 (last edited: 28th April, 2016)

Paul Smith for Men by Paul Smith

I have had a bottle of this scent for over 12 years and find it to be a great spring / summer scent. Not to strong but I do find it does last five to six hours on me in the summer. Fresh, clean citrus with some brisk vetiver in the dry down. Considering the price online this is a complete winner. Enjoy!
27th April, 2016

Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren

A solid thumbs up. I find it similar to Boss Bottled in the sweetness/gourmand vibe. The scent is well constructed. Gives a solid four hours of projection and lasts close to six hours on me with two sprays. It isn't the end all be all but it is good. Worthy of adding it to your collection if you don't mind some sweetness. Enjoy!
27th April, 2016

Skulls & Roses for Him by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

This is definitely in the same genre of fragrance as Fierce but I am not willing to write it off as a "me too" scent. Skulls and Roses for Men has a slight island breeze pina collada vibe but this dies out quickly in favor of a generic dry, light fresh musk scent. The cardamom and moss adds an exotic dry tone that differentiates this from Fierce or Bleu but also keeps it as more of a background or context scent. The base is dry light musk - no powder. This scent is great for a hardly noticeable background fresh and shiny glow that will not grab attention or be offensive. This would be okay for an outdoor working scent or a workout fragrance - it is light, clean enough to pull that off. Yes it does lack some individuality but it is a great, hate to use the word but "fresh" scent that works fine as a cheap body spray or deodorant alternative. Ed Hardy offer this in a deodorant style dry body spray version at the grocery and it us good in that purpose.
27th April, 2016
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United Kingdom

Coeur de Noir by Beaufort London

The top note is somewhat unexpected: a bit of an old and musty leather seat, dusty whiffs with the aroma of an old and neglected library - more private basement book collection than All Souls Library - and a hint of a slightly boozy tonka in the background.

The drydown states with a slightly greenish-earthy phase, where a mild and unusually restrained ginger appears, but soon a rather rich cedar impression arises and inexorably grows in intensity. A nice cedar, with only a modicum of pencil shavings and quite natural - reminding me a bit of Le Labo's work with this wood note.

The base notes sees a very attenuated birch tar added on, but the cedar remains in the leading role, fading out very slowly, with the dusty leather a bit stronger in my skin towards the end.

The performance is impressive, with moderate sillage, excellent projection and a tremendous thirteen hours in longevity on me - splendid.

Overall, an autumnal creation that is a bit like an toned-down and cedar-infused version of a East India of the same house. The quality of the ingredients is superb and it is well blended, although it lacks a bit of brilliance and excitement. 3.25/5.
27th April, 2016
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United Kingdom

Incense Flash by Tauerville

The opening is quite unusual, with a dry papery and gently leathery undertone, with a slight and not unpleasant metallic hint.

After a somewhat nonspecific woodsy phase the best part is disclosed: a deep balsamic Oriental incense. It is well made, not really heavy and well balanced; intensive without being overly intrusive. It is a bit like the incense in certain Indian temples, and lacks high-church feeling of Messe a Minuit, and it is much less loud and harsh than Beaufort's East India, for instance; there is no birch tar here.

On the other hand there is only a bit of sweetness in this Tauer incense creation, and it lacks any significant creaminess or elegance; this is no Angelique Encens.

The performance is very respectable with moderate sillage, good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

Overall an agreeable winter fragrance, discrete enough to wear to the office. The top notes are interesting and the incense well made, and whilst it is indubitably a rather linear scent it is not without its merits, albeit nothing earth shattering. 3/5.
27th April, 2016

Fleur Narcotique by Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique introduces itself with a straightforward whiff of pure transparent floral tartness (deep, aqueous, spicy, herbal, leafy). Peony is surely (by soon and throughout) the standout note in its association with berrish/grassy lychee and classic bergamot. The latter provides gorgeous lemony sourness and elegant "vaguely cologney" bitterness. This peony is tremendously obsessive, languid, struggling, solitary and saturnine, like a frosty tear under a Saint Petersburg's desolating street lantern. Orange, peach and jasmine are nothing else that a support for the dominant peony's sharp hesperidic intensity. Jasmine in here is not typically "honeyed" but kind of deeper/drier and more "piquant" (you'd say there is some lily of the valley hidden somewhere). The fruity-floral sharpness holds on its beat throughout but never overflowing inside the boring areas of cosmetical soapiness. This juice is elegant, indipendent, moody and sophisticated, it possesses a dry-watery melancholic aura full of solitude and mystery. I see Fleur Narcotique frankly more oriented towards a masculine side but the right woman could gorgeously wear it in the sexiest of the ways. Try this scent if you appreciate creations a la Torre of Tuscany Muguetto Verde, Flora by Gucci, Van Cleef&Arpels Muguet Blanc but also the classic (hard to find) Mila Shon Uomo (Original). Dry down is gorgeous with its sharp kind of peppery/smoky impenetrable background. An apparently simplistic accord with plenty of complexity and a veil of courtier romantic sadness.
27th April, 2016

Encre Noire by Lalique

i just bought this. and therein lies the problem. i'm a vetiver fan and have been wearing the best vetiver scents for decades. so coming back down to earth with this was the wrong direction. perhaps this is better suited as a starter vetiver.

because i get very little vetiver here. instead it is a chemical-laden woodsy iso-e-super bomb. very minimalist and a tad industrial. the only vetiver shows up in the dry down, but it's a very bleak and downtrodden vetiver. almost stoic and/or depressed in its presentation. not bright and stringent like i am used to in some of the better niche offering. nor is it paired to any kind of complimentary fruit or floral accord. this is a goth scent whose character is perfectly summed up by the plain black square bottle it comes in.

not a scrubber, though. and alas, at $30, i'm not beating myself up. but if i had to do over again, i'd save that $30 for a vetiver cologne that lifts my spirits and makes me actually smell good.
26th April, 2016
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United States

Histoire d'Eau by Mauboussin

Top notes:mandarin orange and ylang-ylang; middle notes: nutmeg, pepper and cardamom; base notes are leather, myrtle, amber and musk.

To my nose I get a soft suede, lots of amber and spice. No fruit or floral notes are apparent on my skin or to my nose. If you love spicy, amber or leather fragrances, this one is well worth sniffing. It's cozy, warm, lush, rich. I can smell the relationship to Theorema, which is my all time favorite scent. This can easily be worn by a woman or a man. If you are a fan of Yatagan, this is a softer take on leather, resin and spice.
26th April, 2016

90210 Metal Jeans Man by Beverly Hills 90210

Completely satisfied with purchasing a full bottle of 90210 Metal Jeans! I found this Fahrenheit clone to be quite similar to the vintage juice, although longevity is lacking compared to the Dior. But for $11 shipped, who can complain? It's honestly not as good as the original or even the reformulation but is a great value for what it is and it smells good enough to garner compliments. I get 4-5 hours of good projection out of this and it still lingers for 8-10 hours.
26th April, 2016

No. 22 by Chanel

A pink satin-clad version of No.5.

The romantic floral bouquet, exquisitely captured by Ernest Beaux's mastery of aldehydes, is what makes No.22 more embraceable than her older sister.

There is no particular aspect to the scent that makes it stand out, but a simple keen loveliness that stays in the memory.

A product of the Roaring Twenties which reflects in its streamlined profile the boyish androgyne silhouette that was the fashion of the day.

A heritage masterpiece.

26th April, 2016

Millésime 1849 by Creed

Millesime 1849 has a good reputation, and as a white floral-dominant fragrance, it's bright and pleasant and probably has some unisex appeal, despite perhaps being more traditionally feminine. The bergamot gives it a strong opening but most of my experience of this is dominated by the ylang ylang heart. I hardly get any of the woody base, even after multiple hours on skin. In that respect, it's tough for me to imagine pulling this off on its own, though some to use this as a blend with other fragrances.

As a sweet white floral with some woody undertones, I liken Millesime 1849 to Tom Ford Shanghai Lily, though Millesime 1849 is a little less sweet. Millesime 1849 rings a little more sophisticated by Shanghai Lily is a little more accessible.

Certainly an interesting scent and something that one might ponder layering with, this isn't something I would wear beyond testing. Even if the opening is a little too floral for my taste, that it dries down so floral is a bit of a turnoff and it's a bit too feminine on my skin. Still, a nice exclusive Creed entry (and an expensive one, at $390 for 75ml) and a welcome try if it sounds good.

7 out of 10
26th April, 2016

Bois et Musc by Serge Lutens

A very pleasant cinnamon cedar oriental, much sweeter than their Bois et Fruits and less incense oriented than same.

As I could not detect any fruit in the Bois et Fruits, I cannot detect any musk in the Bois et Musc. Go figure!

Still, these two quality flankers to the 1992 original composition, Feminite du Bois, are worthy. They do share an odd trait in common, the lack of sillage and longetivity, two trade marks for this house that usually make a SL purchase worth the price - it will last longer as it takes less application to achieve a strong effect.

Not at all bad, but a stronger concentration of oils is needed to justify the price.

26th April, 2016

Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

Vintage Boss from the 80s smells like a nice alternative to Lauder for Men. This also has funk, but it's restrained enough to work for a business meeting. It is sophisticated, but something is holding me back from true love, although maybe it could grow on me with a full bottle.
26th April, 2016
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United Kingdom

1805 by Beaufort London

A smoky opening with a bright undertone and a slightly boozy touch but not very smarting or overwhelming- that is the first impression I am getting. Soon the drydown adds a salty undertone, quite like the taste and smell of a sea breeze convincingly done. This combines with the smoky side to an interesting fire-salt dyad that is quite an original idea indeed. A woodfire on the beach.

The base notes see the saltiness receding and a balasaming note arising, which has a woodsy and at times nigh-sweetish touch.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity nine hours.

Much less strong and less gutsy than East India, this wintery creation is more office-wearable and arguably the more original creation of the two, but is lacks the raw and wild beauty of the latter. 3.5/5.
26th April, 2016

Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire

"a feminine fragrance", my ass. This is one of the most unisex smelling juices Ive crossed paths with. And it is absolutely gorgeous. Put together with surgeon-like precision and care. Its flawless, to me. And among the very best amber scents in the business. Niche to the bone.
26th April, 2016

Explosions d'Emotions : Onde Sensuelle by L'Artisan Parfumeur

one of the best grapefruit scents, Ive ever smelled. Grapefruit is a very tricky note. It can go South very quickly, according to what accompanies it. Here, everything that co-stars with it, is impeccably implemented.
26th April, 2016

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

it is what it is. Like One Million and Joop! before it, you know a scent is iconic when its equally hated and adored. I didnt know until I started reading negative posts about it, on blogs many yrs ago, that ANYONE with two brain cells, disliked this stuff, lol.

But I understand folks have opinions. I totally get it. And the negative opinions about this scent, actually motivated me to do some research on which notes were responsible for the MANY dislikes. Some people, like me, LOVE citrus focused scents. And some do not. It really is that simple.

even tho' Miyake's people have thrown a million notes in it, its fundamentally a well structured, albeit, EXTREMELY synthetic creation. But Im a firm believer, that was completely by design. I think Miyake tried very hard to make us understand, not every single thing needs to smell organic, to smell very nice.

And he proved it. This is one of the more versatile scents out there...a number of well known celebs and athletes, happen to love it. And there are just as many professonial everyday people, who swear by it, too. This is that scent that you will smell more than anything else in your work environment.

No, its not groundbreaking. And the Earth didnt move when I first wore it. But while many are running around looking for a very affordable citrus juice that lasts all day (as I have, in the past), my search came to a very abrupt end, when I settled on this, Eau De New York, Boucheron Pour Homme and a more recent purchase, Yuzu Fou/Parfum d`Empire.

Safe to say, I dont need another citrus frag' for the remainder of my life, on this planet.
26th April, 2016

Eau de New York by Bond No. 9

it can be a deceiving scent, for sure. Some say its an 'EDC', even tho' its actually an EDP. Some say the longevity is off the charts, but I happen to think its not the longevity thats as powerful as its scent trail. Its a blatant citrus scent, but its not like L'Eau D'Issey, where its screaming and shouting in your face, all day long (btw, I happen to like Miyake's flagship scent and all its synthetic glory). It calms down, and while it does last all day, you'll get slight whiffs of it, instead of a mind-numbing, bang-on, citrus shouter. I like to layer Dunhill Icon, Boucheron Pour Homme, and Mancera's Wave Musk with this...and it makes all of those citrus juices, pop even more than they normally do. by themselves.
26th April, 2016

Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

One of the reviewers said this was a 'piney' fragrance, but I think they are mistaking it for cedar. This fragrance has predominantly cedar notes.

This is a masculine, woody, pleasant cologne, with hints of amber and pepper. The grey glass bottle is stylish and the heavy chrome ring on the top has a nice feel.

This was the second fragrance I ever bought for myself, after Pi which is very strongly amber scented. I wanted something that still had amber in it but toned down a bit. Gucci by Gucci pour Homme fit the bill. I imagine this is what Ralph Lauren's living room smells like at his Colorado ranch: Cedar with leather and tobacco notes.
26th April, 2016

Wave Musk by Mancera

there's a lot I could say about it, good and bad. And I happen to own it, just the same. But one thing about this scent is very clear (and I dont say this much at all) DO NOT BLIND BUY!!!!! may think it smells like most run of the mill citrus scents. And maybe you're thinking you'll be able to deal with whatever character flaws it may have, simply because you know that its longevity will still satisfy you, because its Mancera after all. But trust me, you cannot approach this like any other citrus perfume. If you blind buy, chances are you will at the very least, be surprised or shocked, in an unpleasant or dissatisfactory way. You have to let this one grow on you. And unfortunately, most people paying this much money for this kind of scent, do not have that kind of patience.
26th April, 2016