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Soul by Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

A bit too masculine for me. I liked the top notes of bamboo leaf, green apple, and bergamot. However, the middle and base are too aromatic on my skin. There is something odd about this, that I just can't pull it off, like other masculine fragrances.
17th January, 2018

Spicy by Avon

Avon Spicy after shave lotion began life as a spicy variant of the after shave lotion under the original "Avon for Men" line from the 1950's, but re-released several times when that line was replaced by separate masculine fragrance lines starting with Tribute for Men in 1963. Original Avon for Men was killed off with exception of the after shave lotions, re-dubbed "Original" and "Spicy", each with different bottle designs until eventually the original variety of the after shave was killed off too and the spicy flanker was relaunched in 1970. Going just as "Avon Spicy" in a round brown bottle, this after shave lotion ultimately had a 20+ year run and eventually was pumped out into numerous novelty decanters before finally being given the axe by the start of the 1980's. All variations are the same juice, and there was never a cologne of this, just after shave, talc, soaps, and shave cream. It was obviously and infamously one of two various attempts at emulating Shulton's Old Spice (1937), the other being called "Brisk Spice" and basically being a bit brighter and coming in an actual fragrance format.

Avon Spicy is nothing more and nothing less than an after shave. It's a damned good one though, as it has the mentholated "cooling" effect on skin without the menthol fragrance note of Mennen's Skin Bracer (1931), or at least it's buried beneath spice and not noticeable. The rest of the scent follows pretty closely to vintage Old Spice, with clove, spice, vanilla, amber, but not as much bright florals in the opening. It goes on with a bit of an alcohol smell at first, but once the "spicy" elements kick in, it smooths out and lasts maybe an hour or two at most before disappearing. It layers really well with actual Old Spice, or if you want to stay within Avon from the period you can follow with Avon Leather (1966), even though that had it's own after shave as well. I quite enjoy this when I want the smell of an Old Spice-type product after a wet shave, but don't want to wear Old Spice. Avon Spicy after shave lotion is light, cools and soothes, then imparts a nice warmth of aroma that only sticks around long enough to segway into a more serious day wear scent of choice. It's absolutely perfect for what it is, an uncomplicated masculine after shave, and that's rarer than you might think.

Avon Spicy is not going to impress a person looking for original long-lost vintage masculine fragrance. It was Avon's first plagarism of a popular trope that fortunately wasn't marketed as a new and unique idea like so many of their later copycat scents, and wasn't even technically marketed as a fragrance in it's own right, but a practical-use product with a popular smell enjoyed by many guys of the day. In that regard, it's no different than any other more-recent barbershop homage shaving toiletries, it just has 60 years on the current competition and sadly is long-discontinued. Luckily, it's active ingredients don't really spoil and it will still cool and sooth skin after a shave, arguably better than anything newer I've tried save maybe a balm-type (which I find too heavy to be honest). So much was sold for so long and in so many different formats that it will be years yet before it's completely extinct, so with a bit of online hunting, you too can shave like the husband of an Avon lady from the 1950's/60's! Finding a non-decorative bottle may be difficult, but even an empty one if located can be refilled with product from X or Y decanter, so that shouldn't be an issue.
17th January, 2018
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United Kingdom

Caribbean Sea by Demeter Fragrance Library

It starts out with the expected marine-saltwater impression, but it is a fairly standard approach, a bit on the generic side.

Unfortunately this sea-aroma evaporates quite soon, and a nonspecific fresh drydown is all that remains.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This summery marine scent is quite flat and anaemic compared with the good representatives of this species of fragrance- think Gianfranco Ferré’s Bergamotto Marino or Creed’s Erolfa, for instance. A mediocre composition at best. 2.25/5.
17th January, 2018
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V for Men by Clive Christian

Not too shabby...wish it projected just a little more...if you like incense this is at least worth trying a sample...incense/frankincense does vary in flavor ...sometimes its kind of lemony...other times it has other aspects...the incense in V gives me a sweetish turpentine like flavor...with that in mind , what this fragrance smells like to me is like someone sprayed on a light coating of Amouage Honour Man and then layered Cardinal on top...the incense note in Cardinal smells just like the incense note in V to it moves along I suddenly got a major whiff of cedar...unless you already have a lot of incense in your wardrobe , this would be a nice addition...drawback of being rediculously expensive, but sometimes good deals can be found on testers...bottom line - spicy/peppery/woody flavored incense...
17th January, 2018

Reflection Man by Amouage

I can see why so many people love this scent. Reflection is an aromatic scent built from old fashioned fragrance combinations that are often found in toiletries, fine milled soaps and barbershops around the world. The opening is bitter orange leaf, pepper, rosemary and neroli that turns a bit powdery over a layer of orris that smoothes out the mid notes. The base is a classic masculine sharp edged cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli perfect finish. This same combination can be found in many other popular stalwart colognes such as: Villoresi Uomo, Aqua di Parma Essenza, Stetson Cologne and MFK Pluriel. This is a classic but soapy aroma that is done on a slightly more refined level to reflect the Amouage standard level of quality. Reflection risks making no enemies and is a steady and pleasantly upbeat friendly clean cut fragrance.
17th January, 2018

11 by Le Cherche Midi

Light, airy and as fleetingly refreshing as a cream soda popsicle on a sweltering day, 11 seems to me like a lighter, less robust take on Xerjoff’s original 1861 with its ozonic undercurrent running through a more conventional pairing of minty-citrusy top notes and a faintly creamy tonka base. It lasted a little longer than the popsicle but I loved every second of it.
17th January, 2018

Larmes du Désert by Atelier Des Ors

What a mesmerizing woody-resinous composition my Lords!!! I agree with the always excellent Buzzlepuff since I notice a great game of proportions and balancements, despite "handling" resins in perfumery is never particularly easy. Resins and spices are in here sapiently calibrated while the dominant woods smell dry, smoky, peppery, seasoned, secular. This misty and moody Atelier Des Or's woody/incensey fragrance (especially if taken in its top and central stages than in its starker dry down, more than Sahara Noir or L' Air di Desert Marocain) conjures me up the medieval Etro Messe de Minuit first formulation with its sacramental secular rituality, with its atmosphere of damp-moldy secret basements, burning torches, tight alleys of the medieval town and religious ceremonies. While Messe the Minuit appears more properly resinous, spicy and "burning" with its holy liturgical cremation of resins (frankincense and opoponax), Larmes du Desert is (initially more balsamic, than finally) more woody, arid, smoky and subtle (basically more austere and balanced with its silent perfect secular burnt abstraction). One of the woodiest scents I've tested on skin in which the straighforward woodiness smells finally almost (ostensibly) salty. This French House is one of the most experienced and qualified Maison in the woods/resins-appointments out there. Another eccellent fragrance from Atelier Des Ors.
16th January, 2018

Perry Ellis for Men (new) by Perry Ellis

By their fruits know them
Even if you cannot tell
Exactly which fruit.
16th January, 2018

Tobacco Oud Intense by Tom Ford

Sweet, smokey opening and then it just turns into a campfire. I'm not sure what occasion smelling like a wood-burning oven is best for, but this scent will do that job.

Projection and longevity are borderline nuclear.
16th January, 2018

Killer Rose by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20180116:

Start is screechy but moves on to Tocade+Spices very soon. Then the tocade-ness goes down and the fragrance settles in to a greenish smoky rose. Smoke is perhaps from cloves and or incense.
A nice rose.
16th January, 2018

Crimes of Passion: Raw Silk and Red Roses by 4160 Tuesdays

stardate 20170314:
I love this Silky and Red Rose.It has retro vibe+new creed base. Works well. FB worthy for sure. Rose+Musk+Amergris - synthetics well done
16th January, 2018

Carven pour Homme (original) by Carven

More often than not, if a scent is from the 90s (or early 2000s) and discontinued, chances are it was a gem. Carven Homme is very much a classy woody masculine with some spices. It's not the most original. It takes inspiration from Egoiste and Gucci Envy for Men, but it is unique enough to stand out in such distinguished company, and good enough to hold its own.

The brilliance of Carven Homme is in the incredibly smooth blending. The backbone is formed by a cedar-sandalwood accord, while cinnamon, lavender, vanilla and nutmeg add flesh and nuanced beauty to the composition. The blending is sheer ingenuity. The elments are so finely interwoven that they create a marvellous aura, yet they are masterfully accented so that rather than being blurry the effect is multi-layered.

The craftsmanship is also highlighted by the way Carven Homme wears on skin. It is rich, deep, with adequate sillage initially, but always gentlemanly. It becomes a bit muted after a couple of hours but has excellent longevity and can easily be worn for a day - an excellent 'eau de toilette' by construction. Carven Homme is refined, articulate, intelligent, and yet highly approachable and possessing that comforting sense of everydayness.

16th January, 2018

Incense Rosé by Tauer

I expected to at least like Incense Rose, since I love rose and incense. I find Incense Rose to be a pretty linear and well composed accord of rose, woods and incense. It's engaging and has a good presence; however, there's also something extremely sharp, shrill and abrasive in this that persists throughout. I could be wrong, but it smells like something that comes from the woods or the incense (rather than the rose). It's shrill, sharp attribute is also present, albeit to a much lesser degree, in Thirty-Three, a composition I enjoy. It's too amplified in Incense Rose, and overbears everything else. Additionally, Incense Rose smells not dissimilar to certain varieties of paan and paan masala from the subcontinent. I think Incense Rose has good sillage and duration, but I could have been distracted because of my experience.

Incense Rose is perhaps best suited for those looking for rose with sharp woods and incense. It's dark and hyper dry. More of a beast than a beauty, but then, beauty lies in the nose of the beerholder. Definitely sample first.

16th January, 2018
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Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

Spicy woods.

Egoiste is all about light, subtle woods, primarily an accord of sandalwood tempered finely with spices and florals. Rose is there, an abstract presence that brightens up the composition, while cinnamon and coriander accentuate the sandalwood. There's a delightful touch of dry vanilla in the base.

Egoiste, for all its charm and beauty, is somewhat fleeting on my skin, and sits close to skin throughout its lifespan. Sillage is close, but lovely. I find the current version to have a vague musky aspect (perhaps ambrette seed), while another version I'm familiar with (from the early 2000s) is brighter, more sparkling and has a greater emphasis on the woods. The earlier version isn't richer or deeper, but does last a tad longer.

Egoiste, especially if one looks past potential issues with sillage and duration, is one of the most charming perfumes out on the market. It is also often a reference for sandalwood. However, one might find Tam Dao EdP, Samsara EdP (preferably an earlier bottle), or even Bois des Iles to be more useful if specifically seeking a sandalwood. Tam Dao and Bois des Iles are more focussed, while Samsara is more opulent.

It's notable that Carven Homme (1999) and Gucci's Envy for Men (1998) are quite related to Egoiste in terms of composition. While Envy for Men (with a terrific ginger note) is more exotic and oriental, Carven Homme successfully bridges the two styles and is mandatory sampling for anyone interested in Egoiste.

It's best to approach Egoiste (or any perfume, for that matter) with an open mind. Just don't expect a big perfume, but maybe you can expect something beautiful.

16th January, 2018
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United Kingdom

Christmas In NYC by Demeter Fragrance Library

The opening is characterised by the usual wintery Christmas feel of spices, caramel, cinnamon, vanilla and the likes. Somewhat predictable but pleasant.

Later in the drydown this mix turns less pleasant, and this is mainly due the increasing presence of strong synthetic characteristics. Additionally, the sweet spiciness becomes increasingly generic.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

A warming and comforting winter scent, initially conveying traditional, albeit not particularly original, winter Christmas feelings, but eventually turning out to be somewhat too generic and disagreeably synthetic overall to convince unequivocally. 2.75/5.

16th January, 2018

No Matter What by Liaison de Parfum

A rather cheap strawberry shampoo smell given a soda sparkle with aldehydes. As the aldehydes fade, it makes room for that overused peach and a pinch of mint. This all eventually gives way to a mix of raspberry candy and violets. Everything here always kind of smells like hot hair being shampooed, and the drydown is a weird salty hair smell.

I just don't like perfumes like this. Shampoo perfumes are gross and cheap candy perfumes are saccharine and childish at best. Put together, they're worse than the sum of their parts. Thumbs down...
16th January, 2018

Stay With Me by Liaison de Parfum

Stay With Me goes on quite loudly. There are two main themes - first, a Giorgio Beverly Hills-esque mix of tuberose and orange blossom. Second, a rather modern mix of salty indoles, fabric softener musk, and a tobacco-ish tonka. I generally dislike these modern fabric softnener florals, especially when they use salt to smell like hair being shampooed as well, and Stay With Me is no exception - I'm not really enjoying it. That being said, the mix of indoles, fabric softener, and tonka is exceptionally well done. I'd have expected these three elements to clash terribly, but it's a credit to the perfumer how well they've made this work as a complex sort of yin/yang between cleanliness and decay that's much more intellectual than the rest of this perfume. So, with that, I'm raising my thumbs down to a neutral.
16th January, 2018

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Bright, clean, lemon opening. I'm not a note expert but I think it's the faint rosewood or rose giving this a feminine feel. That's just the scent wafting in the air. If you get into where you sprayed it, all you get is lemons.

The drydown is where the old-school magic happens. I'm not a fan of wearing but it definitely has that time machine effect.

I get really good projection.
15th January, 2018

Havana by Aramis

Spicy, smokey opening. It's like splashing on bay rum while trying to put out a campfire. The drydown isn't as smokey, leans more into Bay Rum territory.

A mature, old-school smell to be sure, but still has a playful side to it.
15th January, 2018

Essential by Lacoste

Green and soapy clean but it's the kind of scent that you can find in many mass-market soaps or detergents. The drydown is bland and synthetic.

Probably best for summer/daytime/casual.

15th January, 2018

Gold Leather by Atelier Cologne

I also get the fermented fruit, rum and leather in the opening and it's all very loud. It's more of the same in the drydown but you do get some nice woody smells mixed in.

I get big projection with Gold Leather.
15th January, 2018

1969 Parfum de Révolte by Histoires de Parfums

Fruity opening, but not the usual super-sweet kind, more like freshly picked, still in the basket and uncut. Then it starts to smell like a peach tea when the florals kick in. That's the drydown and I feel like it's kinda feminine.

This might be to old-school to give to my wife, but I wouldn't mind smelling this on a lady.

I get excellent projection with very good longevity.

15th January, 2018

1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums

The citrus is good in 1725 but the other notes really drag this away from something I'd want to wear and be associated with. Smells dated in the opening, like old books. However, the drydown is nice. Clean and smooth, quite surprising after that opening.

The clean citrus makes me think this is best suited to warmer weather, daytime casual situations.

I get very good projection and longevity, lasts all workday.
15th January, 2018

Dark Knight by Alexandria Fragrances

This is a nice juice that starts with Almonds and Chocolate and drys into a slightly coffee / rum base with chocolate and almonds hanging around... I find this is a be a nice scent from start to finish with decent longevity and limited projection. Overall a nice juice... Try before you buy though.. Enjoy!
15th January, 2018

L'Eau d'Hiver by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Cloying Iris powder. What a let down especially after the superb French Lover.
15th January, 2018

Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This fell out of Louis XIV powder case.
A real let down especially after the superb French Lover.
15th January, 2018

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

There's a lot going on here and others are better are breaking down the notes and nuances, so I will agree that Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme is a refined and classy scent. It is mature but doesn't feel outdated. It still smells like a modern scent to me, without all the sweetness found in most new designer releases. It also seems to be versatile enough for work and date night.

I'm guessing my mini splash bottle is not vintage, so I get average projection, maybe even a little better than that, which is surprising given all the hate on the current version.
15th January, 2018

Incandessence by Avon

A sunny bright floral essence by Avon.
It makes you feel elegant and full of energy.
The spirit's is up wearing this. A smile on your face.
It projects well and lasts long enough.
If you search for a nice bright floral, you should give it a chance!
15th January, 2018

Cuir de Russie Parfum by Chanel

I do not know what formula my sample is - edp or edt. This is a "light" scent on me. I only smell orange blossom, rose, tobacco, birch, and leather. It doesn't last but, it IS lovely.
15th January, 2018
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United Kingdom

Condensed Milk by Demeter Fragrance Library

In the first moments of the opening phase I get hints of condensed milk, nicely done, but only lasting for the first five or ten minutes.

Then, further into the drydown a slightly sweet mix appears, which is characterised by hints of vanilla, coconut and, towards the end, very faint touches of caramel.

I get soft sillage, good projection and a total longevity of nine hours on my skin.

Initially quite well designed, but most of it is rather generic and without any interesting development. 2.5/5.
15th January, 2018