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Brit for Men by Burberry

opens with a crisp fresh citrus with a little zing from the ginger...right of the bat has a dry/dusty/powdery feel and powdery smell that transitional phase as the citrus dries down and right before the rose perks up what I get for a short stretch is hand lotion...seems to project pretty good...a decent, safe fragrance...dry/powdery transparent rose made even drier feeling from the faint cedar background...typical musky/woody drydown...
IMHO not a buy Powdery Citrusy Woody Rose
04th August, 2015

Lothair by Penhaligon's

Lothair is a difficult fragrance to deconstruct because there are several complex tonal chords that are happening. There is a cooling oceanic salty scent that is combination of the figs, vetiver, juniper and grapefruit that feels like ocean cooled winds. A dry black woody tea / wenge / cedar note that adds an ancient mariner feel to the oceanics. But the base of the scent is very warm, heading towards sweetness but is balanced very well before becoming too sweet - fig milk, vanilla, magnolia. The fragrance reminds me a little of the sweet and dry of Habit Rouge EDT and also of Diptypque's Eau Duelle with its tea and vanilla woods. The combination is a concerto of blended ancient dryness and friendly warmth. I am surprised that I like this fragrance as much as I do. It helps to give it a chance and let it move and evolve. A very nice creation and one of the better Penhaligon's for men.
04th August, 2015

Colony (new) by Jean Patou

The old Colony is a pineapple chypre; a syrupy pineapple set against bitter oakmoss, unusual and striking, and clearly from a different time period.

The new version is called "a modern adaption" by Patou. It's no longer a chypre, but a polite fruity floral. It opens with a fresh pineapple, together with a smoky note, it then sweetens slightly, with other sheer fruity notes mixed in, and ends with an sweetish, indistinct musky base.

Not a lot of projection, it stays close to the skin and has decent longevity.

I'm glad they made the pineapple so prominent, and the smoky note added some interest, but after the opening it goes pretty flat. The push-pull elements that made old Colony interesting is missing. In their quest to make Colony elegant and adult, and compatible for a new millennium, they forgot to give it much of a personality.
03rd August, 2015
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Notturno by Meo Fusciuni

This is lousy. The perfumer is using the notorious rum ether — a distinctive, immediately recognizable raw material that’s rich and boozy but dissipates in (I’m not kidding) 30 seconds. For as lovely as that material smells, it’s worthless in perfume and is clearly intended for use in flavoring. Anyhow, once Notturno's rum has burned off, you’re left with a ghastly charred caramel that’s slammed against something licorice-like to produce “ink.” It is inky (think glossy magazine smell), but it’s the olfactory equivalent of a thousand paper cuts.
03rd August, 2015

Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

A timid rose resting on a pillow of apricot. It’s not a juicy apricot though; it’s more like the dried apricot snacks you grab at the checkout. Aside from that, vetiver, patchouli, and a milky-vanillic base signify, but there’s not much else. It reminds me of a derelict L’Ombre Fauve only with a vague rose tucked behind its ear. All in all, it’s a bit too flat and unemotional — and emotion is somewhat of a requirement for a rose perfume, I think.
03rd August, 2015

Monsieur Lanvin by Lanvin

Someone brought up Carnation note today in a Forum. I reached for my small, prized bottle of this stuff. Top notes of Lemon, Bergamot etc have faded somewhat. Geranium and Carnation hearts still beat strongly. The Civet is present, strong and is crafted gloriously into the melange. My present day Eau d'Hermes is put to shame in regards to the elegant use of this note. The slightly camphorous note in Carnation is extraordinary.
03rd August, 2015

Notes by Robert Piguet

Despite its evident lack of originality this modern fragrance is surely daring and well appointed, perfect for a charming "clothed in white-linen suit" south-american business man, constantly rolling around for restaurants, meeting places, Grand Hotels and lounge bars. Robert Piguet Notes is a minty and balmy-floral chypre (with a classic fougere approach) which, re-interpreting a quite successful aromatic formula, actually sounds as an indeal olfactory encounter between scents a la Faconnable by Faconnable, Ted Lapidus Black Soul, Krizia Spazio Uomo, Ungaro III and Jacques Bogart Silver Scent (partially Bogart Pour Homme as well). Synthetic soapiness is quite under control (finally kind of talky, woody powdery and minty violet-veined), sweetness is at fair level (actually balanced by a kind of organic and simil-leathery "saltiness") and the spiciness is velvety, finally somewhat piquant and well calibrated. "Stuffs" like mint, musks, coriander, clary sage and lavender (the latter not listed) represent an aromatic and slightly (classically) barber-shop introduction ready to merge its fresh substance with a more soapy, floral, musky and exotic ambery (ambroxan)-tonkinian backbone. Bergamot/lavender, tonka, oakmoss and geranium provide an immediately classic (classically fougere) angular approach which turns out by soon in a minty-balmy intoxicating way characterized by neroli, exotic spices, "colonial" vetiver and balmy tonka. Vetiver is extremely classy, "minty-tropical" and alluring. The note of mint is daring, fascinating and "spacious" with all its own aromatic and intriguing spiciness conjuring me Krizia Spazio (and vaguely the classic Carlo Corinto and Carlo Corinto Silver) especially before that a soapy-tonkinian dry down starts embracing the elements in to a comforting musky embrace. Frankly I love the way in which Notes preserves its average sharpness despite its intriguing light balminess (substantially in a middle way between talkiness, powder and soapiness). A medium rating just for its lack of uniqueness despite on my skin this fragrance is the best interpretation of the aforementioned yet classic formula. Moderate sillage, good longevity.

P.S: Dry down is pretty good, really spicy, resinous-aromatic, kind of more "restrained", luxurious and virile (in a sort of amberish and "dirty-sweated" way). I detect a sort of rubbery/salty/ambery/nutty vibe surrounded by piquant spices, clary sage and kind of birch tar (or aromatic spices in general).

P.S 2: I disagree about the assumed short evolution of this fragrance and the deep dry down is finally on my skin really close to the Ungaro III's base notes, being it so nutty-tonkinian, mossy, woody-rosey, spicy-rooty, "by vetiver-influenced" and mossy-amberish. Ungaro III and Piguet Notes (which is anyway initially different, more minty-aromatic and spicy) share indeed a lot of notes as oakmoss, clary sage, vetiver, geranium, rosewood, amber, coriander, mild spices, aromatic patterns, neroli, bergamot, etc etc.
02nd August, 2015 (last edited: 03rd August, 2015)

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

There are a lot of notes listed for this one and I wondered quite where they were all hiding because the first blast is lemon, lemon, and lemon again. Or maybe it's bergamot and orange because there's no lemon listed. Nevertheless it's a brisk citrus entrance that lasts for some time.
I think I get the darjeeling tea, but I'm not sure. My experience was the aroma of well-steeped tepid tea (or even used bags taken from the pot), rather than the lightly bitter fragrance of darjeeling. Not necessarily bad. It's peppery too and mildly spicy in the fleeting middle notes.
I wore this on a summer day that had some dampness in the air, there'd been a storm in the early morning and the dry-down mingled perfectly with it; mimicking the after-the-rain aroma with a mossy-woody backdrop. The muskiness rounds everything off nicely.

I liked this scent even though it is pretty low-key, though rather gentlemanly too. It's a good all-rounder and would likely work through the seasons if chosen with care.
01st August, 2015

KL Homme by Lagerfeld

KL Homme is a spicy oriental, and to me smells mostly like a sweeter, more amber-y, less spicy version of Pierre Cardin Pour Homme. It's smooth and rich, quite concentrated, and elegant. I get the similarites with JHL, but KL Homme is a bit lighter, with the carnation and geranium prominent in the heart. The aldehydes in the opening are front and center, but blended nicely with the citrus and lavender, rendering the whole effect quite natural rather than synthetic. To my nose, Pierre Cardin is more pleasing, but KL has its charm too.

H & R's Guide lists the notes as:

Top: Lemon, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, orange, aldehyde
Middle: Carnation, jasmine, geranium, fern, cinnamon, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood
Base: Vanilla, benzoin, olibanum, musk, amber, civet
01st August, 2015

Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra by Guerlain

Teazzurra by Guerlain opens with a bright splash of citrus (lime zest), a soft jasmine note, and what I can only describe as a green musk. The yuzu is quite noticeable and plays out as a combination of grapefruit and pineapple. The green tea accord slides into view along with a large dose of aquatic musk as the pleasant fruity-floral aspect fades. I do not like this musk at all. To be fair, ‘calone’ is listed as one of the notes and this could be taken as a warning or perhaps a cheeky apology.

Although I wanted to scrub Teazzurra about five minutes after spraying, I suffered through three hours of wear along with some additional sprays to re-examine the opening and decide if this is a sideways thumb or a ‘thumbs down’. Most of the time, if I dislike a fragrance, I try to examine why I don’t like it and sort out if it is just a matter of personal taste or if the fragrance truly is lame. Here is my list of complaints:

1) The aquatic musk smells really terrible—almost headache inducing. This is a matter of personal taste—doesn’t count.
2) The fragrance is a little ‘top loaded’. It smells great when sprayed on paper—the yuzu, floral, and musk strike a pretty harmony—but it falls apart on the skin. But, it could be worse given that the green tea sticks around for at least an hour, so in that respect it is a moderate fail, not a complete fail.
3) The originality just isn’t there. One can easily find a variety of affordable light tea fragrances, so this just makes me think that Guerlain (LVMH) is finding a lucrative niche and cashing in. Duh.

Complaint number 3 is just too big to ignore.

01st August, 2015

Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors

I like this, it is a wonderfully woody scent. Unlike others, I don't really get the strawberry note. Or the vanilla, for that matter.
Here's what I do get.
A very good opening, with lovely resinous and coniferous notes. Dry, woody, calming and energizing at the same time. The scent is in the Slumberhouse style but a bit more accessible. Beautiful, simple, focused. The scent develops a bit of sweetness but not problematic in my opinion. Much of the sweetness comes from a balsamic note -- to be expected in a woody scent.
If you like woody scents, then you need to give this a try.
01st August, 2015

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

This outstanding exotic composition is basically an exercise in fragrant seeds (lots of cumin and coriander) enlivened by a touch of flowers and citrus and resting on an extremely well-executed oriental base of amber, vetiver, and woods. L’Air du Désert Marocain works seamlessly, is highly gratifying, and manages to contain all the characteristics of a great and compelling fragrance: a striking and distinctive opening, smooth transition between phases, a gorgeous drydown, exceptional longevity and tenacity, and enough details and subtleties to charm and intrigue you. Here is one hyped-up fragrance that truly deserves its passionate and devoted following. A number of previous reviewers express concerns about wearability, however I don’t share them: this is not a particularly difficult perfume to wear, as long as you don’t mind sticking out just a little bit from the general aquatic-sporty mainstream. Go easy on the trigger, though: this one is very strong, and a little will go a long way. Very highly recommended.
01st August, 2015

Field Notes from Paris by Ineke

The initial blast is aromatic and sweet. I like the orange blossom at the top , but it's also herbaceous, dusty and earthy from the coriander; I have an imagine of a person who has worked the field and it is washing his hands with an expensive bar of soap. Field notes, right? I don't know about Paris though…could be because of that expensive soap.

This lasts for about two hours, when the coriander begins to fade, as the soapiness and the fragrance is accompanied by sweet tobacco. Going forward it gets better for me as the dustiness goes, giving way to a warm base, aromatic and sweet, joined also by clean patchouli, reminiscent of a sunny day.
No way this is just a feminine scent, it's unisex all the way.
01st August, 2015
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She Came To Stay by Edition Perfumes

Powerful and thick at the first spray, it kicks in very herbal with a slight medicinal hue. It feels very green and slightly leathery at the same time; the geranium leaves are very concentrated and, along with the spices (mostly cloves), are making the fragrance cold and serious.

30 minutes in and it starts to settle. It's not shouting anymore and there is a slight sweetness lurking underneath those spices that rounds the sharp edges.
The minty herbal aspect is gradually fading and the scent metamorphoses from cold to warm as the dry down is sweeter, woodier and smokier. It lasted for about 10 hours on my skin with moderate projection.

I appreciate it as a blend, but it's not really my cup of tea. I rate it with 3 and 1/2 subjective stars.
01st August, 2015

XIX March by Tiziana Terenzi

On my skin this is a perfume that develops from light to heavier over time. It opens with a bright minty orange notes that combines with a second prong of notes encompassing a herbal-vegetal mix. Fruit and Veg - how healthy. Soon a spicy cinnamon component arises, whiffs of clove emerge, and later in the drydown traditional floral elements are evident, mainly jasmine and lavender. Overall an unusal mix, like wandering trough a succession of citrus groves, herb gardens and flower fields. Nice.

The base is, alas, less interesting and more pedestrian: woodsy and musky components, the usual culprits. The base is the weak point of this composition.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and six hours of longevity. Overall 2.5/5.
01st August, 2015
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United Kingdom

Intense Pepper by Montale

Starts off with a realistic pepper hit and then quickly turns into Greyland by the same house

Only other minor difference is that there is a fraction more citrus running through this but other than that, it is Greyland
01st August, 2015

M/Mink by Byredo

I will have to do some research on Adoxal because it was one shockingly funky opening. But within 20 minutes or so, it mellowed considerably. The incense was not too "churchy". I found myself sniffing my wrist all rvening, which is always a good sign. I think this would be appropriate for a casual date or a nice autumn walk. Longevity is excellent on my skin. I will definitely consider purchasing a bottle.
01st August, 2015

Eau Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior

Accidentally bought this meaning to get classic Eau Sauvage, but clicked the wrong button. Tried it anyway, at height of summer. Big mistake. Huge. That first impression was that it was smothering and opaque, too strong, too sweet.

Tried it again now that the weather's cold, and love it. Will be wearing it a lot this winter. I'm no expert, but see this as a stripped-down classic chypre, with the progression of bitter herbal/citrus, sweet resinous, deep earthiness.

In the heat this is a getitoffgetitoffgetitoff crawl-out-of-my-skin scrubber, but in winter, an entirely different beast.

01st August, 2015
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United States

Adidas Extreme Power Special Edition by Adidas

First, keep in mind that this is Adidas, it's going to cost about 10 bucks for 100ML if you shop around just a little, it's not niche, it's not high priced, it is, simply Adidas, and for the price, it is quite nice. The top notes, to me, center on bergamot and lemon,and it is very nice to my nose. Next comes the apple and it hangs around a while, remember it is synthetic apple of course, but it's not a bad synthetic, the coffee I don't detect at all and geranium MIGHT be there in the background. The base to me, is mostly white cedar wood and tonka but it works pretty well with maybe a hint of the sandalwood and patchouli peeking out shyly. The longevity (for me) is about 4 good hours maybe up to 6 or more if you tend to get good longevity but you can still detect it as a skin scent even longer. The projection is decent first 2-3 hours but then subsides to more intimate encounter ranges. All in all it is a safe blind buy if you like other Adidas scents or those in that vein, I doubt you will offend anyone and it may garner a compliment or two. I think this is good as a casual every day type scent or even a casual lunch date sort of thing, and of course that "after gym" sort of scent if you are into that. I gave it a thumbs up for scent and reasonable longevity.
31st July, 2015
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United States

Ultimate K'Oud 75214 by Krigler

Nice Fragrance, But smells almost identical to Creed Himalaya, which I already own. I sprayed this onto a card and it had a little different smell. But, on my skin, this does smell like Himalaya. I already own Himalaya and have given it to my son. I like a lot of the Krigler's, but do not plan to own this scent!
31st July, 2015

Santal Noble by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

An opulent and very satisfying sandalwood fragrance, Santal Noble is another great Maître Parfumeur and Gantier accomplishment. Together with Ambre Précieux and Route du Vétiver, it makes up something like a “Great Trio” in Jean Laporte’s original 1988 lineup, those three remaining to this day the crown jewels of this house. Santal Noble is all about sandalwood, highlighting the rough and woody aspects of the note over its more conventionally accentuated creamy or balsamic sides. During its development, the sandalwood finds itself elegantly backed up by a large assortment of supporting notes like amber, spices, and incense, as well as a distinctive touch of coffee, making this an impressive and truly gratifying woody oriental. Like most other fragrances in MPG’s “Parfums du Levant” series, Santal Noble makes an audacious statement: it is baroque, grand, even monumental, yet, amazingly, it is also very easy to wear and never gets heavy or cloying. Well executed, masterfully blended, and one of the best sandalwoods out there.
31st July, 2015

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Zagorsk by Comme des Garçons

Exactly the same as Cacharel Pour Homme, Loewe 7 and Bang ( Marc Jacobs ) mayby a little bit " colder " but it' s the same range. Very bad available in the Netherlands, were I live. I prefer Loewe 7 the longlivety is much better.
31st July, 2015

7 de Loewe by Loewe

A shameless copy of Zagorsk CDG, Cacharel Pour Homme and Bang ( Marc Jacobs ) . But I like it !
31st July, 2015

Monsieur Balmain (new) by Pierre Balmain

I tried the new version in the square bottle. It has none of the complexity (the old version had little complexity, but the new version has even less) and charm of the older version. It doesn't have that oakmoss counterpoint in it. It is a very faint lemon, very linear, and has almost zero projection and sillage.
31st July, 2015

Lacoste L!VE by Lacoste

Boring and bland, completely hate it. It is heavy on my skin and the dry down smells atrocious on my skin, a very green scent that isn't refreshing or light. Projection and sillage are also very poor. Skip this one!
31st July, 2015

Renshaw by Murdock

A very pleasant scent, unisex in style. Meant to evoke the scent of a "well manicured English lawn" as encountered in a game of croquet or tennis.
The scent starts crisp and dry. The pink grapefruit is a brilliant touch, and is very refreshing and brisk. The florals come together in a well-designed manner. Delicate, not too sweet, giving a light green chord. The violet and lily of the valley hold centre court. Violet has its haunting, ghostly silver aspect here. The dry-down is a tiny tiny bit sweet but it is not problematic. Quite a charming, spring-like scent.
31st July, 2015

Cardinal by Heeley

Not much to add - this smells really good, with just the right level of strength or 'power', in my opinion. I mostly smell frankincense which I guess is olibanum or close to the same thing. Smells like it is made from high quality ingredients.

I give it a thumbs up but I already own CdG 2 Man, which is somewhat like this but better in my opinion, more complex with a little variety within the fragrance. They both have that clean incense vibe, like a light burning incense. Which I do like but I don't need both. From Heeley I would rather wear Spirit of the Tiger.
31st July, 2015

Gold Rose Oudh by Tiziana Terenzi

On my skin oud and patchouli are the two dominant players that constitute the dual leitmotif defining this scent and remaining present throughout its whole development. Initially bergamot is added, but it can only provide a bit of initial freshness amongst the two main players. The patchouli is a top-of-the-range, dark, brooding yet well defined patchouli, with a stem-like wood impression and a fairly harsh peppery spiciness, reminding me at some stage of Tom Ford's purple patchouli - just with less violet character. The oud is also dark, deep, rich and so convincing that I wonder whether a touch of the natural stuff might have been added, although given cost and rarity as well as the unholy obsession with laboratory synthesis amongst today's perfume producers that is hardly ever done these days. One lives in hope! The oud is very convincing and of prime quality.

In the drydown a rich, velvety and softly dark Bulgarian rose arises, the third of the main actors on this olfactory can stage. A very good and convincing rose this is indeed.

The drydown keeps up the high standard that is present so far. An ambery impression that is unlike the usual synthetic thin versions of it, and a sandalwood note provide the foundation of the base, with a dark and spicy musk continuing the theme form the beginning. Touches of honeyed and tonka sweetness round off this olfactoric magical tour.

Performance is nigh stellar: strong sillage, great projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

The house of Tiziana Terenzi is truly focusedly niche, but this is the first of their fragrances that I sampled that bears hallmarks of convincing stature: high-quality ingredients, very well blended whilst maintaining structure, and one of the few oud product in that recent deluge that is worth taking seriously. 3.5/5

31st July, 2015

Eternity Now for Men by Calvin Klein

Tested this today....Drum roll........
This of Calvin Klein's best !!!
The first sniff is soooooo awesome..
I get tropical..but NOT suntan lotion tropical....Fruity...yes.. sweet...very light hint of coconut...not a vanilla coconut...and finally...woody ...
This is love at first sniff for me. However...the sillage and projection is only average....sound familiar??
CK has this constant problem IMO. But...this one is still full bottle worthy for me. This type of scent seems to be the current "vibe" or "trend" now. I just bought Boucheron Quatre pour Homme....awesome scent..and is in the same vein as CK Eternity Now....they don't smell alike...but are in the same vein...weight...air. Also ..I could include Dior Homme for me is in this vein, and maybe Lanvin L'Eclat Homme..and even CK Reveal. Give this one a try !!!!
31st July, 2015
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United States

Unbreakable Bond / Unbreakable by Khloé and Lamar

If you like apple notes except when these are sharp, this is one to consider. There is a hint of chocolate, wood, etc., but the apple is the star of the show and lasts a long time. It's definitely not too sweet or syrupy, and it is a touch musky (no major "laundry musk," thankfully). And the florals are in check as well. So, it's very good for all kinds of social situations, and it's certainly not a "blob" scent, but if you are used to niche then my guess is you'll find this underwhelming (such as if you were to compare it to Apple Brandy).
31st July, 2015