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Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Long ago I avoided reviewing this and several other fragrances simply because they had plenty enough reviews already. Now I feel compelled to throw in my two cents because of how my perception has changed over the years. Until now I never quite realized how very 80's the heart and base are, losing myself in the lavender and calone opening. But the bitter greens and white florals, on closer inspection, are more akin to scents like the original Burberrys than the wave of herbaceous aquatics that followed Eternity's release. Heck, I never even noticed there was vetiver in this composition until today. I have always liked Calvin Klein despite their many shortcomings (CK Free and Encounter spring immediately to mind), and Mr. Klein and I share a birthday (Yippee!), and I feel this release deserves its level of fame- It is synthetic yet potent, a bit screechy if over-sprayed, but is layered and nuanced in a way which seems to be fading from the common release. My one caveat is that the current version in production is -maybe- 65 percent the strength of the original.
Thumbs up for the original creation and a watered down neutral for the schlock currently on the shelves.
27th May, 2016
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United Kingdom

L'Etrog Acqua by Arquiste

A run-of-the-mill general citrus - lemony impression - on the darker side and not really refreshing - with a dull herbal undertone is followed by a generic woodsy drydown with whiffs of an unexciting patchouli in the base.

This sounds trite? It is; very much a routine product that is generic with standard synthetic basic blending - pretty much an olfactoric non-event.

The sillage is moderate, the projection adequate and the longevity five hours on my skin.

Maybe for spring or not at all. The only good thing is the marketing - but can we wear that? 1.5/5
27th May, 2016

Arabico by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

Farmacia SS Annunziata Arabico is a stunning revelation on my sucking skin. First of all I need to say that there is something fresh-warm, spicy, virile, kind of organic-pheromonal, piquant, resinous and cozy that typifies this (otherwise apparently common) woody-hesperidic accord (I detect something conceptually similar, or partially similar, in scents a la 7 de Loewe or Creed Aventus); this special twist is something "earthy-sartorial", dusty-peppery and freshly urban but at same time classically spicy and exotic, a spark of class and italian spicy-rooty-peppery sophistication. This little fire is constantly paired by a quite freshly aromatic presence (fresh lavender and vetiver) which is not only citric and vaguely barber-shop (or classically fougere) but at same time fluidy-incensey (a watery frankincense's rendition), herbal, spacious and vaguely tropical. Patchouly (growing up progressively) and musk (so sophisticated and soapy) are heady, immediately followed by lime, pepper/cardamom, exotic spices and "splashing" frankincense. Complex (almost cacophonous) spiciness and silky soapiness run side by side. Woods are here but it is the combination of spices, patch, hints of "intimate" dry smoke (a la Creed Aventus) and resins to make this juice great, modern, sensual and extremely elegant. Lemony cardamom is a remarkable constant and I wonder if minimal hints of fresh and dry tobacco are included in the blend. The Arabico's kind of man is "modernly classic" (italian contemporary high tailoring), traveller, perfectly trimmed, freshly smelling and self-confident. This one could be a quite bold and sensual piece of perfume for the "seaside southern resorts-seducer", a juice which could appeal the typical Creed Aventus-lover but at same time all the lovers of highly spicy fresh and exotic fragrances a la Frapin L'Humaniste or Cartier Declaration (Arabico makes me thinking at a sort of warmer and more erotic Declaration on my skin). Yes, I agree about the ordinarily synthetic perception (Iso E in particular, with a sort of sporty shower-gel kind of undertone) but this juice is surely far more since its multifaceted articulation on skin (with its plenty of spicy, resinous, earthy, hesperidic, floral and woody nuances) gives glory to the whole daring experiment (a classic, basically "yet runned", formula newly revisited in a special modern elegant way). A pity for the just moderate projecion which slightly tames the potencially higher boldness of an (anyway) undeniably daring juice.
27th May, 2016
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Forbidden by House of Matriarch

Thumb's up, only just, because Tuberose Indolic has my stomach tighten, my brain gasping for oxygen as it tries to push it's way out of my sockets.
I am forced to scrub.
Funny because Jasmine Indolic has the whole of me wrapped up in the rapture of Oxygen rich clouds and an overwhelming calm and Peace.
Before I scrubbed I was able to recognize a pleasing Woody Base, hints of fungi and of course a intoxicating blast of dry Absinthe.
26th May, 2016

SexMagic by House of Matriarch

This is the fourth charmer from this house that pierces my armour.
It's not that they are so sexy. It is something related to sensuality.
All that I have tasted thus far, carry a creamy refinement or "Mounting of the Sauce" succulence.
Again, the best of Aromatherapy. Dreamy and Soothing.
Sex Magic, Black No. 1 and Orca, Coco Blanc. Into the wardrobe they go.
HOM need to refine their packaging. Beautiful styling, however there is a lack of substance, mechanically, in the newest bottling.
These perfumes deserve better.
For the price asked we all deserve better.
26th May, 2016

Arabian Horse 3.1 by Parfumerie Generale

It opens as Lipstick, Leather and Hay. An undercurrent of soap weaves through. It beds down to a musky, warm skin scent, quite apparent as a PG notion, as it is in the vein of all those I have tried. It has an outline of a CDR and with a less stiff and formal finish. A very comfortable country Leather. Feminine or Masculine? I would say Unisex,as it points to the Earth, the Animal, the Human.
Beautiful, romantic and highly recommended!
26th May, 2016
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United Kingdom

Sir by D.S. & Durga

The opening hits the mark: a dark benzoin-underlined rose with a fairly traditional jasmine, initially brightened up by an again traditional bergamot-citrus background. Until now this clearly is derived from the opening concept of the classic Chypre.

On my skin the brighter parts are pushed back soon by the darker elements, with styrax-tilted resinous characteristics emerging in the drydown. This is enhanced by a deep and somber but fairly smooth patchouli impression with an incense twist to it and some labdanum - just a bit - towards the base stage.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and about ten hours of longevity on my skin.

A remarkably convincing traditional chypre initially, and staying in this tradition for the most part except the lack of a convincing oakmoss contribution, it is an autumnal creation of high natural ingredient quality and not without a contemporary twist. 3.5/5.
26th May, 2016

Baldessarini Private Affairs by Baldessarini

Just your average scent. Worth a blind buy due to price and quality... this just isn't for me. Longevity is 6 hours and projection is about 2 good hours before turning to a skin scent.
26th May, 2016

Racine by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

MPeG Racine opens beautifully with an old-school accord of citrus (mostly lime), neroli, mint, musk and probably rooty vetiver. Well made, bracing and with a classically naïf "cologney" gentlemanly vibe. Lemon is intense, vaguely medicinal and almost fizzy but I get at same time (as equally heady) a sort of bitter earthiness quite opaque, woody-camphoraceous and assertive. It seems to detect as well far echoes of dry hay or toasted tobacco. Hesperides, a touch of rootiness and the general muskiness conjure me vaguely the initial feel I used to pick up in the vintage Guerlain Vetiver eau de cologne formula back in the early 90's. Vetiver is constantly waving around under my nose but it is not a quite visceral-earthy vetiver, on the contrary it is mostly airy, freshly crisp and citric. Dry down, still unfolding this main citric vetiver's presence, is equally focused on a smoother and darker presence of woods, oakmoss and probably hints of benzoin/tonka bean. The juice is anything but original but could be a more than dignified solution for all the lovers of such retro gentlemanly pieces of nostalgic classicism. Really faint duration and projection on my skin.
25th May, 2016

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

One of my favorites from the Mugler line of scents. Very nice spring / summer scent for men or women. Citrus and zesty to start with a minimal musk dry down. A true skin scent within a hour or two depending on the temperature. Worth a buy for the price. A quality scent. Enjoy!
25th May, 2016

Anniversary by Perfumer's Guild

A beautiful masculine aromatic spicy fragrance with notes of bergamot, cardamom, coriander, cumin & woods.

Perfect for wearing in hot sunny weather during the day.

Good Longevity for a cologne.

Thumbs up!
25th May, 2016

Boy Chanel by Chanel

This is an easy thumbs up for me, a hit, especially for a 2016 release in a struggling market. It makes me think of a more masculine version of Chanel No. 19. The base has a typical Chanel light sweetness. It's appropriate for office wear.

I think heliotropin (listed here) or héliotrope (listed on is a main component of the smell. I am reminded of Frederic Malle L'Eau d'Hiver, although this Chanel seems more wearable.
25th May, 2016
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United Kingdom

Bubblegum Chic by Heeley

A heavy, sticky and gooey tuberose with lists of artificial waxiness combines with a sticky and heavy jasmine with a slightly minty undertone initially - yes, this is chewing-gum at its most mundane. Hints of a thick white musk with moments of a candy-like syrupy undertone develop later in the base, but the tuberose-jasmin prevails throughout.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellence and the longevity ten hours - the last three or four closer to my skin.

A fun, trashy and fake concept that works well as such for a bit of a plasticine spring frolick - as a fragrance it is too synthetically linear to deserve a positive score. 2.5/5.
25th May, 2016
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Siam Proun by Olympic Orchids

What a Joyful Spring Garden perfume!
Naturally sweet fruits, Fizzy and citric, like Lik-M-Aid together with an ambery, vaguely boozy fuzziness provide a background canvas for a spray of Culinary herbs and something savoury, scallion-like, perhaps Garlic chive. This is the essence of a backyard garden and orchard.
Something Camphour envelopes it all to corral back into the World of Perfume. This is the sniff of the skin.

Projection provides an aura rich, soothing, slightly medicinal and altogether Magical.

This was packaged in a Black and Gold Lipstick spritzer, Chanel-like in it's elegance.

Covey suggested that she had created this gem for her Mother.

What a delightful gift!

25th May, 2016

Adam Levine for Men by Adam Levine

Tested from a sample. Very citrusy and fruity. Hard to discern the individual notes, but I thought I got tangerine at first. Fruitiness is about all I got before reading the ingredients, which is a shame as I'd have liked to smell the listed violet, sage and ginger. Once I read ginger was there, I got it, but I guess that's a cheat. It kind of reminds me of the sort of generic, fruity shower gel you sometimes get in hotels and it also fades almost as quickly. Within less than an hour it was a skin scent and in three hours, completely gone.
I certainly don't sense the body-odour thing that others have mentioned. Not for me, but if you want a light, quickly fading, fruity scent it might be worth a try. Or you could just buy a fruity shower gel....
May 2016
24th May, 2016

L'Hommage à L'Homme by Lalique

Many of my fragrance purchases are blind buys. I do my due diligence as far as looking for notes of the scent and reviews. This being one of those blind buys, I am extremely pleased with this scent. It is made with great quality. This is more of a muted oud scent so don't expect YSL's M7 Oud Absolut. As far as notes I do smell saffron and I get the muted oud. Not sure what wood notes are here. I would say this is more of a date night or formal wear type scent. For the price you can't go wrong. Enjoy!
24th May, 2016

Sander for Men by Jil Sander

Another average scent for men. This is safe for the office or casual wear. Spring / Summer scent for sure. Average longevity with limited projection. I get some mint and pepper with a muted dry down of wood notes. Prices are good at least so if you like to layer or looking for something light for hot days this may work for you.
24th May, 2016

On El by J del Pozo

I find this scent to be unique. I haven't smelled every scent so I am sure this is similar to others on the market but with my experience it is unique. That being said I do like it. The scent tree is large. It is well constructed, not over powering and I find it to be a great date night scent. It is on the sweet side with some woods and herbs. longevity and projection are above average for myself. Prices for this scent are getting higher so make sure you like it before you buy. Enjoy!
24th May, 2016

L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

This is an extremely green / herbal scent from Issey Miyake. I find it to be an amazing fragrance. My nose picks up Rosemary and Lime from the start. The middle is a mix of Juniper, Ginger and Lavender with a bit of pepper. The dry down I get woods and Patchouli. For the price and quality I would qualify this as a strong buy. That being said I find this to be a "for me scent". I don't believe it works for the office or casual. Date night maybe... Spring / Summer wear yes... Enjoy!
24th May, 2016

Baie de Genièvre by Creed

BLUF: A warm, dry, herbal, spicy, incredibly unique masculine offering from Creed. Bordering on hyper-masculine, but not in a brash, hairy-chested manner. It's more of a refined sense of capable and confident masculinity.

The opening blast of dry resinous juniper berry is accompanied by a restrained light sweetness and simple but remarkably natural-smelling spicy cinnamon leaf that almost has a smokiness to it. I didn't experience a "syrupy" sweetness, as a previous reviewer did, but a sweetness is there throughout. The whole scent carries a smooth, warm dryness and has a bit of a fougère leaning. I also agree that there is a bit of a fuzzy barbershop facet, but it's far from a full-blown barbershop. The base of earthy, dirty, crunchy vetiver compliments the scent and becomes more present as it develops.

It's a very simple structure, but immensely enjoyable. Although discontinued and typically expensive, I was able to pick up a barely-used full presentation specimen in an eBay auction for ~$130, but would probably have paid more. I recommend keeping an eye out for this gem, which I consider to be one of the best of the Creed line.

I suppose it's dated in the sense that some of the best masculine fragrances were conceived decades ago and in line with the lamentation that "they don't make 'em like they used to". And it's a shame they don't, because this is just plain excellent.
24th May, 2016

Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf

Considering I am not a fan of "clones" or "knock off's" I took a chance on Armaf CDNIM due to the numerous positive threads online for this scent. Compared to Creed's Aventus that I have it's not on the same level but it isn't that far behind. The first 2 spray's of CDNIM were full of fresh zesty lemon. I hit the sprayer 2 more times and got lots of apple. It's not bad just the first noticeable difference between Aventus and CDNIM. The middle is similar to my nose. The dry down shows Creed has more muscle. CDNIM last 5 to 6 hours on me with 4 sprays. A couple of hits of Aventus take me to 10 hours plus mark. I gave this a thumbs up due to the fact that this scent isn't off putting at all. The draw back is in the projection and longevity. On a positive note the price comparison CDNIM wins hands down. Got mine on Ebay for 27 dollars with free shipping. Worth a buy if you can't afford Aventus or just to extend the life of the Aventus you may own. Enjoy!
24th May, 2016

Honeysuckle / Chèvrefeuille by Jean des Salines

Orange blossom & musk are the prominent notes in this fragrance ideal for day time wear in warm weather.

Good Longevity for an Eau de Cologne!

Thumbs up!

24th May, 2016

Lavender / Lavande by Jean des Salines

Soapy Lavender for warm weather with average longevity.

Thumbs up!
24th May, 2016

Himalaya by Scriabin in the Himalayas

Sometimes a perfumer’s interpretation of a brief is so spot-on that the intention is rendered unambiguous, yet it can also be tricky to keep a perfume’s name / imagery from shaping associations. The name Himalaya combined with the mountain image on the bottle spins this scent into bucolic territories. But even without the packaging clues it would succeed in communicating its message.

Tricky to summarize, this scent suspends clear, airy incense notes over soft, botanical musk. My guess is that it’s chilled olibanum and moss elevated by a deft use of aldehydes. Woods are present, boosted by green-leaning spice notes, and there’s a hint of a white floral in which indole is bolstered by overripe castoreum. An hour or so in, it becomes a resin-driven amber that's ventilated with clove. Every aspect of the scent is understated, working more in gestalt to recreate the kind of environmental smell you might find on a hike. Its presence is striking given that it’s not particularly dominant, and it reads more agrarian than clerical. Although there are contemporary strands present, it has a retro mustachioed feel as well. Not wildly original, but impeccably constructed and wholly enjoyable.
24th May, 2016
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United Kingdom

Chypre Mousse (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

The opening is very unusual: a blend of green-like with a herbal, mainly sage undertone. This is blended with an oakmoss-like note. I say green-like and oakmoss-like, for it has a distinct synthetic streak, and smells unlike natural version of these notes. This all is combined with an overall, quite pleasant minty tone - and you get how unusual and interesting the opening phase is.

The drydown adds a good lashing of fern, and soon a mix of wet forest soil, rotting fungi and a rather generic vetiver - the latter providing a touch if freshness. This vetiver has no convincing earthiness attached to it, or if it has, it is drowned out by the rest.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This is quite an original idea, a laboratory impression of walking on wet soil outdoors in virtual reality; good for autumn days. The penetrant synthetic undertone that I get on my skin misses the mark, and the whole result is a rather pale image of what potentially might have been.

Imagine O'Driu would have taken on this idea....

24th May, 2016

Melkmeisje by Baruti

Something tickles my nose, then my throat - sneezy!

It reminds me of the worst of spring in NC - allergies! ARGHHHH!!!

There is something that litteraly catches in the back of my throat - SPICY! HURTS! This hurts!!! I don't want my scents to be painful to my nose and throat! LOL!

I must go scrub this - it and I are so not getting along.
24th May, 2016

Les Déserts d'Orient - Encens Mythique d'Orient by Guerlain

Blast of Frankincense. Opens as Maharanih Intense.
The Nicolai expands, billows with clouds of Civet, Rose, Spices and Patchouli.
MI is a big Mushroom cloud of Femininity.
The Guerlain sits like a pebble on the skin.
I was expecting something to compare to the gargantuan of the Songe.
Give your hard earned to Nicolai.
At least you will get a real perfume.
24th May, 2016

Les Echappées - Lalibela by Memo

A truly captivating perfume with blended notes to perfection giving an overall feeling of luxury & mystery.

Floriental with a rich vanilla dry down; perfectly unisex for casual or formalwear; day or night.

Do not be put off by other reviews; try it for yourself.

Excellent Projection & Longevity.

Thumbs up!
23rd May, 2016
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United States

Subtil pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

This is not my favorite type of fragrance by a long shot--new age aquatics are a dime a dozen and if I do wear water-inspired scents I tend to like them to be oceanic v. aquatic. That said, this is a really nice and easy to wear fragrance that is exactly as described: subtle. The starter is a slightly fruity opening that drifts into a main course of watery freshness. An herbal side dish adds some vegetal bitterness to offset the sweetness of the fruit which nicely sets up the desert course of cedar and musk. So many others have dished this up but Subtil just simply does this better than most of the other fragrances of this genre and Ferragamo, which has drifted a bit over the years, was still focusing on delivering a high class product when this came out in 2003. I first got it as a gift at a charity event held at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills--after the store closed, there was a private party on the men's floor (cash registers were open and a portion went to charity). Lots of Martinis. Lots of shopping. Everyone went home with a gift bag containing a gift set of Subtil EdT, Shower Gel, etc. I don't think I ever would have bought it on my own but wore it and--spurred on by my wife--bought another bottle when it was gone. That is saying something.
23rd May, 2016

True Religion for Men by True Religion

A great leathery peppery scent perfect for Fall/Winter days and nights. It does last 6 to 7 hours on me. For the price and quality this is a buy if you are looking very a solid leather scent. Plus the presentation is cool. Enjoy!
23rd May, 2016