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Rose & Dragon by Carner Barcelona

Stardate 20170427:

This one is fun. Starts amazing. Rose plus some greens. Which it turns out is strawberry note. Rose is very mischievous, overpowering and floral and it needs someone to ground it. Oud,Patch, Woods have been the stoic ones in the relationship. Strawberry is a recent lover and does work well.
Unfortunately, the strawberry note here is the cheap artificial one (candy, shampoo) and so after 10 minutes it just drags the whole thing down. Making it a scrubber.
But wait couple of hour and that artificial note goes away giving way to some dirty green wood and late on some oudy note. This is the best part of this fragrance.
27th April, 2017

Casamorati 1888 Lira by Xerjoff

Stardate 20170427:

Xerjoff has been a house that I always wanted to like. The bottles are great and I like their names. Unfortunately, all the Xerjoffs I have tried have been meh.
Lira is no different. Smells like my favourite chocolate Ganache cake that I used to get from Mangia Bakery in midtown Manhattan. And like the cake, Lira disappears quickly.
I would save the money and get the cake.
27th April, 2017

Le Gemme : Gyan by Bulgari

A dark resinous masculine fragrance of indescribable beauty. Bvlgari Gyan (from Le Gemme new precious line) is the veritable essence of metropolitan luxuriousness. The subtle fresh cardamomish fruity/floral spiciness, combined with a more traditional patch-centered chypre accord, provides a quite classic "under-twist" (a glorious background a la Youth Dew, Armani Onde Mystere, Gianni Versace, Fendi by Fendi or classic Patou) in the body of an extraordinary modern glistening light oriental. The floral presence is soapy-spicy a la Dior Addict but far more dark, humid, piquant and precious. Super lush and glamour, perfect for a gala night in the top down town lounge club. A velvety spicy-floral indonesian patchouli is the main protagonist of this moonlight-dream. One of the most sophisticated perfumes ever tested on skin. A modern masterwork for Bvlgari straight from the Jacques Cavallier's olfactory wisdom.
27th April, 2017
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Seyrig by Bruno Fazzolari

Dear Mr. Fazzolari--

I'm writing this review to beg you: please bring back Seyrig. I foolishly waited until today, April 26 2017, to finally get around to my sample. Then I fell head over heels in love with it. And then I discovered that Seyrig was a limited-quantity only production, and that there is no more to be had for love nor money. I shed actual tears over this--something that I have never done over a perfume before.

I love aldehydes, and I love ylang-ylang, and the combination of these in Seyrig is transcendent, somehow rich and buttery and light and fizzy all at the same time. Wearing Seyrig feels like being enveloped in a delicate mousse. There are only two other perfumes I know of that communicate a similar sensation--Chanel No 5 and Chanel No. 22, both famous perfumes known for their masterful treatment of aldehydes. Seyrig belongs in their company; it's that gorgeous.

Having experienced Seyrig, and having been left bereft and sleepless by the discovery that it's all gone, all I can do is write this passionate declaration of love, and beg for its return. (Well, that, and explore your other perfumes, of course, which I will be doing toute suite). I have sent you a message through your website, but I feel like going public might increase the chances that somehow, someway, I won't have to go through life without a substantial quantity of this gorgeous perfume. Please consider taking pity on an abject lady in Texas.

With my most sincere thanks,


P.S. If there is anyone out there in the perfume universe who can bear to part with some of their Seyrig, please consider helping a sister in her time of need.
27th April, 2017

Italian Bergamot by Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna Italian Bergamot is a pure lemon bergamot that has a bit of bubbling life that other lemon or bergamot perfumes miss on. The slight sweetness and almost edible, candied lemon smell is delightful. There is a clean buttoned up clarity to this that works with the Zegna brand nicely. This fragrance is immediately knowable as a high quality product. It may cost a bit more but is worth it.
27th April, 2017

Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

Opens with beautiful dry woody tart lemon citrus scent. From very early on this scent shows its dry mineral base which may be white musk and vetiver. The unique quality of Bergamote 22 is the cooling bone dry lemon, yes bergamot aroma that lasts for quite a long time for a light summer citrus. No bergamot is listed as a primary note which gives me a clue that by reconstructing the aroma of bergamot with petitgrain for dry woody orange, grapefruit for tartness, and vetiver for green tinged base of the bergamot construction the perfumer was able to reassemble bergamot with more density than is there by nature. Petitgrain+grapefruit+vetiver=a big bergamot scent. Also a very dry base. This is the best smelling lemon fragrance I've tried.
27th April, 2017

Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga

On opening you smell a nice combination of lemon and mandarin orange citrus that is juicy and bright. Shortly after there is an abrasive light note, violet, that adds some disruption to the smoothe bell toned ring of the citrus. Other than for character I don't know why this note is here because it is a disruptive presence as the scent is strongly influenced by cooling dry violet and dry rasp of musk ambrette. This plus the other woods in the base add a dry woody finish which separates this citrus scent from its opening warmth. This is a very different take on a summer citrus that I like overall but recommend testing before buying.
27th April, 2017

Dries Van Noten par Frederic Malle by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Vanilla pods and saffron steeped in milk, wafer biscuits, rice pudding, eggnog, zabaglione - all these could be positive associations, especially for lovers of lactonic gourmands. It's possible that some people might even want to actually smell like one of the above custardy confections (although I'm not one of them).
Much less do I want my wrists smelling of a baby's breath when it's just finished breastfeeding.

DVN does have an accord of skin at times - there's saffron and a faint rubbery note in common with L'AP Skin On Skin and a furriness that's also present in Dzing! These are, once more, positive associations.

But then there it is again - milk-sweet babybreath, except this time the baby's on the changing mat with a damp diaper.

I'll be the one in the shower.
M.Malle, you disappoint me.
26th April, 2017

Mojave Ghost by Byredo

I felt compelled to leave a few notes on Mojave Ghost because there are so many negative reviews for what I think is a very innovative and fresh - in every sense - fragrance. Named for the Mojave Ghost flower which grows in very dry desert areas the fragrance resembles the flower in concept only but that works because the scent is very dry and ethereal, ghost-like and also hauntingly dry in a mystical desert floral manner. The opening smells like a light sugary melon ball syrup shaken with magnolia flower essence which is an extremely light sweet floral but there is a slight purple slash of violet that sends a small dark cloud over the sunny sky. This light airy floral is carried outward on an inflationary burst of synthetic cedar and ruggedly sunny ambroxan. The result is a dry sun baked desert air scent with a slightly brooding reclusive floral tone.

Though very different in name, Mojave Ghost reminds me a bit Gendarme which is similar but has a less dry slightly greener presence. The primary limiting factor of Mojave Ghost is that its floral essence causes it to lean slightly feminine in character. Otherwise it is good for a 7/10 rating.
26th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Armani Privé Sable Or by Giorgio Armani

The first few hours are floral in nature, nearly completely dominated by a rich and complex iris impression. It is smooth, rich and develops smoky undertones. In the drydown touches of a herbal spiciness are added - an interesting opening phase.

The second part sees the earlier notes dwindle, apart from whiffs of smokiness that linger for a while longer. The core of the socond phase are benzoin and vanilla. At first I get the benzoin to an extent that it raised fears in me that it would take over recklessly, but then the vanilla came to the fore, and its dominant role relegated the benzoin into an accompaniment that accentuates rather than overwhelms the vanilla. Whiffs of woodsy connotations are present at times.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a magnificent thirteen hours of longevity on my skin.

This pleasant wintery scent, in the second stage rightfully descibed as nigh-gourmand by Lovescully, is a bit unimaginative in the second half, although the quality of the ingredients is quite respectable. The performance is excellent. Overall nothing brilliant, but nice. 3.25/5.
26th April, 2017

Tardes by Carner Barcelona

Stardate 20170425:

The gourmand floral opening that worked very well for me.
Luca once mentioned that Habanita was great until he read the notes and realized it is vanilla and vetiver. Now all he gets is those 2 notes and not the combined accord.
I suffer the same fate with Tardes an the likes - once I could smell the olafactory symphony, but now all I get is cherry pie and shampoo. If I squint (and during drydown) I can still get that accord. But the magic is gone.
Still a mild thumbs up for me.
26th April, 2017

El Born by Carner Barcelona

Stardate 20170425:

Don't like this one. Has similar accords as one of the Afteliers. Fig one perhaps. Just dislike it. Rotten fruits up top and too dry and dusty later on.
I think fig is not for me.
26th April, 2017

Sweet by Lolita Lempicka

This is a doppelganger for Black Sugar by Aquolina. It stays sweet, sugary-sweet throughout its time on your skin. It is hours before I notice the musk and wood notes. Very long-lasting. Hummingbird magnet.
26th April, 2017
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Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Cologne

Orange zest . . . and hairspray! I really like most of Atelier Cologne's photorealistic fruity scents, because they smell fresh and zingy and their citrus notes last longer than almost anything else out there. I think Orange Sanguine in particular is a brilliant snapshot of cold orange juice, pulp and juice and all. In Mandarine Glaciale, a strong note that suggests pure orange zest, complete with its bitterness and pungency intact, gets a bit lost underneath a wall of aldehydes that just won't quit. To my nose, the aldehydes exactly replicate some of the cheaper hairspray formulas I used to coat the inside of my bathroom walls back in the 1980s. So, the overall effect comes off a bit sticky and smothered, at least to me. But I suspect that personal experience may prejudice me in this case, so I won't engage in any further dissing of such a well-intentioned, unpretentious scent. Smell for yourself and decide--AC is nothing if not generous with their samples.
25th April, 2017

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

I purchased this scent because I wanted an "all season"
fragrance which might evoke a different emotion as temperatures rose and fell. Certainly, in the store, Jubilation XXV was fascinating. Unfortunately, on me, this fragrance lasts about an hour, and the sillage forces me to stick my nose in the crux of my arm. I am disappointed.
25th April, 2017

Revillon pour Homme by Révillon

Thumbs up for this 1977 release. It's rich and full bodied in the opening. It has a mossy green tinge, and smells like it was made from quality ingredients. It seems like an unobtrusive kind of smell, not a typical cologne smell to me. It almost smells like someone may have been working in the prep kitchen, with smells of food, soap, and leather. This is not a must-have for me, but I'm happy to have had a few wearings. This reminds me of Caron Yatagan, which I think I prefer.
25th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Gucci Première by Gucci

Review of the Eau de Parfum:

Asomewhat attenuated bergamot with a fruity undertone gives way to a white flowery impression, which develop into the central accord of this composition's heart notes.

Later on the fruitiness morphs into a white musk component, an in the base this impression lingers towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, limited projection, and three hours of longevity on my skin.

Looking and this sping scent, the opening notes are quite clear, but very, very generic. The later stages are very synthetic too, equally generic and, additionally, quite bland and weak on my skin, never developing fully to an extent that results in a convincing or even a mediocre overall impression. 1.75/5.
25th April, 2017

Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

Very nice apple pie scent. it is great for fall and the colder months. It is inspired by hookah smoke, and when you get the mindset to smell the hookah then you really can appreciate the artistic touch behind this scent. JCE is a living legend and some will only realize this years from now. I was between this and buying Poivre in Paris. The ladies at Hermes kept telling me how "sexy" it smells on a man so I decided to get it, to be the ultimate reminder of my trip to Paris!
25th April, 2017

Established Cognac 66 by Krigler

Made in 1966 (I'm sure....) I think the history of Krigler is made up. However, this does not take away from the utter brilliance of their fragrances. The marketing ploy can be backed up by the extremely original, high quality fragrances that the house offers. It makes one wonder why there has to be all of this "history" with the fragrances when they can hold their own without it.

Anyway, a blast of banana bread. This starts drying down into a banana ridden oak barrel stuffed with cinnamon. Boozy and very intriguing. Original and high quality. Supposedly made in 1966 inspired by 60s London, which is totally fitting because it smells like an old Bond movie. Smokey, boozy, and mysterious. Great scent.

If i'm completely off base with my thoughts of the history, please let me know and tell me any proof you have of the company being older than the mid 2000s. I've told myself if I find any proof of the history I will buy a bottle of America One 31 solely for the historical aspect and my love for New York.
25th April, 2017

Mary Celestia by Lili Bermuda

Bottles 1039 and 1082.

If you missed out on this then you're out of time. Limited to 1864 units to commemorate the year of the ship sinking, it has sold out.

Blast of grapefruit drying down into a rosewood heavy, very pleasant fragrance. Very neutral, very inoffensive. Lasts surprisingly long for how light the fragrance seems. Bottle comes in a Bermuda cedar box. The bottle itself is adorned with a replica of the commemorative coin that circulated Bermuda.
25th April, 2017

Coney Island by Bond No. 9

One of the most unique scents in the Bond line. Starts with a lime "margarita" then it develops into the reason I bought it, the caramel, chocolate, salty scent that has a smell that you can truly taste. The salty smell also gives off a feeling of being at the beach where the salt just lingers out of the ocean into the air. Real neat stuff. I don't like the first 30 minutes or so on me, but when it calms it's really nice.

If you're lucky enough to catch the guava notes then you will be truly blown away by this one.
25th April, 2017

Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland

Patrick is a wonderful fragrance for a rainy day, which shouldn't be surprising, as it's made on the rainy isle of Ireland. They know what goes well with the smell of damp air and green growing things. Seriously, this fragrance smells wonderful on a breezy, rainy day like it was today. It wafts up in the breeze with a slight soapy aspect, but with a foody one as well. Patrick smells of cinnamon and nutmeg with a slight milky quality. I read a review of Serge Lutens Arabie that said it smelled like horchata, but honestly, Patrick has more of that vibe to my nose than Arabie does. Arabie smells of dirty spices, while Patrick has more of the sweet dessert spice least to me. This is a great scent that's very wearable and is a great value for the money. I recommend this fine fragrance to anyone who likes to smell fresh, and slightly...just ever so slightly...tasty as well. :-) Two thumbs up for Patrick!
25th April, 2017

Andy Warhol Montauk by Bond No. 9

Andy Warhol bottle.

Had a smell of this while on the hunt for another Bond. Sprayed it on the skin and thought that it was too feminine... About an hour later I couldn't stop sniffing my arm where I had applied it. It is just a wonderful summer fragrance that works amazingly with the heat. A blueberry chalky type scent that really draws me in. Similar to Bleu de Chanel, but the tart blueberry puts in a class of its own.
25th April, 2017

Silver Bond / Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

Andy Warhol bottle.

A scent that really embodies the whole persona of Andy Warhol. I can almost imagine being in the Silver Factory with this on. I just imagine the smoky incense filled atmosphere of the Silver Factory through this fragrance. I actually like many others had to acquire the taste for this one, and it is the very one that got me into the world of Bond no. 9. Great fragrance.
25th April, 2017

Acqua di Parma Colonia Ebano by Acqua di Parma

Bergamot - check.
Elemi (green incense) - check.
Pepper - check.
Could be worse, but not my style.
Honey is a bit strong and sweet. Seems somewhat loud and brash. For an exclusive AdP I would expect something classier.
The dry-down is very in your face and would be unpleasant for more than 5 minutes.
25th April, 2017

Acqua di Parma Colonia Mirra by Acqua di Parma

WHAT a disappointment! Not an incense scent at all. A warm cookie gourmand scent, just the sort of thing I detest.
Very amber at the outset. Sweet and foody, with a warm bakery spice rack on display.
Smells a bit shrill and unpleasant.
Where is the citrus? Where is the myrrh?
After a raucous and discordant opening, it settles into a tamer spice aquatic blend that is quite uninspired.
25th April, 2017

Soul by Costume National

There's a little bit of M7 going on here, a little bit of Scent Intense, but mostly an Interlude vibe in my opinion. If you like that candy smell of Interlude or Roja's Sweetie Aoud, which I do, you will definitely love this! To make things even better, I get a touch of Ellena's Bois Farine that brings it all together in a masterful way that only Ropion, one of my favorite perfumers of all time, could do. Pick some of this up if you get a chance.
25th April, 2017

Habit Rouge Dress Code by Guerlain

Horrible opening. Hideous, bag of make up smell, powdery and very dated. Instant flashback to Burberry Brit. The dry down is more tolerable, but nothing to write home about.
25th April, 2017

Bad by Diesel

Agree with some of the opinions already expressed on the forums. Has a strong resemblance to Invictus and Eros. Super sweet and slightly spicy with big projection. Smells fresh, generic and very familiar. Should get compliments.
24th April, 2017

Fleeting Moment / Fuite des Heures by Balenciaga

Certainly a very different offering from Balenciaga's early days, one of Germaine Celliers more playful compositions, the parfum exudes the warmth of a French country side idyll with jasmine as the main floral contender centred around a solid base of amber, herbal notes, sandalwood & vetyver. Celliers construct for this fragrance was to exhibit the innumerable olfactive accords experienced from her formative years with superb and highly complex bases including herbal/anisic accords of tarragon, thyme, hay abs. & violet leaf available from the major fragrance and flavour companies of the time. The heart consists of lavender and jasmine creating a heady kitchen/garden atmosphere where both floral and savoury notes blend seamlessly to give the allusion of a quintessential French country house, the jasmine used in the original formula was indeed grown in the hills of Grasse & used in a higher concentration than in most of the other parfums from that mid 20th century period, one of Germaine Celliers best & a vintage favorite of mine for sure, almost impossible to find now in extrait strength, I guard my bottle of parfum zealously! Search for this, you will not be disappointed. . .
24th April, 2017