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    1881 by Cerruti

    A citrusy, extremely sharp, green, aqueous, aromatic beginning, pleasantly but strongly herbal/citrusy and almost balsamic, is the prelude to a discreet woody, flowery, ambery base, distinctive and dry, a sort of fresh touch of mediterranean breeze, with its lavender, the bergamot, basil and rosemary. The aroma is influenced by culinary herbs, tart citrus, sharp woods (mostly cedarwood) and "stiff" flowers, possessing a further almost mineral subtle hidden secret. Nice scent for daily time in the hot seasons of southern lands. Pleasant concoction ideal for the office.

    30th June, 2010 (Last Edited: 03 January, 2014)

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    Poivre by Caron

    (Review 2010)
    Oh well, I got a sample of this with my Tabac Blond. Upon application I get slight shifts from clove and pepper to only clove, later clove and a hint of incense, but mainly clove as the main star. It is certainly nicely done and I can compare it with the essential oil of clove (bud), which I have at home, which is on the other hand CHEAP to buy.
    Coincidently, one day after sampling this, we were invited to a bbq in the middle of the wood and in order to repel mosquitos I made a solution half clove oil and half almond oil (clove oil alone is too aggressive on the skin). It worked very efficiently, but also smelled very similar. Is this how you want to smell when wearing perfume? I also think it smells VEEEERY outdated.

    (Review 2014)
    Poivre has at least three faces. The first I encountered is described above. The second is the one I acquired from Caron in 2012/13 and I have to say it seems to have become more cinnamon-y and consequently sweeter at cost of the sharp clove-y bite. Quel dommage! I think of it as a perfect, nicely balanced perfume for the holiday season with medium longevity, however. The original Poivre was a rather different perfume. Think of it as Or et Noir with more clove-y and peppery bite! Nice, but in all three versions I find it lacks the Caron refinedess und uniqueness. One way, it smells like straight-up clove essential oil, or with sweet cinnamon thrown in or again rather similar to Or et Noir without reaching its class. My recommendation today is to get Coup de Fouet (the EdT version), which despite all other statements, is still available from Caron directly in limited distribution (it comes in the 125 ml Pour un Homme etc. flacon). Coup de Fouet's initial blast is quite something, energising and powerful. There is, at the benefit of the whole composition, a flowery geranium note in the mix. The drydown is rather longlived, albeit redux, mainly a clove affair, which becomes slightly tiring in the end, but worth the trip.

    30th June, 2010 (Last Edited: 22 June, 2014)

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