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Vaniglia e Mirra by Bottega Verde

Vanilla and tuberose are heady, you can get it by soon; vanilla is resinous and rich while vetiver provides an initial tad of fresh angularity (supported in it by crisp floral patterns and a twist of citrus). Along the way Bottega Verde Vaniglia e Mirra turns out drier and spicier (unisex but finally more oriented on the feminine side of spectrum imo). Sweetish but never over the levels of tolerance. Patchouli darkens finally the resinous amalgam (opoponax provides as well a sort of simil incensey vaguely smoky undertone). A solution for the lovers of this kind of unpretentious synth candied-yummy aromatic scents with hints of glamour-chic. Good longevity on my skin.
29th June, 2016

Loewe para Hombre by Loewe

Masculine herbal citrus on a bed of confident optimism. I don't know of a better office scent.

The older the better; yellow juice is outstanding and the green stuff is still pretty good.

It doesn't remind me of anything.
28th June, 2016
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United Kingdom

Muschio Bianco / White Moss by Acca Kappa

The opening notes set the character of the whole experience: fresh, clean and bright: opening with bergamot and lemon, combined with a somewhat weaker juniper berry component. Whilst the citrus is nicely done, the juniper cannot be compared with the beauty in, for instance Creed's Baie de Genièvre.

The drydown is rather aldehydic, and in the base white musky emanates together with a gentle white musk on a woodsy background.

This is indeed a clean and elegant spring scent, that lacks any of the green-ness that characterises, for instance, Tom Ford's Moss Breches. It is clean elegance and restrained and subdued laundry-freshness it reminds me of Lanvin's Vetyver Blanc, although the latter is quite different in other aspects, and in Muschio Bianco I don't get the vetiver.

On my skin the sillage is soft, the projection a adequate and the longevity five hours.

Clean, fresh and restrained elegance: 3.25/5.
28th June, 2016
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United Kingdom

Gentlemen Only Parisian Break by Givenchy

Givenchy Gentlemen Parisian Break starts with lemon and a minty note; a traditional dyad in summer scents. There is a green undertone that gradually grows stronger in the drydown, assuming an increasing herbal character of fresh sage. The base adds an ambroxan component that is fairly generic and unimpressive on my skin.

The sillage is moderate, he projection adequate and the longevity five hours on my skin.

A fresh product that at times suffers from a generic and overly synthetic character of the ingredients without making up for it by creativity. Still, quite a nice scent for hot climes. 2.75/5.
28th June, 2016
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United Kingdom

Armani Code Ice by Giorgio Armani

The opening blast is a rather refreshing lemon-ginger dyad, with the lemon clearly dominant on my skin. The drydown sports a reasonable geranium, lavender, whiffs of iris and is overall on the more discrete side.

The base is rather nondescript, a woodsy impression that is rather generic.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good and the longevity six hours.

A summery scent with a nice opening and a disappointing base. Based on any part but the base it - just - scores in the positive realm, for, presuming it is meant to be refreshing in summer, it does its job. 3/5.
28th June, 2016

Dolcelisir by L'Erbolario

After my second day of wearing Dolcelisir I find it to be a great scent. To my nose I get more of a cola vibe which some call a cherry pipe tobacco smell... Either way it is a very pleasant way to start the scent. After the top fades I get lots of vanilla and amber mingled with a little cinnamon here and cocoa there. The other notes listed I don't get a significant wiff of but there is something in addition that I can't place that pops up.... I can't compare it to Hermessance Ambre Narguile due to never having put my nose on that juice, but I find Dolcelisir to be great. It does lean slightly more feminine to me than Meharees (which is awesome as well) but no less awesome for me and a total winner especially for $37 dollars US for 100 ml (I got lucky LOL!). Enjoy!
28th June, 2016

Electric Wood by Room 1015

Electric Wood is inspired by rock and roll, say its creators. It is electric guitars, night club atmosphere, cigarettes, mixed cocktails. If you stepped into the corner night club spot the morning after, this is what is left from the night befores activity, and it does smell as advertised. It's smooth warmth of ambroxan with dry cedar , strong pithiness of oak, smoke resin, clear balancing iris and slight prickly hypnotics from nutmeg. The prickly spice from nutmeg gives a sandalwood but reserved woody smooth feel to the cedar + oak woods and this is given a universal appealing quality by the ambroxan. It is a fine smelling fragrance that I think of as an atmosphere or a backdrop scent. The non commitment of the scent is part of its appeal but also what is at fault here too. No single note stands out but overall the effect is pleasant, warm, uplifting and does smell like electric guitar, bourbon and seven with an unlit cigarette. Rate it 7 of 10 stars. I have been eyeing a bottle for some time now, but don't know if it fits. A nice fragrance.
28th June, 2016

Myths Man by Amouage

I'm a big Amouage fan and own 8 different bottles.
This one is the biggest disappointment of their entire line.
I mostly got synthetic violet blended with a smoke like accord.
Just dreadful.
Love the bottle and was predisposed to liking it.
Sprayed Amouage Silver on top to be able to get on with my morning.
28th June, 2016
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United Kingdom

Omnia Amethyste by Bulgari

It starts with a grapefruit-orange opening that has a slightly herb undertone that soon morphs into a floral drydown. I get heliotrope aromas with an iris undertone, and a rather generic rise-muguet impression later in the heart notes.

The base consists of a very generic woodsy notes with whiffs of a light synthetic muskiness.

The sillage is moderate, the projection adequate and the longevity five hours.

Not unpleasant as a spring scent but not more than that. 2.5/5.
28th June, 2016
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United Kingdom

Acqua di Sicilia by Santa Maria Novella

The opening blast does its name justice: lemon, mandarin and a good lashing of bergamot are immediately present, and a touch later a nice petit grain comes to the fore.
Later in the drydown lavender and neroli continue the there of summery freshness.

In the base a somewhat faint cypress is added, following the traditional path of finishing a citrus-bars cologne a woodsy base.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity, but it is very close to my skin for the last couple of hours.

A traditional summer citrus cologne, very well made out of high-quality ingredients. 3.5/5.
28th June, 2016
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United Kingdom

Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

The opening blast immediately grabs my attention: a slightly boozy rum note is soon accompanied by a woodsy undertone, and a restrained black pepper that is clearly present but never takes over at any stage on my skin. This spiciness is excellently woven into the other notes in the opening and the early drydown, and in spite of the somewhat mundane components the result is quite unusual and not without originality.

Overall this results in an opening that has a creative touch - not a frequent occurrence unfortunately.

The base is not adding much, apart from a rather generic and synthetic tobacco impression. The base is the least enticing part in the development of this autumnal fragrance.

The sillage is strong, the projection very good and the longevity eight hours.

A bit on the synthetic side but overall worth trying. 3.25/5.
28th June, 2016

Memoir Man by Amouage

Grey, smoky, inky, incense.
Great Projection and long lasting.
Too dry though. Wish it had some more happy stuff in it.

28th June, 2016

Garrigue by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Garrigue is to GIT as GIT is to Cool Water.
28th June, 2016
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Iris Ganache by Guerlain

I received this rarity from a VERY generous friend in the form of a 5 ml decant. I spent a few days just sniffing it...trying to decide what I thought.

I was...underwhelmed. I sense I just uttered blasphemy in the world of fragrance, but I cannot be untrue to my nose.

I love the fragrance profile of Iris - the many facets of iris - cold, creamy, floral...but I could not detect any of that here. Instead, I smelled something like a really rich desert. I have nothing against desert (in fact, as I type this, the scent is convincing me to perhaps mix up some Ghirardelli brownie mix and eat it raw), but I draw the line at sweets with ambers and tonkas.

I have no doubt that for those chocolate scent lovers, this must TRULY be a heavenly scent, but I do wonder if they too experienced the mild silage and rather short-lived longevity as I did.

All in all, I am very grateful to have had opportunity to get my nose on this legend.
27th June, 2016 (last edited: 28th June, 2016)

Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

I struggle a bit with the concept of an Encre Noire "sport". The original is so inherently dark, gloomy and unwholesome that you wonder if this should have been attempted in the first place. If the original is a solemn vampiric creature haunting an autumnal moonlight churchyard, then this is The Count himself having been kicked out into the sunshine in a smart, clean new summer suit, and told to make friends with the nice people in the park....
It's a very pleasant, light vetiver, starting with citrus, and quickly developing a distinct "green" aquatic note (what is that? Cucumber? Melon ?). I love vetiver with a passion, and I will wear this gladly, I suppose in hot weather, to the office. There are more striking, in my humble opinion accomplished, vetivers that you can wear in the summer though: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Sel de Vetiver, of course Guerlain Vetiver, etc. I think someone else mentioned that this scent has a tendency to come and go during the day; I also experienced that.
It's good, pleasant, elegant, a nice daytime vetiver-based, light summer scent, but not it's cold, dark and dangerous older brother. It's not inky, it's not black or dark; I think Lalique should have called this one something else.
June 2016
27th June, 2016

Endymion by Penhaligon's

The fragrance is nice but a straight copy of a century old cream Boroline.
And Boroline's sillage and longevity is much better than Endymion. And costs 20 times less.
27th June, 2016

Very Sexy for Him 2 by Victoria's Secret

This is a weak and rather synthetic offering from Victoria Secret. With no projection nor longevity. Considering it is discontinued I am sure what is being sold online is at a much higher price than what the juice is worth. Unless you are looking of an "after the gym" scent to get you through the rest of the day I would avoid. Simply not worth it.
27th June, 2016

Captain Molyneux by Molyneux

Out of ignorance, I went for the edt/as tandem in the clear bottles that can be had for less than a sawbuck. I do believe THIS ruined it for me, regardless of iteration.

First off, I'll point to darvant's fine review with its specific mentioning of Captain's anisic character. It's pervasive. With the current version, that's all I get... cheap and synthetic smelling anisic water. Truly among the worst. I tossed those bottles.

But far too many enthusiasts hold the earlier versions in such high regard. So, when enough of the 1oz vintage bottles interestingly (peculiar-wise) began surfacing in the secondary market, I gave the vintage form a shot. No bueno. Sure, it's fuller, rounder, a little mossy, and just feels like it's a much better composition leading to a much easier idea of what many identify it to be: a barbershop aromatic fougere. Unfortunately, the anisic character is there and I just can't shake the association to the current iteration.

I'm ok with a little black licorice / anise, certainly with vanilla in things like Reglisse Noire for a gormandy lark and definitely in other masculine fougeres like Azzaro pH and Charles Jourdan un Homme. Perhaps it's simply the way it's used in Captain that puts me off. Sans the anise, Worth pH is preferable.
26th June, 2016

Dad's Garden Lemon Tree by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

Thumbs up for what this is intending to accomplish which is a quick body splash and spray to set the mood and tone of fresh citrus garden for a very low amount of money. But overall, the fragrance and performance are kind of average so I give it neutral as a rating. Dad's Garden Lemon Tree is a body spray more than perfume. Lush packages this in a cheap sprayer plastic bottle that works like a cleaning product sprayer and it gives you a good drenching with one spray. The bottle leaks easily, but the leaking smells good so no problem. Fresh and tart lemon/lime wets the skin and dries quickly. Nice aroma - exactly what you would want from a lemon tree if you could put in on your skin. Supposedly the ingredients are lemon oil, lime oil, bergamot and lavender. I am sure there are at least a dozen other minor ingredients in there too. I don't smell lavender, but the citrus is definitely in there. Smells like the peel of lemons and limes crushed and mixed with freshly plucked leaf of the same tree. The fragrance lasts a few hours while staying very close to the skin. Upon spraying aroma broadcasts 4 feet off the body but this reduces to one foot after an hour and drops to a few inches after about three hours. Lasts longer if you put on more or go outside or heat up from working. This is a great outdoor work fragrance because the aromas are very natural and quite simple and radiant.
25th June, 2016

Vetiver e Poivre by Dr. Vranjes

The worst of Dr Vranje's line so far. Effectively this peppery/minty/synthetic inconsistent vetiver's rendition is quite disappointing and frankly more than mediocre (surely not in line with the rest of collection from this little house). All I detect is a generally "collapsed" structure, a warm sultry ambroxan's presence, hints of vague woodiness and a touch of muskiness (frankly is out of me catching any vetiver in here). Fluidiness (or better, peppery absence of substance) is supreme, I catch cardamom, than is like detecting a fluidy synth amberish woodsy-resin (which is replaced in here by a nondescript resinous-peppery presence). Ambroxan provides a sort of chemical sultry/detergent warmth a la Armani Si or stuffs like that. Vetiver Poivre lacks finally personality, criterion, longevity/sillage, structure and even a minimal whiff of natural approach. Dry down is a pale undiscernible aromatic-hot chemical soapiness. Pass by.
25th June, 2016

Agua Brava by Antonio Puig

Great cologne.
Starts with a very brief citrus top note that disappears in seconds. Unless you're actually with someone at close range when you first put this on, you're the only one who'll ever smell this part.
Then it's all fresh Mediterranean herbs: sage, thyme and the like. It's like having rubbed crushed herb leaves on your skin. I like this a lot.
It's an old-fashioned, masculine "aftershave" kind of scent. It smells of outdoors, summer, southern Europe. It's clean and rugged. Here comes the wannabe poetic bit : Think of a black-haired, sun-browned Spanish farmer getting showered and shaved ready for a summer evening out with his girlfriend. Before the days of mobile phones and when everyone had a car, he'll walk along a dust track, all preened in a white shirt and black trousers, past the sun baked allotments and herb gardens, on his way to her parents' house.
I would wear this when I'm in a manly, aftershave kind of mood. In fact I'd almost say this is the perfect splash on scent (almost, because I hate splash on). It just kind of fits with the feeling.
Projection and lasting power not that strong, but that's appropriate if you consider it as an "aftershave" type thing. It actually lasts a lot longer sprayed on clothes. I'd love to try the vintage version sometime too to see if the (presumably real) oakmoss would come through.
June 2016
25th June, 2016

Early American Old Spice for Women by Shulton

Stardate: 20160624

This is the Old Spice that should be in your bathroom and not the dross that passes as Old Spice these days for almost the same price.
Ingredients are top notch. I don't know whether there is much difference between this and vintage OS for Men. From memory I don't think so.
Spices (but not spicy), amber, vanilla/tonka , aldehydes all in perfect ratio. In fact, pointers should be taken from EAOS on aldehyde use and not from No. 5.
I don't know why this is not popular here but am happy it is not as it keeps prices down.

Note: This has been discontinued (for a while now) so you will not find it in walmart. Fleabay may be a good way to go.
24th June, 2016

Brisas by Acqua Flor

A verbena driven super classic Eau De Cologne. In other words, a Guerlain's Eau wannabe.

Seriously, 120 euros for this? Not even Jo Malone.

24th June, 2016

Flamboyant by Acqua Flor

I'm afraid this is anything but Flamboyant. Instead this is a very generic transparent citrusy thing with that undefined, faux sandalwoody / mall-oriented woody base. Smells like one of the latest Yves Rochas. Anyone.

24th June, 2016

Aoud by Acqua Flor

Aqua Flor Aoud reminded me of a cheaper version of Kilian's Pure Oud. A stark smoky woody thing that while avoiding smelling like straight up woodyamber it still feels like a wannabe composition that isn't able to stand out in a overly crowded territory.


24th June, 2016

Hussar by Acqua Flor

Again, my main gripe with this line is the lack of imagination and creativity. Some of their fragrance are actually pretty decent but they all feel like been there done that type of stuff.

Hussar is a tarry industrial leather a-la Nostalgia and Map Of The Heart Black but sweeter than either. So, smoky leather, dark spices and woods on a sweetish / vanillic base. Nice and competently done but ultimately derivative.

24th June, 2016

Zagaria by Acqua Flor

Aqua Flor is a relatively new brand from Florence that offers a huge range of fragrances with an aesthetic that's not so distant from other, more popular, florentine farmacias such as Farmacia SS Annunziata or Santa Maria Novella. I approached a bunch of their fragrances knowing nothing about the brand and, overall, they all strikes as more or less successful replicas of other more popular compositions.

Zagaria is a versatile, masculine citrusy cologne that shares similarities with both Bel Ami Vetiver and Etat Libre D'Orange Je Suis Un Homme. A pretty decent woody citrus with leathery nuances. Probably one of my favorite in their whole range but given the price I don't see many reasons to pick this over the aforementioned fragrances. Tends to become a bit generic during the late dry down.

24th June, 2016

Xeryus by Givenchy

I find the top of Xeryus intriguing, but something in the base is not quite my style, too coniferous, perhaps.
24th June, 2016

Monsieur Lanvin by Lanvin

It seems that I may not be a big fan of civet. This and Furyo just don't work for me and I blame the civet.
23rd June, 2016
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United Kingdom

Silent Grove by D.S. & Durga

The opening blast is fresh and summery, fairly bright but is not one of these ultra-fresh citrus scents like Eau d' Orange Verte from Hermès, Monsieur Balmain or Creed's Bois de Cédrat. The citrus is mainly lemon, but there is some petitgrain in the background. A woodsy component with a slightly minty undertone accompanies the citrus in top notes.

The drydown loses this freshness gradually, and a light note odd white tea, linden and a with floral undertone dominate the later stages. The base is the most nondescript part, but even then the white musky impression in the base is quite acceptable.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A discrete summery composition, this fragrance Is very pleasant and the quality of the mainly natural ingredients is convincing. It is a bit discrete and not very loud, so a great office scent that has a few creative touches too. 3/5.
23rd June, 2016