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Excess No. 28 by Tokyo Milk

A failsafe orangey-woody mix with no real flaws but nothing exciting going on. A decent hot weather or exercise frag, as the amber is barely sweet.
29th August, 2016

La Vie la Mort No. 90 by Tokyo Milk

LVlM is a very confused scent. Is it trying to be tropical, spicy, aromatic, candied, floral? I would never wear this personally, but if you or anyone you know wants a fragrance that smells the way Starbucks passion fruit iced tea tastes I would recommend that you (or they) start here.
29th August, 2016

Tainted Love No. 62 by Tokyo Milk

Like with many T-Milk creations Tainted Love seems to be devoid of top notes. It smells the way it smells and keeps on doing so until it's gone. In that regard I can't find it very exciting, but what I do like about it is the dry, inedible vanilla complementing the sandalwood. The tea note is all but lost on me, but the floral component is just enough to propel this from 'skin oil' to 'designer perfume.' I can't help but think the E+J Nirvana Black scent was utterly ripped from this.
29th August, 2016
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Bulletproof No. 45 by Tokyo Milk

Bulletproof is easily one of the best this outfit has produced. Their releases are almost always extremely pared down, so surprises, development, and excitement are usually minimal, but in some sparse instances this isn't a hindrance. The creamy, lactonic top is dried right out by the woods in Bulletproof, steering it away from scents like Envy for Women. So, while Tokyo Milk's works are labeled 'unisex' but definitely marketed toward females, this is one of the group which works just as well on me as it does on my sisters. The overall scent is a bit like a dried out coconut tree covered in cocoa butter, just not as weird as that sounds.
29th August, 2016

Everything & Nothing No. 10 by Tokyo Milk

An orange tea scent sort of like the green tea fragrance made by l'Occitane, only this one is earthier and does not remind me of freesia in any way. I would be lukewarm on the matter but the orange top actually and quite impressively lasts nearly until the drydown. While this isn't by any means a marathon scent, citrus lovers will know how important that little detail is. If anyone here is looking for an introductory frag for a daughter or niece under 30 this one is decidedly less chemical in presentation than most of its peers.
29th August, 2016

Deep Blue Essence by Weil

This is every woody-spicy aquatic. It is facelessly modern and devoid of any originality or merit. It is Gio, it is Zegna, Sung, Boss, and Bahama's prior works all revisited and poorly re-imagined, like recreating a bad field trip in your head and making the memory worse with hazy or falsified details. It is the kind of scent which will be purchased by men(?) who walk into department stores and perfume outlets and, instead of sampling anything, simply asks, "What sells the best here?" and buys it (very common at places like Perfumania). He will invariably over-apply and later lash out at girls for not liking him.

I wish this style would die out, but it's so cheap to manufacture and so entrenched in the culture of urbanites without natural scent references that it's not likely to happen in the foreseeable future.
29th August, 2016

Early American Old Spice for Women by Shulton

Aldelhydic citrus start took me by surprise. Very quickly this channels to the Old Spice for Men that I remember from the 60's. There is a suggestion to Ambergris that tickles the memory and creates a projection bubble of spiciness like non other. As is stated by Epapsiou, what is produced now is so very pale and flat.
I am transported back, to the time with my Grandfather.
29th August, 2016

Furyo by Jacques Bogart

Lots of Reviews right on in regards to this gem.
My initial flash to the brain was this is Salome with a blast of Clove and Cinnamon replacing the Cumin. Then because of the Bergamot, Clove, Cinnamon accord Youth Dew came to mind. Then the Civet fills out a background picture (Incense) suggested by Fumerie Turque.
Drydown seems quite "Vintage Noxema Ointment" (a good thing to me) nostalgic. Civet is placed as a canvas throughout.
What else could I ask for? Not much.
To my mind Unisex, however a Masculine structure.
A fine example of Perfume artistry of the 80's.
29th August, 2016 (last edited: 28th August, 2016)
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United Kingdom

Le Rivage des Syrtes / PdN1 by MDCI

The first impression is that of an orangey citrus-fruity combination, in which the fruity side is quite generic and not easy to characterise especially. It is light but the orange is nicely done of good quality ingredients.

The heart notes are floral, white floral that is. I get mainly ylang-ylang but also some tuberose with galbanum amongst other white floral impressions. At times I get a bit of a metallic undertone. Towards the end a vanilla note arrives that brings in extra sweetness. This vanilla is neither too intrusive not in any way cloying

In the base a slightly musky aroma is added, which is rather generic and lacks any ozonic vibe or saltiness that one might expect gives this composition's name. The base also develops the accompaniment of a pleasant, light and unstuffy powderiness in the background.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring fragrance is a mixed bag: moments of high-quality pleasantness alternate with times of generic blandness, but never displaying annoyingly hyper-synthetic characteristics. Like many fragrances of this house the performance is quite poor, but that of Rivage is a bit better than that of others in this line. Overall a neutral score. 2.75/5.
28th August, 2016

One Man Show Gold Edition by Jacques Bogart

A true Jackovasaurus of a fragrance. Loud and annoying. Not to be confused with OMS, Quorum, Bogart Signature or others of that ilk.

True, this statement is more about this reviewer's perspective than on the juice. So... sorry, not sorry.

For anyone out there that appreciates One Man Show for the undeniable masculine it is and enough so to pursue all things with OMS in the name, don't bother. There are no similarities. Gold Edition is sweet. Before getting rid of it, I grouped it along with others I deemed 'those not to be taken seriously', like Joop. Now, obviously, given the dozen or so positive reviews here, there's a following for this type man's fragrance. I just can't imagine a situation or environment where I'd want to smell it on me or other guys. An attention-getter with all the subtlety of a strobe light.
27th August, 2016
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United Kingdom

Promesse de l'Aube / FK1 by MDCI

A nice mix of citrus - very restrained and ylang-ylang are at the core of the beginning. The ylang-ylang moves into the foreground soon, and leads over into the jasmine, which is the main heart note. All this is nicely done, even if the components are fairly linear and somewhat lack texture.

The subsequent fruity peachy more is pleasant, but I cannot say that it is a particularly vibrant or intensive representative of this note. The woodsy impression that follows on is very generic, as is the tonka that sweetens the latter phases, although it is never overly sweet or cloying on my skin. During the last couple of hours a gentle powderiness is present; this powdery note is bright and not heavy or rich; it is more of a slimmer and lighter powderiness.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

This a very weak scent on me, and the warms days of summer are needed to bring it out satisfactorily. At some stage it is fairly unexciting and boring, at stages pleasant. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. 2.75/5.
27th August, 2016

Liaisons Dangereuses by By Kilian

Excuse my French, it's pretty frightful, but I think it's pronounced "Liaisons Peachshampoo". I say this because 1) It's not dangerous, at all, and 2) It smells like, you guessed it, peach shampoo.

Not a bad fragrance, just a badly named fragrance. Oh, and wildly overpriced. It's a pleasant smelling, mellow fruity floral, but it's not dangerous by any stretch of the imagination, and it's not something I'd ever pay more than $0.40/ml for.

When By Kilian hits the mark for me, they leave me thoroughly impressed, but when they swing and miss, they end up coming across as middle-of-the-road designer territory to me.

Maybe the liaison took place in a hotel with nice toiletries and this is supposed to smell like the post-coital "wash off the shame and evidence" shower? Too complicated of a backstory, even if it's my own.

A delicate watery rose in the drydown provides a tad a of saving grace, but after trying 4 times over the course of a year, I keep coming to the same conclusion.
26th August, 2016

Monsieur / Monsieur Bouquet by Henry Jacques

Monsieur by Henry Jacques is a green smooth masculine blend of pine needles, benzoin and amber.

I cannot detect the other notes listed in the pyramid; for me this is a delicate green fougere. Not a strong fragrance but a quiet one; ideal for hot weather.

The longevity is average for a perfume oil.

Thumbs up!
26th August, 2016
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Oudh Infini by Parfums Dusita

I haven’t been writing about scent as of late because I’m swamped with other writing projects. Also, several new releases I’ve tried have failed to pull me away for long enough to put fingers to keyboard. I’m coming out of hibernation, as it were, to say a few words about Oudh Infini which has more than impressed me. I tried the Dusita line a few weeks ago and found all three to be accomplished, but Oudh Infini was the one most closely aligned to my tastes and it took a few wears for it to click. The very mention of “oud” in new releases warrants massive eye rolling from me these days so this scent had to work hard to win my favor. Long story short, it’s handsomely spun, performs immaculately, and sidesteps the cliché and redundancy of what is a hideously hackneyed genre.

It begins with a ripe, cheesy oud that’s immediately countered by a rose-driven bouquet. The oudh has none of the rubbery harshness of replacers; playing the antagonist it smells full-bodied and leathery without relying on extremes. The rose as protagonist is prismatic and glossy — brittle, moist, and faintly tangy with nothing jagged or thorny remaining. Throughout, both notes maintain their character with neither dominating nor submitting to the other’s authority. The tension between the two is the trick that keeps the scent from plummeting into cliché. And this tension is upheld for much of the scent’s life — an impressive feat as usually one of the notes will end up outshining the other. While it is absolutely a “barnyard” scent, it’s so well wrought that any anxiety over animalics should be soundly dismissed. The oud and the rose are foregrounded squarely, yet each is flanked by additional components so subtly blended you’d be hard pressed to name them. The base is a stage of creamy resins with a delicate leathery tone; its purpose: to scaffold and spotlight the main performance. The arrangement isn’t particularly complex, but the components used are rich, stressing the perfumer’s thoughtful use of space and pause. A lesser perfumer might have thrown in ill-conceived minor characters, but that would have diverted attention.

Oudh Infini is reading from a familiar script, but it’s one of the better versions of this style of perfume that I’ve smelled. Fans of the more audacious offerings from brands like Xerjoff should take note, but there’s a level of artisanal creativity at work here that’s absent in the corporately-driven productions. The sense of balance and proportion is what makes Oudh Infini a success. There’s a pricey ticket attached to this one — a fact that there’s no getting around — but I suspect that it’s the kind of scent that will lead to all kinds of creative rationalizing of purse strings if this style is your thing. You have been warned.
26th August, 2016
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United Kingdom

Chypre Palatin by MDCI

A nice opening that combines a hesperidic side with a mix of galbanum and labdanum - a pleasant dyad that soon is enhanced by a slightly green and herbal twist. Sage and hints of basil provide the herbal influx nicely.

Later in the drydown a floral shift sees the introduction of lavender, iris and gardenia, with a faint shadow of rose tones in the background. Further towards the base oakmoss is added to the mix, a fairly simple and somewhat attenuated and colourless mossy note that nonetheless infuses the whole with a certain crispy edge

Around that time the whole mix takes on the somewhat restrained sweetness of a somewhat creamy tonka impression, which over times turns increasingly powdery. This powderiness is fattened by styrax and benzoin to give is a richer and at times districtly leathery waxiness and quite a synthetic character.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

In the absence of bergamot and a strong good natural oakmoss this is clearly not a high-quality typical chypre, but evidently a post-IFRA attempt at reconstructing one without really hitting the mark, although some of the cypre feel is recreated not too badly. The opening phase of this spring number is quite nice, as is the overall concept, but a certain thinness and at times nigh-generic impression prevents me from rating it higher. 2.75/5.
26th August, 2016

Oak by Bath and Body Works

I am beginning to worry that some of my reviews have been deleted, as there have been several revisits this Summer to pages I would swear a blood oath on having reviewed. This one I recall writing up immediately after I bought Oak two or three years ago. In any event, the oddly named Oak is a smooth, creamy nutmeg and coffee Oriental which smells like an attempt to blend Rochas Man with vintage Obsession, and to that end it succeeds greatly. The top notes can almost be written off, as the citrus and aldehydes are too weak to really notice, being enveloped by the rather strong base. The sage is there, and the nutmeg, sandal, and musk together smell incredibly close to myrrh, which evokes the Obsession comparison. Oak is an amalgamous and straightforward scent which changes little during its surprisingly long span. It can become dull because of its linear nature, but if you like the idea of a bough of wood soaked in vanilla, coffee, and nutmeg then you ought to try this stuff. I think it's the most competent fragrance to come out of B&BW (that I have tried) and am glad to have my bottle.
26th August, 2016

Armani Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani

This new Armani fragrance is like a sweeter, more floral and not as dry version of Armani Prive’s Oud Royal, with just a dash of Rose D’Arabie’s liquor like warmth. In fact, if not for the bottle, it could easily have fitted in to the Prive line of the gold capped ‘La Collection des Mille et une Nuits’.

The sweetness I’m detecting must originate from the pink pepper, but to my nose it appears as if both the tonka and a hint of saffron listed in the base notes are quite detectable at the opening. The floral heart of this is reminiscent of the original Eau de Nuit with the iris easily the stand out. The rose note is definitely there but more in the background than the iris. Oud, with the tonka and saffron keep this warm and oriental right through to the conclusion about 8 hours after first application. Both the bergamot and geranium were missing in action and I couldn't detect a trace of either.

As it’s an EDP concentration it performs as I would expect, giving of a decent (but not shouting) sillage and projection and it lasts a good 8 or more hours on my skin.

As yet another Westernised version of an oud, this is not an entirely original offering from Armani. It has more than a passing resemblance to nearly all of the recent spate of oud releases such as Icon Absolute, ADP Colonia Oud, Varvatos Oud, Polo Supreme Oud, etc. Still this is a nice addition to the Armani ‘Eau’ family of masculine marketed fragrances and as it’s a good quality scent that is approximately half the price of the Prive line, it’s also fairly good value for money in my opinion.
26th August, 2016

Fuel for Men / DK Men by Donna Karan

From one of those silly top-heavy bottles... I get a Bulgari Black type fragrance with a nice and subtle boozy leather / fruity tobacco note.

Classy. I'd be one of the first to admit that those silly bottles usually have silly prices to match. Silly is as silly does!
25th August, 2016
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United States

Orchid Soleil by Tom Ford

Extremely polarizing scent.

I think people will either love it or hate it. The opening is SO jarring, if I hadn't been in Neiman Marcus I'd have thrown my arms in the air & run screaming from the floor.

(I can be a drama queen.)

Fast forward an hour, give or take.

"What is that?"


"Why, tis I."

This is a schizo b*tch of a scent that dries down to very sexy skin with incredible longevity. The base notes MAKE this fragrance IMO.

Too bad the opening is such a beast.

Bottom line: DO NOT buy blind.
25th August, 2016
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United Kingdom

Boy Chanel by Chanel

I'm sort of underwhelmed (lots of pre-hype)but on the other hand, pleased. Definitely from the fougere family, BC contains a very nice lavender accord containing lemon and a musky vanilla. That's about it for me though -- I'm afraid I can't perceive any discernible almond aroma (wish I could)which heliotropin should emit.

It's a 'steady eddie' uncomplicated type of fragrance (you will need to go niche for any different nowadays it seems)but it's a very pleasant and long lasting wear.

Not as innovative or clever as Rive Gauche and at double the price (for 75ml) it seems to be not a sensible investment. I'll be purchasing though -- on balance it's worth having both.
25th August, 2016
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United Kingdom

Rose de Siwa / FK2 by MDCI

From the start the opening is diving into the rose that the title promises: a pleasant, lean, friendly rose that is a tad simple and stripped down; this rose is neither a rich rose, nor is it a complex representative of this species of olfactoric flower.

In the drydown there is a floral impression, with a light violet delivering the main component here. Additionally a light and somewhat innocuous hawthorn impression are present, which is rather flat and not very vivid - this is no Aubépine-Acacia.

The end is announced by a woodsy-musky mix that is soft, light and - plainly - not very interesting in itself, but on me the rose returns towards the end and now - surprisingly - has gained in colour and depth, with a greenish hint of rose leaves now present. Unfortunately, this final glow over the last hour is extremely close to my skin.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and in total seven hours of longevity on my skin.

Looking at this creation as a whole, I find it a somewhat thin, tinny and generic spring blend, which, at times, overly evinces it's synthetic nature; but there are some redeeming characteristics present, especially the at time rather nice rose notes. 2.5/5.
25th August, 2016

Artek Standard by Comme des Garçons

I've been wearing this fragrance consistently since I acquired it and will likely finish this bottle before anything else that I have in my collection. This and Dry Clean are my favorites of the CDG line. What can you expect with Artek Standard? It is sharp, especially in the opening and you are immediately hit with a poignant lemon-y tea metallic accord with a cedar backbone. The saffron appears clean and a floral musk supports these quirky notes. Artek shares some characteristics with Santal 33 by Le Labo (both have that sharp woody backbone) but there is no sandalwood at all in this fragrance. I've layered this with CDG Synthetic Series 6: Dry Clean and some how they work wonderfully together. It is very clean and versatile. With respect to performance, you can spray this 10x without offending anyone yet it isn't a weak concentration either. The fragrance is weird but very attractive and easy to wear. Who is better at creating abstract/avante garde fragrances than Comme des Garcons? I really recommend this to any CDG fan....
24th August, 2016 (last edited: 25th August, 2016)

Tom Ford Noir by Tom Ford

I understand the Habit Rouge comparisons, but everything is so harsh and synthetic. I don't get "notes", especially in the opening. I get a blast of green medicinal chemically whatever. The drydown isn't so bad, which is why this review is neutral instead of negative. It isn't so great either.
24th August, 2016

Wonderoud by Comme des Garçons

I like it -- it is dry, woody, very light verging on translucent. A bit green and fresh. But, it is aptly called "Wonderoud" because I wonder WHERE the oud is? It must be somewhere, but I don't think it is in the scent. Maybe a very low-key incense note. But then it should be called "Wonderscense" and it would be an accurate name.
24th August, 2016

Salina by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Huge disappointment for anyone looking for a green, pine note. A tiny bit salty at the front end, then a real marine-beach-ozone clump. The sweetish musk I have found in some other scents in that line. Really unremarkable, quite linear, and just not attractive to me.
24th August, 2016

Esvedra by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Sweet, powdery lemon. Soft, sweet musk. Gets very sweet, verging on cloying, in the dry-down. The vetiver is so attenuated as to be non-existent.
24th August, 2016

Solo Loewe Platinum by Loewe

smells great, but lasts 30 minutes.. village (as with all Loewe products) is crap
24th August, 2016
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United States

Eternity for Men Aqua by Calvin Klein

Very nice, lower cost option to Polo Blue....terrific summer cheapie from the CK house.
24th August, 2016

A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler

When you name a fragrance, “Pure Wood”, the question arises, “Yeah, and what else?” APW sidesteps previous Amen flankers fragrances by doing two things – eschewing conventional notes and doesn’t utilize the Amen base to much effect. First, it doesn’t use a traditional wood base (cedar, sandalwood or oud nowadays) and introduces the little used Oak note to great effect. It’s not as woody as cedar or oud but it’s certainly woodier than sandalwood. The oak is conjoined with cypress, giving it a piney vibe. This is all apparent in the opening and mid-notes. As it matures, a dry and bitter patchouli/coffee accord emerges (Amen base light). Also, tonka is found as well. Not an overtly complex scent at all. I’m reminded of DSquared’s wonderful HeWood at times and in my opinion, APW of the best Amen flankers.

24th August, 2016

Al Qasoor by Haramain

Night Dreams

Like a lovely dream that lingers in your mind upon awakeing this romantic yet evocative unisex's fragrance leaves a mesmerizing has a woody top note consisting of oud and something green to form a fresh accord.the heart is slightly floral along with sandalwood while strong musk and amber exude a sublime dry down that drift away on a cloud of pure loveliness when you envelop yourself in a midsummer night's dream.the ethereal scent is light enough for the office but it is still potent enough to last till the end of the day.


Longevity?Great on my skin.

24th August, 2016