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Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

This forms a strong accord, with complexity spilling out from the edges. Something prominent in the main accord is off for my tastes, but it has character.
04th May, 2016
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United Kingdom

Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

Cinnamon with almond and a fruity background is what I get in the opening blast, exuding a pleasantly sweet warmth. The fruity side is a peachy apricot that is a bit blandly sitting there as a backdrop to the real action.

In the drydown finally the rose a-rose, pleasant again, of medium brightness but very much more a background feature than a full-fledged dominant rose, and I find it a bit flat on my skin.

Never mind the rose: a vanilla wave is closing over my head, with tonka giving added depth, and together with the remaining cinnamon he smoothness of this combination dominantes the second half, and it makes for a lovely warming and comforting base, with hints of ambroxan, white musk and a somewhat perfunctory synthetic ambergris preventing too much sweetness; it is never cloying or overwhelming.

The performance is excellent with the moderate sillage, strong projection and a stupendous fourteen hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a very agreeable winter warmer, an olfactoric gluhwein so to speak, but the conundrum is: with the rose appearing so prominently in the name, is it acceptable to have this flower occupying such a relatively minor role in this composition. As I am mainly interested in the fragrance and not its name, I will not hold the name against it, but buyer beware: this is not a rose bomb. It is, however, not without its flaws, and sitting at the border between a neutral and a postitive score it is the convincing performance that pushes it across the line - just by the skin of its teeth. 3/5.

Gefühl ist alles - name ist Schall und Rauch.

Maybe there are not too many roses in Kandahar these days.
04th May, 2016

Black Soul Imperial by Ted Lapidus

Black Soul Imperial may sound like something Darth Vader might wear but it's good stuff. The resinous tolu could have lent a syrupy quality to the body, and teamed up with the mint it almost smells like bubble gum in a way, but the rich, arid coffee note flattens the whole thing out and really steams out the wrinkles. The coffee presence is so large (imagine a steroidal Polo Double Black) that I can't really think of what the original Black Soul would smell like, as it absolutely dominates the composition. It's like a catchy song about a really trite subject with a sick RAT pedal distortion on the guitar; you may claim you don't like it- until you're stuck at a stop light and you catch yourself singing along. Take the good with the bad and just go with it. This is rock and roll.
03rd May, 2016
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TL pour Lui by Ted Lapidus

TL smells like a reduced-sugar marshmallow. It brings to mind Jil Sander's Background minus the rose and citrus, and is a very mellow, low hum of a scent, sturdy and reliable but rather quiet. While on paper it may sound similar to Le Male or Ghost Man, TL is much less dynamic with its top notes, and it comes out of the bottle fully formed, as it remains practically the same throughout its lifespan. In this regard I would also compare it to Matchabelli's Hero (with much less lavender). I do wish the mint presence was stronger here but at the same time I feel it was meant as a soft complement to the orange blossom. No towering genius here, just a carefree Spring day. My initial response was a neutral one but I have come to appreciate a release centered wholly on vanilla without being sweet.
03rd May, 2016
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United Kingdom

Vetiver Dance by Tauer

A clearly vertiver-dominated opening blast, intertwined with a peppery sidekick. The vetiver as such is fairly clean and bright, with only minimal rawness and earthiness on my skin, but the pepper casts a dark shadow over it. Additionally, very much from her start herbaceous undertones are present, at times verging on light hay note.

The vetiver dominates throughout so far deep into the drydown, although a whiff of white florals gives is a softer edge.

The base goes through a fairly nonspecific woodsy stage initially, but then vanilla and a slightly crispier cistus note merge into a dyad that is quite unusual and more interesting than I expected. There is an overly synthetic ambery/ambergris component mixed in that is suffocated by the cistus/vanilla dyad - maybe that is not such a bad thing; the ambery note works better in the background on my skin. The vetiver still breaks through at times, but eventually the dyad rules, only interrupted at by a slightly sweeter version of the herbal aroma from the beginning.

The performance is very good, with moderate sillage, excellent projection and eleven hours of longevity on my skin.

As a vetiver, a clean vetiver with a spice note on top, it is a passable creation, but the shenanigans around the vetiver sound rather haphazard and synthetically chaotic, but they work surprisingly well in accord.

Overall, although rather synthetic, this is an interesting rendering of a vetiver scent. 3/5.
03rd May, 2016
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United Kingdom

Orange Star by Tauer

The is a citrus wind, blowing initially orangey and then mainly ripe grapefruit, a fizzy lemonade concoction that is quite pleasant. This is not a refreshing opening blast, more a gently glowing grapefruit-lolly style of considerable sweetness, but never cloying.

After the first couple of hours, heralded by a floral interlude, the second phase arrives: a somewhat pitiful attempt at a synthetic ambergris, clean, a bit bland and displaying nothing reminiscent of whale vomit - this sterilised ambergis for silk gloves. A fairly generic vanilla flavour combined with a similarly unexciting and dull bright patchouli does not improve matters. The base is a bit of a disappointment.

The performance is good though, with moderate sillage, good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A synthetic scent for summer days that are not too hot, the passable first part is let down by the less-than-average second part. Sitting at the border between negative and neutral, the pleasant opening and decent performance get it over the line - just. 2/5.
03rd May, 2016

Miyako by Auphorie

“One should always be drunk. That's all that matters...But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk.”
--- Charles Baudelaire

Auphorie Miyako is another viable option. I will not – I’m not able – to vivisect Miyako, at least not given my (hopefully temporary) severely abbreviated faculties, but this stuff is absolutely narcotic. Dizzying, literally. This should come with a government warning label before it is visited on an innocent population, sapping IQs and compromising SAT scores.

The scent also gives the strange sensation of having a quasi-physical VOLUME. I get that feeling also from, for example, vintage L'Heure Bleue. If you understand that velvety nimbus-like physicality I am referring to in L'Heure Bleue, multiply it by about 1.75.

The complexity of Miyako is plain, but a subtle scent this is not. I frankly cannot imagine wearing it – if anything, its uberfeminine - nor can I imagine my wife wearing it. Who could? Perhaps Simonetta Vespucci in Botticell’s “Venus and Mars.” (And it would have precisely the effect on Mars as depicted in that picture.) Or maybe, in a more modern context, Marilyn Monroe in the film “Niagara” (1953) where she plays a woman deceiving her husband and wears (in the words of the original script) a red dress “cut so low you can see her knees.”

The fact is, one really cannot be this inebriated all day. But I am happy to own a full bottle and to let out the genie for an occasional enraptured sniff. Beverley Nichols, in his memoir, “Father Figure” (1972) writes of his first intoxication on Chartreuse: “I was exquisitely drunk… I leaned back and apostrophized the gleaming fluid in my glass.” That’s exactly what I’ll do with Miyako.
03rd May, 2016

Oud Bleu Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

The opening is intensely masculine and far too fruity-citrus, but once past this phase, the drydown is absolutely incredible and definitely worth waiting for. I am so thankful I went in on this split blindly!

While I do get a "sense" of oud, it definitely is not the barnyard I've experienced with some I've sampled. For me, the base is mostly a creamy amber/sandalwood. I have no idea if this is a true grey amber or if the sandalwood is a true mysore, but whatever it is, it works for me, and lasts about 8-10 hours.
03rd May, 2016

Oud by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud is a romantic and saturnine "silent" musky oud's rendition with a central rose/patchouli saffrony accord and a general musky-honeyed silkiness surrounding all the elements. Super smooth chic velvet. This juice is never watery, wild, fizzy or provocative but exactly the opposite (smooth, hyper classy, velvety, silky, incensey-resinous and sophisticated). Yes, basically "barbaric" elements as oudh, patchouli, cedar and also saffron are (by a sleight of hand) in here alchemically combined in to an exquisite, finally honeyed and perfectly balanced piece of musky refinement. The final cedar is honeyed to die for. Not a complex or multifaceted fragrance but surely a dreamy graceful scent for us. A divinely soapy-languid "pure soul of oud".
02nd May, 2016

Armani Privé Oud Royal by Giorgio Armani

if you are looking for a true and simple "ode to oud" western-style fragrance, look no further than Oud Royal. it is very, very well done.

immediately upon spraying, another oud fragrance in my arsenal came to mind - Cashmere Oud by MFK.

Oud Royal is similar to Cashmere Oud primarily for the *type* of oud they both look to recreate - Laotian, and putting that note front and center. this variety is actually pretty rare in the "real" oud oil community, but the Laotian note seems to be the dominant one used by western fragrance manufacturers. possibly because it's the easiest to recreate chemically, but also because it seems to pair very well with other notes added to it. what is interesting is that although Cashmere Oud is marketed as "wearable, like a soft cashmere sweater", i would disagree. i think it is a roundhouse punch to the face of extremely potent and dense Laotian oud note wrapped up in little else. the sheer brazenness of its power and its simplicity makes it a work of art.

Oud Royal, however, is the real cashmere sweater of the two. striking but gentle, true but forgiving. the synthetic Laotian oud note can have a fierce petroleum streak to it, but Evelyn Boulanger has made certain to take that edge off. perhaps it's the saffron or the dab of vanilla. perhaps it's the perfect plank of sandalwood the whole fragrance is served on. but the sillage is much better on Oud Royal than Cashmere Oud. more inviting, warmer, more seductive. something you want to be around and enjoy, not just appreciate hanging on the wall.

I am also a saffron lover and the saffron note here is exquisite. others have mentioned rose but i am not picking up on much rose in this scent at all. to me (also an unabashed rose lover), this is actually a positive. it is far too easy to pair oud to dense rose and call it a day. but when you can make dry, woody fragrance that brings out the very best of what oud is about, and at the same time making it as wearable as your favorite t-shirt, then you have done something special.

if i had my druthers, i'd make this scent a liiiiiittle more potent. not much, just a tad. mainly because it's such a beautiful fragrance, i want more people to experience it from afar! the longevity is okay but not great. the Armani website classifies this as an "intense eau de parfum". i think they are stretching the truth there a bit.

a safe blind buy for oud lovers. and a wonderful introductory oud fragrance to those just discovering oud's magic. in fact, if i had to pick one western oud fragrance to show a newbie to see if they like the genre or not, this might very well be it.

02nd May, 2016

Bang by Marc Jacobs

Similar to Sentiment by Escada or maybe its Terra D'Hermes... either way it doesn't last very long... Maybe 60 to 90 minutes then its gone... Very disappointing. What scent you do get is very nice.
02nd May, 2016
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United Kingdom

Pentachord Auburn by Tauer

Fruity with a cinnamon note, sandalwood in the drydown. All the components try to be discretely pleasant, but are pale and, I am afraid, plainly and synthetically dull. Not only discrete but weak.

Poor sillage, limited projection and six hours of longevity - even the performance is underwhelming.

No redeeming feature apart from the fact that it is neither nauseating nor sickening or cloying or overwhelming and has no trendy oud in it. 1.5/5.
02nd May, 2016

Dubai Ruby by Bond No. 9

Dubai Ruby is a unisex sensual fragrance housed in a beautiful gold & red star shaped bottle; very nice indeed!

It evokes a blend of East meets West on a hot summer night; I would swear there is a blend of gardenia/tuberose & rose in the heart similar to B9; again very beautifully done.

I have sampled it a few times and am finding the longevity a little bit shorter than most Bonds; was it meant to be worn in Hot Dubai weather?
I shall carry on using my sample until I understand the fragrance a bit better.

I wonder if a Tola oil might become available in the future for cooler weather use to ensure usual Bond longevity.

Thumbs up!
02nd May, 2016
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Calycanthus Brumae by Acqua di Stresa

Acqua di Stresa Calycanthus Brumae is aromatic and piquant (extremely peppery and cardamomish), gingery and mildly spicy (cloves and nutmeg??), silent and mystic, humid and susurrant, cottony and breezy. Supremely musky, vaguely minty-waxy, deeply spicy-vegetal, floral (in a sort of softly honeyed way) and delicately laundry (spicy/soapy laundriness). It ideally evokes nostalgic afternoons along a mountainous lake's shore with the vision of a little picturesque town rooted gracefully bottom up a promontory. Arcane as the memory of disappeared toiletries of your childhood. This juice speaks about wet rural dawns and old cottages surrounded by nature. The scent opens kind of soapy-anisic-spicy (vaguely victorian, with hints of pepper, ginger, green notes and aromatic spices) and unveils a perfect final cocktail of aqueous frankincense, aromatic floral notes (camphoraceous Calycanthus), secret roots, woods and musks. Dry down is a cottony whisper of pure nostalgia. A pity for the faint duration on my skin. Synth but not too much. A poetic little shadowy juice for struggling souls.
01st May, 2016 (last edited: 02nd May, 2016)
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United Kingdom

Lonestar Memories by Tauer

The two main phases are obvious: the leathery-smoky opening, combining a deep and slightly harsh leather with a smoky, campfire-cum-barbecue impression. Which on my skin is never overly intrusive or unpleasant. Rich - yes, intensive - yes, deep - yes, but all well combined.

The leather is quite dark, and a bit like an old leather coat, with hardly any gasoline not present - this is much less bold, raw and gutsy than Knize Ten; it is deeper and darker than Cuiron and also than the Cuir of the Nombre d'Or series.

A green, slightly herbal and slightly floral transition leads to the second phase, which sees a fairly dark vanilla together with a Taueresque sweetly-spicy incense impression; a synthetic sandal wood together with the spice keep the sweetness in check; this composition is never overly sweet, sickly or cloying; the balance is quite impressive.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a great eleven hours of longevity.

The wintery fragrance displays many of the features characteristics for many of Tauer's products. Very pleasant and blended very well, overall very nice. 3.25/5.
01st May, 2016

Love Shot by Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo Love Shot is a pleasant surprise for me. I have to admit that its name was initially kind of misleading about the orientation of my expectations since I was frankly expecting something less complex, less elegant, probably more experimental, fruity and abrasive. On the contrary Love Shot is far more classic in style and articulated than it seemed. First of all this is a feminine juice in my humble opinion, a really elegant french modern floral-chypre with a classic musky-spicy background conjuring holy classics from Ungaro, Cartier, Van Cleef&Arpels, Fendi, Ysl or Estee Lauder. The aroma is multifaceted, bright, spacious, musky/floral, fruity, woody, herbal, spicy, sophisticated and hyper elegant like a classic piece of french traditional perfumery. The kind of woman jumping on mind is sensual, dynamic and always maniacal in "fresh chic loveliness". There must be included far more notes beyond the listed raspberries, musk and lether imo. The latter is like a silky twist surrounding all the elements by a smooth final velvety embrace. It seems to detect hesperides, spices, aldehydes, florals (violet, rose, sambac jasmine, osmanthus?), patchouli, balsamic elements, vanilla and may be sandalwood, anyway I suppose the performer Nathalie Gracia-Cetto is surely "filled with" classic french tradition but at same time witting about secrets of modern neo-classic perfumery represented by creations a la Chanel Mademoiselle Coco but also Thierry Mugler Angel, Lumiere Noir Femme and further (minimalistic musky complexity). Actually, depite its classic background it is undeniable Love Shot is a modern chypre with a musky super smooth (and cleaner) final twist (a la Kurkdjian) that is glamour-chic, clean and fresh all at once. Love Shot combines gracefully a traditional spicy/woody/vegetal chypre tradition with fresh muskiness, colourful fruitiness (a well calibrated red-berrish presence) and fluidy spiciness, overall enveloped by a silky-chic modern musky/leathery touch. Yes, should probably be appropriate to say "minimalistic but not simplistic". The outcome is like a new age Ysl Paris, something surely "cleaner" but yet balanced, structured, hyper parisian, spacious and elegant. A great neo-classic for a modern "power-lady" projected towards future but even aware about that insuperable french tradition that is the holy repertory of the elegance's history.
30th April, 2016 (last edited: 02nd May, 2016)
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United Kingdom

Noontide Petals by Tauer

A strongly aldehydic bergamot refreshes my nostrils with a summery opening vibe - not uncreative and also pleasant! Soon it is softened by floral impressions in the drydown, with the ylang-ylang dominant on my skin, supported by a more discrete tuberose. It is never really a sweet composition on my skin.

The base is clearly a turn into the woodsy territory, but the wood is rather nonspecific except from occasionally a synthetic sandal arising, with whiffs of a tame and somewhat pale sandalwood shining through here and there. A bit of vanilla and a good helping of styrax characterise the final stretch.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin, although it is performing less well after the first half.

An agreeable summer scent, with a nice concept but not rivetingly exciting and a bit uninspiring in the second half. 3/5.
30th April, 2016

Tola Pure Oil: Bond No. 9 Perfume by Bond No. 9

I have had an spiritual connection with Bond no 9 since I became introduced to the House about 8 years ago; the fragrances had a magical attraction and the clear glass bottles did enchant me.

I became a lover of the classic collection; the compositions were so well done that I would only wear fragrances from this house for years. My lovely Harrods SA (Miss J) enhanced this wonderful experience...

Signature became one of my all time favourites; when the Tola range arrived I fell in love again with Bond...

This Tola has moisturising oil with the essence of Bond no 9 signature fragrance: rose, musk & oud. The result is fruity but ever so uplifting...

Ideal for anointing after a shave without the sting of alcohol.

I am in Love again...

Excellent Longevity

Thumbs up!
30th April, 2016

Paradise for Men by Alfred Sung

Do you know what really ruins most aquatic fragrances? There is a common theme which apparently can't be avoided in order to keep the 'fresh' aesthetic alive; most aquatic scents have too much cardamom and very flimsy base notes.
The very essence of the genre is in the impossibly fresh top notes (which never last). Modern men's fragrances have overwhelmingly avoided the early 90's floral approach to mid range after many failed attempts, and likely because there is a huge American bias in our mindset which states "flowers=women." The bases of these then fresh-but-not-floral creations resort to clouded or screechy synthetic woody bases which do absolutely nothing to support the rest of the development. This means the fragrance is a burst of money-grabbing top notes followed by a precipitate nothingness, a vacuous anti-fragrance borne of the wanting for the opening to last forever (as it is the only selling point) and an immediate need to bail the water out of the boat as the vessel quickly sinks.
Paradise smells as lovely as many dozen fragrances just like it, but only for half an hour. After that it is the same forgettable, sinking ship that most aquatics bring to mind.
If I smelled this on a passerby I couldn't tell you with any degree of certainty what it was.
30th April, 2016

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

Not bad but not good either just bleh. It shouldn't offend anyone so it is good for weekend wear or the office. No aspect of this juice is offensive to my nose but nothing about it makes me want to keep smelling it either.
29th April, 2016

Chess by Yves de Sistelle

The ginger and spice notes barely reach a register above a smooth, slightly powdery amber-guaiac and supple suede accord. The effect is quite comforting, actually, even if mild and rather unidimensional. No gambits, no sharp attacks -- this one is a positional Queen's Gambit Declined where a drawn position is quickly reached on the board. But because this outcome is the result of proper, blunder-free (even if somewhat unambitious) play, my neutral rating tilts slightly upwards.
29th April, 2016
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United Kingdom

Rose Flash by Tauerville

Indeed a rose mono-floral composition, but not boring: the rose is brightish, with a distinct fruity component initially, but soon a greeninsh-herbaceous undertone is evident. Later rich rose blossom dominates, and towards the end woody impressions come and go. All these permutations keep it interesting.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity an impressive twelve hours on my skin.

A spring scent galore for the rise lover. 3.25/5.
29th April, 2016

East India by Beaufort London

This is real bold spices with a peppery piquant prickliness layered upon black tea and whiskey filtered tobacco. Lots of character is present in East India and thankfully these spices avoid the downfall of a sweet vanilla ending. Thank you for sparing us that. I can not imagine wearing this in warm weather. But, there is a ton of character in here with a smoldering tarry dark glow that will warm the darkest night. I would rate it 3.5, maybe 4 of 5 gold stars for this fine creation from the Beaufort London perfumery lab.
28th April, 2016

White Patchouli by Tom Ford

Sometimes I apply scent to help myself feel more dressed and fully stimulated--to help myself sit up straighter. Other times, I use it to help myself feel more less constricted and more relaxed--to help ease my nerves. In those moments, I want something undemanding, something free of too much prissy femininity, something firm but quiet--and something, above all, predictable.

Lavender will do, as will vetiver, but sometimes the former becomes boring and the latter gloomy. Lately, I've added White Patchouli, which is becoming almost a daily ritual, something I use as a stimulant in the morning, or a signal that the hard part of the day is over.

I surprised myself when I liked this stuff, since I really didn't expect to find anything here. The idea of a "clean" patchouli seems oxymoronic, but this stuff works. It hooks a good, camphorated shot of patchouli that clears the head and cools the skin onto a dark rose that fades to a moist ambrette, which settles into a pleasant fug that hangs very close to the skin. Not much happens, but not much needs to happen when something makes you feel so calm and stimulated at the same time. This is what I want, at the moment, from an everyday, wear-around-the-house fragrance.

This perfume is the opposite of thought-provoking. It's just a comfortable scent that feels welcome in the context where I wear it, because I'm usually getting out of or into pajamas when I put this on. No grand statements here--just a sense of feeling at ease with the world.
28th April, 2016

1805 by Beaufort London

1805 is a salt water brined, old leather blend stained with hints of gun powder, tobacco and balsam woods. All in all a very pleasant masculine outdoorsy leather scent. There are a couple of things that throw people off about this fragrance. The first is a marketing description which describes the scent as a sea battle which ends in gunpowder blasts and blood stained seas, bits of old ships broken up etc. - all BS of course. Just disregard all this since it doesn't smell like that, but there is enough there to influence how you read the scent when first applying it. Disregard the attempt to ruin the fragrance by its art direction. Second problem is poor bottling practice - early bottles, the one I received for example, was released before the oils were fully blended or emulsified. It smelled raw, disjointed and kind of awful - for the first few months. I had to let my bottle rest for a few months to allow the ingredients to meld and the fragrance improved dramatically with the aging. I would give it a 4 of 5 stars, however the potential for it to be rated much lower is present due to the reasons mentioned above. Test carefully before jumping in on this one.
28th April, 2016

Sa Majesté la Rose by Serge Lutens

Opens as a beautiful, natural tea rose; tart with a touch of powder and fruitiness. A pure, almost transparent rose. Clean and intense, green with a touch of pepper far in the background. Something about it reminds me of clean, white laundry blowing in a breeze. An early summer rose rising out of cool grass. Sillage is good - I don't normally get comments on my perfumes but my co-worker noticed it... and asked what it was she liked it so much. Pretty linear, although well into the drydown the green became more intense and a tad musty. Not particularly complex or interesting but a well structured, natural rose soliflore. Pure but elegant and refined.
28th April, 2016

Musiqa Oud by Nishane

A well rounded, rich, warm expanding slightly animalic oud with a natural deer musk aspect. This fragrance has a similar warm sweet musk you find in Muscs Koublai Khan but there is an additional complexity from the oud and woods base. Don't know where the animalic floral musk tone comes from, but it is there. Rather than smelling like an oud oil it has the character of a mukhallat oil blend of jasmine animalics, or possibly musk gazelle with oud, safran leather and gaiac wood. The overall impression is very bold highly projecting oud that is quite a positive charge with its bold oud and sweet musk aspect. I rate it 3 of 5 stars, downgrading it only on personal compatibility with this profile. The fragrance is bold, lasts well and is artistically assembled. But, this is not my thing at all as it is just too potent for my taste.
28th April, 2016

Electric Wood by Room 1015

Tested from a 5ml sample.
Not sure what to say about this one. I love the smell of wood, especially when it's crisp, clean, cold and dry, when it actually smells of real wood. For me this fragrance is dominated by an oddly sweet, musky, warm aspect (I guess from the listed notes the ambroxan, which I've never smelled in pure form, so I'm guessing). I even thought leather at first. It kind of smells of a "thing", not a person, animal or flower or tree or anything natural in any way. When I was a child my parents had an old record player and the smell when you opened the lid reminds me of this oddly enough. For me this drowns out the wood, which only shines through beautifully in glimpses. Definitely goes powdery after a while too, which gives that feminine make-up kind of feeling that I'm not overly keen on smelling on my own skin. I'm going to pass on this for now. I've got enough of the sample left to come back to it another time when I might feel differently.
April 2016.
28th April, 2016

Aoud Sandroses by Mancera

So, I am a sucker for blind buys.....there are times where I strike out and there are times where there I hit a grand slam home run; well friends, this is out of the park!!!

I received Mancera-SandRoses yesterday and today is my opportunity to wear and find out what it do.....

First spray I get Rose, Jasmine Sandalwood and Saffron up front. The fragrance dances and dances-what I mean when I say dances is, it evolves from one note or set of notes to the others (top to middle back to top then to base....)
I don't get any Hot Pepper, although it is in there, nor Ylang-Ylang. After the top and middle notes rest, here you have the Leather and Oakmoss that begins to blend with the others so so nicely giving this fragrance such a creamy, rosey, yet musky feel. This dry-down reminds me a little of Gold Man from Amouage, yet, distinctly different.

Finally, the Patchouli and Geranium intertwine with this rambunctious, yet subtle set of notes giving this fragrance (in my opinion) extremely high marks...wonderful, just wonderful!!

I put this on (4 sprays-1 on each side of the neck, 1 on the chest, and in the hand where I rubbed my hands together to rub behind my ears. This was at 7:15 am When I got to my office at 8:30 am my director said he could smell this fragrance in another part of the building (after I left out of that space). So, the sillage is unbelievable!! Later, upon entering into my office, my director asked, "WHAT IS THAT FRAGRANCE YOU HAVE ON?" Please don't tell me I am going to have to sell a body-part in order to get some? Mancera-SandRoses....
Man, that smells amazing!!!

Projection, CHECK!!

What I noticed about this fragrance is, when sprayed on my hand it was clearly oil based, whereas the pot didn't dry as quickly as some fragrances might due to the alcohol, which indicates that it will linger and maintain its potency quite nicely!!
So,a 4oz bottle is going to last for quite some time!! Overall, I would give this fragrance a 10/10 for performance, projection, longevity, sillage, and any other category one can come up with!!

Word of caution: Fellas, I think this is a unisex fragrance; some may conclude this to lean more feminine than masculine. Again, I think both can rock this and would be fine. I am male and I am liking it more and more! To each his/her own-if you find this fragrance in your hands,.....I say rock ON!!!

By the way, the wife loves it!!

28th April, 2016

Miss Dior Originale (previously Miss Dior) by Christian Dior

The original Miss Dior was a soft, floral, feminine fragrance with a touch of high quality leather. I highly recommend the vintage original. I have not tried the new "Miss Dior Originale," so I have no idea how it compares to the vintage Miss Dior. Given the name, I expect that it is supposed to smell like the original Miss Dior; however, given IFRA regulations and reformulations, I rather doubt it smells exactly the same.

Dior has totally confused everyone with the renamings of "Miss Dior." As I understand it, the old "Miss Dior Cherie" has been reformulated and named simply "Miss Dior" eau de parfum now, much to the consternation of the "Miss Dior Cherie" lovers.

This review is for the current Miss Dior (new) which is a patchouli and citrus heavy fragrance. It smells nothing like Miss Dior Cherie's various instantiations, and it smells nothing like the vintage Miss Dior. It is a totally different fragrance altogether, and I believe it should have been given it a different name altogether. In any case, this review is for MISS DIOR eau de parfum (new or current version).

I wore Miss Dior (the original) in the 1980s, and it was truly lovely--a very delicate and feminine floral. Eons later, or so it seemed, I tried Miss Dior Cherie and found it to be completely different from the original and not to my liking at all. Miss Dior Cherie was not even remotely similar to the original Miss Dior I knew and loved. Miss Dior Cherie was extremely sweet, fruity, and teeny bopper smelling---nothing like the original Miss Dior.

Then, I discovered Miss Dior Le Parfum a couple of years or so ago at a department store. Now, Miss Dior Le Parfum (allegedly a limited edition fragrance) is a very nice, sophisticated amber and rose parfum worthy of the name Dior. It is gorgeous and definitely worth owning, so I ordered a 100 ml bottle on-line. Unfortunately, instead of Le Parfum, what arrived was Miss Dior (new) eau de parfum, and I am rather disappointed in this one due to the heavy patchouli and citrus notes which completely dominate the fragrance from start to finish.

Of the listed notes, I detect neither rose, jasmine, nor musk Miss Dior (new). As others have said before me, Miss Dior (new) reminds me a lot of Chanel Mademoiselle and Chanel Coco Noir, two other fragrances that are not to my taste, either, thanks to the heavy patchouli and citrus notes in both of them.

Miss Dior (new) is obviously a high quality fragrance for patchouli and citrus lovers, hence the thumbs up, but I find it to be rather linear. Its linearity combined with the heavy patchouli and citrus notes makes it somewhat less than likeable for me. I do not mind linearity, per se. For exmple, linear amber and sandalwood fragrances would be more to my taste. It is the strong, linear patchouli and citrus notes that ruin this fragrance for me.

Four small sprays on me last a solid six to eight hours before it turns into a skin scent. Projection and sillage are amazingly outstanding for the first four to six hours (I wish many of the fragrances I adore had this good of projection and sillage). I find it clings to clothing literally for days and days. This is a superior fragrance for patchouli & citrus lovers. The patchouli in this is quite clean, too. This incarnation of Miss Dior smells young and expensive, 'tis true, but it is not for me.

I think Miss Dior (new) is best used on cold days/nights. I do not think it is truly office friendly. It is best used for evenings out. Even two sprays are a bit much for day time use in my opinion.

Fragrance Quality: 10/10
Fragrance: 6/10
Projection: 9.5/10
Sillage: 9.5/10
Longevity: 10/10
28th April, 2016