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Positive Reviews of Le Temps D'Aimer by Alain Delon

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For those not familiar, Mr Delon is an iconic Fench actor who celebrated his 75th birthday last November (2010). This scent, launched in 1981 is a complex wonder in the classic french style, but very wearable now.
Top- aldehydes, green notes, peach and brazilian rosewood
Heart- cloves, gardenia, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose
Base- leather, amber, patchouli, coconut, civet, vanilla, oakmoss and styrax.
The aldehyde opening does not bomb you, and when the drydown comes, the coconut and animalic basenote combo is really compelling.
I went through a mini of this very quickly last year and was fortunate enough to find a vintage tester bottle online to replace it so I can indulge again.
Would that all celebuscents be as charming and well-made. Vive le temps d'aimer!
10th August, 2011
Its a rare one by now. A typical, classical womens scent. I would even say its a timless one and it has a certain charm like Miss Dior for example. Its not like nowadays scents, all light and bright but be patient with it and it will reveal its beautiful style very soon. I like to smell it on my girlfriend for elegant, formal occasions. It helps to keep the memories of theses hours very well. Very romantic also.
10th January, 2006