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Reviews of Vanilla by Alyssa Ashley

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A light, salty and dry vanilla that sweetens a bit with time. It’s good but projection and longevity are too weak. Totally unisex, despite the feminine symbol on it.
13th February, 2018
A beautiful true vanilla...they used to stock it in Boots when I was a teenager but I haven't seen it for years now which is a shame. Now I've moved on to Compoir Sud Pacifique's Vanilles, but I can't find them in the UK either!!
27th September, 2009
A bitter and sugary vanilla absolutely perfect for enhancing and layering with other scents. Very mono-note, so not so exciting on it's own, but that feature makes its so suitable to mix with other fragrances. Try for example layering it with Cacharel's Nemo, Lush's Prince or Helmut Lang. Accentuates other notes such as musk and different woods very nicely by adding a bitter-sweet vanilla dimension to them. Nothing feminine about it all btw.
15th September, 2005
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