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Gold is a beautiful fragrance with a vintage feel. It's great and sexy to wear. But it doesn't tell me a story so far. I find it a bit boring.
Very Amouage for sure.
27th August, 2017

Based on the reviews and my life long love for Chanel no. 5 I was expecting to like this, and boy, do I!

It's a big, sophisticated, unapologetically glamorous super floral that envelops me in a golden cloud wherever I go. Some people describe it as very formal; a scent to wear when wrapped in furs on the way to the opera, but I can wear this anywhere, even when in tattered jeans and a t-shirt while doing the weekly grocery run. It provides instant fabulousness to the mundane, but it also has a bright, energetic, exuberant side that keeps to from going too serious for me.

For those who complain that modern day formulations lack strength, give this a try. 3 sprays will radiate a good few meters all day long. I can still smell it on a dress I've worn days ago when I enter my closet.

This has signature scent potential.

Edit: I've managed to find a bottle of this for about a third of the retail price. Good times!
17th June, 2017 (last edited: 28th June, 2017)
I have been wearing this crossover for more than fifteen years mainly because it is so utterly beautiful and it happens to work particularly well with my skin-type. Such is the power of the sillage that I started getting the occasional odd look. To combat this I have started applying it beneath my underwear so that in a daytime business meeting no-one can be entirely sure where the scent is coming from, that is other than from underneath the boardroom table!
The other day a vendeur in Harrod's mentioned that some of the old empty Amouage bottles are now becoming collectable and that the rarer ones now sell for hundreds of dollars. If this is true then what great news!
01st February, 2017
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Just got a small bottle of the vintage stuff in a trade and I am OVERKLEMPT!

Good LAWD!

So, at the beginning of my more recent perfume journey "reboot" starting around 2014, I received a sample of Gold from a kind person. I loved it, but was not in position to buy it. I was also still trying to adjust my nose, figure out what I liked, and having lurked for about a year or so here, I was eager to begin participating in the discussions. So Gold was placed on the back-burner, and on went my tour of scents.

Just this past week, a friend from the other side of the country whom I have done a lot of blind trades with over the past year or so, sent me a group of pictures from which to choose my next trade - I always enjoy these "shopping" trips with him! He and I both share the same passion for looking up notes and reviews, and taking the plunge - it really is quite fun, and it has been a great way to explore things I might never have had the chance!

Anyway, this little bottle was so obscure, but it was distinctive in the cut - not your basic rectangle - I was getting very excited - what could this be?? He revealed its identity: Amouage Women's Gold - the "older version" HOLY COW ON A POGO STICK! LOL!

Ladies (and gentlemen who seriously care), this is THE bomb of bombshell fragrances - this is the trumpet that announces your entry to the party, it is your escort with the James Bond is you, in your best gown, heals, and mink stole with diamond earrings. This is ALL woman - volume turned up and spotlight on. Oh, and did I forget to mention, you are wearing Chanel Red lipstick and nail polish? Yea - its THAT good.
02nd August, 2016
I love Chanel #5, and this is done in a similar vein so I enjoy it. It find it masterfully composed and enjoy the power of it. I loved the bottle and I don't regret this purchase one bit. My mother was a stunner with a trail of admirers, and she wore vixen fragrances like this and pulled it off without anyone once accusing her of being "old ladyish". A woman who knows her own power will never worry about how she is perceived and just wears/does what she likes and people naturally respond to that confidence. When I worked in the public no one ever chased down co-workers to ask them what perfume they were wearing (light fruity florals) but they sure did me in the riskier perfumes like this. Even men who wanted to purchase whatever I had on for wives or girlfriends stopped me, some even had me write the name down. That says something to me. When I took perfume risks I got noticed and praised for it. When I didn't people walked on by without acting like they smelled anything worth commenting on. That is the power of a different perfume that doesn't smell like everyone else in the room. Too much of the same type of thing is simply generic and uneventful. This is a grand perfume that gets noticed and I love it. No need to discuss how it smells because that's been covered.
23rd June, 2016
Gold Woman is a fancy-pants fragrance, but it's finished and perfected to the point of being a bit unnerving.

Essentially it’s a huge, romantic, classic-style chypre that wears its influences on its sleeve. Yet, it ventures away from the expected materials (amber, moss, bergamot), relying instead on a balsamic myrrh note that’s merged with orris to produce an almost powdery-rich earthy effect. The florals are restrained when compared with other Amouage feminines, but they’re still playing a key role—especially the jasmine, which stands out the most. There’s a soapyness to it, but it’s kept in balance; musks exist, but they're friendly.

This is about as retro as it gets, but it’s brilliantly articulated from top to bottom. Soft, textural, alluring—it out-Chanel’s Chanel. Overall, a very good perfume that could easily be worn by either gender, but it’s too precious—polished to a fault in that it reads like a blueprint for chypres. Something to set it off wouldn’t have gone amiss, but it’s still a touchstone that's impressively rendered given that the usual chypre materials were substituted with alternates.
13th January, 2015
If you have ever wondered what "soapy" meant as a fragrance note, try Gold Woman. For me, it holds this note as a primary characteristic until the very end. Gold is very pretty, well crafted, and somewhat old fashioned. In the end, just not that special. I really expected more for this price.
02nd December, 2014 (last edited: 22nd August, 2015)
Very much like Chanel Number 5, but denser. Not that interesting.
17th August, 2014
Genre: Floral

To say that Amouage Gold is an immense, indolic-aldehydic white flower composition married to a potent frankincense and seasoned with civet is accurate, but it grossly oversimplifies the impression that this perfume makes. This is a monumental, sumptuous, overstuffed scent that you fall into and wallow in. It’s an operatic composition performed in period costume dripping with velvet, satin, and silk brocade. It’s so opulent that it borders on camp, yet sophisticated enough that it leans back from the brink and stands at the extreme of elegance.

When I think about Gold’s remarkable balancing act, I return again and again to the precise juxtaposition of floral accord and incense. Without the dry lucidity of frankincense Gold would be an obese, sloppy mess of a scent. The frankincense lends not only discipline and structure, but dynamic counterpoint as well, so that Gold exists in a compelling state of tense equilibrium. The scent develops slowly, revealing sweet spices and very soft woods as it ages. The base of woods, ambergris, civet, and labdanum is sensuous but also civilized, and emanates an unusual sense of antique exoticism.

Gold’s sillage and projection are room-filling, so forget about being inconspicuous when wearing this stuff. It’s a perfume for grand entrances and dramatic gestures, not demure restraint or professionalism. Gold is very potent and lasts forever, which might make the outrageous price seem a tiny bit more reasonable. Or maybe not. At any rate, it’s monumental enough of a scent that it’s worth sampling for the experience alone.
09th June, 2014
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United Kingdom
As JackTwist said, I've got one wrist of vintage Madame Rochas and one of Gold, and they are almost indistinguishable.

Gold is somewhat brighter in the topnotes, which is no surprise as my Madame Rochas is a good 20 years old, but the notes are spot on.

I'm so glad that I only splashed out for a sample of the Amouage to see what all the fuss was about, as I would be so disappointed if I'd saved and saved for a bottle of Gold and then found out that although it's a nice perfume, it isn't ground breaking or unique.
13th February, 2014
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United Kingdom
What a disappointment! I had read the reviews and was looking forward to sampling this, but when the time came it was an overwhelming letdown. To me this is just a decent-ish generic floral, in the vein of No. 5 or Joy, but with none of the panache or loveliness of either. Not bad, certainly, but with so few distinguishing features that I find it hard to know what to say other than firstly it didn't trouble me for long (longevity was about 90 mins on my skin) and secondly, price, hype, emperor's new clothes etc almost led me to give this a negative review, but actually that would have been unfair.

Pros: not unpleasant.
Cons: poor longevity, price.
02nd January, 2014
Luxurious and exotic due to its "castigatory" powdery soapiness. Something in the middle between Hammam Bouquet Penhaligon's, Chanel N.5, Mitsouko Guerlain and La Perla by La Perla under my humble nose, a golden mélange of balsams (myrrh, honey, vanilla, benzoin??), resins (some pine resins in the blend??), may be aldehydes, amber, musk, subtle spices, spacious aromatic elements (coriander, pine needles??), civet, powdery woods, oakmoss and hesperidic patchouli. Supremely classic, rosey and chypre in style, balmy/soapy in its soul but with a carnal vibe and with a really subtle spark of twisting sophistication (a floral spark whereof i detect mostly the rose/jasmine and probably the ylang-ylang rather than properly the lily of the valley). Really sunny, white, honeyed and rich with a vintage elegant powderiness lingering throughout. The magistrally appointed touch of frankincense (combined in chord with balsams, may be cardamom and woody powder as for a sort of Amouage's balanced trademark) provides dustiness, atmosphere and holiness in a conservative way. Rich and dominant as an impalpable Queen. Lingering for hours around, powerful in presence.
06th November, 2013
A re-run of Madame Rochas - rich, floral rose bouquet

Guy Robert created one of the greatest florals ever, in Madame Rochas. So now he just re-runs the same formula under a different name and they charge a small fortune for it. This is a case of Emperor's New Scent. Buy the inexpensive Madame Rochas and forget about Amouage Gold - quel rip-off!

Star quality for quality of scent!!!

Pros: Identical to the classic rose-dominated floral, Madame Rochas
Cons: Outrageously high pricing"

15th October, 2013
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Gold is the fragrance I've been looking for my whole and long life. It makes no statement, says nothing about who I am and has not one whisper of aggression. It simply smells divine--warm, soft and refined. I've had cars that cost less than my bottle of Gold and I use it much more sparingly than I'd like but my frequent shopping trips to find the perfume of my dreams have become celebrations of my precious bottle of Gold.
07th May, 2013
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United Kingdom
Powdery, powdery, beautiful florals, including a great lily of the valley, incense and wood later on. Rich, heavy and sweet on my skin.
26th April, 2013
This one bore a family resemblance to Nahema (particularly in the drydown), so I had to go and spray them side by side and compare. There are differences of course – Gold is less sweet at the start, has none of the explosive velocity of Nahema’s top, has the clean frankincense (that rapidly fades) which is the Amouage signature, has a greater suggestion of sandalwood in the base with none of the almond. But it still smells derivative and without the exuberance of the earlier creation. The white florals were a bit lost on me, this being mainly about the aldehydic rose, so the huge bouquet that others get from this was flung beyond my reach. It’s lovely, no doubt about it, and belongs to a pull-out-all-stops school of perfumery that occasionally can achieve such grandeur.
On second thoughts…
On the other hand, given cool weather and clean skin, this blooms beautifully and offers a little glimpse of heaven. I have been truly surprised by how this claims its own space over repeat wearings – becoming reassuringly familiar without losing its luxurious feel. All comparisons with Nahema seem beside the point now.
On third thoughts…
I spray on wayyyy too much one day (spending it at home on my own) and am in pulsating bliss. I walk through the rooms feeling ‘I am da Gold bomb’.
20th December, 2012
My quest is over - if I never smell another perfume ever, this is Nirvana for me . (I wear Lyric during the daytime, Gold and Jubilation 25 share night time duties )-so soft, so close to the skin, caressing , loving and above all, kind . I bought all three in one go, shelling out £600 for smells - it was worth every single penny . The soft top notes of Gold are Rock Rose, (labdanum) the huge floral accord which is strange because I never used to like florals, closer in my opinion to a sophisticated Rive Gauche than say, Chanel no 5. There is a familiarity that I cannot pin point but maybe that's the Rive Gauche factor . Oh, I adore this , I cannot use all the fancy, schmancy perfumista words to describe it because that would be disrespectful to Guy Robert - Guy, this is/was your Opus , please Amourage, please NEVER EVER play with this formulation because perfection needs no adjustments .
02nd July, 2012
this is the most demanding female parfume i have smelled. it is like a cloud of 100 layers that constanly chnage their order, like some whirpool, this smell is really 3 dimensional, what gives it this depth is i would say animalic civet note, nothing you usually smell in rose parfumes, this makes it hard to digest to many people
to me it gives problem after3-4 hours, when the drydown kicks in and its really not suited for the office on warm days :) everyone will start opening windows :),
still it is beautiful , RICH decadent parfume , i am lucky that i own pre 2011 version, and it smells luxuryous, strong and classic....
i own it becasue i admire its dinamic nature and luxury that no other female parfume holds, only the drydown has more pronounced animalic note that can be suffocating to some people. so this really is only night parfume! and worked best for me in winter time
23rd February, 2012 (last edited: 26th September, 2012)
mumsy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have just bought Amouage Gold and i think it is a beautiful and classic perfume, ranking perfectly happily alongside Chanel 5. It has the powdery floral start with the creamy rich undertones of precious resins and woods. There is no sharpness on my skin. It certainly doesn't stand out, but I don't expect it was meant to. It is opulent and quietly beautiful. I can see a rich sultans wife wearing this, wafting sarees of beautiful colours in the noon heat.
23rd September, 2011
I fall into the "loathe" category for this fragrance. I respect that it's a beautifully done floral, but I think the frankincense and myrrh notes are too strong for me to enjoy it. To my nose, anything with strong notes of those just ends up smelling like soap! I know I'm in the minority here, but I just can't wear it. I wanted to, but hey, at least I don't have to buy it now..

27th March, 2011
Amouage Gold was presented in the Amouage shop in Muscat, Oman, as the flag ship of the entire Amouage line.
I was disappointed. I don't like Amouage Gold. It has a very sharp and pungent scent and smells very very chemical. It smells like a sharper and more pungent copy of one of the by-products (eau de toilette / shower gel / ....) of Chanel 5. It smelled like an expensive toilet spray to me, one that I definitely not even would choose for that purpose.
04th December, 2010

I was eagerly awaiting my sample because I was sure I would love Gold. Unfortunately, I do not. Opens smooth and golden like a Chanel No.5 extrait - that's the good part ....and then turns lighter , powdery ,even somewhat metallic with a light skank note, on my skin.Most unfortunate but I do not love it and it hates my skin back. So there.
I am sure ,on a different skin , this would shine but not on mine.
12th September, 2010
Not good at picking out notes, but I'll try to describe as best I can. Opens LARGE with flowers, rich, heady, opulent, intoxicating. Settles down after about 20 minutes and then envelopes you in the most enchanting, feminine scent. Wearing Gold is like falling into a million silk pillows, just very comforting, inviting and beautiful. Some have written that it is a "special occasion" scent. I disagree. I think you can wear this any time you want to smell fabulous, even if it's just picking up the groceries. Why not? Used to give me headaches which was bad for me, now I find I can wear it, which will be bad for my pocketbook!! Lasts a long time even on skin. If you tend to like full blown, womanly, fragrances that scream quality, run don't walk to get this. Thank you Monsieur Robert!
11th August, 2010
BayKAT Show all reviews
United States
If considering sampling Gold, you'll want to note the lily of the valley, jasmine and myrrh, which tend to wear sweet when accentuated, and here they are.

Now check your own wardrobe. How many strong white floral aldehydes do you have? Is Chanel n5 in your boudoir? (which is better than this, IMO) What you think about No5 is what you'll think about this.

This is not my genre, and unsurprisingly Gold wears on me like a Fran Drescher monologue. I've sniffed enough Amouage offerings to know that it caters to sweeter scent tastes, so I've never been much of a fan.

I doubt anyone would buy this blind, but even if you are considering a sample do confirm that heavy white florals are on your love list first.
03rd June, 2010

At last an Amouage I can love. In a distant way it reminds me of my heretofore favorite Amouage – Silver Crystal for Men (unfortunately discontinued), but it’s much warmer and even more sensuous. Amouage Gold features a rich, complex, and refined exoticness, an ostentatious elegance that is the very definition of luxury. It is a fragrance of intense substance, rich in indolic jasmine, sensuous rose, ancient resins, lascivious civet, and elegant woods, and it handles these aromatic divas with incredible finesse and control – none of them throws a tantrum, although some, like the civet, come close to presenting an overly histrionic display. The notes seem to luxuriate forever in their procession from the opening though the base. The drydown is the most elegant and sensuous notes eternalizing its classic formulation and its expansive reach. I don’t care for the other available Amouge fragrances, but this one is extraordinarily impressive and… perfect…

10th May, 2010
At first application, floral and powdery. Smells fleetingly of Johnsons baby lotion. Soft, comforting, nice. I don't find any one floral note dominent though the rose is more prominent after 15 minutes of wear. Got a bit spicyer as it wore which I liked. Sadly the extreme drydown didn't live up to the opening promise. While I like the fragrance, I find the longevity of it lacking so it's not purchase worthy since sooo expensive.
22nd April, 2010
My very generous best friend was kind enough to give me one of her samples of Amouage Gold. And I do mean "generous," since this fragrance is priced between $200-$500 per bottle. Upon first spraying my initial reaction was that this could quickly develop into one of those heavy, cloying kind of oriental fragrances, but after only a couple of minutes I was enveloped in a lovely, soft, powdery, elegant, and sensual blanket of warmth. It made me so relaxed, I wanted to nap (don't know if that's good or bad--I guess no operating heavy machinery for me). I did apply this sparingly, though, which may have made a difference. Yes, it's expensive, but, in my opinion, it's worth every penny!
28th February, 2010
This was given to me - not my choice and (when it's finished) I won't replace it. It's not that I dislike it exactly, it's just too much of everything - too much (far too much) aldehydes, too much floral. Maybe I may come to love it, but at the moment it's filling a place on my shelf that could hold a bottle of Nahema...
26th February, 2010
It's nine pm and I have been wearing Amouage Gold since lunch time. At the beginning of "our story" the fragrance struk me as a bunch of flowers offered at a first date. After a couple of hours AG covered my shoulders with the warm notes of a woollen scarf. In the afternoon it invited me for a smoky, musky and flavoured tea. Here on my sofa this evening it is still hugging me and it is now as creamy as a cup of hot, white chocolate. With this parfume I'll never feel alone again. I'm in love.
18th January, 2010
What can i say ? I just LOVE it ! I got a gift for my birthday in 2005 ... december 1 ... it is finished :( i am going to get a new one ...GIFT FOR MY SELF :)
08th September, 2009