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Positive Reviews of Anné Pliska by Anné Pliska

Total Reviews: 19
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Soft, ambered vanilla, Anné Pliska is a warm, oriental scent with a bright and brief citrus opening, very quickly getting to its vanilla heart and base. Underlying the whole structure is a strong patchouli and soft musk. The sharp geranium in the heart notes gives this a slightly metallic edge, much like the metal in Halston Amber Man. This smells old fashioned in a way that evokes slightly faded sepia-toned femme fatales of yesteryear—Ava Gardner in The Killers, for example. Anné Pliska walks the same path as her contemporary, Obsession by Calvin Klein, but she took one thing off before leaving for the party, avoiding becoming the heavy-handed vanilla/amber sledgehammer that is Obsession. I can see how this might become a woman’s signature scent, engraining itself in her clothing, furniture, books, etc.
25th October, 2017 (last edited: 26th October, 2017)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Fresh bergamot with mandarin to start off with, but soon morphing into a floral heart note set, with geranium and whiffs of oleander setting the tone in the drydown. In the second part of the drydown the amber develops, and a vanilla - well balanced and not to sweet - teams up with a soft patchouli to constitute and restrainedly gourmand-ish base.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

Whilst a tad unoriginal overall, This spring scent is executed well and performs well. Pleasant. 3/5.
12th January, 2017
Delightful Feminine Amber. Shalimar? Not quite. This does'nt have as much going on and thankfully lacks the plasticky irritant of the Guerlain. After the Citrus dies off this remains linear (Amber and Patch), somewhat like Ambre 114, with softened volume and is clearly for the girls.
15th November, 2016
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Perfectly pleasant amber. It's kind of old fashioned with its powdery topnotes paired against sour green chypre elements. As the powder fades, it takes on a vague fruity undertone and pleasant soapy muskiness.

I can see why people love this, but I can also see why one could find it a little dull. It's mostly basenotes, so there's not a lot of excitement or changes through the day, but it smells good, so thumbs up!
19th January, 2016
After reading all of the glowing reviews of this perfume on this and other scent websites, I almost bought a full bottle. It has all of the base-notes that I love in all my other perfumes, and I thought, why not? Common sense prevailed, however, and I bought a sample instead. Boy am I glad I did. I would love to see (smell?) what this smells like on other people, because on me it is vile. All I got was an overpowering blast of bergamot for the first hour, which settled only very slightly - I didn't get any mandarin or orange at all. Then I started to get small, powdery whiffs (the vanilla and musk coming through?), with a slightly metallic tang. Two and a half hours later, the bergamot was still going strong and was still pretty much overpowering everything else, but with an unpleasant, sharp, almost bitey/antiseptic edge - kind of like the air-fresheners cabbies use over here. Three hours later and I gave up - I liked the powdery whiffs, but the overpowering smell of bergamot just killed this for me. I had to scrub it off, and it took a few tries to get rid of it. I've seen reviews comparing this to Shalimar - I can't figure out why, as they're nothing alike. I've tried Shalimar a few times and it's lovely, and have had people ask me what perfume I'm wearing and telling me it smells fantastic. No comparison as far as I'm concerned - Shalimar beats this one hands down. If anyone wants my sample, I'm happy to swap it for something else.

An update to my last review on this. I left the sample alone (in its wrapping, away from the light) and didn't think any more about it. A month before my birthday (last month), I decided to try another of the samples I got along with the Anne Pliska, and which I'd loved - DISASTER! Wore it to work and had to fight the urge to rush home to scrub it off. So, I decided to give the Anne Pliska another go - and I was so glad I did. It smelt totally different, so much so that I asked my lovely husband to get me some for my birthday, which he did. Can't explain why it smelt so horrible on me the first couple of goes (hormones? phase of the moon?) but it's lovely now. The bergmaot is still quite sharp at opening, but quickly settles down, and I get beautiful, warm spice, with a yummy chocolate orange scent and soft musk. It lasts pretty well, although when I smell my wrist I feel like it's gone, then I'll brush my hair away or adjust my specs, and get that lovely waft of spice/chocolate/orange/musk. I go to gym in the mornings, and the days when I wear it, once I'm good and "glowing" at gym, I can still get a lovely, soft, powdery whiff. Have to fight myself to not wear it every day, as I want it to last, but this one is definitely a keeper. I'd been looking for something different from all of the celebrity/designer fragrances, which to my despair is pretty much all we seem to get here, and this fits the bill. Gorgeous!
15th February, 2014 (last edited: 13th October, 2014)
this pink sweetheart is about as oriental as a perfume can get. It's like the naughty little sister of Shalimar--she just realized that her curvy bottom and perky bosoms are weapons of mass destruction. And she's eager to learn how to use them. A definite to buy for me. A smidge sweeter, less powder. MUST have it for my own, my precious. OK. I just weirded MYSELF out...Ladies, sample it! If BN had two thumbs for upping, AP would have it.
04th September, 2012 (last edited: 10th September, 2012)
I love Anna Pliska. I was given a little sample from Nordstrom in 1989. I've worn it ever since. It's powdery, citrusy, dark and seductive, yet still friendly and approachable. It doesn't have the headachy bite of Angel or Poison.
30th July, 2012
A lovely, lovely fragrance that someone here on Basenotes suggested after I revealed that I'm a complete novice with all this! I stated that I like things musky, and this scent is gorgeous. I still have a nose that doesn't know one note from another, largely, so I can't explain the nuances, but the subtlety of the musk is wonderful. I put this on this morning and had a beautiful, but soft whiff for 4 or 5 hours, and now the scent is lighter, more close to the skin, but still wonderful. Our weather here in Nation's Capital is often quite hot and humid during summer, and I'm glad to find this scent is substantial but not heavy or overpowering. There's something alluring but comfortable about it -- very, very nice. Thanks to all who are suggesting fragrances for me to try.
14th June, 2011
This is a gorgeous, magical amber fragrance, with many facets & distinct phases. The opening is sweet orange & vanilla, but there's something deep & smokey in there, cold & yet warm at the same time. Shortly after, there's a hint of spice & then a salty sweetness, & it becomes a
creamy smooth, slightly powdery vanilla. But all through the middle phase there's a raw, medicinal amber that weaves in & out, without ever becoming too strong or jarring. lt takes 5 hours for this to even begin to fade, & 7 hours later l'm in the grocery shop realising that l smell like cookies! l totally get the comparisons with Shalimar. l can see this working for any time of year, & l think different temperatures would probably bring out different facets of it's character. lt's intriguing, distinctive & delicious, & firmly on my wishlist!
10th February, 2011
Who can describe it better than the nose, Jim Bell of Givaudan:

“A beautiful bouquet sparkling with a powdery diffusive topnote, created by a blend of mandarin and bergamot.
The accord is further enhanced by the floral midnotes of geranium and jasmine creating a full-bodied heart.
The undertones of amber, patchouli, vanilla, and musk provide a long lasting sensuality to this uniquely feminine fragrance.”
- Jim Bell

Anné Pliska Parfums is a classic niche fragrance. Timeless, beautifully crafted, sophisticated and sexy. A burst of bright powdery bergamot takes the opening bow, while a warm opulent amber envelopes orange, vanilla and musk, folding them into sheer amber perfection. Geraniums and jasmine appear center stage, then a touch of patchouli melts into the ambery drydown. Perfection.

I have been wearing this fragrance since its debut. I am probably the first, and definitely the biggest, fan. People have stopped me on the street and approached me in restaurants to ask what I am wearing.

Anné Pliska will always be my signature scent.
05th September, 2010
sensuality in a bottle, this cult fragrance is over then years old, and proves that 'new' is not all noteworthy. While the width of niche grows, certain fragrances remain ICONIC.

the eau de parfum is the way to go

05th May, 2009
Anne Pliska looks a bit jarring at first sight; the vivid purple liquid caused me to expect strong roses, but this was not the case. In fact, this smooth, sweet, orangey-creamy scent is tempered with a mix of dusty hebs (of the oregano type) or some other "salty" note and reminds me of a more feminine Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan--yet it predates that fragrance by six years! Surprise, surprise. Anne Pliska did the sweet, dusty, salty amber first. It even has a little of that addictive Play-Doh note. No wonder this little niche beauty has maintained its cult following for decades. It is an excellent amber fragrance.
09th August, 2008
The previous reviews of Anne Pliska are what made me seek out a sample of this velvety smooth amber! And this is one time I was not disappointed! This lush symphony of notes progresses into the most luxurious dry down! It's almost decadent! My least favorite part is the opening orange ~ reminds me of children's chewable aspirin! Thankfully, that part doesn't last very long and the rest is soooooooo silky, I'm loving it!
12th October, 2007
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Starts off super sweet but, I agree with everyone, mellows to a much nicer Obsession. I suppose the strong presence of vanilla reminds everyone of Shalimar, especially in the dry down. AP smells more "home brewed" than Obsession and is happily missing the harshness of the mass produced popular brew, which, for me, always has the potential to be cloying, especially if one "bathes" in it. This is like a kinder, gentler Obsession. Vanilla, amber, patchouli...yum. The dry down is my favorite part and you have to love the magenta color!
29th July, 2007
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
Rich, gorgeous, sensual. It's somewhere between Obsession and Shalimar...but better. This is truly an unforgettable fragrance. It makes me feel special; elegant, rare.
05th May, 2007
Like my other two favourite ambery orientals, Shalimar and Obsession, Anne Pliska actually glows in the heat and are a real treat, just like vanilla ice cream...

What I first got from Anné Pliska was a summery note of orange and cream soda slushy topped with soft vanilla ice cream, along with daring hints of leather (or wintergreen and birch), creating a root-beer-like effect – which adds an interesting, contrasting accent. After a few minutes this thirst-quenching, cool concoction of sweet crushed ice and vanilla desert fades a bit, and the herbal note softens and moves to the background (perhaps it is tampered by the sweeter, more well-mannered geranium). Vanilla and amber are definitely the most dominant notes and are the theme of Anné Pliska, and are much softer and mellower in the dry down, and become almost powdery. But despite the fact that the scent stays quite linear for most of the composition – it is never boring. The notes weave in and out and maintain the sweet and lovable presence of amber.

Anné Pliska , made by South Californian independent perfumer by the same name, was launched in 1987 (two years after Obsession). Although it shares many similarities with Obsession, it is quite different and more sultry and complex. Think about the creamiest Shalimar vanilla, the amber of Tabu and Obsession, the orange-mandarin notes of Obsession, a tad of unique spiciness that is vaguely reminiscent of Joop! For Men - and an unusual, mysterious oomph of its own – and you get Anné Pliska. If you love these three bombshell orientals, you must try Anné Pliska. In fact, you must try Anné Pliska anyways because it is a special amber perfume, and an example for what a well-made American perfume is: boldly luxurious and sensual, yet sophisticated and elegant.

Top notes: Orange, Mandarin, Wintergreen/Birch
Heart notes: Geranium, Vanilla
Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli

30th April, 2007
I'm imediately reminded of a brighter more 'lemony' 'Shalimar'. It must be the bergamot since lemon isn't listed. That accounts for the cool green in the opening. A lovely scent. On me it's an improvement over 'Shalimar' due to the less powdery aspect which I prefer.
18th April, 2007
kewart Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is one gorgeous perfume!!Deep, velvety, bitter-orange overture with bergamot and mandarin ( an orange lover's dream!) then voluptuous vanilla,passionate patchouli,amazing amber and a suggestion of musk.
Very sophisticated and ,yes, powdery in a peachy, downy sort of way "kissable cheek" way.
29th December, 2006
On me I smell very strong powder and a hint of Shalimar. The powdery coldness of this scent dies down in awhile and I waiver between 3 or 4 stars. It lasts a long time. Still a little more powder than I like. If you like lady like orientals this one is worth a try. Not one I'm rushing out to buy but, nice for the right lady. This is hard to find and on some sites sells for $170.00 for a 1/4 oz bottle of the EDP. The juice is a beautiful light purple.
23rd November, 2005