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Tasha is a very soapy, aldehydic floral. It is very pretty. I believe the distinctive woodiness in the drydown was influenced by Magie Noire (this came out the very next year). Very dated by today's standards. It smell sort of '70s cheap in that distinctive Avon way, but it's a nice sunny, bright fragrance just the same.
24th December, 2012 (last edited: 07th April, 2014)
Hi am looking for a bottle of the Avon Tasha limited edition released in late 2007. I have purchased bottles prior to the 2007 limited edition but the scent have been off. should anyone wish to sell a bottle of this limited edition please let me know. i just love this scent.
04th November, 2011
I have never smelled this item never used it, but my Mother did and she liked it so much she named me after it!
22nd December, 2009
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Im really not sure about this one, im in 2 old fashioned classic or a soapy disaster
05th August, 2009