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Negative Reviews of Oh Là Là by Azzaro

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There is a message on the box of this 'delicious lively oriental' which reads

"Oh lala" is so beautiful;
it reminds me of you
and I love it as I love you.

In reality this scent (perfume being too grand a term for it) is an over sweet and dull woody gourmand with as much interest as raspberry ice cream - without the raspberry.

This is dumb one dimensional stuff, and about as sincere as Monsieur Azzaro's sickening little homily to the unfortunate buyer - who's just been hooked by their sweet tooth into handing over real money for fake fume.

Plain vanilla, no la la.

09th April, 2017 (last edited: 10th April, 2017)
The first time I tested Oh Là Là I got very strong indole notes in the opening — quite off putting, actually. Since then, there have been no sign of such notes. Oh Là Là presents a classic, refined fruity floral that is enjoyable but there is nothing really special about it. Fruity at first but not the super sweet notes of so many of the newer fragrances: This fruit is restrained and refined. The heart notes are of mixed florals — I can pick out rose and tuberose, and I can find the cinnamon, but I can’t differentiate any other note in the middle. The base is weak — and I can’t identify anything in it — it just disappears. Oh Là Là is a very short lived fragrance and, with its lack of interesting accords, is pretty much a mediocre product. I can understand why it was discontinued.
15th October, 2007