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Positive Reviews of Prélude by Balenciaga

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This lovely perfume is redolent of a refined amber and the scent of oleander, which has a menthol quality, although not in a medicinal way. It is quite concentrated in its edt version so a one ounce bottle of this strength is worth the price. Although not big on silage (it sits very close to the skin), it does have longevity in its favor.

Although discontinued, it is to be found often and plentiful on Ebay. Of the different bottles available, try to select the classic tall ribbed design with the round top that is indicative of the oldest packaging.
06th January, 2014
Prelude enwraps one in an incredibly soft and elegant cloud of amber, without any of the harsh, metallic, or synthetic-edged notes which often spoil oriental and ambery perfumes for me. In some ways it is similar to Patou's Normandie and to Dioressence, another impossibly beautiful amber!
29th October, 2005