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Neutral Reviews of Miss Balmain by Pierre Balmain

If you like contrast or to compare Leather Scents
Gres Cabochard and Miss Balmain are perfect examples Miss Balmain is Prim
fruity sweet bright naive lively a Good
Girl scent Feminine and Represents
Daytime. Cabochard is dark rebelious
masculine mysterious woody sexual
vampish bad girl smokey tabacco
and represent the Night.

this is a nice scent but does not grab me like Cabochard. i think there is too much Coconut mixed with Leather is a
bad idea but whould'nt buy it again.
09th October, 2010
This review is based on my vintage [B]Miss Balmain[/B] extrait, of which I wore a small drop today. This is a just-up-my-street kind of chypre, and so confidently and skilfully complex that it is a real joy trying to pick apart its notes. All hail the great Germaine Cellier!

Couldn't quite recall why I hardly ever wear this scent ... But then, just a half-hour later, I remembered -- IT HAD GONE! Escaped from my skin in moments like an elegant, but blase, woman, who dazzles briefly with her presence, then turns her back, leaving only a mocking, scented trace.

Such scented encounters can often be alluring, but this almost enraged me, and left me feeling slightly disdainful! Miss Balmain is all top, with a bit of middle, but has no bottom!
08th May, 2009
A distant relative of Bandit and Cabochard, more "watery" and cool than any of them, a little flatter and more plasticky/soapy/perfumey. The cumin is rather interesting and subtle enough not too disturb, and there seems to be a warm wood note somewhere underneath the cool greens. As a vintage chypre it's ok but not one of the best.
12th March, 2007
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