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Neutral Reviews of Miss Balmain by Pierre Balmain

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If you like contrast or to compare Leather Scents
Gres Cabochard and Miss Balmain are perfect examples Miss Balmain is Prim
fruity sweet bright naive lively a Good
Girl scent Feminine and Represents
Daytime. Cabochard is dark rebelious
masculine mysterious woody sexual
vampish bad girl smokey tabacco
and represent the Night.

this is a nice scent but does not grab me like Cabochard. i think there is too much Coconut mixed with Leather is a
bad idea but whould'nt buy it again.
09th October, 2010
This review is based on my vintage [B]Miss Balmain[/B] extrait, of which I wore a small drop today. This is a just-up-my-street kind of chypre, and so confidently and skilfully complex that it is a real joy trying to pick apart its notes. All hail the great Germaine Cellier!

Couldn't quite recall why I hardly ever wear this scent ... But then, just a half-hour later, I remembered -- IT HAD GONE! Escaped from my skin in moments like an elegant, but blase, woman, who dazzles briefly with her presence, then turns her back, leaving only a mocking, scented trace.

Such scented encounters can often be alluring, but this almost enraged me, and left me feeling slightly disdainful! Miss Balmain is all top, with a bit of middle, but has no bottom!
08th May, 2009
A distant relative of Bandit and Cabochard, more "watery" and cool than any of them, a little flatter and more plasticky/soapy/perfumey. The cumin is rather interesting and subtle enough not too disturb, and there seems to be a warm wood note somewhere underneath the cool greens. As a vintage chypre it's ok but not one of the best.
12th March, 2007
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