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Reviews of Jaïpur Saphir by Boucheron

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Genre: Floral Oriental

Jaipur Saphir starts off with notes of white flowers and citrus rind, with a light dose of aldehydes thrown in to soften up the flowers. The citrus quickly morphs into a light fruit note that joins the blend of florals, sweet spices, vanilla, and lingering aldehydes that comprise Jaipur Saphir’s relatively light, deft, floral-oriental heart. This heart accord is enlivened by a fresh green note that persists well into the development. Precious woods, vanilla, and powdery musk dominate the drydown, while the green note keeps the composition less weighty than many other oriental fragrances.

Jaipur Saphir is tropical and exotic, but in a bright, soft way. It smells like a misty morning in some far-off eastern land. There’s plenty of light, but suggestive details remain half-hidden in the background. This is a remarkably versatile oriental scent that works well day or night in any season. Hats off (again,) to Boucheron!
18th June, 2014
Radiant, white, powdery, projecting, exotic and a bit balsamic Jaipur Saphir is a marvellous couterpart of the original earlier Jaipur. Since the beginning the first blast of citrus, white dust, flowers (magnolia, jasmine, may be rose) and balsamic anise reminds me slightly a sort of blend of Eliotrope Etro, Flower Bomb, Roma, the warmer Casmir Chopard (because of the neroli-peach and balsams) and Very Irresistible (because of the aromatic-mentholated feel) but this is more radiant and transparent of the others. Probably that sort of minty barely perceivable feel (at least under my nose) is produced by a chord of citrus, in particular the green-aromatic yuzu, and prickly cardamom even if hidden somewhere is not placed a touch if anise or mint.  White flowers, cinnamon, balsams, sandalwood, musk, fruits (orange, peach) may be aldehydes compose this flower-oriental that reinterprets in a more modern  and chic contemporary formula the great original Jaipur. Bright, versatile but highly luxurious, Boucheron Saphir is a winner among the contemporary fragrances.
27th October, 2011 (last edited: 25th November, 2015)
Yet another evasive creation from the house of Boucheron, JAIPUR SAPHIR is what I'd call a "via negativa" perfume, by which I mean best described in terms of what it's not:

Not flowery, not sweet, not sharp; not spicy, not aquatic, not dark; neither cologney nor aromatic; not loud, not fruity, not nutty, not woody; not resinous, not musky; neither dirty nor dusty. No relation whatsoever to its namesake and predecessor, JAIPUR.

The only non-negational thing that I can think of to say about JAIPUR SAPHIR edt is that this smells to me like a very subtle unisex niche composition with carefully measured components woven together to form a sort of atmospheric scent which defies deconstruction. I find it impossible to tease out individual distinct notes. It might be very lightly tinged green... then again, maybe not.

Definitely perfume-police approved.
17th September, 2011
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At first sniff I almost cringed at this scent! It was very tart, citrusy, and strong. Must have been the Yuzu. I didn't give up yet...

After a few seconds I began to detect the white peach. Half an hour later the jasmine and magnolia had warmed up enough to make me very, very happy that I'd purchased a full bottle!

Dry-down is unique in that it is warm and woody with slight traces of vanilla, but if you get close enough you can still detect a faint tart green note. This is a very beautiful winter fragrance, as it's heavy and warming. Thus far, it has lasted over seven hours...pretty good for an EDT.

27th March, 2011
Softness and subtlety are the bywords for Jaïpur Saphir. It has less presence than Jaïpur, but it is not really a washed out version of its progenitor. The fruit and cardamom accord is the first to show up. Then the florals blossom with a beautiful transparency. After that comes the base of amber and vanilla and sandalwood. All the accords are exquisite, and the sillage stays delicate and refined but they retain a genuine presence. Jaïpur Saphir can serve as a model of refinement and proportion. There is nothing in the fragrance that gets anywhere near dissonance, unbalance, or headiness; it is perfect.

Originally submitted 06 April 2007, Taiwan
05th December, 2010
Hello hello.......

Jaipur Saphir is the first fragrance in which I finally experienced a real "accord." What I mean is, I "heard" the melody produced by the strumming of the guitar, and it made sense to me. I saw how each note played with the others to produce that melody and I "saw" the mathematical/lyrical composition to it.

JS is soft, fresh and at first I thought this will wear off in a minute or two. Then, at unexpected intervals throughout the day, "dddrrrrran......." the guitar strums.

Ok, so what am I actually smelling here? Cardamom, milk, vanilla, peaches, roses, magnolias, cashews, cinnamon, a touch of coriander, or maybe cumin, seed.

Has anyone here ever had Kashmiri tea( the pink one)? It's a little like JS. Yum.
07th October, 2010
This review is for the EDT version: mildly spicy, ambery and creamy woods...not too loud, but beautiful and subtle with just the right amount of sweetness. When I first applied it, it smelled vaguely familiar to me, then I realized that it is very similar in tone to L'Instant de Guerlain as both have dominating notes of magnolia, amber and vanilla. The EDT doesnt have geat silliage and lays close to the skin as it goes into a warm, buttery drydown. I like it enough that I will be looking for it in EDP or parfum strength. It's a "feminine" fragrance, but the right self-assured man could really pull this off...he'd have to beat the women off with a stick.
07th August, 2009
I like it.

It’s true that it has a kind of bubble-gummy feel to it, but it doesn’t smell cheap to me at all.

Apart from some flowers, I get peaches, heliotrope, and dash of cinnamon with smooth and delicious vanilla base.

This is a very nice scent for women. It smells very good if not used with too heavy hand on the trigger.
A tad too feminine juice to be worn by me(n).
03rd February, 2009
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United States
I have to agree...this is very girly. I guess the only thing is, I wish it had more staying power.
01st December, 2008
Jaïpur Saphir evokes the Taj Mahal at midafternoon or perfumed gardens of the East...sun ripened fruit in floral bowers waiting to be picked. The opening peach notes, spiced with cardamon mesh seamlessly with the underlying floral medley of jasmine and magnolia, and yet another spicy scent - but understated. It is like a jeweled necklace, accompanied by gold and amber teardrop earrings. I do not detect the musk- the vanilla warms the drydown, clinging close to the skin, whispering throughout the days wearing; never loud or brazen. If this scent were a fabric it would be silk.
17th November, 2007
I really love the smell of JS. It's very powdery and girly. I was so pleased I bought it, and then my skin broke out in a huge rash :( I wish so much that I were not allergic to it.

Another beautiful factice by Boucheron. The bottles are almost like jewelry to me LOL

26th May, 2007
This is one of my favorite perfumes. I agree with some of the previous decsriptions: it's cool and velvety but at the same time you can smell hints of vanilla and woods, which softens things up. It smells luminous and bright but has enough mystery and darkness to not be too boring. Finally, it is powdery but wet at the same time. Simply divine, at least on my skin.
14th May, 2007
Lots of good reviews of this one so far. The peach is most apparent in the opening. Then, it fades and gives way to some soft, approachable florals. As it dries down you're left with a vanilla-floral-fruit accord that is smoothly blended together into one tight, warm, lush scent. It's not as heavy or sweet as Jaipur Homme. Realistically, this is quite unisex, at least for the more daring among us.
06th March, 2007
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Jaipur Saphir is delcious. I would normally pass up this type of fruit blend ( peach, yuzu, tangerine) but it seems to work effortlessly, gorgeously, and has this sweet little mystery note that lingers.
Magnolia, Stephanotis Jasmine and Heliotrope are at the heart of it, The drydown is warm, sensual and pleasant. Amber, Cinnamon wood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Karmir wood.
26th September, 2006
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United States
This and La Parisienne are my Holy Grail scents. I adore this scent because it's feminine without being too sweet or the tired, old fruity / foral stuff we're inundated with these days. It is cool and velvety but not too icey. It's unique but not too far out like Lolita Lempika. I feel so serene wearing this.
13th September, 2006
Another yet even better addition by Boucheron. Better than Jaipur. I love it.
05th August, 2006
A favourite of mine too.My husband likes Jaipur on me but I prefer this one.I don't really notice much of a difference in the two.This seems a bit lighter to me than Jaipur and lasts longer on my skin.
04th June, 2006
Admittedly, when I see a fragrance packaged with blue ~ my senses prepare for either marine or water floral tones. What a pleasant suprise Saphir is! Immediately, there is a strong fruity/spicey top note that quickly dries down to the soft and powdery sandalwood/vanilla blend. A subtle (and I mean very subtle) floral bouquet lasts throughout. It is quite nice. Perfect for everyday wear. I can see this fragrance gaining wide appeal. Not particularly long lasting. Although it's cool weather now, I'm looking forward to spritzing this one on during the warmer months to come. I think it will be a staple of mine this year! Oh yeah, my husband likes it too!
26th February, 2006
This is one of my favorite fragrances. I think it has to do with the vetiver on drydown. It's spicy and woodsy and beautiful and people ALWAYS comment when I wear it.
09th March, 2005