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I miss this scent. When I get a chance I'm going to pick it up again. This one is classy and lingering. It is a good blend for a non-floral day.
04th April, 2015
I'm male. My wife has this bottle and I've worn the juice several times. It's almost too much at the top, but the dry down is wonderful and addictive. I consider it unisex, but I like to wear some other feminine fragrances as well so it could just be me. She also has the flanker Brit Sheer which I'd like to swap for something else. (Her third bottle right now is Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum which works nicely on my skin - I love that stuff).

On my wife, the Burberry projection and sillage is just ok. I think she's light on the sprays.

I think this is a good fragrance for staying with its wearer during the day (it doesn't fade too quickly or give me olfactory fatigue).
08th October, 2014
I love when something surprises me and makes me question what I think I know about myself.

On paper, I would have never given this scent a chance. Until I smelled Burberry Classic, my favorite perfume was Prada Prada. I thought I only liked resinous, powdery, earthy scents. I was positive that I hated gourmand or fruity perfumes.

But on a whim, one day I sprayed Burberry Classic on me while shopping in a department store. 30 minutes later, I was retracing my steps to the fragrance counter to purchase what was the most delicious thing I'd ever smelled. I wanted to eat my own arm. This perfume and my body chemistry are like totally LYLAS BFFs.

Just a few months later, and I'm already on my second bottle. I REGRET NOTHING! Honestly, I've never craved a scent as much as I do this. I feel sort of sad on the days I choose another scent from my wardrobe. I'm always eager to come home, shower, and put my Burberry back on. Burberry Women is just comfortable. It's comforting. It's home.
24th July, 2014
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To me and my untrained nose, this has a light rosy scent to me. I guess that is the geranium that my nose is picking up from it. I like it very much as it is not harsh or screechy. I like the way it makes me feel when i wear it; calm and serene.
I am new to describing notes or accords of fragrances, but they seem to put you into a sort of a halo of scent for lack of a better way to describe it. Some halos seem to imprison you in them making you want to escape from it, others make you feel comfortable and serene inside it. This fragrance does the later for me.
22nd July, 2014
This smells so gorgeous on my skin, it's absolute heaven in a bottle. It's a great scent for any occasion, it's comforting and feminine.
27th March, 2013
A new favorite, I'll keep buying this one. Love the warm, cosy way I feel wearing it. I am going to try the other Burberry scents as well.
31st March, 2012 (last edited: 01st April, 2012)
very ellegant perfume, for evening wear.However it has a "cleaness" in it that allows you to use it in daytime too without being heavy and annoying for others. I cannot descibe how it smells like and which the main ingredients are-a fact that surprises me-
i get something like woods, amber and flowers from it. definately will buy it again and i advise everyone to try it.
29th February, 2012
On e of my favourites, since first getting a bottle around 4 years ago it is one of the only ones that I always replace... it's an essential now.

Warm, creamy, soft, intimate, peachy, and individual... it's also quite classy and yet sweet and endearing. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it and people always want to know what it is. I've also had a hard time finding it as it's been invariably listed or advertised as different names, subsequently I purchased a bottle of Burberry London, thinking that's what it was only to be disappointed as I don't really like London much...
12th July, 2011
Interesting — obviously a fragrance that performs differently on different skins. I think it is a shape shifter because I get somewhat different reactions every time I test it. It begins with an accord that I have difficulty categorizing. I get a soft creamy lavender / bergamot accord and definitely some mint, but I don’t get an herbal effect from the mint or the thyme. At first I didn’t smell any fruit in the mix, but each time I tested it, the fruit note became more apparent. But even after several testings, the opening accord has not become excessively sweet. It’s an excellent opening that I’ve come to appreciate. It gives a neutral warm feeling without emphasizing any particular note. I find it abstract, quite modern, and casual. The heart of the fragrance IS identifiable — it is woody and creamy. To my nose, the cedar and sandalwood stand out with the strong assistance of the geranium and the jasmine. I love this middle accord — the cedar is beautifully presented because it is used with such discretion. It has a warmth to it that I usually don’t get from cedar, and the middle accords are long lasting and entirely sniffable. The drydown turns somewhat recessive, though. The amber simply doesn’t come through for me, although the sweetness of the tonka and some vanilla does. Without the amber, the drydown strikes me as rather thin. In spite of the drydown, this is a good fragrance: It’s never going to be a classic, but it’s a pretty fragrance that will hold its own as a trustworthy casual. The top levels are enjoyable and competently done. The drydown could and should be fuller and broader, but all things considered, it’s a thumbs’ up.

06th December, 2010
Burberry Women is a clean, yet warm, musky fragrance that is subtle as an everyday perfume. BW is the girl next door, she was taught to be polite and sophisticated, yet down to earth and always approachable. I love that this perfume is not a floral, yet so feminine. It has an ambery, woodsy, vanillic base, with a hint of spice. Its sweet, but not too sweet. I love the musk and apple notes I smell in this. The apple makes this scent a real snuggler. It brings to mind moods of staying in, with a loved one, watching a movie, fire place roaring, and red wine on hand. This is a perfume that may always be in my wardrobe because its such a no brainer scent. Its one of my go to perfumes for good reason. Its last forever on me and lies close to my skin. Those who are lucky enough to get close enough to catch a whiff, will no doubt be charmed. This fragrance is the ultimate Burberry. The best of all the others.
17th October, 2010
This sure is nice when the temperature is below 10 F. It makes you feel warm and cozy. I do pick perfumes sometimes based on how they make me feel and this one is warmth to me. I'm a big fan of vanilla and amber so that may also have something to do with why the more I wear this the more I like it. I bought it for the first time years ago when it was Burberry London.

Was in the Burberry store today and was told that Burberry London is being discontinued. Because at one point this was known as Burberry, then Burberry London, and then back to Burberry I went into a panic. They didn't have any of the plain Burberry. Went to Sephora this afternoon and bought a bottle of Burberry just on case they decide to discontinue. Also bought some Burberry The Beat while at the Burberry store.

I'm so tired of the perfume companies reformulating and discontinuing. When I was in Sephora I tried a couple of scents. All the new perfumes smell alike to me. Artificial vanilla, overly floral, or overly citrus are predominant. They all have a chemical smell and hurt my nose. That's why I'm buying extra of the ones I like.
27th September, 2010 (last edited: 20th January, 2015)
Does anyone else get...MOLASSES?? And I mean that in a very, very good way, lie the really dark, strong stuff that sits way back in the pantry, just waiting to be added to some luxurious, yet simple, treat. Maybe this is what another reviewer called "carmel apple." Yeah. I get that. Yummy. Just add black current and spice and you've got me hooked. Very original. Syrupy but somehow not in a bad way, probably due to the cedar in the base. Ok I'm getting molasses again.
15th June, 2010
Oh how I adore this scent. It was my signature for YEARS and now I'm trying to find something new and break my habit. *sigh*
No sillage??? are you kidding? this fragrance wafts in the air for me- albeit shortly compared to some other scents I own (Bulgari; Bright Crystal).
I always get compliments on how I smell when wearing this- it is so inviting. Men adore it and I agree that it is very much unisex in smell. I love the apple and warm amber smell. It reminds me of a caramel apple- and who doesn't like those?
To me, it is along the lines of Versace Signature pour femme. It is unassuming yet daring. I love it!
24th March, 2010
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I would like to echo the business perfection of this. Burberry classic is a beautiful mix that is feminine enough to embrace, but masculine enough to make this perfect for wearing perfume that doesn't scream for male attention. Our first impression on first sniff was... British.
23rd March, 2010
Usually, I prefer some *sillage*.
But this skin scent is so elegant and simple, it is impossible not to respect.
It's a perfect balance of elements (i.e., fruit, musk, leather), which create something feminine yet staid. It has a very identifiable character and "personality", which I consider a hallmark of a great perfume.

This is my scent for when I need to be "pulled-together" and business-like. And yet it isn't at all unsexy.

Don't let the fruity designation or the top notes put you off: this is no teenage sweetie-pie.
27th February, 2010
This is a wonderful scent, and quite unisex, IMO. The opening is an interesting blend of fruits (peach and apple are both identifiable) and harder to define spice notes. This opening is a little bit loud, but relatively unique, and quite pleasing.

I have no idea where the topnotes in the pyramid above came from; they doesn't reflect the opening at all.

As the scent evolves, it gradually dries into a very dry, dusty, almost resinous amber and mossy sandalwood accord, which maintains softening sweet element. I could swear that there's good helping of oakmoss in there, but I could be wrong. This compelling and versatile drydown is why I don't hesitate to wear this scent myself.

My girlfriend likes it (finally, she likes something other than a vanilla-beast oriental!!), but I steal it occasionally. Big thumbs up.
05th February, 2010
a perfume with a happy tone...
04th February, 2010 (last edited: 26th January, 2011)
Though not my personal favorite, it seems that guys seem to really like this scent. Doesn't seem very feminine to me.
11th October, 2009
This is such a great scent: soft, subtle, and delicious with a musky, sensual drydown. It's an easy scent to wear, appropriate in all seasons and for any occasion. Much more quiet than its Brit cousins, it's soft and pleasing, wearing like a second skin. It's a staple in my fragrance wardrobe, one of my "go-to" scents that always works.
18th July, 2008
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United States
I am confused also. I just bought the perfume shown in the picture on this page- just plain Burberry (for women). After reading the notes listed on this page- it didn't smell like the same perfume. On Burberry's website, it list Burberry as having black currant, green apple, peach and marigold as top notes, cedarwood, jasmine, moss and sandalwood as middle or heart notes, and musk and vanilla as dry down or base notes. THAT is what I smell. Do I have the right perfume? If I do- I LOVE it!
13th December, 2007
Like shellygilbert, I've always smelled peaches - or apricot, in my case. This fragrance was my favorite for many years and was the one fragrance that always yielded the most compliments. Like Tovah said, it was custom-made for my chemistry...

Now that I'm older and a mom, I don't think I can wear it the way I could when I was a single career girl. Still, one whiff of it sends me back to carefree days.
03rd November, 2007
I swore I could smell green apples but it is not in the notes. Maybe I'm mistaking something else for it. At any rate, it is one of the rare Burberrys that I actually like. It's clean, even a bit soapy but also warmish.
14th May, 2007
One of my favourite fragrances. It reminds me of sunny summer days... that's why I love wearing it in the winter, or when it is rainy outside, or anytime I feel down.
21st March, 2007
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United States
I love this fragrance and it's one I've repurchased and it's been a part of my wardrobe for several years. If I had the restraint to have a signature scent, Burberry would surely be a candidate...

It's warm, sexy, original, ambery, elegant, and overall, beautiful. Something in the top notes reminds me of peach tea (in a really good way!), and the drydown is as sensual as can be. It's like this was custom-made for my chemisty, and it gets compliments every time I wear it. I've even known people who have purchased it because they enjoyed it so much when I was wearing it!
06th December, 2006
I used to wear this one a lot. Mint in a fragrance always attracts me. But this isn't a cool scent, it's warm and cuddly and lasted a long time on me. The tonka, I suppose, is what made it seem vanillic, just short of gourmand. Though someone did tell me once that I smelled like a cookie when I was wearing this, so it's somewhat sweetish. I stopped using it because I grew tired of it and felt like concentrating on other types of fragrances. But it's a nice one. Just not what I'm into right now.
16th October, 2006
Okay, I'm confused...I've ALWAYS smelled peaches when I wear Burberry, but reading the noted I see that there are no darn peaches in this fragrance. Maybe my nose is playing tricks on me? Anyway, this is one of my top 10. Love it.
14th October, 2006
I love this scent. I'm surprised by it every time that I wear it. I usually put it on when I'm feeling happy and it's sunny outside. Great for the day and light enough for the office.
29th May, 2006
This was always my scent, until t hit some kind of huge popular rush in the last 3-4 years. Now it smells like everyone else and no one asks "what are you wearing?" anymore. I am looking for a new one. This is stale....
04th April, 2006
Another one of my top 10 list of woman fragrances, it smells well on almost everybody: on my best friend, on an executive at a project I was a couple of years ago... and on my mother-in-law!!! Mainly vanilla and maybe amber, it have very sweet notes I guess maybe fruits. A winter parfum, as it may be so strong in summer and in overspray cases.
17th March, 2006
I like this one. It certainly smells edible but I don't find it overbearing like some sweet/fruit scents. It's a nice daytime fragrance to wear when you want to smell nice.
19th January, 2006