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Negative Reviews of Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

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I loved Anaïs Anaïs when I was at uni, was unhappy that it was discontinued, and a bit doubtful when the original form was supposedly relaunched. I held off trying it for a long time, but finally caved in, and gave it a go.

It's...recognizable. But all I could think of was that the 'relaunch' is to the original what Jessica Simpson's cover of 'These Boots are Made for Walking' is to Nancy Sinatra's original. The general floral structure is there, but it's flattened, somehow sterilized, and despite being a copy, somehow manages to completely miss the point.

The original was soft, with something vaguely, elusively raw beneath/behind it, layered, nuanced, coherent. The new stuff is flat, harshly cloying, artificial, and lacks a heart to pull it together. I'd hoped that the drydown would yield a more pleasant side, but nope. Even the new 'old' label reflect the changes.
15th April, 2015 (last edited: 16th April, 2015)
I gave this one away. It gave me a reeling headache, and once, an ocular migraine. Beautiful bottle.
09th June, 2014
This is definitely a teenager's perfume, not one for a sophisticated adult! For me its far too simple and ordinary and reminds me of girls at school who thought that wearing this made them all grown up when they were anything but.
23rd April, 2010 (last edited: 01st April, 2011)
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This perfume is for me as classic example of how a perfume's success can vary so much from person to person.
I remember at high school, sitting in our hall taking our exams, a bubbly blonde American girl was wearing Anais Anais. It was intoxicating but suited her perfectly and it smelled so nice on that summer's day. Really fresh and clean and soapy. I remember inhaling deeply several times, I'm sure the whole hall smelt it as it was so strong.
I decided to get some for myself, very sure in the fact I liked it, I purchased a full size bottle. Urrrgh! Big mistake! Smelt awful on me - verrrry flowery, but just disgusting, not like on the other girl! I smelt like an old lady or a mature woman. I tried it a couple of times as was so annoyed I'd forked out for a large bottle. It never smelled nice on me though, so I sold it in the end.
Anyway, I will never again make the mistake of thinking that just because a perfume smells nice on someone else, will it necessarily smell nice on me!
12th March, 2010
Such a powdery floral that I swear I smelled like my grandmother. The floral is so strong & nauseatingly sweet that it made me ill wearing it. I tried many times to wear it because I hated the idea of having wasted my money on it (that's what ya get for not waiting to see how the scent lives with you), but I just couldn't stomach wearing it anymore. Finally it had sat around so long that I just threw out the bottle which was nearly full.
25th August, 2009
Another fragrance worn by my mum for as long as I can remember. I never liked Anais Anais, it always smelled powdery and reminded me of the horrible floral soaps my gran used to buy.
29th July, 2009
I read in a review somewhere that this was a "leathery floral", so being the leather freak I am, I wanted to try it. I got a cheap 5 ml bottle from ebay. I was disappointed. To my nose, there was no leather to be found...It's just a linear, powdery floral and not much else. This is the kind of scent that makes me dismiss florals in general. However, a whole lot of people out there must like it since it's still being produced.
21st July, 2009
Too much sweetness in this it is sickening. I wish i could like it more but I just don't. My husband like it on me but smelling all rosy and flowery, I know that I'm not being myself.

Having said so, it happens to smell really nice on a friend that I know.

Perhaps it is one of those fragrance that does weird thing to it's wearer's nose, but work pleasantly on others.
18th June, 2009
You all must have had this experience: You try on a new scent, and it makes you gag, wretch and cry out "Ugh, horrible." Then, for the rest of the day, people say, "Oh, you smell so nice. What is that perfume you're wearing?" Anais Anais did that for me. I find it far too sharp and flowery, like haveing rose-scented baby powder shoved up my nose, but there are many people who love it. (By "people" I mean women. No man complimented me on it.)
25th January, 2009
This was my first 'proper' perfume, bought for me by my Dad and at the time seen as a real step up from the Avon solid sticks! Many years later I was REALLY surprised when my ex advised me to buy it for his Mum at Christmas! Fine for a 13 year old, not so suited to a 65 year old. Cloyingly sweet and simple and can be horribly overpowering.
27th December, 2008
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United Kingdom
I know this is for some reason a hugely popular perfume but personally I find it sickening. I have been given this as a present before and had to give it away, I just couldn't wear it. I have never liked any of Cacharel's perfumes, finding them cheap-smelling, and had a similar reaction to Eden. I thought I liked it when I smelled it on someone else, got some, put it on, and promptly sickened myself and all of my family! So, no, big thumbs down on this one for me, another one where I just don't get what all the fuss about it is.
20th October, 2008
yuck! this has to be my least favourite fragrance, very outdated and smells kinda soapy :S
(but then i dislike chanel no 5 which is one of the most popular perfumes!)
31st July, 2007
Yuck! An old lady's heavily scented lotion or an old, cracked, pink guest soap. I just hate florals. This sure ain't worthy of Anaïs Nin, but it's very worthy of the yucky pastel coloured 80ies bottle design.
30th December, 2006
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United States
This fragrance is actually named after Anais Nin, the avant-garde novelist who became famous for her erotica. Since I love Anais' books, I had to try this scent. I wish I hadn't... it smells like cheap scented soap. Wearing it is like being beaten over the head with a bunch of lilies. Sweet, light, feminine, and absolutely sickening... Anais Anais definitely doesn't deserve its name.
21st September, 2006
When I was a kid, my aunt had these tiny little guest soaps in her bathroom. They were shaped like flowers and swans, and smelled just like Anais Anais. For this memory being so distinct, I cannot appreciate this fragrance. Even when I smell someone wearing it, I feel like I'm back in Auntie's bathroom...sorry.
29th April, 2006
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United States
All that rises to the surface on me is something akin to cloves. I suppose it's the spice/carnation composition or some element of the incense note. It's so hot and ugly it's almost painful. Another demonstration of how personal chemistry and individual perception play into the marriage that is fragrance and flesh.
21st April, 2006
Well, it looks that I'm in the vast minority here. I thought that Anais Anais was one of the worst white florals that I have ever smelled. I admit that I'm not at all a white floral fan, but this one had some medicinal musky tone to it that I just could not take at all. Eck.
28th February, 2006
I like L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci and First by Van Cleef & Arpels, but I just hate this one. The bottle looks cheap and The scent is way too powdery. Luckily, none of my friends like this one.
10th October, 2005