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Neutral Reviews of Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

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United States
Ah, the scent of past girlfriends.... This powdery floral has a sandalwoody base and is a real sorority girl of a scent. It is sweet, pretty and hangs on just long enough to make an impression. It is as deep as a puddle but charming none the less.
20th June, 2015
Nice perfume for teenagers (not an insult!)

In the bottle, I love it. On my skin, the chemistry turns it straight to soap; there are enough flowers, spice, and incense/musk to back up the soapiness and make it something special. A nice "wear to bed" scent, or for after the shower. I live in a very hot, humid area, and I imagine that the powdery sweetness would balance into something more sophisticated in cooler, clearer weather. Nice for a tween or teenage girl because it is complex enough to be a good introduction into more unusual perfumes, and decidedly non-sexual, which can be a relief for the parents.

Pros: Pleasant in an innocent way; a bit different from most florals
Cons: Can be TOO different for some"

15th October, 2013
My memory of this is something a bit too spicy-flowery to be a signature fragrance, but it was pleasant. It's a white cotton sundress sort of a scent.
09th September, 2012
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A white, spicy carnation that is perhaps a tad too spare, sour and powdery to pass with today's girls, despite it's pleasant, soapy realism. I have a scent memory connecting Anais Anais to my pediatricians office when I was barely four years old. It bears the same scrubbed and sterile aesthetic, without being unpleasant.
30th May, 2011
I thought this was a little too overpowering and powdery for my liking. Not something that I can imagine appealing to me at any age. I wouldn't describe Anais Anais as being powdery and heavy like Chanel No.5, but rather a sourish floral scent. This however has great lasting power. I'm also not a fan of the bottle. They should have made a new bottle design since the original has been around for nearly 40 years.

I decided to give this another try to see whether my opinions might have changed. At first spray I realised why I didn't like it, it smelt rather like the weeds that are so common in Australian fields. It was greenish and sour. However, the drydown of this fragrance which I'd previously missed was rather likable. It wasn't unique in any way, but was rather soapy, powdery and fresh. Still not my cup of tea but not as bad as I previously thought.

26th April, 2011
This is a 50's scent frozen in a capsule and unearthed decades later. It's like an even more polite Coup de Fouet in that it's prim and powdery and the Carnation in Anais Anais is so prevalently spicy it seems to imitate clove. The incense is interesting in a good way but at the same time manages to make this concoction smell old and a little musty. It's a polite, spicy and smoky powdered green. I like it, though it wouldn't wear well on anybody I know.
28th March, 2011
Like many others this was one of the first perfumes I ever owned as a pre-teen! I love it just for the nostalgic value but even though as a smell I think it's still very pretty, as a woman's perfume it just smells cheap.
27th September, 2009
This surely is a girls perfume and was the first perfume for me, too, when I was fourteen. But I rather have the sweet lily and hyacinth waving at me in my garden than on my skin now.
17th July, 2009
I have fond memories of this one- I wore it on my wedding day 25 years ago! Have to say, though, that it's almost too floral- and this is coming from someone who adores florals...
02nd June, 2009
This was the first "real" perfume I ever used, which I purchased at 13. I thought it was wonderfully elegant and grown-up. The following summer, I went on exchange to the south of France. My host Mom promptly declared Cacharel a "minor" house and took me to the Chanel counter, where the clerk hooked me up with Chanel Cristalle. A couple of decades and many fragrances later, this smells pretty insipid, but as an entry-level soft floral for someone in her early teens, it's inoffensive enough.
21st December, 2008
I think it's ok as a smell, but I prefer hyacinths in a beautiful vase than on me.
15th December, 2008
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United Kingdom
Go to a flower shop. Buy a bouquet of white lilies and hyacinths. Get them home and spray some inexpensive, but nice deodorant on them. Leave for a few hours. Now stick your head right in. Take a deep breath. You've pretty much got Anaïs Anaïs.

It's like a good pop song that's been overplayed in the radio - wasn't considered "cheap" when it was launched by any means, but its sheer availability and exposure has devalued it quite a bit. There are far worse florals being released today, but I'm not convinced that makes for a top proposition for the perfume of your dreams either.

On a personal note, this takes me back to my teens when an older girl I admired used to wear it and I kept thinking it was wonderful.
03rd August, 2008
Anaïs Anaïs has been in the stores all years since it´s release, and is almost a classic, I guess, but I have never liked to wear it. It just is too strong and too sweet on my skin. No matter how old I get, it will never be one of my faves. Others wears it very well, so I rate it with a neutral thumb.
14th June, 2008
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A very lady-like floral bouquet with a hint of bergamot... It is too old-fashioned for now though.
22nd December, 2007
Ths was my first ever frangrance. I was devoted to it between the age of 16 and 20 or so and for that reason I will always feel fondly towards it. It will alway evoke a special tiime in my life. I wouldn't wear it now if you paid me, though.
03rd March, 2007
I liked this when I was a teenager, bought this a while ago but didn't seem to remember why I liked it then. Seems there's a big difference between the EDP and the EDT, I bought the EDP and my memories were of the EDT which is much better and lighter. The EDP is way to strond to call it a light perfume. Basenotes schould make a difference between these two versions.
05th December, 2006
Very sweet but creamy, it’s an instantly recognizable scent. The top is very fleeting with the oranges flowers flying by if you don’t pay too much attention, and the middle notes come fast and strong: it’s not what I would call too heady, but it does have a certain heavyness that might have something to do more with the carnation and the hyachinth than the lily. Strong sillage! The incense creeps in smack in the middle of the mid-notes and trail all the way to the end of the basenotes that add a certain gothic flavor into it (IMHO), but still making it sort of innocent, so I would call it a white or grey incense, the sandalwood is faint and the quality of it is questionable. I never really loved the scent but I do respect it, I have had some people in my life that wore this scent and on some it was too cloying and on some it was just right, and to me, it remided me of days past and it does feel a bit dated, but never 80s or 70s, I mean like from another century almost. It was intended for younger women as it has been said but if you look at it in a calmer manner, you can see that it’s all to do with the marketing and the naïve pictures that make it become that way, and not because of the scent itself, and since it has been with us for so many years, people have the image printed on them and that’s hard to shake off. A bit soapy and somewhat simple, it amazes me that it has so many fans and that it can be so evocative.
09th October, 2006