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Thirty-some years ago I had a miniature bottle of this. Recently I obtained a vintage sample. It is like smelling this for the first time, as I do not remember it from long ago.

I am able to pick out many notes, even though they are all mixed together well. I get a touch of citrus. Rich honeysuckle, lily, jasmine, carnation, tuberose, muguet, and a hint of rose. The base doesn't take long to emerge, for me. Sandalwood, amber, patchouli, oak moss, and incense seem to hug the florals. I won't even entertain the thought of a purchase of a modern bottle or decant. I seriously doubt it would be this rich, dark, and dreamy. It is greenish, slightly animalic (probably from the jasmine and patchouli), and has je ne sais quoi. Nostalgic.
20th April, 2018
I have to be honest, I am not a fan of Cacharel fragrances; Anais Anais (now Anais Anais L'Orignal) is the exception, and the one and only Cacharel I can wear. (I love smelling Eden on other people, but it doesn't work on me).

Anais Anais always strikes me as a very natural smelling floral summer fragrance. On my skin, I really don't get the various wood, musk, leather and vetiver base notes; if they're there at all on me, they give depth to the floral notes, rather than stand out in their own right. Anais Anais certainly isn't the most sophisticated fragrance (that isn't meant in a derogatory way), and one I only wear in warm weather, but a very pleasant, natural floral for the summer months; and, for me, far preferable to the hundreds of throw-away vanilla and white musk fragrances that are currently so popular.

Sadly, as with many of my favourite fragrances, the once comprehensive Anais Anais range has been drastically reduced in recent years: originally there was Parfum, Eau de Parfum (which at first had the now dated name Parfum de Toilette), Eau de Toilette in bottles and sprays, handbag sprays of each concentration, as well as bath and body products, including soap, body lotion, shower gel etc. Now all that remains are three sizes of Eau de Toilette; the Cacharel site also lists body lotion, but I have failed to find this in any of the major UK outlets.

There are now several Anais Anais flankers, and the original is now renamed Anais Anais L'Original; the new name has been accompanied by a new, more colourful label on the bottles, which unfortunately, looks cheap.

To end on an amusing note, I can't think of Anais Anais, without remembering a story which always makes me chuckle: many years one of my friends worked in the perfumery of a department store; one day a young man came to her counter, and asked for a bottle of his wife's favourite perfume, "Anus Anus"!
10th April, 2018
It's a soft and powdery fragrance, innocent yet sensual. People assume it's a "teenager perfume", but it's definitively an adult thing, and suits even older women. Reminds of ladies doing their hair at the dressing table. I can imagine the girls of the 1980s wearing this, but it just doesn't suit the girls of nowadays. It was an era of musks and moss and Anaïs Anaïs was a breath of youth and fresh air, but now it's very vintage and old school.
02nd March, 2018
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Who didn't own a bottle of this in the 80's. I wore it and loved it. So feminine, it was the scent of the popular girls in high school. Floral but not defined, just pretty smelling.
20th September, 2016
The orange blossom, white florals, and creamy sandalwood work together to make a light, almost honeysuckle accord. This is a beautiful fragrance.
10th September, 2016
The L'Original EDT available today is a favorite. It has great lasting power on me, and I haven't tried the EDP as I like what I have.

I'm sure I was around girls who wore it when I was young, though my nostalgic connection to it is through the hyacinth note, which emerges as the strongest accord when I wear it. See, as a pre-teen, one of my favorite possessions was a Coty Sweet Earth solid perfume compact that held three floral scents: honeysuckle, ylang ylang, and hyacinth. The other two florals I've smelled often in my perfume life, but hyacinth doesn't turn up that much.

I don't find Anais Anais to be sweet at all, but a gentle green floral chypre. I had an accident with it today that turned out fab. I forgot I'd applied some Goutal Gardenia Passion EDT a couple of hours before (love it, but yes, it's fleeting) and I put on some Anais Anais. The application revived the Goutal, and with its green vegetal quality, it was really simpatico layered with the Cacharel.
21st October, 2015

Inspired by ancient fairy tales.ANIS ANIS is a white floral spin that speaks even more romantically of that which we're all after:The great love.It is a recognizable smell and not overpowering.Sensual but not in a decadent way.A innocent fragrance with a wonderful mystique that is sure to please. Remarkable,Rememberable,Timeless,Romantic,Stylish, Sophisticated,Mystical,Classic,Charming and Feminine.

A blend of high powdery floral notes like honeysuckle,jasmine, rose,orris and orange blossom with a rich combination of lower accents including incense,leather,amber and vetiver that add dimension, depth and warmth to this elegant and feminine perfume.It smells like a walk through and enchanted garden.

ANAIS ANAIS has a strong enough scent that makes it noticeable,but it is not never painful like most other perfumes.It is perfect for anytime of day.I recommend it for Spring and Autumn seasons.If you are looking for a refreshing and cute floral scent that any man will love,i highly recommend this one,you wont regret it if you are elegant and elegance lady.


Longevity?Great on my skin.

02nd June, 2015
Aaaah, yes! In 1978, when it first came out, I was only 9 nine years old and I found it at the age of thirteen. However, this turned out to be the second perfume of my then very young life (the first was L'Oréal's Eau Jeune Senteurs Fraiche, which is still produced, but not available in Germany). Anais Anais was the one I used for years, I loved it, and I'm always taken back to the time I was a teenager when I smell it. And it still works with my chemistry. I love it, and always will. It is probably not really a masterpiece, but well-crafted, there's no comparable fragrance of which I know. One also remembers the advertisements of Anais Anais, the young blonde etherial fairy-like girls, pretty close to Davd Hamilton's movies. Not for very day - but great memories!
02nd October, 2014
One of the icons of modern perfumery, both in its simplicity and historically, because it was the first serious scent marketed to the teen-aged girl market.

Incredibly simple composition, dominated first by a blast of muguet (which is reminiscent of Patou's Joy), then calming down to a sweet, sweet heart of mixed florals. Joyous, happy, exuberant. Perfect for ages 16-28, after that a more sophisticated and complex scent is appropriate.

The ingredients as listed by Barbara Herman are different from those listed above by Basenotes:

Top notes: Bergamot, Galbanum, Muguet
Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose, Ylang, Orris
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Musk, Moss, Amber

Turin gives it four stars and dubs it a "fresh floral." He notes that due to its ingredients not being expensive or difficult to obtain, it has not been messed with during the past 36 years. That is all to the good.

The perfect gift for the teen-ager who is entering the world of perfumery.
07th September, 2014
Genre: Green Floral

Anaïs Anaïs is a breezy, bright, powdery-green floral scent, like a de-fanged Chanel No. 19. It’s very much a “little girl” scent, but it’s miles away from the dimwitted "froot" punch concoctions marketed to teenage girls in celebrity-labeled pink bottles. No, this one is what pretty, clever, and well-behaved twelve year-olds should be wearing out to Sunday brunch with grandma. I think it’s charming. I’ll have to see what my daughter has to say about it…
09th June, 2014
How a scent can cause an echo, as though it has carved out a quiet space around me.Serene and protective, it's heavenly.
23rd April, 2014
This is "my" scent; I'm so grateful it came along when I was a young woman. It becomes wonderful on my skin, and I rarely wear anything else. From reading the other posts, I think it might work best on dry skin.
17th February, 2014
Easy to wear, quite girly and light, it's more of day perfume rather than evening
31st January, 2014
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I oversprayed in zealous enjoyment while still a beginner and thought this a synthetic glorified femine hygiene monster. Sprayed instead on freshly cleaned skin and in colder air, such austere beauty. The perfect scent for a cloistered poetess in Amherst or a governess in love with her tragic benefactor. As a moony-eyed high school art goth I wore Demeter's Funeral Home. Anais Anais is the quintessential goth girl perfume in sheep's clothing, as it takes those lillies and carnations central to Funeral Home and burns sweet sad incense in a soft leather-gloved hand, blowing away dust to make way for stark powder and milky green stems. Put the marketing, iconic as it is, aside and disregard the teenage girl demographic. Anais Anais is most of all literary in that it is linear, associative, bittersweet, concerned with love and death but couched in accessible metaphor, wise but virginal though not too youthful. The namesake Nin's writings I do not detect anywhere in mood or vision, hers an entirely sexualized world. This commercial perfume sold in plastic and largely unchanged since its creation is more spiritual. And more than any of these literary figures evoked, no Lolita here for me in the least by the way--she is much more Angel, I have to recite some of Ophelia's lines during any wearing. Nunneries, primrose paths, morbid mad tragic wistful love. The literary gothic romance.
21st November, 2012
I was given this in 2001, and had not tried it before, despite it being around for so long. I love it; it is a warm comforting sent, somehow reassuring. It is another fragrance that I would call “well crafted”, the notes working in harmony. I would not have thought I would have liked it, if I had looked at the notes first, very floral for me, but something about it just works, in my view a classic.
24th September, 2012
Wore this to death around 1982. It is completely white floral, I get nothing of the sandalwood or incense on this, but the drydown is fantastic. I associate this with young women, first weddings, etc. If you can get some of the bath gel on Ebay, be sure to grab it, because it almost smells better than the perfume.
02nd September, 2012
it is like lots of flower surrounds you. clean and young.
03rd July, 2012
I have discovered that for me, a scent must have spice to be worth wearing. This one is very light but oh, so nice.

Carnations and incense with lots of powder. Very feminine, youthful and soft.
05th January, 2012
You know I had to wear this about 5 times before I could get me this is a very white incense fragrance. If you are an incense fanatic this is one for your collection because it is such a different use of incense. This scent is very charming and innocent and somewhat fascinating, aside from being iconic.
19th August, 2011 (last edited: 26th August, 2012)

The breeze is light, the early afternoon is heavenly and indolent, the air is delicate and smells of rose, the white lacy dressed and soapy smelling young women take their brunch under the trees near the flowery clearing of the college's garden.
04th March, 2011
This is a timeless, ageless floral, a fresh, soapy lily with an undercurrent of peppery spice to give it depth. l wore this on my wedding day in 1990, (l'm now divorced) & received a mini in a set for Christmas a couple of years back. l enjoyed wearing it again, but it's time has passed for me. l would however recommend this for floral lovers of any age to try.
07th February, 2011
I have worn this fragrance for to 32 I was discussing with my son today who is 22, his experience ala Al Pacino with a woman at a cocktail lounge recently. (he loves this story) He met an older woman, and as she was leaving he held his hand out like the gentleman he has grown to be. and she hugged his neck briefly. He put his face close to her neck and in that moment as I am sure he will every single time he smells this scent his whole life (as his mother has worn it his entire life) he inhales, leans very closely to her ear and whispers.. Anais anais......quietly. ahhh so sweet. She virtually swoons and he says.(and yes he is gorgeous, a german gyspy..) ahhh the scent of a jazz bar, the scent of unknown things the scent that will fool a man, .. when he thinks he has you pegged... the undertones the essence, the basenote of the mystery of this scent comes forth.. She of course hands him her room key(how could she not?!)and he declines.. my son. a jazz blues guitarist. his mama a jazz singer. a blues singer my whole life. My child says mama, that smell is like home, and love and warmth and beauty and Paris. I took him to the factory there. or was it Nice? or GRASSE..well France!darnit
so. we make an experiment this Christmas night... WHAT is it that makes this smell so very compelling.. what is the mystery that has held me captive my entire life, hence my googling the overtones undertones of this scent that is part of me,.and my child. I couldnt explain it.. I tired to before I found the answer.. I said "Steffen I always think I wont like it anymore, or that I wont be swept away every time I smell it.. I've tried to wear other perfumes throughtout the years. well not that much yet. this is the way I descibed it. so clean so floral and yet WHAT was that undertone that made it umm not patchulesque.. but something... something like incense. Now I know. how could I have not?.. sandlewood. yes of course.. How brillant is that? an otherwise boring old lady scent... the sandlewood changes it all. It fools you. it encaptures and compels.
I have a tattoo of that flower. If you knew me Im not the kind to wax profound over perfume.. maybe a sunset, mayhap the look of love in one I love as well. but perfume. Yet.. that is the way of it. In this lifetime it will be the scent of me, my memories my loves.. and in my sons and his children as he told me tonight(naturally he gave it to me for my Christmas present.) he said"mama, I will keep your bottles and I will show my children and they will know how my mama smelled and how much I love you. mom. My grandchildren will know much like my son does about my mother.. something intimate and singular to me..
and yes sister, who posted before me,with such eloquence, it does indeed smell like a smokey jazz bar in Paris and yes the fishnet stockings would naturally be there. and yes. there is more to us than meets the eye.
Merry Christmas all.
May you meet Mystery at every corner, with joy and expectation and may there be more to you as well.. than meets the eye.
26th December, 2010
I had to have this fragrance after I found out it was named for Anais Nin. I'm a huge fan, so I knew the perfume had to be great to live up to the name. After so many years, I still love it and I still have to wear it every now and then. It reminds of me of reading "Delta of Venus" the first time in my teens. It's like wearing amethyst lavender-colored velvet on my skin. It's the Mona Lisa's smile. It's not that innocent; there's a definite sweetness at first, but if you look closely into her eyes you'll see that spicyness, that latent heat just ready to be released. It's like Paris in the 1930s in the springtime in a hidden speakeasy jazz club, and I'm just itching to do the jitterbug, but I won't just get up and dance because I want to appear ladylike, but after a few drinks I probably will anyway and then you'll find out that I've got on black fishnets under my gown......

My best friend moved away and when she recently visited, she went into my bathroom and saw all my perfume and she said to me, "I love you most because you are the kind of woman who still loves Anais Anais. It's a classic that no one ever really appreciates anymore except you and I, and I love you for that."
31st July, 2010
American girls get Love's Baby Soft, French girls get Anais Anais. Life is unfair.

I am well past the age of its intended demographic, but I can apply this soft floral and feel a bit younger. It's really lovely.
25th June, 2010
I first tried the EDT bought at TJMaxx under $20 .I didn't love or hate it but wanted somthing more than just okay.I had thought the top notes nice and the base notes but not the middle heart notes.Then I had a winning bid online for 14 assorted minis Anais Anais was one of them but inEDP form.Now I have "seen the light " with this fragrance ! I'll have to get a full bottle and check for a perfume strength I love the ambery dry down from a chypreish floral.Thumbs up for EDP and higher neutral for EDT or lower.
27th May, 2010
As a teenager, my younger sister pledged herself to this perfume so thoroughly that even her bedroom color scheme -- apricot, sage, and forest green -- mirrored the Anais Anais package design. This might have smacked of safe conformity during the 1970's, but for a high-school girl in 1988 it amounted to a revolutionary manifesto. While all her friends subscribed to the horrid, clean-cut, sporty stylings of Colors of Bennetton, she shimmered in a cloud of archaic sandalwood and powdery rose. Wearing this scent, she could stand apart from the crowd while still managing to stay safely conventional. An interesting form of camouflage, hiding a slightly subversive heart
30th January, 2010
Nice and summery. I personally find in inoffensive and cute. Definately one to have on the dressing table.
15th April, 2009
Its sweet, innocent, creamy, girly and -to my surprise- gets better every minute on my skin.

Great for: Summerdays of wandering around in a white dress and little make up.

Not so great with: Smokey eyes, black clothing, sex, trying to flirt with a guy, just about everything that has to do with female power, because the scent is just waaaay too innocent. Say anything beyond the imagination of a 13-year old girl and the scent doesn't suit you anymore.

Thumbs up because its a well-balanced good smell. The fact that every grown up woman with brains can't really pull it off is a whole different story.
13th April, 2009
After many years since my first spritz, I tried this again. What a bright little floral! It is like putting your nose into a bouquet of wildflowers without any of the greenery and "do-dads" that go with those bouquets from the florist. It is an uncomplicated, light & airy affair for those who are young or who are young at heart. Don't pass on this one because of the inexpensive price or the overexposure! Only a genius knows that sometimes less really IS more. And this fragrance has remarkable staying power for such a quiet little thing. In a word...Beautiful. PS I tried this on a hot summer day and I love the lily-suede notes in the drydown.
23rd January, 2009 (last edited: 10th October, 2009)
I have been wearing Cacharel's Anais Anais for many years. After reading everyone else's opinion I'm beginning to believe that, in some of us, the fragrance must just elicit warm and pleasant memories. I too, have many memories intertwined with the sweet smell of Anais Anais. It really has begun to drift into classic. The fragrance will aways remain a part of my collection, especially for essential summer wear.
12th December, 2008