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A bright and fulsome fruity floral that is post-Angel but not postlapsarian; it’s rich and juicy but keeps to the clean path that is CK’s definer despite inflections of wood and spice. Nonetheless Euphoria is a strong foray into this genre, with lovely tart, bitter yet sweet fruitiness to the fore in the opening (a deep purple fantasy pomegranate dripping with juice), lifted with accents of green freshness but also immediately paired with a darker, fudgier floral accord that belongs firmly in the plush velvet realms of modern perfumery ‘orchids’. Lurking behind this play of purple and noir elements, lit by the strong arc lights of the house emphasis on clean, are rounded, sweet woody notes and just a suggestion of spice. This is CK playing with oriental shade, while keeping the stage at all times brightly lit.
This isn’t a perfume of layers or depth – once the elements are slotted in and settled, that’s that, but it is impressive and energetic for about 4 hours. After which it falls down into a mush of sweet nothings in the base.
26th February, 2018
Sexy, sophisticated, classy, beautiful....these come to mind as I experience Calvin Klein's Euphoria on a woman. There are perfumes that stand out as special and pleasing to behold; this is one of them!

Euphoria starts out with a lush flood of fruit and florals. There is a fresh, crisp quality to the perfume, thanks to the black orchid and lotus blossom, along with a dreamy, intoxicating effect from the pomegranate and sweetness from the persimmon. And the foundation is sure and steady with the amber and mahogany, which along with the violet round out and finish this marvelous perfume all the way to the end.

The effect that Euphoria has on me as a man: I just want to hold the woman close to me as we are enveloped by this hypnotic potion. The perfume sends the message of warmth, daring, invitation, and delight that I love!

Great perfume from Calvin Klein worthy of a test from any female scent enthusiast...and the men who love them. ;^>

10th March, 2017
The opening is ALMOST too loud on my skin....but it's worth it to reach the drydown. Rich, musky, and spicy to my nose. I love it. I get 6-8 hours from one spray too.
Perfect for winter....I wouldn't attempt this one in warmer seasons!
08th February, 2016
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I love it so I bought this one to my wife two times and one time to my friend.
High recommended for youth women (25-40)
11th November, 2015

A smell of Heaven with Touch of Romance.EUPHORIA is Better than i would have expected.It is different than Male version Definitely it have more Balance and Elegance than it. Chic,Seductive, Genreous,Sophisticated,Feminine,Warm, Creamy and Provocative.

EUPHORIA begins with Fruity and Strong smell.The heart incorporates accords of Orchid and Lotus and this is the best part of this EDP for me as i find it like a Dream as You Close your eyes and imagine the most Amorous.It have a Warm Base of Musk and Amber in the end.

I recommend it tottaly to those who Love Modern&Seductive fragrance.Perfect for a A Stylish Confident Lady Not very Young,Not very Old. Seemly for a Night Out in AUTUMN,WINTER.In Conclusion If you are Looking for a Fragrance that lasts all Night EUPHORIA is a Remarkable Choice.


Longevity?Very Good.

13th May, 2015
I wouldn't have ever given Euphoria a thought had it not been for a scent strip in a magazine. Taking off the plastic wrapper, I got a whiff of something that struck me as an intriguing balance of warm and sweet with polished and unisex-ish, the best of what I could hope for in a department store scent.

I thumbed through the pages until I located it, and I'm glad I did, as for a time, Euphoria filled a gap in my scent wardrobe. My subconscious actually associated it with Joop Femme, which I haven't smelled in probably 20 years, but which I wore a lot of when it came out. It's not that they're "the same", but I've been drawn to them for the same reason - a persistent sweet/musky/woody/warm drydown that's modern/overtly synthetic, yet inside of my oriental comfort zone. My longtime fragrance loves have mostly been classic orientals, and florientals, and some days I just don't want to carry all of that history with me.

Ultimately, the combination of pomegranate syrup and musk in the EDP struck me as sickening a fair amount of the time, though, and I decided I preferred the airier take of the EDT. And then I found Rosewood by Banana Republic and stopped wearing Euphoria altogether! Rosewood is a simpler, softer, gentler musky thing with a great amorphous/indistinct quality about it. Maybe since it doesn't have such a distinct point of view it can feel like my own.

27th April, 2015 (last edited: 04th March, 2016)
Bright and fresh opening that almost approaches the verge of being harsh. Pleasantly medicinal, in that visiting-an-herbalist's-shop kind of way. It's as if Camphor had a pretty sister who no one knew existed. The heart and drydown tho, become far more conventional, and the Big Department Store notes come in, flop down, and take up the room. The floral-with-fruit-bits finish is not objectionable, but it would be great of all that herbal greenery would hang around a bit longer.

Was hoping to detect the amber notes that other reviewers describe, but they are faint, and not invoking the usual rich and sumptuous vibe that amber normally gives me. Also barely a hint, a woody note, possibly even a freshly-hewn green wood, but in such trace amounts as to almost disappear altogether.

24th November, 2014
Orchid and wood for sure. I bought mine at a discount fragrance store in Singapore in 07. For the first year, it was great. Very musky, sensual, I even picked up on vanilla and wood. Then I don't know if I stored it wrong or what, it changed dramatically, became almost smokey and dry... that is when my best friend actually started pinching sprays off it, I tried it a couple times after the sillage change and ended up throwing it her way. I couldn't stand it anymore and she loved it.

Not sure I would buy again even through a reputable dealer. It was smoker friendly which I gravitate towards but after that shift it was a nightmare to wear.
19th November, 2014
Spicy amber, powdery woods and mahogany (sometimes I wonder if flanked by a touch of frankincense) provide that typical woody dusty cozy Euphoria's aura over which indiscernible fruits and dark floral notes linger with subtle sophisticated performances. This fragrance smells glamour and mysterious all at once. Black orchid, red berries and black violet releases a sort of velvety simil cherry "taste" perfectly "encapsulated" in the general ambery/woody/spicy/resinous chaos while a wonderful lotus/pomegranate combo imprints a spark of fluidy-viney sophistication. The spices (I suppose cloves, cinnamon, cumin and pepper) are prickly, chaotic and dusty. Of course the general effect is synthetic and typically designer but in my opinion Calvin Klein Euphoria still remains one of the most sensual and chic juices around. Decent sillage and longevity on my skin.
18th September, 2014 (last edited: 20th September, 2015)
Euphoria by Calvin Klein is a designer fruity-floral, and unfortunately, I initially dismissed the fragrance and didn’t take the time to properly try it on. However, Euphoria has recently become my friend’s signature scent and it smells wonderful on her. In spite of the available note list, Euphoria has a large dose of patchouli and the fruity-floral part is not overly obnoxious and girly; it’s a sexy “fresh” fragrance suitable for all ages. It’s not mind-blowing or interesting, but it certainly smells good.

Yes, Euphoria smells like Chance (2.5/5), but it’s better. 3.5/5
24th December, 2013
I'm not too sure what I think of this scent. I was given it as a gift and I think it is pleasant when used sparingly. When oversprayed it becomes sickly and cloying.
23rd December, 2013
Buy Prada Amber instead, it's well worth the price difference.

This fragrance wants to be Prada Amber so badly! It's Lady Gaga ripping off Madonna: whatever you think of the original, love or hate, the attempt to mimic something so unique falls flat and inevitably disappoints. The *one* virtue I can find in this perfume is that the (very very very) synthetic ingredients are at least reasonably well-balanced. No matter how much others like this, I would be embarrassed to wear it. It's empty-feeling, it doesn't last, there is no occasion I can think of where this would be the right thing to wear. Maybe if you were alone and no one else had to smell it. And that from someone who likes this "type" of perfume usually. After smelling Prada Amber, I realized what Euphoria was going for. But the Prada is SUCH better quality stuff.If you think you like Euphoria, try P.A. just to smell the difference. Of course, weak, watery, and synthetic might be your thing; but the nail in the coffin is how headachy this makes people. Definitely not office-friendly unless you have a very light touch, in which case it will be hard to smell it. Not that I'd want to.

Pros: It isn't as hideous as it might be.
Cons: Weak, synthetic, cloying, can induce headaches (rare for me)."

28th August, 2013
Way popular, sweet, can be cloying when over-sprayed and women/girls tend to do that quite more than often. Now if it could be sprayed just a tad bit, I'd find it sexy. Floral in essence, sillage is great, can be felt meters and meters around, easily noticeable just like Dior Hypnotic Poison.
13th May, 2013
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Ordinary stuff. Very department store.

Hmm...About a week later. Yes, perhaps something common about it, but something alluring as well. More complex than I first gave it credit for. Neither my husband nor I liked it initially - And both of us have changed our minds. I don't have to own it, but I like wearing it.
03rd March, 2013 (last edited: 20th March, 2013)
My wife once got a tester of Euphoria by CK and I found it really sexy on her. Normally I don't care so much about perfumes, but with this one I took note of the name and bought her a bottle for her birthday.

Unlike some other perfumes, this one does not generate an overpowering scent cloud that takes over the whole room (To the female readers: one puff of a good perfume is really enough for people around you to notice. Don't overdo it). Whenever she wears it, I can't stop myself from kissing her in the neck!
06th October, 2012
The first time I tried this I wasn't too thrilled. The next time, a sales associate gave me a sample and I must say I really like this fragrance. I get a combination of berries and then the cream accord, which does not go sweet on me or get too foody. This is one fragrance that is hard to put in a category.
04th September, 2012
An incredibly sexy scent.
Used to date a girl who bathed in this stuff, but all school-yard memories aside this is a potent and mysterious scent that deserves the praise it gets.
Opens up with a citrus blast and then goes to work with the floral and vanilla that amp up taking this into the stratosphere with it's projection. The drydown is a smooth almost masculine presentation of woods and silky cream with a touch of amber.
This stuff will LAST.
This is one of the few scents that can make me weak at the knees.
Depending on the weather this can get VERY cloying and the fact that it projects like a banshee can sometimes induce a headache in hot weather.

Let it be known, this is a very common fragrance but the fact it smells so good easily redeems that minor gripe.
If only Ck put this much effort into their Male scents.
05th August, 2012
In the too populated category of sweet florals, Euphoria smells different and more complex, thanks - I think - to a creamy note right after the beginning, and a metallic one at a more advanced stage.

The dry down is sweeter in a more conventional way, but all in all Euphoria has more personality than the rest in the same category.
16th July, 2012
OMG!!!! I thought I didn't like this but I LOVE IT!! I smelled it on someone else and I thought it was revolting. I keep reading on Fragrantica how you all love it and find it sexy so I decided to give it another chance. I went to the shop today to get a card strip sample, got talking to the lady who said its her favourite so I asked if she would spray my wrist to check it was good on my skin. Its GREAT on my skin! I've been walking around in a delicious cloud all day. Euphoria, I'm sorry I was mean to you, but I will make it up to you by purchasing a large bottle as soon as I have the
19th March, 2012
Love it! I bought this as a gift for my wife and I wanna hold her really close and not let go whenever she wears it!

Incredibly sexy and sensual!
26th February, 2012
I sprayed CK Euphoria, and after hearing so many raves about it being so good and stuff like that, I was terribly underwhelmed. There IS definitely, that smoky vanilla spiciness on it, but after 10 minutes it dries down into burning plastic with a dust of vanilla. Disgusting on MY skin, it is, maybe your favorite.
10th October, 2011
This is a fragrance with a somewhat woody base that actually works well on my skin, thank goodness! The mahogany note in this perfume doesn't dominate everything else, and nothing comes across as harsh or out of place. Everything seems very nicely balanced and well blended actually, and the overall scent comes across as very pleasant.
It reminds me a lot of some expensive black orchid scented candles that I own, so I suspect that the black orchid note comes out a lot on me. It also smells a lot like roses to me, even though rose is not a note that is listed here. At least one other website I found online had rose hips listed as a note in this fragrance, and I suspect they are right because I really think I can detect the rose scent. When I first spray this perfume on myself it predominantly smells like flowers (the black orchid and honestly, I think, the rose hips.) As it dries down I can also smell something that seems a little more sweet and "sugary" which may be the fruit notes but could also possibly be the cream accord in the base mixing with everything else. The scent doesn't really change a lot on me though, and it doesn't evolve into anything weird or unexpected which I find sometimes happens with perfumes that have very "juxtaposed" notes (wood, flowers and fruit especially.) This one was done very well, and smells really nice on me. I'm actually thinking I should buy a bottle of this and maybe make it my new signature scent. :) I definitely recommend this to everyone who is a fan of black orchid fragrances and anyone who likes somewhat woody-oriental-florals in general. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
24th September, 2011
Euphoria for women is fantastic! It's incredibly sexy and long lasting. It was exactly what I was looking for; a winter scent that is not too young nor too old.

This fragrance has a somewhat sweet yet strong and spicy feel to it. If smelt up-close it can be extremely overwhelming although from a distance the scent is soft, sweet and warm.

I'm not really a fan of the fruity top notes, however I really love the heart of Euphoria. I agree with other reviewers that felt that this fragrance was slightly masculine. I think this is because of the woodsy notes in the drydown.

I would sum-up this scent as being quite edgy, mysterious and modern. It's definitely something you should try before you buy, because this may not appeal to everyone.

26th April, 2011
Berries again, yawn... For me the only thing that distinguishes this from all the other generic fruity-florals out there (l'm looking at you, Lady Million) is a rather lush creamy note which l quite like, but isn't enough to save it. lt has very low sillage on me, & isn't terribly long-lasting either, thank goodness.
13th February, 2011
Whenever I wear this, both men and women who come near me put their nose in the air, sniff, say it smells so nice, then ask who is wearing that perfume, then come near to me, ask me whether I am wearing that perfume, say they love it and want to know it's name.
These experiences made me buy a few more bottles of Euphoria (Calvin Klein) and the shower gel and body lotion and body powder as well!

I once went to a big dance party in a beach bar and told some girls, while we were surrounded by beers and sand, that I swore I smelled Euphoria there. They then said that indeed they had dropped a bottle of perfume there and it turned out to be Euphoria.
Why is patchouli not mentioned in the ingredients? To me, it seems that what lingers on in Euphoria is the patchouli, a sweet version of it, which links the wearer to the wildness and adventurousness of the hippies, like a promise of intriguing and wild adventures.
04th December, 2010
I think Euphoria is one of those perfumes that you either love or hate. I find it definitely unique. I am very attractive to this scent. I love the unique spicy sweet base notes. It is a strong perfume and it lasts for a while. The scent starts as crisp and floral but then transends into warm and sweet. I would classify it as evening scent perfect for summer nights. I think it is a bit strong for day time.

This scent has very strong personality. I would not buy it as a gift for someone else.
14th August, 2010
Really like this perfume, must be my favourite CK fragrance. Very sexy, can be worn any time of day. Lasts a decent amount of time. A hit!
12th March, 2010
Rich and sweet. A real man-magnet.

This is a very feminine, warm, full scent. No minimalism here. Top notes I get spicy persimmon which subtly fades into its heart of an exotic, powdery floral with touches of vanilla. The drydown is pleasant. The base notes are very creamy and very acrid-sweet. The silage on this can be powerful if not careful. The scent is strong, and can last you all day in summer. In winter you may need a "top-up".

Overall: This is a good, wholesome scent. I can see how it could be too powerful for some, but I enjoy it's strength and longevity. I could smell it on my wrists the next day. This would be a great first date perfume.
08th February, 2010
I love, love, love the cream accord here and I like amber in general, so the first three minutes of euphoria is lovely. Alas, once the top notes have evaporated, there's an icky chemical tang and a thinness. I have sampled this fragrance repeatedly, wanting the sweet creaminess of the begining, but frustrated every time by the stingy heart. When I read about companies going cheap on ingredients, Euphoria always comes to mind as an example of something that smells cheap.
13th December, 2009
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United Kingdom
Sweet, slightly cloying, slightly synthetic, but stays on the good side of tolerable. It dries down to something similar to a mildly spiced-strawberry yougurt, with something creamy and buttery, and burned sugar. It's smooth, and quite tasty. It reminds me a bit of Armani Diamonds EDP for some reason. It's worth trying, but definitely not bottle worthy (for me anyway). It would make a good gift for a friend... however perhaps not for your best friend.
29th October, 2009 (last edited: 17th January, 2015)