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Negative Reviews of Euphoria by Calvin Klein

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Orchid and wood for sure. I bought mine at a discount fragrance store in Singapore in 07. For the first year, it was great. Very musky, sensual, I even picked up on vanilla and wood. Then I don't know if I stored it wrong or what, it changed dramatically, became almost smokey and dry... that is when my best friend actually started pinching sprays off it, I tried it a couple times after the sillage change and ended up throwing it her way. I couldn't stand it anymore and she loved it.

Not sure I would buy again even through a reputable dealer. It was smoker friendly which I gravitate towards but after that shift it was a nightmare to wear.
19th November, 2014
I sprayed CK Euphoria, and after hearing so many raves about it being so good and stuff like that, I was terribly underwhelmed. There IS definitely, that smoky vanilla spiciness on it, but after 10 minutes it dries down into burning plastic with a dust of vanilla. Disgusting on MY skin, it is, maybe your favorite.
10th October, 2011
Berries again, yawn... For me the only thing that distinguishes this from all the other generic fruity-florals out there (l'm looking at you, Lady Million) is a rather lush creamy note which l quite like, but isn't enough to save it. lt has very low sillage on me, & isn't terribly long-lasting either, thank goodness.
13th February, 2011
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I love, love, love the cream accord here and I like amber in general, so the first three minutes of euphoria is lovely. Alas, once the top notes have evaporated, there's an icky chemical tang and a thinness. I have sampled this fragrance repeatedly, wanting the sweet creaminess of the begining, but frustrated every time by the stingy heart. When I read about companies going cheap on ingredients, Euphoria always comes to mind as an example of something that smells cheap.
13th December, 2009
To replicate this fragrance at home: Take a bag of strawberry cotton candy, pour some hairspray into it, add a dash nutmeg, and a lit match. Enjoy the plasticky fumes. This is my experience of Euphoria. And it will... not... wash... off! Arrrrrgh.

I can also relate to Mellivora_capensis's description: "a latex condom filled with cough syrup held by two people, one whom is wearing Beautiful and the other is wearing Obsession". Sounds like a fun party!
20th September, 2009
I tried this at the behest of the shop girl at my local Sephora. "Oh, you like woody Orientals? This is my favorite, and it's listed as one! Everyone says I smell so good when I wear it!"

OK, I don't know HOW Sephora decided to classify this swill as Woody or Oriental! It smells like sugar and bug spray! It's like they bottled sweat from the Welcome Run at fat camp.

NOT. A. FAN. I suppose it would appeal to many, it definitely has a similarity to Angel...and it does last.....and last....and last.... If only it weren't such a scrubber for me!
27th May, 2009
Toffee. Then more toffee. More toffee. Then - nothing
29th December, 2008
For some reason, this is mostly wood , vetiver, and amber on me plus the orchid and something 'powdery,' which I find cloying (the violet?). Can't smell the fruit at all. This has elements of Youth Dew and Angel, both of which I like. However, this gives me a headache, even in small doses.
29th November, 2008
Does indeed begin like a lightweight Angel, then moves through a chemical melon phase like Prada by Prada. Turns my stomach. It did seem to be heading into something a bit more creamy/spicy when I scrubbed it about 25 minutes into its not doubt profitable but deriviative journey.
14th September, 2008
Horrible on me. I smell like a synthetic plate of caramel with powdered vanilla sugar on top. It does last forever with a heavy sillage, and I had a hard time scrubbing it off. Trying to give away my bottle (I received it as a gift).
07th September, 2008
The scent is very good, but I wouldn't buy it again since it lasts only for a couple of hours, no matter how much I put on.
09th May, 2008
its one of the easy wear scent from CK.
smell too synthetic.its ok ,but i wouldnt buy it.
25th May, 2007
The castrated Angel. Angel without its spiciness. Very sweet undefined juice + caramel. Flat, plain, vulgar. Not my fav.
15th May, 2007
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By the notes in this I should love it. It SHOULD be perfect, but no. This starts out beautifully. Slightly dark floral with a spark of bright fruit. Within five minutes, however, it changed quite suddenly to a bland and powdered musk scent. Very simple and almost single noted. Such a shame.
27th September, 2006
Despite high hopes after the initial spray, I found this to be an unfortunate combination of Lou-Lou, Poison, and Obsession, plus some brighter notes, with the lasting impression of one of the Obsession knock-offs sold in dollar stores in the late 1980's...kind of like a latex condom filled with cough syrup held by two people, one whom is wearing Beautiful and the other is wearing Obsession. It has great staying power, though.
31st December, 2005
I associate Calvin Klein with cheap, toxic chemicals. Eternity for women was found to contain a huge percentage of deadly chemicals under its ingredient "parfum". Wow, that's sexy! And now we have Euphoria, a name which conjures up the smell of wild herbs, lotus blossoms, ginger, spices. But here we have only synthetic ingredients. This fragrance is hardly worth reviewing. All Ck's and Ralph Lauren's fragrances seem more about marketing and hype than substance. A fragrance for the masses. Garbage.
02nd December, 2005
Though the ingredients seem quirky and exotic, in combination this is not an original fragrance. I smell a lot of "Angel" in it; especially in its drydown. The bottle is indeed ludicrous. If you don't get the symbolism it's your loss.
26th October, 2005
Cloying, synthetic, and completely without merit
17th October, 2005