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Neutral Reviews of Euphoria by Calvin Klein

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I'm not too sure what I think of this scent. I was given it as a gift and I think it is pleasant when used sparingly. When oversprayed it becomes sickly and cloying.
23rd December, 2013
Buy Prada Amber instead, it's well worth the price difference.

This fragrance wants to be Prada Amber so badly! It's Lady Gaga ripping off Madonna: whatever you think of the original, love or hate, the attempt to mimic something so unique falls flat and inevitably disappoints. The *one* virtue I can find in this perfume is that the (very very very) synthetic ingredients are at least reasonably well-balanced. No matter how much others like this, I would be embarrassed to wear it. It's empty-feeling, it doesn't last, there is no occasion I can think of where this would be the right thing to wear. Maybe if you were alone and no one else had to smell it. And that from someone who likes this "type" of perfume usually. After smelling Prada Amber, I realized what Euphoria was going for. But the Prada is SUCH better quality stuff.If you think you like Euphoria, try P.A. just to smell the difference. Of course, weak, watery, and synthetic might be your thing; but the nail in the coffin is how headachy this makes people. Definitely not office-friendly unless you have a very light touch, in which case it will be hard to smell it. Not that I'd want to.

Pros: It isn't as hideous as it might be.
Cons: Weak, synthetic, cloying, can induce headaches (rare for me)."

28th August, 2013
Way popular, sweet, can be cloying when over-sprayed and women/girls tend to do that quite more than often. Now if it could be sprayed just a tad bit, I'd find it sexy. Floral in essence, sillage is great, can be felt meters and meters around, easily noticeable just like Dior Hypnotic Poison.
13th May, 2013
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Ordinary stuff. Very department store.

Hmm...About a week later. Yes, perhaps something common about it, but something alluring as well. More complex than I first gave it credit for. Neither my husband nor I liked it initially - And both of us have changed our minds. I don't have to own it, but I like wearing it.
03rd March, 2013 (last edited: 20th March, 2013)
Truffles Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This perfume seems to have 2 opposing elements to it. The first is lovely - I don't know how to describe it and I'm not going to bother trying to put a name to the various elements, sugar, caramel etc - but can be smelled throughout wearing it. The second is a very cheapy, perhaps '80s' element and I think it's a shame that it's there - it's strongest in the first, topnotes stage - the rather acrid fruity one. Just had a look at what else the perfumer has done and I see that Secret Obsession and lots of Lynx fragrances are there - hmmm.. I've just bought it and after a while of sniffing and resniffing to analyse it and see what I think (yes, I know, I am rather reckless when it comes to buying perfumes and sometimes buy them after the merest aquaintance!) I have discovered that it has actually created a 'burnt' sensation inside my nose. This burning effect has never happened with any other perfume and as a smell obsessive I've sniffed a lot throughout my life! I wonder what it is that is doing that?
Anyway I find I CAN wear it, don't find it sickening as I do with a lot of perfumes especially modern ones - the Cacharels, J'adore etc - and that is at least a mark in its favour. It also smells lovely when I smell it on other people. I would give this somewhere between neutral and thumbs up (for the mystery 'lovely' element). Can't have both so it's a neutral from me!
29th October, 2008
Like most of the Calvin Klein fragrances, this is wonderfully unusual and unlike any other scent I've tried, and like many fragrances, it smells a little different on every person who wears it. To anyone who is thinking of buying it, I recommend sampling it generously first to see how it works on you. I know with me, it starts out as a sweet spicy floral and ends up being more of a "woodsy" fragrance not unlike men's cologne.
22nd March, 2007
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United States
it smells like cotton candy for about 30 minutes.doesn't last long like all my perfumes but i think it's the altitude.i live in the mountains now but when i lived in new orleans my perfume lasted all day.
19th February, 2007
Loved it on the sample cards in the magazines, but on me after about an hour, it just gets FUNKY! It's almost a musty, smokey thing that happens, like when you've stood in a bar all night long.
19th October, 2006
On me Euphoria smells like sugared almonds. It's not an offensive fragrance - just too sweet for me.
19th August, 2006
Pomegranate + Persimmon + Lotus Blossom, Champaca Flower + Black Orchid + Liquid Amber + Black Violet + Cream Accord + Mahogany Wood = Smells like spices... the bottle is great but scent is not...
06th May, 2006
I'm reviewing euphoria again because at first i really didn't like it to much. The funny thing is: i still don't like it. But the other funny thing is: sometimes I LOVE IT!

I realized that after having this for a bouple months now, for me anyway, this scent is based on what my mood is, what the weather is, and what im wearing. That's probably why i didn't have a strong love for when i wore it. I recommend colder mornings for Euphoria personally!! Don't be to quick to judge perfume!!
06th January, 2006 (last edited: 21st April, 2006)
I tried it on. It smelled like Prada wnannabe. Plus, the scent didn't develop or fade very nicely. Some people will like it for its strong, oriental notes, but I wanted more depth.
07th December, 2005
I don't really see what all the fuss is about. It's pleasant, sweet, slightly fruity. Nice bottle and nice drydown...Overall, it's "eh".
30th October, 2005
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United States
Calvin Klein fragrances have never appealed to me, and Euphoria is no exception. To me it smells like a combination of Obsession and Cinema, and it's not as striking as Obsession or as bad as Cinema. This smells quite nice on the paper test strip, but on my skin it's just boring.
25th October, 2005