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Negative Reviews of Calypso Marine by Calypso Christiane Celle

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Thumbs down, -- aquatic painful mess. Based on what I'm experiencing, compared to other reviewers, I'm wondering if what I ordered has gone bad as it was onsale at TPC.

As a female who likes unisex fragrances, I can attest that this is my least favorite marine scent I've tried so far on my exploration of sampling ocean/marine scents. It blasts on with an aggressive harsh synthetic peppery floral mixed with some salt and ozone but the floral and the salty ozone seem disjointed and not blended well. For a good 15 minutes it hurts the back of throat, followed by a headache.

If you are looking for the calm and serenity of beach, this is not it. If you want to gargle with thistles, pepper and synthetic ozone, then this is your beast.

On the positive side, it gets a little bit more tolerable after 20 minutes as the initial harsh beginning fades into the backdrop, and its ocean accord takes center stage. At this point I can totally understand why some men like this as it dries down to a peppery aquatic sports fragrance. But there is still nothing remarkable about it, and it smells cheap and generic. At the 2 hour point it is almost gone. I can not recommend this fragrance.

For a much, much better (slightly fem) marine scent I recommend this: Profumi di Firenze: Brezza di Mare. It's leagues above Calypso's Marine.

And for a realistic salty marine fragrance, I recommend Heeley's very unisex Sel Marin, and Profumum Aqua di Sale over this.
04th April, 2011
In the first minutes i feel happy that i have found THE marine scent for me; which is less ozonic more salty; so do not fall into the gap of reminding fresh laundry scents. Bamboo and lotus blended well, not floral at all yes great. But hapiness does not last. In just ten minutes an evil aldehyde develops there to give me headache. and then an indistinct nasty note appears like some urinal and unscented babywipes; smell of a bedriddens room. Well this must be a illusion caused by an headache triggered by aldehydes. (Chanel 5 gives me a headache like hell but never smell babywipes??). O.k i had to wash it off. The remaining was something between johnson baby cologne original one and je reviens and was still able to give me headache. What a sad story for me. If you are a male you are lucky. Go and try CB i hateperfume mr hulot's holiday or eternal return.
03rd November, 2009