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Positive Reviews of Calypso Marine by Calypso Christiane Celle

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This is my best AQUATIC!
* Because the notes are composed to perfection. Nothing gets too sharp, as often happens with aquatic notes/perfumes.
* Because it's a niche perfume, you wont smell it "everywhere".
* Very Good lasting power
26th May, 2010
I agree it is slightly on the feminine side though I was suggested this by a man. Best marine scent available b/c it smells great and lasts much longer than any other marine scent I've encountered. If Erolfa had this longevity it would probably be my #1. The only thing I'd change would to be make it a little less feminine. Two thumbs up though.
06th February, 2009

For the woman (I find it rather feminine) who desires something very different in the ozonic ocean category: Calypso Marine isn’t the usual neutral, synthetic, pretend ocean fragrance. It is forceful, pretty, and far from neutral; it has, as calchic says, something organic rather than those nasty synthetics about it; and it is an equal or superior match for any of the other marine scents in presenting the smell of a pretend ocean. Since it’s all in the perception, anyway, as far as I’m concerned, I think that we should choose what we want to perceive and make that real. If I were to choose what an ocean smells like, this is what it would be. Before this, my choice of reality was Bulgari’s Aqua pour Homme, but now I’m exchanging the Mediterranean for the Caribbean because, judging from Calypso Marine, the Caribbean is prettier, livelier, and has more parties. Yup. This is where I want to be on the beach, and I’ll likely bump into Strollyourlobster there.

10th October, 2008
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One of the more unusual yet easy to wear "ocean" fragrances with an ozonic, almost aldehydic top and a heady floral heart. Although perfect for hot summer days, this is far from being watery. It evokes immediately pictures of a hot, sunny day near the sea, but not at the beach (no reminders suntanning lotion like 'Fire Island'), but on the terrace of a nice resort, sipping cocktails. It shares some similarities with Profumum's 'Acqua di Sale'. Great.
09th September, 2008
After a longish voyage through the often dull, sometimes violent, seas of aquatic perfumes, if I had to be washed up on one beach, this would be it. Calypso has neither the metallic topnotes that spoil some aquatics nor the iodine note that can be distracting. It doesn't merely smell of cucumber. It's well-blended, changes in a satisfying way from front to finish, and works really well as a masculine floral.
28th July, 2008
Christiane Celle's Calypso Marine is a very pretty, oceanic, beachy scent that is completely in line with the kind of perfumes that Christiane Celle creates and does not go for the cheap thrill of overtly "tropical" notes. Her trademark is light, elegant perfumes that are perfect for wearing on holidays in hot weather. You will not find sharp edges, nor anything weird from Christiane Celle. There won't be any complex development nor overpowering sillage - but who wants that while on vacation anyways?? Simply put, Christiane Celle's Marine and her sister fragrances are what you want to wear while enjoying a poolside cocktail at the Hotel Guanahani (St. Bart's) wearing a pareo and Miss Trish of Capri sandals.

From what I've been able to glean on the Internet, here are the notes: bergamot, raspberry, nutmeg, bamboo, salty marine accord, patchouli, lotus flower, driftwood, sandalwood, soft musk and white amber.
19th June, 2008
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United States
Ahhhhh! This is the smell of a Southern California beach at sundown during the early spring. It captures the brisk air, the woodsy smells, and the refreshing mood of the ocean. Beautiful.
22nd February, 2006
If you're really craving the smell of the ocean and all that goes with it - right down to the sea grass and salt marshes - you must try this fragrance. It's not the usual light, aquatic/ozonic marine scent graced with a dab of suntan lotion. No, Calypso Marine has a true organic sense to it, something that smells like all the things that happen at the beach, including salt water evaporating, driftwood drying in the sun, hot sand sitting in the dunes and marsh grasses slowly fermenting. (Thankfully, the umistakably stinky smell of brackish water - another feature of many a marsh - has been left out.) If it sounds not terribly appealing, try this one anyway - the actual notes of bergamot, raspberry, nutmeg, bamboo, salty marine accord, patchouli, lotus flower, driftwood, sandalwood, soft musk and white amber form a masterful blend that is so much more interesting than the sum of its parts. Also know that this fragrance applies very powerfully but dries down into something understated but still nicely noticeable. I have received a lot of comliments on this fragrance and have come to automatically associate it with summer's splendor.
13th September, 2005
inge. The middle notes reveal the raspberry and nutmeg combo, but this is merely one facet of the fragrance's middle passage to the ambery musky drydown. This raspberry and nutmeg reminds me of del Pozo's On EL, another great summer scent, but far too fleeting for my tastes. The bamboo leaves add a kick of green and the lotus in the base travels up to the middle bouquet offering a hint of floral. The drydown is divine with a melange of sandalwood, musk, amber and patchouli, but all incredibly subtle and light. Though it sounds like a sweet heavy oriental, it is absolutely nothing of the sort.

This scent's closest comparison is Body Shop's Oceanus, but where Oceanus is sweet and somewhat cloying, Marine is lighter, simpler, and lightyears more intersting in its development.

The lasting power is ideal, subtly staying on my skin from shower to shower. This is one that is a must try for marine scent lovers and anyone looking for something completely original for summer.
09th September, 2005 (last edited: 10th September, 2005)