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Genre: Fruity Floral

I confess I couldn't get very far with this one. There's a chemical reek in the top notes (sounds like VintageVogue and ubuandibeme both got it too,) that doesn't go away fast enough for me. Loud and stinky, like a cheerleader with halitosis. Poo!
11th June, 2014
White flowers, urine , orange, plastic and cream. Huge bore. A real stupid fragrance.  Rosey-musky chic "synthetism" at its best.
01st October, 2011 (last edited: 21st December, 2011)
I love my white florals, but only when they've been composed well, which is quite rare unfortunately.

I really wanted Chic to be amazing. I wanted a creamy, modern white floral with a feminine touch. Unfortunately Chic didn't meet my expectations.

Although not listed here, there is a very strong lemon note throughout the composition that tends to smoother the jasmine, tuberose, freesia and vanilla.

The opening is very sharp, acidic and almost plasticy. When it dries down it is nothing spectacular. A simple, rather generic white floral in my opinion, with a strange, lemon detergent finish.

Some may love this scent, however I have experienced better white florals which have marred Chic by Carolina Herrera for me. Unfortunately I find this fragrance cheap and predictable.

The lasting power is so-so. In terms of sillage, it is very strong for the first few hours, however shortly after the scent is barely detectable. Chic just didn't live up to my special expectations.

04th September, 2011
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Goddamn. I liked this when I tested it at the fragrance counter. I took a sample home and now it just rotten. Smells like a shoe a day after you polished it.... that lingering shoe polish odor (like Kiwi brand) in combination with the faux leather of the shoe. Synthetic, cheap and smack of harsh herbs and florals.
23rd April, 2009
agree that it is sour and peppery at first whiff. this note persists in the background throughout, but then comes the sweet lily floral. there are alot of contradictions here and my gut tells me that it does not all come together gracefully in the end. and yet i continue to reach for it. because it is so unique. there is nothing else out there like this. it is sort of cheerfully anti-establishment. a chic woman who isn't afraid to trip in her heels. i get compliments on it. charming.
14th March, 2009
smells like a fruit punch carbonated drink... breezy sweet, not to floral, fresh and welcoming. love this frag!
23rd May, 2008
What is that stink that opens this scent? It’s some sort of really unpleasant synthetic herbal odor. And it isn’t just the first eight seconds—it lasts and lasts. The reek overwhelms everything that might possibly be good. Maybe it’s some artificial compound that I’m particularly sensitive to, or maybe marketing sent out a batch of really bad samples—I’m obviously not the only one with this reaction. I must admit, I am an admirer of Carolina Herrera’s fragrances—especially the ones the company produced under Carolina’s direction, but this one must be some sort of mistake.
10th March, 2008
Spicy floral. Just up my street, however this was slightly disappointing. All the notes are fine, just together in this frag they just don't hit the mark. Pleasant enough, fresh enough, affordable enough but totally forgettable.
09th May, 2007
I quite like this one..maybe it's because I sampled it while I was on vacation in Spain. I can always remember where I was at, what I was feeling with each of the scents that I own. It's a nice floral, not too overwhelming, very fresh but warm.
03rd November, 2006
YIKES! First spritz gives off bitter fumes! I don't really know (or care) what notes these are - I simply want to stay away from them...drydown brought a urine odor to my senses, I'm running to wash this off immediately.
15th May, 2006
A fruity-floral scent with a hint of honey. In my head, it's a Kouros for women, without the incense and smokiness but with a hint of the famous Kouros note... (yes you know...). Very pleasant scent, starts off similarly to L'eau par Kenzo pour homme without the aquatics notes before the honey brings a rich animalic facet to Chic.
29th September, 2005
Chic is a wonderful spicy floral. It starts off soft, then moves to a slight green, the dry down is a sweet floral. I own two bottles, because it is a reliable scent.
18th August, 2005
If there ever was an ineptly named fragrance, Chic is it. Take some old fingernail polish remover (the kind with acetone), pour it generously over a grapefruit, extract the juice, and presto: out pops Chic, a tart, sharp version of acetone designed for the skin instead of the nails. And long lasting---phew. It just gets worse and worse. Carolina Herrera has put her name on many chic and classy fashions. This fragrance isn’t one of those. Instead of chic, it should be called “Sheesh.” Sheesh!
10th August, 2005
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