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Positive Reviews of Chic by Carolina Herrera

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agree that it is sour and peppery at first whiff. this note persists in the background throughout, but then comes the sweet lily floral. there are alot of contradictions here and my gut tells me that it does not all come together gracefully in the end. and yet i continue to reach for it. because it is so unique. there is nothing else out there like this. it is sort of cheerfully anti-establishment. a chic woman who isn't afraid to trip in her heels. i get compliments on it. charming.
14th March, 2009
I quite like this one..maybe it's because I sampled it while I was on vacation in Spain. I can always remember where I was at, what I was feeling with each of the scents that I own. It's a nice floral, not too overwhelming, very fresh but warm.
03rd November, 2006
A fruity-floral scent with a hint of honey. In my head, it's a Kouros for women, without the incense and smokiness but with a hint of the famous Kouros note... (yes you know...). Very pleasant scent, starts off similarly to L'eau par Kenzo pour homme without the aquatics notes before the honey brings a rich animalic facet to Chic.
29th September, 2005
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