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Negative Reviews of Tabac Blond by Caron

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Okay, I give up totally on Caron. Going through a leather phase and thought I couldn't go wrong with this. So I got a large decant of the extrait, apparently the way to go? WRONG! (wrong, wrong, wrong). Amber treacle and nothing more. Ghastly, made my blood sugar spike it was so sweet and bland. Cuir de Russie you own my leather loving soul. Caron should get rid of that Fraysse? moron or pack it in.
23rd March, 2011
This review is for the actual/new version compared with the vintage stuff ( which I own as well)
The new and fresh Tabac Blond is a mere ghost of scent, compared with the old perfume.
I must admit I was very curious, and after a few moments of sharp and edgy leather,tobacco and a touch of carnation a nasty sweet and cloying honey note comes up to me which really is more or less disgusting. This note does not at all appear in any of my vintage versions, regardless how old or "turned" they may be.
The staying power of the EdP is mediocre, what lasts for about 30 minutes is a girlish flowery sweet breeze- nothing spectacular, boring and not worth to be mentioned as one of the most talked-about perfumes of the past.
I am utterly disappointed and will ebay my new "find" asap.
21st December, 2010
I have never smelled the old Tabac Blond. I can only imagine how wonderful it was. However, this review is for the new version. Tabac Blond starts out spicey vanilla tobacco with a touch of vetiver. I thought, "Wow! A refined Habanita with a beautiful brightness & clarity." Unfortunately, this impression lasted only for a few moments until the scent trailed off into an overly sweet, slightly floral memory. 5 stars for the first minute, 0 stars for the nothing that followed.
16th October, 2010
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Too spicy and too much carnation.
14th September, 2009
Goes on fresh, somewhat light, lots of powder from the getgo, tobacco is not very prominent, a mild pipe tobacco if any, powdery and creamy seem to be the dominant notes, seems rather simple and middle of the road, doesn't go out on a limb. To its credit it dries down gently and lightly, very little tobacco ever comes to the fore, only a dark, mildly tarry creaminess prevails. Seems a bit one dimensional in construction. It's one of those mildly suntan lotiony kind of scents. I can smell tobacco in the sample phial but it in no way transfers to the skin. Maybe better for a woman, but a bit boring and safe in my opinion.
29th July, 2009
My sample of the Caron Tabac Blond extrait smells like a sharp old potpourri with some concentrated Old Spice thrown in; plus the warm tobacco for awhile. Disappointing after all I've read. I am beginning to wonder if there is not an aspect of 'the Emporer's New Clothes' in perfume reviews. Or at least a Rorshach test of the reviewer's frame of mind more than anything else.

12th April, 2009
I am giving my opinion on that supposedly reformulated (extract) version.

There was a time when I wasn’t a fan of these kinds of balsamic vintage leather scents. But who hasn’t had their own change of hearts with perfumes?

Everything changed when I fell in love with Knize Ten, after I had dismissed that one too for quite some time.

Anyway….Although Tabac Blond shares obvious similarities to Knize Ten, it isn’t nearly as magical. In fact, it is very lame comparing to that one. Tabac Blond pales in comparison with few other scents as well in this category, but yes, especially when it comes to Knize Ten the contrast is very sharp.

Tabac Blond is androgynous ambery leather scent with balsams and hint of flowers. It is quite much sweetened up by vanilla. Only slightly smoky and surprisingly thin and wimpy. It is not particularly rich or mysterious. It is not romantic or captivating. Simply put, the magic is very much missing.

Not too that bad this, it has its moments after all, but considering the fact that I like to review these scents with the value for the money in mind too, I must take my thumbs down on this one.

I would love to smell this in original formulation. I presume it would be quite an experience.
03rd February, 2009
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United Kingdom
Top- Leather -- Middle-Leather -- Base - Leather/smoke. Nothing really that softens -- amber will just intensify -- this is the edp version. I think you would need to walk through a mist of it to make it tolerable. I can appreciate the innovativeness, but is really much too potent for me and as stated, very linear.

29th April, 2008
There is something dark, uncanny, and almost diabolical about this fragrance. Imagine being in a 'new age' cafe, full of vegan homosexuals and pagan lesbians. It is a witch's poison potion, reeking freakiness and portending evil.

If you do not want dark thoughts and disturbing emotions to be conjured in your heart, steer clear of this one.
25th May, 2007