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Neutral Reviews of En Avion by Caron

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This review is for the current extrait, which is a very pretty, respectable floral fragrance. I like En Avion, but was surprised to find how much it resembles its sibling, Tabac Blond: they are almost identical to my nose, except that En Avion is topped off by a green note that smells like a snapped branch. I don't get much leather punctuating this nicely crafted, polite floral bouquet (the original En Avion packed a real punch in that respect, mingled with plenty of spice). My neutral rating is not due to a comparison with En Avion's former self, though, but to its closeasthis similarity to Tabac Blond and its brief longevity, only a couple of hours on my skin. For all its grace, I find En Avion a bit melancholy in its lack of zest - more like a grounded aviatrix spinning tales of the air, than flying with her in the cockpit.
19th November, 2015
One of the few Caron perfumes that I really don't like. I can identify very few ingredients in this perfume, but on my skin it's quite a heavy floral, with a subtle spice background. It reminds me of Jean Patou's Cocktail, but with a sandalwood note. Just not my type of perfume.
03rd August, 2014
Mattie, the SA, splashed the En Avion extrait all over her palm, like with a men's cologne splash, and literally drenched my right wrist with it, the precious extrait dripping onto the floor! As a result, I had a great opportunity to follow its development for the next five hours, until I fell asleep.

En Avion is a serious leather scent, and to my nose is a touch dated when compared to either Tabac Blond or Poivre. Yes, there is some carnation, rose, and cloves in En Avion, but nothing like the fireworks in Poivre. Yes, too, there is lots of leather in En Avion, but different from Tabac Blond. En Avion smells like plasticy, chemically-tanned leather, versus the vegetal-tanned, suede-like leather in Tabac Blond. They are undoubtedly related, but Tabac Blond is the more resplendent of the two. Please don't mistake me, En Avion is a classic fragrance in the best sense of the term. However, Tabac Blond and Poivre happen to both represent the ne plus ultra to me, thus tempering my appreciation for En Avion.

28th March, 2007
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Metallic soap! I get no notes whatsoever. Well, maybe a dry, sharp clove like the one in Coup de fouet? I recognize the metallic sharpness from Tabac Blond, but in Tabac Blond it's balanced by a musky/leathery/sweet base. En Avion is like smelling unscented soap. Still, somehow refined and elegant, I can't quite hate it.
26th February, 2007