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Negative Reviews of Or et Noir by Caron

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United States
Dim attic. Ancestor's chest.
Nectar exhausted, rose petals pressed.
Dead geranium, dried in its pot.
Medicine bottle with smudged tin top.

Roller shade up, powder charges the light.
Murphy's Oil Soap. Grime sliced.
Brittle lace, unfit for auction.
Inheritance. In heir: exhaustion.
26th October, 2006
I'm one of those who has problems with the classic Carons - my skin doesn't like them. The newer Carons are a different story. I can smell the classic 'Caron' accord in this one, and that note doesn't sit well. Unfortunately 'Or et Nor' also runs afoul of another chemistry reaction I have - a certain artificial rose note. My skin is picky about rose notes, some working as they were intended, and some taking me to artificial rose hell. The rose note in this one turned absolutely awful on me, becoming the cheap perfume oil of bazaars and street vendors. I had to scrub it off within 5 minutes. I hate to be negative about a classic fragrance, but that's what it's all about, I think - finding what works for you. I've only tried 11 Carons at this point, but the classic ones have given me problems.
18th November, 2005