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Aldehydic, floral fizz. A bright, inoffensive scent for the working day. Distinctly recall my mother's '80s version being higher octane, but no great tragedy. This is a pleasant and harmless scent that can quite lift the spirits.
03rd July, 2012
Oh, Nocturnes! One of the nicer BIG eighties scents. Floral with spice is always a good thing in my book. I haven't given this a smell in years, but I hope it's doing well.
15th May, 2011
Having never quite ‘got’ the Caron line (I know - for shame!), I found Nocturnes at a tantalisingly low price and took a punt that I had evolved enough as a sniffer to appreciate this juice. A good punt indeed.

Nocturnes scared me a bit with its initial trumpet of aldehydes (a ‘Hello Granny’ moment), but swiftly seduced with a beautiful rendition of white florals, offset with a sparkling citrus note. At this stage I was thinking ‘What’s the deal with that name? This is definitely for day...’ - but then the base came through. Oh my - Nocturnes becomes a midnight vixen, albeit a subtle one. The phrases ‘a little musty’ and ‘slightly meaty’ may not sound too sexy, but in this incarnation those down-and-dirty notes combined with the glimmering top translate to a sensual mix of Miss Prim and Lady Panther. What’s not to love about that?
19th July, 2010
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Nocturnes is a classical fragrance, aldehydic, flowery, and elegant and in spite of its date of birth (a child of the 80's!), it's neither loud nor vulgar. Fortunately enough, it seems to be "intact" - i.e. not yet reformulated. Nocturnes is neither exciting, nor a milestone, but I find it quite wearable and ladylike.
23rd March, 2010
This review is for the older (probably late 1980's) EDT. From all that I'd read, Nocturnes had been described as an aldehydic floral and when I first applied it, it did initially evoke a floral in the vein of Chanel No. 5. However, as the scent dried down I picked up on more green notes which made my mind shift to Chanel No. 19. A little later I got Guerlain's Chamade which is the way it pretty much stayed until the far drydown. If you're a Chamade fan, you'll like Nocturnes. In the end I would say that Noctures is pretty much what you'd get if you mixed the 3 scents I mentioned above, and as others have mentioned, it's the least "Caron" of all the Caron's.

UPDATE: After acquiring a vintage parfum of Nocturmes, I feel compelled to revise my rating of it. When oh when am I going to learn that as long as there is a perfume version of a scent available, I should delay my review until I smell it? While the EDT is a beautiful floral, the parfum is much richer, deeper and creamier. The far drydown is very unexpected ( I can swear I smell hints of oakmoss) in relationship to its bright, citrus-y, greenish floral opening. I still feel like it's the least "Caron" of the Carons, but as the parfum dries down it hints at, but stops just short of, that signature Caron darkness.
08th July, 2009 (last edited: 24th April, 2013)
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United States
This is a very "pretty" floral fragrance. Makes me think of springtime, sunrise, and fresh gardens with a bit of dew on them. The orange blossom is my favorite part of the development. It is very well blended. You can detect the light tuberose and lily of the valley, but they play a part in the overall accords. No one flower really takes center stage, except maybe orange blossom. The base is very soft, warm, and lovely. It is in the same ball park as Baghari (much richer and more sophisticated), Guerlain Jardins de Bagatelle (much more confident), and Chanel No 5 eau Premier (much more exuberant), but anyone who likes these may enjoy Nocturnes. Even though aldehydes play a big part in the opening, I don't think this becomes very powdery in the overall development - not as much as Baghari for instance. Nocturnes would also make a wonderful bridal perfume b/c it is so lovely, soft, and smells like a wonderful fresh bouquet. It has a traditional romantic feel too. Very feminine.
18th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
This is lovely - subtle, classy and feminine. I find the perfume to be beautifully blended - no notes dominate to me - and quite linear - it just gets softer with time and the initial (very gentle) aldehydes fade. It is suitable to wear anywhere - in crowded places I don't need to worry about it overwhelming anyone, yet it feels special and romantic enough for an expensive meal out. One of my very favourites.
17th November, 2008
Oh, so beautiful.

The orange blossom is soft; the aldehydes are voluptuous; the tuberose and ylang-ylang are striking without being overpowering; the sandalwood is subtle; the vetiver is perfect: neither being soapy or dirty; the rose is deep and a little bit spicy; and the musk is both feminine and slightly animalic.

Nocturnes is both luxurious and sparkling, and is a pleasure to smell throughout the day.

I agree that Nocturnes is a sweetheart rather than a femme fatale, and this is fine with me.

Another masterpiece from Caron.
09th October, 2008
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United States
Being a huge Caron fan, I took a chance and bought this unsniffed. Not normally one to wear florals much, I was quite surprised how much I love it. The orange blossom lends a bright citrusy note in the opening to play off the green vetiver, both earthy and airy, bright, dries down to a soft warm beauty, although I wouldn't mind the sparkling top notes sticking around the whole time either.
15th July, 2008
I have fallen in love with this perfume. I find it perfect for spring and summer when I want to feel fresh and green. It opens with a sparkling green and dries down to a powdery earthiness, not too sweet, not too "dirty", like vetiver can do on me sometimes. DH says he loves this frag b/c it does not smell like anything else. I think it departs a bit from the Caron "feel", but a favorite of mine nonetheless!
02nd April, 2008
I have fallen in love with this perfume. I find it perfect for spring and summer when I want to feel fresh and green. It opens with a sparkling green and dries down to a powdery earthiness, not too sweet, not too "dirty", like vetiver can do on me sometimes. DH says he loves this frag b/c it does not smell like anything else. I think it departs a bit from the Caron "feel", but a favorite of mine nonetheless!
02nd April, 2008
Nocturnes opens on my skin with a very fresh clean lemony scent which softens as it dries down. Didn't seem to change much in the drydown except become softer but then....... after about twenty minutes I get a fragrant blend of vanilla, orange and roses (as Ayala has posted in her review). No green notes on me, just a lovely delicate and 'pure' scent. Some perfumes are described as 'femme fatale', 'seductress' etc. I'd offer 'sweetheart' for Nocturnes.
12th November, 2006
I agree with RoseAmber in that this fragrance, it seems, could well have been made in the Roaring Twenties. LOVELY use of aldehydes, and brilliant use of vetiver to tone down the tuberose.

A freakin' masterpiece, this one.
03rd October, 2006
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Nocturnes (to my nose) is a complex aldehydic floral with a warm drydown and beautiful, wistful sillage. Unlike other reviewers, I don't perceive lemon, soapiness, or powder so much as creamy floral notes on a soft woods base. It is sophisticated, unusual, and emotional; one of my favorites.
17th November, 2005
Another surprise from Caron. Though slightly floral, I find this completely wearable and very light and fresh. A nice marriage of vetiver and orange blossom on my skin.

NOTES: Vetiver, sandalwood, musk, jasmine, tuberose, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, rose.
30th October, 2005
Okay, okay. I'm eating a bit of crow these days. Have revisted Chamade and have fallen in love. Have revisted Nocturnes and have fallen in love. What struck me as soapy months ago now strikes me as feminine and cool. I like the review below that likens Nocturnes to stepping into a forest glade at twilight. That's a beautiful image and captures the essence of this scent. I'm a big Caron fan, and for a while I thought this classic just wasn't for me. But I've changed my mind. Definitely full bottle worthy.
07th August, 2005 (last edited: 20th February, 2006)
This fragrance is the epitome of my romantic expectations of fine French perfume. It was my first real perfume (in parfum form); given to me as a gift when I was a teenager in the 1980s. Its mysterious, elegant, and incredibly beautiful fragrance still haunts my memories, and when I wear it, I feel like a ghost of Chopin's dreams. Even though this was launched in 1981, it has a haunting, classic quality that I associate with 1920s fragrances (such as Chanel Gardenia). Notes: Orange, Aldehydes, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk.
11th June, 2005
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United States
Nocturnes I describe as the kind of ethereal scent that an elven lady like Arwen from Lord of the Rings might wear. I wore it on my wedding day. It has orange blossoms as a prominent note which makes it suitable for a wedding scent. It has a cool floral/green quality like stepping into a mossy forest glade at twilight. I see it as different from many Caron fragrances in that it doesn't have the weightiness of many of the urn fragrances Caron makes.
22nd December, 2004