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Negative Reviews of Ma Griffe (original) by Carven

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This smelled like a mens bathroom on me. I'm not even joking, this was the conclusion of more then one. It was horrid. It actualy made me choke throughout.

It would smell cinnamon & good for about 5 seconds & then go back to that sage & aldehyde mess. I ordered a vintage bottle, it might be off, but pee & cheap cleansing products is not a classic to me.
I will try this again though!
14th September, 2008
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United States
I bought a bottle blind of this and am so disappointed that it disagreed with me. I tried so hard to like it, even tried it on my husband but -- just no. There is just a strong something -- or some memory of someone -- that is making it impossible for me to love, or even tolerate. So sad because the name, the history, the style, the bottle, even the font, is so great. Boo hoo.
04th July, 2008
Ma Griffe is an pleasant soapy chypre that iseems like a younger, more innocent cousin to Ivoire. The most dominant notes are vetiver, galbanum, moss and gardenia (just a hint). Ma Griffe is a lady-like scent that I'm not sure that I would really want to wear as it has an inescapable old fashioned aspect to it. To my nose, there are a lot better smelling, more interesting perfumes out there than Ma Griffe.
25th April, 2008
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