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Neutral Reviews of Ma Griffe (original) by Carven

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United States
I'm wondering if what belleotero referes to as "meaty floral" is the asafoetida note. I have two Ma Griffes, an EDT that has that meaty floral (I would add "rotten") note, and one that doesn't. The one that doesn't has the modern stylized "C" spiraling around the cap, so I suspect it is newer. Regarding to older, rottener one, I just can't get past that opening. It messes me up.
22nd December, 2011
I don't think my nose gets along very well with greens or chypres in general...I've yet to find one that I'm crazy about. I bought this and wore it a few times, but just couldn't get over the sharp bite of its opening notes. I did like the soft, powdery dry-down. I gave it to my aunt and she loved it!

27th March, 2011

Ma Griffe opens crisp and lush of Green Notes caresses
your senses of different shades though light and dark
swirls vibrantly like an Rousseau painting primal and
instinctive from the surface the opening gives an impression of innocence and the green notes adds that
metaphor as we walk further into the Ma Griffe Greenhouse the air becomes thicker and the floral becomes deeper The note of Peach steeps though the
air like a sensual Verita; Rose adds an velvety touch
to this dualistic scent Orris brings the earthy side
and nocturnal jasmine closes the middle with an green
herbal smell; The drydown turn Ma Griffe uninhibited
and Primal; Labdanum with a mixture of Civet adds a
Animalistic spirit Cinnamon brings depth and a bit of an edge; Watered musk dilutes the volume but noticible.

Ma Griffe dries to a dark and esoteric finish of
styrax and dry sandalwood,This scent is a Chameleon
crisp and green at the opening deep and reseinous
drydown, i would love this if it wasn't a bit cloying
but still a nice perfume i would give this
3 out of 5 Stars.
19th March, 2011
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Perhaps it's the old vintage bottle, but this, in EdC strength, is not really green on me at all. I get a fleshy, almost meaty floral that is somehow fruity in its sweetness -- I think this is the ylang ylang -- not a fruit note per se. There is some powder too. A bit of cinnamon? It reminds me of Opium, in fact, but much less complex -- I sometimes layer it with Opium EdT. I tend to get tired of the fleshy-floral stage, which is somewhat insistent on me ... I love the soft, longlasting vanillic drydown.
21st October, 2010
I like soapy, but I found this pervasively so. Perhaps I tested it from an "off" bottle?

Not quite like others have described it to me...Im not so sure how to describe it myself for that matter.

To put it simply, I truly believe that this is a fragrance where, when applied, a person's individual body chemistry either "makes or breaks" the scent.

On my skin, it's soapy, with a sizzling sharp openning. On my girlfriend, it is soapy, but also quite floral, with a warm, unsweetened cinnamon stick, fresh from the spicer's, rushing through a power-punch-packing dry, green aldehyde, creating an aldehydic, green, soapy and spicy confusion.

I can't put my finger on what exactly I think of the perfume. So until the day I can express something more substantive, I will relegate it to the purgatory that is "neutral"...
06th December, 2007
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United States
Oftentimes I have to laugh at my own interpretations, as in this case: The top notes (and we know aldehydes are schizophrenic shape-shifters) I get a parched impression, as though I'm sampling alum or that sillicate they put in pouches inside aspirin bottles to keep the pills dry. The sage may play some part in this, but I truly do not find the galbanum, which usually stands out to me in other fragrances. In a while, I pick up on unsweetened cinnamon powder which smells a bit toasted. At the same time, I sense I'm smelling French perfume, which is a fine thing, but there are other Frenchies who please me more.
16th October, 2006