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Neutral Reviews of Chloé Narcisse by Chloé

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Stronger, sweeter than Chloe… more complex and I would say more difficult to wear. Strongly floral at first but I do think the narcissus adds an element of freshness within the density of the potent florals in the opening and the spices of the middle. Chloe Narcisse does become a bit cloying in the warmer weather but its floral complexity works well in cooler conditions. The drydown is excellent with its musk, vanilla, and coniferous wood accord. Potent sillage and excellent longevity… can be a very nice fragrance if it is sprayed with discretion.
28th November, 2010
This one is too sweet for me - it had a sickly kinda cotton candy thing going. I was just waiting for the fragrance to mellow out on me but it didn't happen. My mother owns a bottle of this so I will try it again in winter and see if I like it better then. Its heavy sweetness might suit the winter months better.
15th March, 2007
is ok but i find it to be potent and give me migraines but seems to suit my best friend more
11th October, 2005
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