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I recently purchased a 50ml EDP in the purple box and it is more like the Narcisse I remember from the 90's.
The Narcisse that you can buy with spare change at chemists or department stores has a plasticky tone that can singe the inside of your nostrils when you first spray. After half an hour it calms down but it can be challenging and for everyone else in a 1 metre radius to cope with till then.
The EDP seems to be just as strong but not as offensive or synthetic. It seems, (to my nose) settle and begin the lovely dry down to a base which is lovely, creamy and truly nuzzle worthy.
Although I have just bought this bottle of EDP, I am thinking I am going to buy another and stash in my cupboard. I have a feeling this EDP may be one of the fragrances that I will be missing, unable to find in a few years and not easily replaceable.
05th April, 2014
My signature scent. I've PROACTIVELY TRIED to find another perfume which smells as alluring and flat out "delicious" on me, and I've not succeeded. I like Michael Kors, Michael - nice floral, woodsy drydown, but it doesn't LAST! And I find myself longing for the aroma of my Narcisse. Beautiful, rich floral (do NOT overdo it! I buy the minis - and literally a few body dabs does the trick for the entire day). Floral, spicy, with an attracting force of its own.
11th March, 2013
I'm trying to think of the exact feeling this scent gives me - there's nostalgia there, and romance - but only when I'm in the right mood. Otherwise this is headache inducing and way too heavy.

On a certain day (or night), in a certain mood, a couple of spritzes will transport me to a distinctly playful and sentimental frame of being. Any more than that or other time than that and I want to scrape the sugary vanilla right off my skin. Bizarre...
11th September, 2012
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Just experienced this today from an ancient mini I came across. I find it to be much more a spice based scent than floral...let's say spicy floriental. It's like a sweeter version of KL (both Lagerfeld if I'm not mistaken). It is strong and long lasting, so only the eensiest bit is needed to avoid suffocation, for the wearer especially. It is an excellently done fragrance; very rich and intoxicating if you like that sort of thing. Probably better in cooler weather. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.
08th September, 2012
Bought a bottle of this on impulse while on vacation. While I really enjoyed the bottle I never bought another as this fragrance was just not "me". It is a very unique, complex, potent floral. What a bizarre list of notes it has! Whatever, it works well for some.

Everytime I see it (which, unfortunately is not often) take a whiff as it transports me back to that wonderful vacation. It is amazing how fragrances can do that.
04th September, 2012
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United Kingdom
My Narcisse is a bottle of older stuff bought for pennies off eBay.

Chloe Narcisse is in the style of an 80s tuberose so wear with caution! Whilst tuberose isn't listed the narcissus in this gives the impression of a heady, narcotic tuberose which I enjoy. Well blended and certainly white floral, the apricot is subtle and adds a little much needed tartness rather than sweetness. The spice supports the narcotic and sultry effect. Makes me think of a Southern Belle, perfectly groomed, sat on the porch with a JD & coke. In fact Chloe Narisse is hat the YaYas in the ZyaYa Zsiterhood should have worn!

I do wonder if Madge knew how close she came to recreating Chloe Narcisse with Truth or Dare, her tribute to Fracas? They certainly share genetic material
13th May, 2012
I have long since used the perfume spray and miss it so. All I have left is the small perfume concentrate. It is very unique and great in small amounts. A little goes a long way, and the men take notice. It has a very intoxicating accord that when used responsibly. I cannot find it in retail department stores anymore, sadly.
29th November, 2011
WOW. I am amazed at all the negative comments on this. Chloe Narcisse had been my signatire scent for years. My husband gave it to me when it first came out, and I love it! I can't stress enough how much attention this scent gets. Men adore it, I have found. I only spray a little on, and for some reason smells better on my skin than on others. So I supose it depends on your skin oils and how it matches up. I will always love this scent, and found it at Kmart yesterday.. even though it was "discontinued".
11th November, 2011
I quite often underestimate fragrances before I try them based purely upon how much they're selling for. In recent years, this fragrance has been selling for next to nothing in a majority of stores, so I've always assumed that Chloe Narcisse was a so-so fragrance. I was certainly wrong in that opinion.

Chloe Narcisse starts out as quite a strong yet unique floral. Although the opening notes nearly sent me flying backwards I couldn't help liking the scent. It's like a rich and intense burst of warm honey, marigolds, pineapple and orange blossom. A strange mixture, yet a likable one.

The heart of this fragrance however, is my favourite part. The scent softens and becomes a beautiful blend of flowers, like walking through a garden in the Spring when all the flowers are in bloom. You can smell roses, jasmine, gardenia and carnations all mixed together like an exquisite bouquet.

The drydown is also wonderful with its vanilla and woodsy notes blended perfectly, creating an enjoyable end to this incredibly long-lasting fragrance.

I know that this fragrance may not be for everyone because it is indeed very intense, flowery and sweet, however for the inexpensive price it is certainly worth trying. I'm not surprised that men find Chloe Narcisse to be very sexy and alluring, I myself agree entirely. This fragrance, when worn in moderation, has the ability to make the biggest of tomboys feel feminine, sensual and pretty. Definitely a must try.

03rd June, 2011
Ha Ha! My signature scent in high school. Despite myself, I still love it now. It can be overwhelming, so only a little bit should be applied. Very flowery.
01st November, 2010
Wow! A big, loud floral. Amazingly good for this price.

To my nose, the dominating note is english marigold. Tou must love marigold to like this. And english marigold smell is thick, sticky, even a bit...reisinous. It's like a big garden with lots of flowers, and a loooot of english marigolds all over among them, like a carpet.

Makes me think of the song "Guantanamera". A mariachi, latino woman singing it, and wearing this perfume.

Smells good, but just don't overapply, it can really get choking. So careful.


Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crecen las palmas
Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crecen las palmas
Y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma

Guajira Guantanamera
Guajira Guantanamera



24th June, 2010
I think it's ok, but I have to be in the mood to wear it as it can be overbearingly sweet
27th March, 2010
OMG! This fragrance is beyond speechless! This is a signature scent of mine that I have gotten endless compliments on. I love love this sweet and innocent scent that last all day long and lingers on your clothes like dryer sheets.
29th October, 2009
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I haven't smelt the fragrance but i adore the body lotion.

When applied its so light and watery. I didn't find it overpowering and cloying at all, but rather subtle. The jasmine danced pleasantly on my skin.

25th June, 2009
Narcisse starts out sweet and a little fruity, but quickly becomes a spicy floral, with the jasmine and carnation-y spice floating to the top. In its entirety, it really does smell like a spring bulb flower, though my daffodils never smelled this intoxicating :-) To me, this smells like seduction. What a great frag!
16th April, 2009
I use to wear it in the 90s and always got compliments. Powerful scent, if sprayed in small amounts, quite sublime.
20th July, 2008
I just love this perfume. It's sweet, soft and has a fresh feeling to it, even if it might be too heavy if you spray on too much. A little goes very far, and there's not words to describe how much I love this one. Too bad it's not available in stores any longer, but on the other hand, getting it online means that you're probably be among few wearing it.
27th December, 2007
Oh, how I adore this one. Fields of narcisses, Chloe Narcisse really smells of narcisse flower, its leaves and stalks, I detect also poppy flower and tulips, very sweet (yes, coton candy), somewhat hospital, green, "rainy" fragrance, intoxicating, mesmerizing, narcotic, somnolent, sweet but poisonous, very introvert, with some dark depth, depressive, long lasting
13th May, 2007
I always return to this perfume. First smelled it where it had been impregnated onto the page of a magazine 17 years ago and loved it. Am always excited when a new perfume is promoted, but am usually dissappointed.
Don't thin Narcisse is sweet or flowery; its a clever perfume - appearing light at first, and settling down to a distinctive warm, slightly oriental scent. Ben asked by several men what I was wearing.
03rd March, 2007
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United Kingdom
sweet, powdery, warm and slightly spicy -makes me think of a 50s hollywood dressing room. I adore this and always come back to it
28th September, 2006
Even though is a strong, sweet very flowery fragrance i happen to like it a lot and it reminds me of the comfort of home. The notes are loud and if you happen to like Balenciaga's Rumba , you might like this one too, as it has some similarities concernig power, longevity and sweetness but they -of course- don't smell the same. Very good composition!
17th January, 2006