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Negative Reviews of Casmir by Chopard

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I agree with Lisa. There is something in Casmir that doesn't come together quite right. It clashes with my body chemistry, and I am also suspect of the geranium. The bottle is beautiful. Periodically I take a sniff from the bottle, but just can't seem to wear it as it makes me feel on the edge of allergies and a headache. I've smelled others wearing this and it was superb. It's just not for me.
19th November, 2013
Synthetic and overly warm vanilla-coconut pudding overly onedimensional and sweet for my taste. I agree with From Smoke when asserts that the melange between coconut, mango and vanilla produces a sort of flavour of banana pudding. The peaches are also detectable till the powdery end. I don't perceive a lot the floral middle transition while clearly detect sandalwood and patchouli in an ocean of fruity vanilla. The drowning of floral elements in a lake of creamy/fruity vanilla turns the scent out finally linear and un-sophisticated in my opinion. A touch of musk provides a bit of woodsy feel but is not enough to reduce the claustrophobic candied warmth. I don't perceive the scent as a complex one and feel it too synthetic and cloying. The dry down is boring and a bit close to skin while the longevity is good.
07th March, 2011 (last edited: 15th January, 2014)
HAteee itt!!

When I buy a vanilla perfume I hope smell a beautiful complex, mistery and deep fragrance like, Lolita lempicka 'L' or Obsession or Gaultier 2.

Casmir is the complete opposite of this 'type' of vanilla. When I wear Casmir I feel like a Big Vanila Cookie from a cheap supermarket! Just Horrible!

The staying power is weak on the skin but good on clothes.

This is not an oriental scent!! Is too boring and lacks a lot of complexity.
20th May, 2010
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United Kingdom
This could have been a great fragrance, but I don't know whether it's the fruit, or the coconut, but it's just too sickly and cloying on me. The opening has promise, but very soon after that it goes so pungent that I need to wash it off.
03rd August, 2008
Has the depth, warmth & spiciness I like, but something clashes in the drydown, not comfortable. maybe the geranium?
22nd July, 2007
I wore Casmir for a while in the '90s, until one day I was suddently overcome with its sickening, heavy sweetness and couldn't stomach it anymore. (Two friends of mine had the same experience after wearing it for a short period.) To my nose it lacks complexity and intrigue, and is essentially a one-dimensional, cloying, fruity-vanilla onslaught.
13th February, 2006