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Neutral Reviews of Casmir by Chopard

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This is tooth-achingly sweet. I can't imagine anyone but Barbie wearing it (although Pink Sugar is probably more apt). Speaking of Pink Sugar, this might just be the same thing, boiled down to a thick syrup.

You can't help but applaud such audacity, but I would never consider wearing it.
26th June, 2016
Simple, pleasant, and creamy - Casmir is the sort of scent that seems made for people who aren't fussy or particular about perfume and just want to smell nice. And Casmir is nice, at the expense of being exciting; a tropical peach-cream white floral with decent projection and decent longevity.
14th February, 2016
It looks cheap, it smells cheap, it IS cheap. I get a vanilla-and-fruit overload, that's all. The other alleged notes seem to be at sub-therapeutic levels because I simply don't get them. Many sweet orientals get on my nerves in the long run, but this one achieves high irritation levels within the first few seconds. Thanks but no thanks.
19th November, 2014
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Casmir helped usher in the "gourmand" scent category.

Top notes: Lotus, Peach, Mango, Coconut, Geranium, Bergamot
Heart notes: Jasmine, Muguet, Mimosa
Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk, Castoreum, Ambergris

Turin called it a "strange, dissonant oriental," but gave it four stars. Barbara Herman doesn't even mention it in her book.

This is a fruity vanilla scent, very basic and very underwhelming to my nose.

Worth seeking out only if you are a fan of vanilla or gourmand scents.
20th October, 2014
Casmir opens with a bag of fruits on sandalwood, vanilla, ylang, Oriental flavours of spices and cinnamon. Briefly, a sweet and creamy fruity bath soap, which however is restrained and complex enough to smell better than most of other scent of this genre. Despite smelling a bit like Fructis shampoo, in fact, Casmir reveals some more structured and intriguing nuances and a compelling deepness of notes: it's plummy, sweet and creamy, but in a sophisticated, mellow, decently-executed and polite way (in other words, it is no sickening teenagers' gourmand and does not smell too much artificial). Not a masterpiece for me, but in that disgraceful family – the "fruity-floral bombs" – surely among the nicest I've ever tried.

24th August, 2014
jtd nails it: this foodie-ental indole-bomb is the missing link between the monsters of the 80s and the gourmands prowling today. I LOVED it when I tested it years ago, got it as a gift, and even with a light hand (one spray, under the shirt), the sillage was killer. On me, it blew up into a rotten, cheap fruit basket. I actually had a friend use the old, "You smell like a French whore!" on me. I wish I hadn't pitched it years ago during my perfume purges, otherwise I'd have given it to a loving home.
08th May, 2013 (last edited: 11th May, 2013)
The fragrance equivalant of a decadent dessert. You enjoy it once in while, but cant take it everyday. Cashmir gets so sweet on me that it becomes annoying to wear. I can appreciate the composition, I mean it smells wonderful on my wrist, but thats as far as I can stand it. Its the sweetest vanilla based perfume Ive ever smelled. Its like I jumped into a tub full of vanilla frosting and a barrel full of berries. I do enjoy the opoponox and benzoin in this, its beautiful. If it werent for the cloying sweetness of this perfume, I think I would love this. But I imagine this perfume works wonders on the right chemistry.
06th March, 2011
Casmir has a lovely name and a charming bottle.

To my nose the opening is a blast of cheerful synthetic banana, which so surprised me that I laughed out loud (no bad thing).

No one else I had smell it smelled the banana so perhaps that's just the way my brain processed the coconut mango vanilla melange = banana pudding.

After about an hour on my skin the heart note floral and vanilla combo take over and the effect is rich and high quality.

After about three hours the base-note darkness starts to deepen the edges of the golden vanilla cloud.

For a man like me this is certainly an under the shirt fragrance. One shot to the sternum and you have a gorgeous private party for you and anyone special enough to be that close to you.

06th February, 2010
When I first sampled this scent I thought it was so grown up and sophisticated. I must have been 16-17. I actually waited a few years to purchase a small bottle for myself. I thought it was something rare and exotic, I immediately was transported to an outdoor market in Kashmir and saw myself purchasing spices. Now I think this scent is outdated and over the top.
22nd January, 2010
Goodness me, this takes me back to Vanilla Fields at school! I like it for that reason, it is purely nostalgic.
However, not one I would go for these days. To my nose it has a weird synthetic plastic note on top of the vanilla which I just cannot take to.
10th October, 2009
It sounds good; mango peach then the flowers... but it does not happen so. No sweet delicious mango peach, but spicy bitter bergamot even more dirtied with coconut makes a muddy unpleasant mass with the flowers. Amber sandalwood base is nice after half an hour.
12th August, 2008
I got a little bottle of Casmir in a gift set and I'd never tried it before. I was expecting something very syrupy and sickly from the reviews I read, but was pleasantly surprised after expecting the worst. This fragrance is warm and sensuous. Strong yes, but not overpowering. The main problem however is that after only a couple of minutes, all you can smell is vanilla. I can perhaps imagine wearing this scent cosying up in front of an open fire, but that's about all. Yes, it smells quite nice, but no, it's not something I would reach for often or even buy again.
11th May, 2006
I wanted very much to like this one, as it is so highly thought of here, however, at first sniff, it was intriguing, but after about 20 minutes on my skin, the only note I could detect was vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla. I tired of that very quickly and promptly washed it away, which was not easy.
18th January, 2006
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I don't know what it is with Casmir, a fragrance I have always felt I should really like because the notes seem so enticing but have never, ever been able to get enthused about; it has always struck me as missing some component, lacking that special "something." What it is to me is Opium or even Cinnabar minus the spices - which just leaves something very fruity and vanilla-patchouli based. Nice and all, but where's the exoticism? With a name like Casmir, I always find myself waiting for something a bit more mystical to kick in when I put this on, and it never arrives. Instead, what it approxmates is a slightly less aggressive Escada by Margaretha Ley, particularly through the peach-coconut topnotes. Not quite the effect something called Casmir should have, I'd say; even a little tiny smudge of incense would have helped...Anyway, this fragrance definitely has its fans and so I can't get away from the idea that I'm just not "getting" something. That's why I go back to it every so often, just to see if maybe my take on it has changed over the years. So far - no dice!
22nd September, 2005