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I liked it, so I bought it. It's gentle, enough like Cashmere to deserve the name.
06th December, 2015
This has been my signature autumn/winter fragrance for almost twenty years. On me, it's a bit childish and two-dimensional for the first twenty minutes. Then it settles into a vanilla and bergamot green warmth with enough of the oriental spice to keep it from smelling like custard. I find it becomes incredibly complex throughout the day.

Longevity and sillage are extraordinary. I've had countless compliments on it. I've even had complaints when I switched to my summer scent.
09th November, 2014
Beautiful, beautiful!

I was trooping through a perfume store, trying on several scents and being uninspired by every one I spritzed, when I spotted a bottle of Casmir and, dutifully but wearily, I sprayed a bit on a patch of skin, not expecting anything. I gave a disinterested sniff, and--BOOOOM! Glory filled my senses. I was so overwhelmed by beauty that I could not tell what it was I smelled--vanilla? Peaches? Spices? No idea. It was just glorious.

Dazed, I staggered home, overcome. Days later, warily, I came back to the store and tried it again, afraid it wouldn't be as wonderful. Ahhh. Still glorious. Still beautiful. Still delightful.

After many tries, I bought a full bottle. I am very happy with it.

It begins with a bright, non-alcoholic blast of bright warmth. Then the perfume glows for a while on the skin, emanating variously at different sniffs: pure warm goldeny vanilla; peaches and apricots and vanilla; spices; vanilla again; and so forth. For some reason, I always think "Honey!" when I wear this, although that clearly isn't true. I don't smell vanilla when I wear this, I smell "honey." That's what my brain registers, anyway.

I HATE vanilla perfumes. They make me gag. But not Casmir. Casmir is the only vanilla perfume I can stand--so far, hopefully. This vanilla smells different than any other perfume I've tried that has a strong vanilla aspect to it. I also like "Cinema" by YSL, but the vanilla's too overwhelming in "Cinema" for me, and I end up disappointed when I try it. Not so with Casmir.

Casmir can get to be too much, though. I've had to scrub it once, after two direct spritzes to my arm. It was overpowering. Sometimes I "cut" the power of it, when it's too vanillary, with a spray of musk, and it smells delightful, just delightful, combined with the musk.

NOTE: I just tried this on today with my brother in the room. He turned from what he was doing and looked at me. "Are you baking brownies???" he asked. No. It was the Casmir. Something to think about.
17th March, 2013
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I see Casmir (1991) as the amphibious step where evolution took a creature from the oriental sea to the terra firma of the gourmand. The vanilla is comfortably inedible and the peachy/apricot fruit, when magnified by benzoin and patchouli grows unsettlingly inedible. It's the scent of overripe fruit or spoiled jam or a syrupy liqueur. The unresolved dessert that had hidden at the background of big amber orientals for years took two steps forward and gave us the fairly ugly but certainly interesting Casmir.
21st February, 2012 (last edited: 04th March, 2013)
I had searched both high and low for Casmir for approximately 6 months, so you can imagine how excited I was when I finally stumbled upon it. My expectations were huge. I was so eager to test this famous vanilla-based scent.

I sprayed on both the card and my wrist, and unable to resist or contain my excitement any longer, I inhaled deeply.

The aroma was indeed strong, but only very subtle with the vanilla. It had an oriental feel to it, yet I felt that the citruses were a little too sour and basic. I was quite disappointed, since this had been something I'd dreamt about, almost being crazy enough to buy it blind.

I proceeded to test other fragrances to ease my disappointment, until about an hour later I was met with a beautiful scent wafting around me. I was pleased to discover that it was Casmir enchanting me with its glorious aroma.

Casmir is the absolute perfect orange-vanilla fragrance; gourmand, just like an orange flavoured cake topped with sweet vanilla icing. However, this is no toothache, this is incredibly sexy and rich.

Towards the drydown, Casmir captures me with its subtle spicyness and smokey incense quality. It's exotic and seductive all rolled into one. May I also add that the sillage and lasting strength is highly commendable. I added Casmir to my wishlist immediately.

26th June, 2011
My mom has worn this occasionally since its release. I just sampled it on myself this morning. Of course, the initial scent is very sweet, dark vanilla. However, the drydown, on myself, is smelling quite similar to MKK! I do have a tiny bottle of parfum en route to me; I may also buy a bottle of EDP (which is what mom has) - it is very inexpensive. I paid only $60 for a 1/3oz bottle of vintage (though I doubt it has been reformulated) parfum!
11th June, 2011
Beautiful spicy fruity oriental scent...!

My initial impression has a take on peaches, mangoes and possibly oranges...incredibly comforting and uplifting to the senses...then the vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli take over for hours on end...

Great scent for men and women who enjoy intense but refined oriental infused scents...

Excellent longevity and sillage...

Big thumbs up...!l
02nd January, 2011
Vanilla is the thread that holds this scent together.

It is fruity at the opening stage, a bit spicy at the middle stage and quite powdery in the dry down; throughout these stages the vanilla is there, present but subtle.
16th August, 2010
I bought this perfume because of the ad years ago and I'm pretty sure that ad changed my life! I can still see the ad in my mind's eye. It was a thin woman in a floor length pink flower print dress with huge turquoise jewelry walking with brown leather indian sandals next to an eggplant-colored vintage mercedes benz through the streets of India. That was me to a T. Down to the turquoise jewelry, that exact car, and the indian sandals.....From that moment on, I knew I would travel the world, and I knew I would do it dressed like that woman and wearing this scent....and I have, and my life is blessed because of it.
To this day, that's what this scent reminds me of. Being blissfully lost in the streets of India, wearing my mother's heirloom turquoise squash blossom necklace - in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful enigmatic countries in the world - searching for the golden temples with their incense and oranges and flower garlands in my nose. I was welcomed and entertained and comforted by strangers who painted my hands with henna; people who are now dear friends. Much like my first experience of India - I was expecting "Bollywood India", and the top notes of this fragrance make you think of that Bollywood cheesy type of India -- but if you hang around long enough, what you get to experience is the country that houses the Taj Mahal, the temple of love, the Kama Sutra, the holy temples and incense, silk saris, the coconut curries, and the hugs from Amma...........This is that India in a bottle. It's warm, it's enduring, it's enigmatic, it's unexpected, it's exotic, it's beautiful and memorable. I've been wearing it for years, but tend to wear it more in the winter with my favorite cashmere white coat, when I want to feel warm and snuggly and drink hot chai and look at my photos of India and just smile because I know the TRUTH because I've been there and now I have a taste for the exotic.....
31st July, 2010
good vanilla perfume...

30th January, 2010 (last edited: 26th January, 2011)
Casmir is almost in a class by itself, I think. When I think about the notes reported in the pyramid and other reviewers comments, I can work my nose and brain into a general sort of agreement. But to me, the first and strongest association is toasted marshmallow... or toasted coconut, if I'm feeling more poetic about it. Very nice!
01st January, 2010
I wore Shalimar for years and then when I met my husband, he informed me that he thought my perfume smelled like his old aunt. Needless to say I set about finding a new perfume. I absolutely fell in love with Casimir and I wear it to this day. Although I still miss Shalimar.....:)
26th September, 2009
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United Kingdom
Casmir ~ Composed by Michel Almairac , is a warm, rich (ahem, very rich !) fruity-floriental, with a lovely comforting "aura".
And it seems I like it exactly for the reasons a few others "above" dislike and dismiss it. ~ All the "vanilla, vanilla , vanilla" !
In fact, it's particularly the "triple-wammy" blending of all the "vanillic" notes :Benzoin, Tonka Bean and Vanilla, (with an extra "little kick" from the Opoponax too) which is lending the vanilla it's full delicious richness.
Now, as for the other notes that make up Casmir. Well, I have yet to come across another perfume with quite as many different "notes pyramids". I have found at least four or five, and they all differ from one to the next. And whilst there is some "overlap" of notes between a few, ... one differed entirely.
So below I'm listing all the notes accumulated from all the different "pyramids" I found. (They may very well all be correct, who knows ???) ...
Though I certainly could not smell all of these notes mentioned, and do believe some of them to be incorrect. (I could not smell any Geranium in it, for example. An easy note to detect usually, and one I have no difficulty "picking up"). ...
So, the notes I listed below (in brackets) are the ones I believe incorrect, or at very least questionable .

TOP : Bergamot, Mango, Peach, Apricot, Coconut,
.........(Blackcurrant ?), (Raspberry ?), (Lemon ?)

HEART : Mandarin, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Carnation, Cinnamon,
.............(Geranium ?), (Muguet ? = Lily of the Valley)

BASE : Vanilla, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Opoponax, Sandalwood,
.............(Amber ?), (Musk ?), (Castoreum ?), (Patchouli ?)

I did not smell any Musk or Castoreum, and definitely didn't smell any Patchouli either. There is a possibility of some Amber. Although I believe that "ambery" quality to actually be from the vanilla and resins mix.
So, bottom line : ... As you must have gathered by now, a deep luv of vanilla is a definite prerequisite to the enjoyment of Casmir. And it's also quite necessary to not mind a bit of "toasty coconut", for it's also quite apparent. ... And if you're a guy and enjoy these two notes, then this frag could perhaps be considered "borderline" unisex. But more so from "heart to base". For the pretty loud coconutty/floral/mango assault of the first hour or so, is a tad too "fruity-feminine". But if you can get through that "top", then the "second-half" certainly makes it all worthwhile ! ... The perfect scent to enjoy at home, in front of a log fire, in the middle of winter !
14th August, 2009
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My daughters found this fragrance for me. I love the warm spiciness of it, and get lots of complements from women and men both when wearing.

It's my go-to fragrance for a sophisticated and approachable amber-vanilla veil of scent.

For me, this is a great everyday, and summer scent.
25th April, 2009
I smell mango in the bottle but not on myself. I smell no florals in it whatsoever. I do smell the amber musk, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli though, and that is just fine by me. A very nice warm, winter scent. I will always have this in my wardrobe.
17th November, 2008
I got this perfume as a gift from my partner when it first came out, still probably my fav. It is absolutely delicous. Sweet, spicy and warm - Yummo!! I think I will go put some on right now.
01st May, 2008
An opulent rich winter fragrance for a certain type of lady. Warm and almost indescribably atmospheric, this fragrance is branded by a outrageously expensive watch company and as a scent is pretentious in an understated self-aware way. I would buy it for my wife because I just love it, but she is not ashamed to say that sometimes she does dishes and laundry. The truth is that this might just be too difficult a fragrance to live up to if you do housework. This is for a woman who wears tasteful, expensive suits all the time; and whose bag, gloves and shoes always match. It is fantastic, but how many can pull it off? Candace Bergen or Dina Merrill yes; your girlfriend? Probably not, unless your name is Cliff Robertson.
22nd December, 2007
I used to wear this when I was a young, budding hippie. It suit me very well. A young and fruity top leads to a smokey sweet base. I don't wear it anymore, but I did really love it.
18th December, 2007
I used to wear this when I was a young, budding hippie. It suit me very well. A young and fruity top leads to a smokey sweet base. I don't wear it anymore, but I did really love it.
18th December, 2007
Casmir is a sentimental favorite of mine - it was one of my first "real" perfumes of my early 20s. I love everything about it: the exotic name, the gorgeous bottle, and the sweet, sexy, earthy juice inside. It dries down to an incense skin scent that is just wonderful, and fits my personality perfectly. Though some might think it elegant, I like to wear this when I'm feeling relaxed and casual; it's great paired with jeans and a sweater, and the patchouli and sandalwood gives it a slightly retro, hippie vibe. I feel very natural when I wear Casmir. Men seem to love it, too, which never hurts. ;-) A definite must-try if you enjoy woody orientals. Michael Almairac also created the original Burberry fragrance for women (round bottle, amber colored juice), another winner. I hope to always own a bottle of Casmir...
02nd July, 2007 (last edited: 19th July, 2008)
I first tested Casmir awhile back, and I believe the bottle was "aged", and I didn't like it too well. After re-testing, I now own some of this warm & comforting scent! The 2 notes that stand forward are vanilla and sandalwood, coming off very unisex. The amber/vanilla/sandalwood/musk/patchouli base is quite rich. While inhaling the aroma of this well crafted blend, a fleeting memory of Coty's Emeraude tinged my thoughts. It's not exactly the same drydown, but something in it is very similar. Also coming to mind is NR for women. Considering the cheap price, you really can't go wrong if you like vanilla & sandalwood! Thumbs up for sure!
04th April, 2007 (last edited: 27th June, 2008)
It takes a lot to keep the sandalwood/patchouli combination from smelling like an old VW microbus, and Chopard has brought this combination out of the quagmire of the 1970's. It's fruity top may be too heady (or even childish) for some, but there are rewards in waiting for the drydown. Not for those who want to make a subtle statement. Even used in tiny amounts this fragrance is distinctive.
13th January, 2007
I just recieved my sample of this from scentagious and I absolutely love it! It's a very warm, creamy and comforting smell that makes me want to wrap myself in a soft blanket and curl up with a book and some chai tea....yummy.
17th September, 2006
Wandered into some scent shop in snooty Bryn Mawr PA ten or twelve years ago and bought this fragrance on the basis of a blotter sniff and have bought two more bottles since. Takes me right to Arabee - wherever that is. Got intially blown away by the peachy, flowery heaviness - and what remains is almost pure sandalwood. But then our bodies are so fickle. When I first encountered MaGriffe (could it be 50 years ago?!)it smelled like cat's - - - - on me - now it settles into a nice warmth. Go figure.
06th September, 2006
Shycat Show all reviews
United States
I'm wearing this for the first time today, so perhaps a review is premature, but I can't resist. This is an interesting fragrance. I agree it's a quality scent. I think it's the geranium that makes it special, giving a persistant green impression throughout. It's a green floriental, light, tropical and warm. Very distinctive and lasting. For me, in the mood for warm vanilla, I would still choose Hypnotic Poison at this point, but the coconut makes this such a Christmas scent to me (think coconut cake, and Christmas greenery) I'm thinking that will change come December.
30th November, 2005
Casmir is one of the most delightfully complex vanilla-based fragrances I've ever found. This is not CSP! It's a little heavier than I normally prefer, and I definitely think of it as a winter fragrance, but if you're looking for something oriental and mysterious, this is it. Out of all the fragrances I've ever worn, Casmir is far and away the one that's gotten me the most compliments. When I first discovered Casmir during high school back in the 90s, even my dad commented on how great it smelled...and for him to notice anything scent- or beauty-related is an absolute miracle, so it must be pretty good! It's one of those rare perfumes that stops strangers dead in their tracks - all the women will want to know what you're wearing, and all the men will tell you how nice you smell :) The Taj Mahal-inspired bottle is beautiful, too.
20th October, 2005
This perfume smells sooooo great. I have gotten a gazillion compliments while wearing this fragrance. It's not a heavy smelling perfume. A light and beautiful flowery spicy scent. Not really like anything I've ever smelled before! Well worth the $$$$.
11th August, 2005
Quarry Show all reviews
United States
Grrrrrrrrrr (as Bob Hope would growl). This is the stuff for sitting in front of a crackling fireplace on a snowy night--perhaps a contradictory scene for a fragrance with notes of tropical coconut and mango. These are not cheap shampoo scents, but sweet notes well interlaced with "amber, musk, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli" (as Chopard claims are basenotes). A definite comfort smell.
10th August, 2005