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Neutral Reviews of Madness by Chopard

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I was excited about this one for the hibiscus note, loving the rich, humid smell of my sugar-sweetened hibiscus tea as it cools down in my favorite porcelain mug. And while I knew there were plenty of detractors, I shrugged it off because some of my very favorites get thumbs down (here and elsewhere).

Sadly, though the hibiscus can't compete with the litchi and pepper. It's not Madness so much as Muchness. For a better litchi and pepper fragrance, see CH's Sexy 212 for Women. For a better treatment of Hibiscus? I'll keep hunting . . .
18th March, 2017
When I found and smell it a few years ago in perfume store, I like it but I bought not. I only remember the color of the bottle "RED" and CHOPARD. I want to buy it but can not found it and then via perfume shop online I saw and i bought it. But now its too fresh and strong for me or maybe I am wrong perfume, I dont know. But I like it
09th July, 2008 (last edited: 15th July, 2008)
Well-named - I fell instantly in love. Classified as a rich, woody oriental, this is a red hot mama, with some sexy animalics. It's a BIG fragrance, when you want big expression. But somewhere along the line, I fell out of love. After one bottle, I was done with it - what first seemed like a sensual, intoxicating brew, slowly seemed too pushy and invasive to wear well. It also seemed to get a little shriller. So, what can I say? It was great while it lasted. This may be one of those you'll tire of quickly, so my advice, if you are in love like I was, is to buy a decant, or small bottle in the beginning, just in case this fragrance is a short term affair. I also have a quibble with the spray head. It's non-intuitive and looks like a cap - I've tried to take it off on several occasions. It actually comes with a sticky note on the head, warning against doing so.
11th November, 2005 (last edited: 06th December, 2013)
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