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Like a fresh magnolia blossom. It makes me love-drunk when I smell this perfume.
26th January, 2015
Muguet (Lily of the Valley) can be sharp and true, as in nature, or softened with other florals to become easier on the nose. Truists for this scent, like those for vetiver, often side with the sharp and true, although there are many softer versions available.

This is pure muguet, starting sharp and metallic, then muddling with other florals, and settling down to its single muguet note.

For those who like this truist approach, Diorissimo is for you. I prefer the softer approach - Caswell Massey's Lily of the Valley/Coty's Muguet de Bois.

Top notes: Calyx, Bergamot
Heart notes: Muguet, Jasmine, Lilac, Boronia, Ylang, Rose, Amaryllis
Base notes: Rosewood, Sandalwood, Civet

The bottle is spectacular, a Baccarat crystal vase, topped by bronze flowers with a gold wash.
22nd October, 2014
Diorissimo is one of my favourite floral perfumes: lily of the valley is joined by touches of jasmine, ylang ylang and green notes to create an all time classic. I prefer the Parfum and Eau de Toilette strengths: the newer Eau de Parfum has definitely been altered and isn't nearly as fresh smelling. The now discontinued Espirit de Parfum was lovely, as were all the beautiful bath products.

I have seen several comparisons between Diorissimo and Caron's Muguet du Bonheur, but I really not see the similarity. To me, Muguet du Bonheur is far more a jasmine perfume, whereas Diorissimo is predominantly lily of the valley.
30th July, 2014
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Genre: Green Floral

What can I say about this beautiful and timeless floral scent? Diorissimo can seem simple at first. Its composition is crystal clear and light as a veil. Yet beneath its silvery surface runs a gentle current of animal warmth that endows Diorissimo with an uncanny, mysterious depth.

Perfectly balanced, cunningly constructed, and utterly compelling, Diorissimo defies description in mere words. Wear it, be happy, and make those around you happy too.
12th June, 2014
I was recently sent a sample of Wild Hunt -CB I Hate Perfume, which I could only see as an anti perfume. That later made me realise that in the world of anti perfumes Diorissimo is the grande dame.
Diorissimo is a brilliant essay in scent matching, a very well realised excecution of the waxy, lemony, lily type scent of Muguet, even with the undertone of sharp green foliage properly correct in there.
But, is it a perfume?
No. Not as I understand it.
Like the smell of stale ditch water in WH, the smell of Muguet is a copy of nature, which simply reproduces what is there and doesn't add anything new.
Its a very well done piece of craft work. But as a artistic creation it fails.
As Coco Chanel said, women (or men for that matter) should not smell like a flower.
I give it a neutral rating for the quality of excecution (of the original formulation.)
Its a pity that such a great talent as Roudnitska should have spent so much time on his hands and knees sniffing Lily of the Valley plants in pursuit of such an endeavour, rather than creating another masterpiece.
09th November, 2013 (last edited: 04th June, 2015)
Love this! So feminine and so springtime.

This was my first fragrance after I finished college and started my first job. A man I worked with said "that's not for a young girl you need something for a young girl". To me, Diorissimo screams young Victorian girl. Men were so chauvinistic back then. What was I suppose to wear at 23? Tinkerbell? Little Lady from the children's department. I ignored him and kept wearing this until I used up the entire bottle. By then I was on to Shalimar and other things.

A few years ago I smelled it on someone and once again fell in love. It still makes me feel very young heart and just screams springtime which is my favorite season. The lilly of the valley is very strong and may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Usually wear this in the early spring and summer.

Pros: Beautiful floral that smells young at heart.
Cons: Almost too floral to some but not me.

23rd May, 2013
It was bought for me but whereas I loved the initial hit, like being pelted with fresh flowers, it very quickly smelled 'wrong'. Just didn't suit me :(
30th March, 2013
New diorissimo opens up very synthetic:-) , i am just not hue fan of lily of the valley or muguet, because it smells too green for my taste, cold (I'm a jasmine lover), synthetic note with that aquatic feel of lilac, and lily too, all the flowers with very intensive characteristic smells, that also smell coldish

It dries down into something musky clean modern, not huge fan of this unfortunately, reminds me of calyx type of scents:-)
19th March, 2013
I find Diorissimo extremely severe. If i were to wear it on a cold day I'd feel very bleak. It's like certain authors whose wit is penetrating, ascerbic and merciless. Agatha Christie comes to mind rather than Bret Easton-Ellis though, because Diorissimo is decorous. So I wear it to formal daytime things of an official nature where vigilance and steeliness are desirable, and only in spring. That doesn't sound very complimentary does it; actually this perfume is in my very soul, irrevocably, and its place there is deeply cherished. It's just that I could never be an elegant early 1960s twinset dominatrix, which is what Diorissimo evokes for me.
01st January, 2013
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United States
Diorissimo is one of the only two women’s perfumes I wear. Its lilly of the valley is so singular and evocative it’s as if, while hiking in a wood, I snapped off a wild stem and stuck it in my shirt pocket. There will always be a place in my wardrobe for this lovely creature.
18th September, 2012
Dior Diorissimo is my go-to pretty princess scent. From 1956, she is very much a product of her wholesome, innocent era. She goes well with pearls and a sweater set.
Warning, you may be accidentally transformed into any princess you want when you wear her. Princess Diana, Princess Grace,
This fragrance is an obvious choice for a spring or summer wedding scent.
Princess Diorissimo is a green lily of the valley soliflore with jasmine, ylang ylang and frangipani and it is HEADY heady heady, so beware.
I find Diorrissimo somewhat perfumier than other great muguets (such as the most recent Guerlain, and CdG Lily), but the perfumey aspect allows Diorissimo to across as slightly more formal and polished. The dry down, however, is entirely muguet.
Now, the more you research this scent, the more you will hear about how Diorrissimo has suffered in reformulation, and I would not doubt it. Although I have the modern EdT, and have no trouble wearing it. I would recommend at least sampling the vintage Parfum to anyone interested in exploring the LOTV note. A treasured fragrance to me, in my top 5 always.
29th January, 2012 (last edited: 12th April, 2012)
The scent of a field of lily of the valley shrouded in the hazy/ dewy/ cool/ evanescent veil of fog on a spring morning! Prim/ proper/ Victorian/ virginal -- Diorissomo exudes a child-like innocence in its simplicty. And that is perhaps its genius.

This a white floral scent that floats/ light as air.

16th November, 2011
In the same vein as Nina Ricci Fleur de fleurs this one is an artistic and Victorian feminine floral with a nostalgic and romantic soul and something contemporary in the effect, may be the airy, sensual and sophisticated womanly corporeal  and animalic effect elicited outside. A touch of civet is supposed to be introduced in the blend. The smell itself is almost natural in its initial slightly  floral-herbal, earthy, citrusy and angular kind of whiff. Elegance and femininity are extreme as well as the simplicity of the composition. You inhale a bunch of lily of the valley accompanied by some roses and jasmine. The muguet is notable under my nose, even if not so much at the beginning, and obviously the lily plays a protagonist role. Some woods are cleverly placed in the blend and may be a touch of musk. You smell an indolic floral temperament around, if you layer the scent on a paper is just like smelling the acid undertone of the floral water stuck stagnant in the pit of a vessel. While smelling Diorissimo  i figure a young woman carefree, joyful and natural but with an high level of spontaneous sex appeal that you breathe in air. An airy and sunny classic.
12th November, 2011 (last edited: 15th February, 2015)
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Diorissimo, what can I say, grand not despite but exactly because of its simplicity and different from anything else ever created. I tend to like complex scents but sometimes the simplest is the best and this fume is one of the most magical creations in fragrance history. I own vintage EDP but unsure when exactly mine was released. I have smelled the current EDP as well and I find that nice too but as usual vintage is better. Definitely the work of a genius, proven by timeless beauty and elegance and how actual it still is and will always be.
21st October, 2011 (last edited: 27th January, 2012)
Sickly sweet, so much so I could taste it. Too much jasmine/franjipani.
27th August, 2011
I'm torn on this perfume. Roudnitska. He was a genius and I'm an admirer of his other work. His works typically seem to have the thoroughness that denotes a masterful technical proficiency, but also an integrity of concept and intention.

I've only smelled the recent Diorissimo EDT, and I've tried to dissect the floral notes he's used to compose this ostensible lily of the valley soliflor. I get a green jasmine, a watery hyacinth, a languid ylang ylang. No base, no underbelly, no shadow. But what I get when I step back from dissecting it smells remarkably like an air freshener. Not a chic parfum d'ambiance. I mean the electrical socket plug-in variety.

A moment of seeing how the geometric lines come together to recreate the watery yet oily feel of muguet. A moment trying to sense what Diorissimo must originally have smelled like. A long sigh. Put the strip away for a few hours and then check again. Distressing reassurance of everything I initially thought. (And yes, I tried it on skin, too.)


29th July, 2011 (last edited: 18th May, 2015)
I am not really one for intense florals but this is INCREDIBLE. It has turned me over to true, lush floral scents. It is refreshing, feminine and beautiful. I feel like a true Grace Kelly when I wear this. Masterpiece - new or vintage.
18th July, 2011
I am basing my review on the edt sample of Diorissimo I got from The Perfumed Court. I have never smelled the vintage.
That said, for the whole ten minutes Diorissimo registered on my skin it was a fine, green muguet. The very essence of fresh springtime. Then on the eleventh minute it faded to nothing. Literally nothing left on my skin. How sad!
I will at some point sample the vintage and maybe the edp and be happier than I am with this sample.
16th July, 2011 (last edited: 19th August, 2011)
This fragrance is one of those classics that capture you with its simplicity and charm rather than its uniqueness or bold new approach.

Diorissimo is the perfect example of a fresh, green floral that somehow manages to be loved by so many people even though the scent itself is nothing particularly mind-blowing.

To my nose I sense a lot of lily-of-the-valley in this fragrance. Almost the exact same smell as a flower bed just after it has been sprinkled with rain. For this reason Diorissimo reminds me of Spring.

Diorissimo settles on my skin beautifully. The scent is clean, flowery, soft, elegant and only mildly sweet. There is something slightly old-fashioned about this scent, however I feel that it transcends into the modern world with ease.

This fragrance could be worn both casually and formally, it really is a versatile scent. The sillage is not strong, just enough presence to be enjoyed by the wearer. I highly recommend.
05th June, 2011
Yes, muguet takes centerstage - dewy fresh, if a little green, pretty much the scent of spring. I'm a little surprised it doesn't wear quite as femininely as some of the other muguet scents I have tried, particularly with the faintly animalic vibe lurking underneath, running through the fragrance like an undercurrent beneath the surface calm. I have heard vintage formulations contain civet but the version I had on was more recent. Perhaps it was simply the indoles from jasmine combining with the floral green profile to throw me off track? It matters not for I truly enjoy it. Vintage or not, DIORISSIMO remains to this day a captivating and classy scent.
14th May, 2011
My spring pick me up! When feeling down or tired, I spray some on and I'm back in the garden in May. Cannot fault it.
04th May, 2011
This is to floral scents as the meter is to the unit of measurement. lily of the valley, lily of the valley and even more lily of the valley. Sounds simple? try it and see.
28th March, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
I owned and used a little sample bottle of Diorissimo (the vintage version) when, being a young girl, I spent a week or two in Paris. Afterwards this scent remained for me a memory both exhilarating and melancholic of spring in Paris. I still adore this fragrance.
But it seems to me, that when the flowering time of muguet has passed, the parfume somehow doesn't fit the rest of the year, and that's why I still have been hesitating to buy it. (And also because I don't want to lose by long-term use this Paris connotation...)
But I am happy to hear so many reviewers can appreciate this really lovely, classic scent.
25th March, 2011
l bought my first bottle of this in the nineties after smelling it on a work colleague. l can still remember asking her what that wonderful smell of lily of the valley was, & her reply; "lt's Diorissimo". This fragrance was a revelation to me; l didn't know it was possible for a perfume to smell so authentically like a flower that l could recognise, with no notes to distract you from the star player. And l love lily of the valley.
Splash described this fragrance perfectly. l will only add that l have sniffed the reformulated version, & was disappointed. lt seemed thinner, & lacked the smooth "roundness" of the original. Luckily l got a vintage EDC from ebay recently, & l'm looking forward to wearing it again this Spring. Simply beautiful.
17th February, 2011
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United States
Diorissimo (vintage parfum) is a sunshine buoy reached for when I need to smell the budding of new life. Fresh dewy Lily Of The Valley nestled in dawn’s spring green, unfettered top notes soaring with radiant clarity. Happiness and luminosity bursting forward for an hour or two and then they evanesce into what IS there is no bottom to tether the scent to the skin. Diorissimo is exultation; short lived but a glorious experience. I haven’t tried the newer formulations yet.

14th February, 2011
I remember my mum used to wear this scent, about...30+ years ago.
Definitely a springtime fragrance. A flowers explosion and an amazing drydown.
I think it is similar to Spring Flowers by Creed.
Classy but not old, suitable for younger ladies, too.
12th January, 2011
I recently put my hands on a vintage sample. So what I write is about the vintage version of this masterpiece. I fear the new version is not as good. Great soliflore. Perhaps the only one I appreciate and would wear (I normally prefer more complex works). Sharp and crispy, a spring windy and sunny day. Great simphony for a great composer as Roudnistka. A feminine touch of class for girls and ladies alike.

Tried the new formula. No disappointment. Perhaps less sharp, but still a great creation. And strikingly non retrò.
12th December, 2010 (last edited: 12th March, 2011)
i have a couple of bottles of the vintage juice one in spray form and the other in the black and white checked bottle. as a guy i do have difficulty wearing it even though i like edmond roudnitska's style very much.
19th August, 2010
I have had the version from before the refomulation. The hydroxy was not only rasping but as a basenote it outlasts anything else. The single "note" of that chemical became anoying sometimes. The Eau De Toilette was hefty right from the start, but developed whilst simplifying into an even louder fragrance subjectively. The radiance of the frag has not been evaluated by others, sorry. I never asked anybody about it. Maybe my 100ml "Tester" contained a far more concentrated juice as nominal the EdT is. But this EdT was to much to wear. Compared to Fracas the latter wasn't that much louder. In the end I had to give it away.

The contemporary EdT shows itself less creamy, hence lighter, more wearable. I never gave it a full try either. All in all I would like to conclude that, as more eloquent people mentioned before, why should women smell of flowers? And if at all, why lilly of the valley?
04th August, 2010
I appreciate this perfume for what it is - a classic Dior . However,I think of piles of lilies on Christian Dior's coffin whenever I try this scent which kind of ruins it, for me.It seems very linear to me , it is just lily of the valley . Quite simple. I don't find the longevity that good .
It is elegant, it is romantic but it is also funereal . Take your pick !
14th June, 2010