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Proto-Lutensian medicinal purple tuberose apothecary syrup, at once radiantly whorey and ascetically anti-food anti-joy anti-sex antisocial. I have come to prefer the current EDT to the old Esprit de Parfum because it is drier and gets to the resinous-sticky incense musk drydown a little faster. For me, sometimes nothing but Poison will do when I am feeling prickly, edgy, unapproachable. I am young enough not to have formed downmarket associations with Poison because of its popularity in the 80s, so it is more austere, medieval, cruel and anticipatory of Serge Lutens to me than it is shoulder pads and Dynasty. Some facet of the tuberose smells strongly of blood at the opening. A disturbing favorite.

The drydown of the latest reformulation of Poison now smells like L'Air du Desert Marocain, and it's lovely--that same incense/wood/musk. The first few hours it is unmistakably Poison, but the 80s synth-fruit recedes more than it used to. Tania Sanchez noted this as an improvement in one of the updates to The Guide. As for tenacity--when you spray it on, you expect that it will be fleeting as modern reformulations of powerhouses go, but it just keeps coming back and sticks to everything. It can be headachey--strong florals all go headachey on me--but Poison is one of the best reformulations on the market. I love Poison and used to make myself sick with the Esprit de Parfum, which die-hards must experience for the full story, but I am really liking how this new one fades down.
02nd October, 2015 (last edited: 07th October, 2015)

How do i hate of DIOR fragrances when they are absolutely LOVELY and just takes me away into another World.POISON line is a pillar in female fragrances by DIOR and this original poison is Seductively dangerous.It is opulence transcends into modern classicism.Fascinating,Heavy,Alluring, Timeless,Provocative,Ultra Feminine,Heady,Deep and Legendary.

The opening is Classic floral with a Fruity note which harmonizes with the note of Honey,Incense, Cinnamon,Orange Blossom,Vanilla,Sandalwood,Amber and Musk and this Magical Elixir is charm under a full moon and makes the air thick to breathe as drives men mad.

POISON is a sinfully rich fragrance for those who are not afraid of their Coquette and Passion especially if the weather is COLD and the mood is HOT.The bottle is as Glamorous as the scent. Anyway this Classic exquisite perfume is a treasure in my mind.



Thank You DIOR.

22nd April, 2015
Best frag from the 80s IMO. Dark and in your face. Love it.
24th January, 2015 (last edited: 22nd March, 2015)
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drseid Show all reviews
United States
Poison (vintage) opens with an orange-plum-grape syrup accord with hints of underlying jasmine. As the composition moves to its early heart the jasmine takes over alongside the now co-starring banana-like tuberose and moderately sweet deep honeyed plum, adding hints of cinnamon spice support. During the late dry-down the composition turns slightly powdery as almond-vanilla-like floral heliotrope takes over control from the vacating jasmine and tuberose, with moderately sweet sandalwood and relatively tame musk adding support through the finish. Projection is outstanding, as is longevity at about 15 hours on skin.

Oh yeah, vintage Poison has the great 80s hallmarks all over it. It is powerhouse Eau de Toilette compositions like this that make one wonder how credible the Eau de Parfum and Extrait composition strengths of today that command premium prices really are. This stuff is nuclear strong, only needing a couple small dabs from the stopper to create nuclear projection. Performance aside, the composition smells absolutely heavenly when used in moderation. The first note that stood out over all others was the jasmine, as it really is the driver of the composition with the tuberose a close second. Together the two meld perfectly with the honeyed plum accord, creating a mixture that is absolutely intoxicating. The heliotrope driven base is less interesting, but it never gets too powdery, and as the mid-section is so powerful (both in its hypnotic scent profile and its potency), a little bit of a respite is welcome. Vintage Poison has "masterpiece" written all over it, and it comes as no surprise that one of the two perfumers behind it is none other than the great and highly underrated Edouard Flechier -- one of my absolute all-time favorite perfumers that hasn't released a dud yet (and the other, Jean Guichard is no slouch either). I certainly would love smelling Poison on a lady, but I confess this is one I want to wear too. The bottom line is vintage Poison EdT is completely true to its 80s powerhouse roots, adding yet another masterpiece to my favorite decade of perfumery earning it a 4.5 to 5 star out of 5 rating and an extremely strong recommendation to all. Bravo Flechier and Guichard!
28th November, 2014
Aaaaahhhh my darling poison how beautiful and bewitching you are. I've managed to hunt down vintage bottles off eBay which I love. If you haven't tried this gorgeous nectar I implore you to run out and sniff this glorious fragrance. It's great longevity wonderful silage what more could anyone want?. Let's not forget the gorgeous fragrance trail you will leave in your wake.
23rd October, 2014
"Poison" speaks to my sense of "me". It emodies everything good that I remember of all the former and present stages of my life.. The romance...the happiness...the tears...they are all blended nicely into one magnificent scent. On me, the grapey essence comes thru more than all the rest...which adds an undeniably fresh layer to the makeup of the ethereal fragrance.
Terry W
Grove City, Ohio
03rd September, 2014
Poison is the olfactory flux capacitor that will transport you back to one specific decade, the temporal home of Poison: the 80's.

To me it is a feminist fragrance. I am reminded of childhood visits to New York, seeing the women in shoulder padded power suits, power walking to work in white Reeboks. They wore their hair in shellacked french twists and heavy rouge under their cheekbones. Like Poison, they were powerful, gorgeous, smart and womanly.

Another magical aspect is the sharp, emotional turns this fragrance takes throughout the day. It reminds me of something I heard a transgendered woman say about the difference between being a man and a woman. When you're a man you feel like an ocean liner. You travel forward, the waves crash against your hull, you keep moving. When you're a woman you are a row boat. You move with the waves, you feel everything. Poison starts strong, dark, grapey and spicy, turning to a lighter floral cinnamon, and finally a honey-vanilla. It's an amazing journey, really unexpected.

25th June, 2014
Genre: Floral Oriental

Here’s the thing about Poison: taken in the abstract, it’s good. (Cringes.) It’s just that it also verges on unwearable.

Was there ever a fragrance so aptly named? (O.K., maybe Opium.) The white flower accord at Poison’s heart is at once gleefully seductive and venomous. The sultry tuberose, the intensely indolic jasmine, and the sweet, heady ylang-ylang all beckon with a siren’s song in scent. Yet just below the surface lies an inky, bitter, woody accord that presages the ruin inevitably pursuant of such decadence.

The composition is both beautiful and deadly, and it’s power only multiplies its danger. Contact with more than the smallest trace of purple potion can result in hours of socially unacceptable olfactory ostentation. While its sledgehammer impact can hard to take, I’m not sure Poison would still work if it were any less brazen or bombastic. The sheer enormity is part of its very identity. If you’re stout enough to ride out the intoxicating floral tidal wave at Poison’s heart, you’ll be treated to a delightfully soft and creamy sandalwood and amber drydown that’s worth the price all by itself.

Do I like it? Yes. More than I like its cousins and contemporaries, Amarige and Giorgio. On the other hand, in all but the lightest application I consider it appropriate for private moments only.
23rd June, 2014
Poison. For sure the most potent perfume of the 80's. Big, bold, syrupy sweet with a amazing blue- and redberry-on-winemost accord thats has been drenched in a honeysweet rose-bath. Its acts like a cougar ready to take the jump to catch its prey. Its a perfume that merely says this one thing: im coming for you and dont dare come to me...cause you've already lost. Confident, undeniable, present, its defends its territory with a self-confident pride. Seduction in optima forma. Far away from the Roudnitscka-area where subtleness was the main theme- this is more like a microphone stuck inside an opera-voice rather then listening to a close harmony-choir from a distance, carried on a freshly green breeze at the beginning of springtime. But what a clear tone it sings and holds untill the end..loud, but insanely beautifull. This is a monumental, somewhat underrated, piece of perfume-making.

23rd April, 2014
it is a once in a while perfume. It reminds me of Christmas cake and parties
31st January, 2014
It's been growing on me

I think this fragrance depends for me upon the season. Now it's summer and I wear it behind my knee caps with shorts. It is perfect for summer because the natural sweat where I wear it soon dilutes it and it is not so strong. In winter this would not be the case - too strong lingering too long. I had been wondering what I could wear in summer as my other seasons are pretty much wrapped up. Spring it's SMN Violetta and Fall-Winter is Molinard Vanille. But summer? I wanted to avoid the usual citrusy thigns that don't last at all like 4711. Well along came the idea, 'What about Poison?'.

Pros: Distinctive alright, nothing like it
Cons: Can be a bit too tuberosey sometimes...see below"

19th July, 2013
One of my all time favorite scents. My mother wore it when I was a child, and was able, I wore hers too! I owned several of the other versions of Poison, Hypnotic, Midnight, but the original is my personal favorite. It's simply unique. It doesn't smell like anything else on the market.
29th March, 2013
I remember it seemed that *everyone* wore this in the late 80s.

I did like wearing it when I eventually tried some myself in the 90s, but it certainly isn't an everyday 'splash everywhere' scent.

Maybe it just didn't suit my own chemistry as it always smelled better on everyone else though.
28th March, 2013
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i am not a lover of cranation as a single note, but somehow every perfume with carnation in the middle, smells so very feminine to me, and interesting!

Poison opens up almost unbearable, nothing for the faint hearted :), but after half an hour when all the spices settle down, its yummie plum note, very sexy, and one of the rare perfumes that can only be worn in the evening :)

its def not for every day, beautiful 80s style....i love its complexity and now think that PdN maybe took inspiration from here for their Sacrebleu :)

lovely dry down, not to mention longevity or projection
15th March, 2013
such a dreamy scent for my nose!!! my mom's best friend when i was a kid used to wear this and sometime i was sprayed this to my jacket just to have it near...i was so attracted by this scent!! i was surprised how much this scent was there even the next day and the next of the next.. never trying this on my skin but as a fragrance lover i have to say that this one i felt has an inner power.. classic!
14th March, 2013
This would get a thumbs up from me just for the memories alone! Everybody wore this in the 80s and early 90s, and it is the scent of good times. It is also a scent for seduction, definitely not for somebody shy. I get a grape like scent, I guess it is the plum and berries. Lasts forever, and can be lethal if you use too much. It was actually banned from my workplace in the 80s-90s because of the strength. I still love it.
02nd September, 2012
OK, I know it SCREAMS the '80's! But I have received nothing but compliments from people when I wear it, especially from men. Been wearing it since 1987. It is my favorite "fall & winter" perfume, it's a bit strong in warm weather on me. I don't save it (or any other scent) for special occasions, I'll wear it with jeans or an evening dress. It's strong, even the cologne, so use it sparingly.
02nd September, 2012
It opens sweet, intense, shining, cloying, boozy fruity floral. I don't find it overpowering, its strong yet strangely soft. I hate to use the description "powdery" but about 10 minutes after application {to wrists and partly on sleeve} an intense old fashioned talc powder, then a beautiful note. I don't know what it is - is it an angel singing? Gosh I love it its taking me on a journey - a tour of some sort a tour through the everglades in a canoe past eerie twisted trees draped spookily with spanish moss. The home of alligators, snakes. unseen things that slither and splash.. ok back to the perfume... I don't think "Poison" is really an apt name.. I think it maligns a beautiful masterpiece. Isn't it like calling the Mona Lisa 'Scarlet Woman' or 'aldulteress' or Whistlers Mother 'Old Axe-Murderer' or 'lunatic asylum inmate' Anyway it settles to an intense almost narcotic floral for awhile. Then theres a pinch of something cooly a good quality vanilla, woody, floral, sensual sweet tobacco, lily balsamic, old paperbacks. I've turned the light out now to try to go to sleep, and now I suddenly realize why so many reviewers have said "not for the faint-hearted". Maybe I should have conducted this little test at the beginning of the day instead of the end. Poison, suddenly [because of it's name} seems suggestive of danger - will spiders visit me and crawl over me while I sleep? Silly me, just because its CALLED poison - yet, why did they name it that? What did they put in it? Don't be silly I tell myself. Go to sleep. Fast forward to next morning - I had trouble going to sleep and had to get up to get a drink of water to stop coughing, then was awoken a little later by my son thinking he heard someone breaking into my other sons car, so I went and looked out a window for a while watching for any possible intruders but there was no one but odd inexplicable sounds like water splashing. On awaking next morning I sniff and its now a strong sweet heavy floral reminding me of night blooming jasmine which I love. Its been 8 hours since I put it on so this must be the dry-down, but it also changes to more of a mellow woody vanilla floral after even more time. So, to me its beautiful and intense and I really do love it. I will have to try a more recent bottle as this one I tested I would say is one from the late 1980's, probably. Its a non-spray EDT in a oval bottle and you can see the juice is wine coloured through the purple bottle. I earlier declared I don't find it overpowering but I think I'll apply it in the morning, rather last thing at night so the word "poison" doesn't conjure up all sorts of gremlins!
22nd August, 2012 (last edited: 07th December, 2012)
Sultry, mysterious, seductive, gothic - FANTASTIC.

While not my type of scent, Poison is perfect at what it does. It's dark and powerful, lasts forever on my skin and projects like a beast.

While dark, it's still very feminine. The name Poison describes it perfectly, and the bottle design is also absolutely spot on.

It's unique and not for everyone, but on those who can pull it off it's irresistible.
10th July, 2012
Top: Coriander, plum, wild berries, anise, Brazilian rosewood
Heart: Carnation, jasmine, African orange flower, tuberose, opoponax, cinnamon, rose, incense, honey
Base: Vetiver, musk, sandalwood, Virginia cedar, amber, vanilla, heliotrope

Back in the mid-80's, weeks before Poison was introduced in my country, this daring and intriguing new fragrance was the main topic of conversation amongst perfume aficionados. We could not wait to experience it. A few friends who had just come back from Europe and had the opportunity to try it unequivocally voiced out their utter disappointment. When Poison finally arrived, it was very badly received by perfume amateurs and the general public as well. The same uproar had occurred four years earlier when Giorgio (Giorgio Beverly Hills) came along. In big stores, sales personnel working in the cosmetic/perfume department and even those working in neighbouring departments complained about the overwhelming vapours that flew around as customers came in droves to try on these new trendy fragrances.

When worn by someone who cannot handle it, Poison can be described in one word: Brutal. The flower notes are extremely loud, dark and heavy. Also, the many syrupy candyish notes can be disgustingly sweet (I often heard people say about Poison: This smells like grape juice!). Finally, for better or for worse, the longevity of this fragrance is almost endless.

Now, why should I give this controversial fragrance a thumbs up rating? Quite simple, in fact. Over the years, I have met a few women who smelled absolutely divine when wearing Poison. Surprisingly, this very intense and heady fragrance became delicate and fresh on these women's skin. It smelled like a delicious mix of tropical fruits and flowers with a hint of honey and cinnamon.

My conclusion: Poison was meant to be intoxicating but on the wrong person, it can be lethal. Maybe this fragrance should come with a warning sign!
04th July, 2012
There is nothing else like Poison! It's the "special" fragrance I wear for evening. I don't wear Poison during the daytime -- it's much too heavy and erotic. I love every phase of Poison, but especially that last musky one. It has excellent sillage and lasting power!
Poison was the first "good" fragrance my husband bought me. . .yep, back when it came out and it continues to be his and my favorite date night fragrance.
22nd May, 2012
I inherited half a bottle of this from my mother, back in the nineties. A gorgeous, heady tuberose, and to date, one of the most unique and easily recognizable fragrances that I have encountered. The longevity is amazing, given that it's available as an EDT. Lasted much longer than quite a few EDPs I have tried. Though the bottle is long gone, I find myself comparing each and every new fragrance I try to this one..and so far none have come close. Well, except maybe Pure Poison..guess I have a thing for rich florals.
14th May, 2012
Beautiful, intoxicating concoction and unlike anything else out there. 10/10 Masterpiece
28th February, 2012 (last edited: 22nd May, 2014)
Alityke Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Pure unadulterated filth and I LOVE it! Big tingly jolt straight to the nether regions. Yes a love or hate fragrance and impossible to wear subtly but if you need a wake up or brightened Up try it
27th November, 2011 (last edited: 04th December, 2011)
Gawds, I love this stuff! Yes, it's strong; use less, already. ::rolling eyes:: But that fabulous grapey/heliotrope-y top note--f*ck, it's not a note, it's a whole damn cantata!--over those mysterious intricate understories, just delights me. I miss Caswell-Massey's much simpler and gentler Heliotrope cologne for exactly that unapologetic grenade-in-the-jam opener. (What a great description! Thanks, whoever. :)) For one thing, and here I'm speaking as an aromatherapist, it's wonderfully energizing for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. For another, it has a loooooooong drydown that keeps seducing and/or intriguing you in different ways for about as long as you can pay attention. Eccentric, gorgeously constructed, gorgeous-smelling, and absolutely not for everybody--but then, you don't want to smell like everybody, do you?
13th November, 2011
This is one giant of a fragrance, and purple with a capital 'P'. Peppery sweet plum for starters, then it's a wallop of heady florals which include carnation, tuberose and jasmine; amber, sandalwood & vanilla are some base notes. Dark, sweet, spicy, and rich. Because of its enormous sillage and longevity, I'd caution to keep that in mind when choosing to wear this. I was lucky enough to acquire some vintage parfum. It's simply glorious. When the mood strikes, I apply a couple drops and might keep all the enjoyment and appreciation to myself. Poison will broadcast itself for miles.
24th July, 2011
Such an enchanting fragrance! Truly captivating.

Poison is dark, gothic, mysterious and wicked, yet strangely inviting and soothing.

The scent itself is quite dusty, smokey and powdery but with such beautiful intensity. This fragrance is an amazing composition of both spices, florals and sweet vanilla.

At this present time I have been reading Philippa Gregory's "The Other Boleyn Girl", and since Poison reminds me of ancient gothic and medieval times, I can imagine this fragrance suiting such infamous women in history like Anne Boleyn.

Poison is so bold and almost potent, yet strangely and exquisitely beautiful. The scent settles so well on the skin with powdery and spicy bursts of plum, pepper, jasmine, tuberose and smokey incense.

Be wary that this fragrance isn't for the light-hearted. Poison requires its wearer to be strong willed and self-confident. The woman that wears Poison is mysterious, proud, sensuously captivating and intense.

04th June, 2011
Poison is an immortal classic that will never die!!

I can detect Plum, Anise, cinnamon and musk notes. The incense part it's JUST AMAZING!

Poison is very long lasting and intense, just like the other 80's fragrances.

Will be a lot of Poison's sisters over the time, but nothing could be compared to the first one.
28th January, 2011
Update! 11/30: I recently shared my thoughts on this fragrance & while I must admit I had no plans on purchasing this frag again, I was thinking what fragrance can I buy to wear to the dance clubs that will kill off all the A Men, Le Male, 1 Million scents that clutter the club scene?. Well thats when I thought about Poison! This loud, obnoxious beauty will surely dominate all the other scents that may try to take over the establishment. Poison will serve a purpose in my wardrobe after all as it will be my club/bar fragrance for the fall/winter! :)

O Poison... How does 1 adore thee? Well You are of a older woman who is strict, stern, & seductive! You also are beautiful & is full of class! You tumbled mountains when you first appeared on the scene in 1985. Nothing could withstand your loud & obnoxious trail that you leave for days. ( LITOREALLY ) You may be the mother or yet shall I say GRAND MOTHER of all the Poisons, & I do like you, your not as good IMO as your siblings. & I dont think your bottle worthy compared to Hypnotic, Midnight & Pure Elixir! Your still a legend!
17th October, 2010 (last edited: 01st December, 2010)
I had never tried this until today. It is very nice and I am contemplating adding it to my wardrobe. Have tried the other "Poisons" and was not impressed but the original is very nice.
29th September, 2010