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    A little too much of everything to be a standout

    I don't know the age of this sample, although I know the fragrance has been discontinued for a number of years.

    A few weeks ago I sampled vintage Poison and thought it was dreadful. Reluctant to punish my nasal passages so soon after that experiment, I delayed sampling this one for a few weeks. Although I prefer this to the original Poison, I can't really muster up any enthusiasm for it, either. It's slightly watery, slightly sour, slightly fruity, slightly sweet, and greenish. I guess I have to say that it tries to be many things but succeeds at being nothing special, at least to my nose. (My apologies to those who adore it.) Am I missing something?

    Sillage is huge, longevity seems good, but I scrubbed it off aftet 3 hours. This is a "fail" for me.

    Pros: Huge sillage
    Cons: Unfocused. A 'grab-bag' of notes"

    21st September, 2013

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    This is one of my favourites, i'm not really fond of florals, so was surprised by quite how much i adored this one, it just lifted me into a realm of Laura Ashley dresses, Parasols, and a stroll around a summer garden, in a big floppy hat.

    But its not a soft romantic floral, its a big, gutsy, strong bouquet, thrust right in your face. Good sillage, and longevity. No shoving my neck at people with this one.

    It was my signature perfume, and i bought 3 bottles of it, its just so beautifully feminine and greeny floral, then very warm at the base, lasts for ever, and has me smelling my wrists constantly.

    Lately i've been equally obsessed by Hypnotic Poison, but having read that Tendre Poison is now discontinued, i have searched the net and found an online store selling the EDT for 34.09 (pounds sterling) for 100 ml, and i am very nervously awaiting its arrival, that seems ridiculously cheap, and i consider myself to have been robbed, with no parcel coming to the door. If i get a delivery, then I'll feel i got a bargain, and will post a link to the shop, as they ship worldwide.

    Can't wait to wear it again

    20th September, 2011

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    I am hoping that Dior will hear all the response in regards to this fragrance and BRING IT BACK........ I have used this fragrance since it was first introduced and I love it. once it was put on the discontinued list I searched some of the smaller merchants and was able to purchase two bottles which I have streatched out for some time (since it does not take much of this to be pronounced and in the air). I am still looking and hope to possibly find more....... I like the other poison options, but there is not one comparable to the TENDRE version.......

    23rd August, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    Interesting fragrance I must say.

    Following in the footsteps of the original Poison, Tendre Poison is strong, outstanding, bold and definitely not something for the shy.

    This fragrance is edgy, unique and strangely exquisite. Tendre Poison is like a massive jumble of woods, musk, vanilla, citrus, sweet honey and white florals, which surprisingly works.

    The sillage is incredibly strong, almost enough to knock someone out with one spray, but it is because of this that I love it so.

    I find something raw and oddly sexual about this scent, perhaps almost tropical and jungle-like. It has that ability to release the animalistic instincts that are hidden deep beneath our exteriors. An extremely arousing and rich fragrance which I personally recommend to the women of this world that dare to be different

    04th June, 2011

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    It is sad that this has been discontinued.. A let down for all Poison fans. However the name of this fragrance is misleading. There is NOTHING really Tender about this Poison.. It comes out very strong almost harsh with it's bright boast of floral bouquet. It is like walking in the amazon seeing the rainfall in the distance, as you stumble upon a green tree you grab a branch but do not notice that hidden on the branch is a green mamba! ( snake ) It strikes @ you the moment you grab the branch. This is exactly how Tender is. Lovely, yet deceiving. It stays floral throughout it's life with wet green pastures lingering along. A see a mature woman wearing this beauty in the spring/summer days. Classy this is, & it last all day on me @ least 10+ hours & it projects very nicely. If you can find this, I say nab it before it becomes extinct! The vintage version is preferred if you can get it.

    28th May, 2011

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    Ahhhh...memories. I bought this shortly after it first launched when I was living in Arizona. I wanted to find a fresh, light fragrance to wear in the heat and this was simply perfect! Refreshing and green, yet feminine and romantically floral. And it never seemed to be affected by heat and sweat the way some fragrances can. It was my signature scent for many years after, until a breakup and a move away from the desert. It is really amazing how a scent can evoke so many memories from the time that it was in your life! I am sad that the major department stores seemed to have stopped stocking this one, as it really is lovely. I need to get another bottle...

    15th July, 2010

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    Denmark Denmark

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    I've just resently bought a bottle of this juice,
    because it was rumored to be discontinued.
    It has been sitting on my shelve ever since.
    I'm wearing it today, and I absolutely love it.
    This was my mother's signature scent in the
    90s, maybe that's why it is so appealing to
    me? Who knows?

    It's a strong semi-green floral, as stated before
    me, but with a sweet vanilla'ish base.

    This neglected Poison needs, no deserves, a
    renaissance ... now!

    Two thumbs up!

    08th July, 2010

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    France France

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    I think of this as a wonderful, fresh floral scent. It is unpretentious, it is not an in your face floral, nor a loud green one either, it is just a breath of springtime air. The galbanum note is definitely the star in this scent, but it is softened by the florals enough to feel light, and the touch of fruit gives it a brightness that prevents it from becoming to ephemeral.
    I guess I would consider this my "clean" type of a scent, it just makes me feel fresh and clean.

    22nd February, 2009

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    Malaysia Malaysia

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    Developed by Edouard Flechier, Tendre Poison has the notes including galbanum, mandarin, vanilla and sandalwood, and was supposed to attract the younger group of Dior's customers.

    For me, it has nothing to do with youth. Instead Tendre is tenderly mature and feminine in its touch. But of course, I could be bias because my mother used to wear it when I was younger and it smelled divine on her :)

    Fresh, light and with a hint of oriental depth, Tendre smells great enough to put a smile on your face.

    22nd November, 2007

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    Hong Kong Hong Kong

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    This is also one of my favourites from the Poison range. It is the younger baby sister of the original and it appears to be much more floral and flirty than the others. It has a prominent galbanum note and a bit citrusy (not dry) note which radiates like the sunshine. Tendre Poison reminds me of a colleague who used to wear it when we worked together. I used to tell her that how gorgeous she smelled everyday. This is great for summer and probably one that I would travel with for any vacation as it just goes with everything.

    23rd February, 2007

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    Tendre Poison has been my signature scent, when I was about 20 years old, and I have loved it very much. Sometimes, I still use it today. TP is very fresh, green, fruity and soft and delicious. I don't know exactly, what's in there - surely rose, apple and the smell of green leaves and grass. The sweet note in it remembers in fact of the original Poison, but there's a strong fresh-green note dominating. It always makes me feel being in the jungle breathing all the smells of exotic plants and fruits and the moist and warm air.
    It's definitely as good as Poison, I like it much more. Hypnotic Poison in my opinion has nothing at all in common with Poison, Pure Poison only a bit. But Tendre Poison and Poison are of same origin. When - in terms of the jungle - Poison is the black panther, Tendre Poison is a green mamba.

    08th January, 2006

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