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Negative Reviews of Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

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Dior used to make some of the most beautiful fragrances: Diorama, Diorling, Diorella, Eau Fraiche etc; even Poison was a showstopper in it's day. Unfortunately I really can't think of anything positive to say about Dolce Vita. It's an aggressive, nondescript sweet floral, more reminescent of air freshener than haute perfumery. Allure smells very similar on me.
28th March, 2010
This was a particular favourite of one of my cousins for a couple of year. She absolutely adored this scent, and I always associate this fragrance with her whenever I smell it. However, there is a particular note in this fragrance that smells of body odour. To me this fragrance smells like someone who doesn't wear deoderant, but wears perfume! I thought the idea of wearing fragrance was to smell nice and appealing yourself and others, not of BO! Unless thats the type of thing you are into of course... Maybe the body odour smell is the whole "sexy" part of this fragrance that many people here have commented on, the smell of the human body in it's natural state. Not for me I'm afraid. This would have been a nice fragrance minus the BO note. Apologies to my cousin and all DV lovers!
12th November, 2009
I remember getting this as a gift in 1998. I must have used up the bottle, since I do not remember re-gifting or throwing it away half empty. But honestly I do not even recall how it smelled. I think that is exactly how the scent felt to me. Very forgettable. If I am pressed to describe it, I would say it was sweet, but pretty light, and absolutely nothing memorable about it.
24th April, 2009
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I love to love Dior, but not feelin' the Dolce Vita. To me it smells cheap, flat and boringly vanilla (literally). There are a lot of other fragrances out there more deserving of my $100.00 +++ dollars so the search continues....
09th February, 2009
Yuck. Red kids' cooldrink, the fake raspberry-ish one we all guzzled (in this country anyway). No, seriously, I was very disappointed, I got this horrible red candied note, and nothing else at all. Boo! Love the name and bottle!
07th April, 2008
Dolce Vita is a very light, weak floral on a light woody base. I smell none of the supposed fruit notes on myself. This fades and turns musty on me. It lasts but it lays very close to the skin- so no sillage. I don't think it's that original either, it smells like most of the other light florals out there today.

On the positive side the bottle is very cute & sunny. I
25th November, 2005
sweet and sickly.a bit of an older womans scent who's trying to be young!
10th November, 2005