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It opens with a lot of cardamom, which reminds me of Kenzo Jungle l'Elephant. When it dries down, the sandalwood is dominant. The vanilla and the cinnamon are not very strong on me, not that sweet type in L de Lolita, but just enough present to 'feminise' the fragrance. It's a sophisticated and elegant scent, that captures you discretly and then grows on you. The longevity is 8h+ and it doesn't project too much.

Originally written in 2013.
30th November, 2017
The first hour or two I get a delightful combination of peach, vanilla, cardamom, lily, coconut, heliotrope, and magnolia. Always rising to the surface is cinnamon and rosewood. These two ingredients let me know they are there, without being overpowering. After a few more hours cedar, bergamot, and rose emerge softly, as the spicy notes disappear.

This is a fine offering from the house of Dior. Personally, I like it better than J' Adore. It's as though more thought was put into Dolce vita, than ever was with J' Adore.

Great longevity.
03rd June, 2017
The lady of the woods.Dolce Vita is a harmonious blend of fruits,vanilla and spice that is sensuous as it is of those unforgettable fragrances that evokes happy childhood memories as it makes you feel you are in a deep quiet wood with dappled sunshine warming the sea of has that spicy cinnamon,with sharp,sticky woods and a drop of powdery vanilla.very niche woody quality. Sweet,Radiatnt,Fascinating,Glamorous,Blissful,Endlessly Enjoyable and Utterly Feminine.

The fruitiness and spice of the peach,apricot, cinnamon and lily rubbed with a dark,honeyed wood of cedar and sandalwood,encrusted with the radiant flash of vanilla that gives a body and character to the fragrance and express sensuality as envelope her in warmth.the sweetness in this is not sugary sweet but more of a cinnamon,spicy sweetness for autumn.the scent is like a viscuous peach liqueur.perfect in a chic dress and stilettos at an classy is a little dark and very enticing,a little cold but very comforting.could be worn anywhere at anytime.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.


20th July, 2016
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A dry floral-fruity chypre, subtle and warm.

This is to my mind quite unisex, easily worn by both men and women, but only on a personal and intimate level. I agree with another Basenoter that this not suitable for the work place.

A much more successful version of Lutens' Feminite du Bois, created by the same perfumer (Pierre Bourdon), than the original or any of its flankers within the Lutens line.

A rarity in this modern world of thin scents, this is a fine throw back to a past world of rich, warm perfectly blended perfumes, more reminiscent of the 1940s than 1995, the year of its birth.

One of Dior's finest scents and very affordable.
14th May, 2016
My wife has used this as a day scent for work for years. I think I've purchased about 4 bottles over this time. She has just broken the seal on the latest. Very Feminine. Peaches, Cinnamon, Vanilla and the sweetest my girl has worn, thank goodness. Not a fan of sticky, sugar candy popular current. On her.
Chanel 5 and now Bois des Ilses are her faves current, however I will always associate this Dolce EDT with my Beau.
21st February, 2016 (last edited: 09th January, 2017)
If I had to describe Dolce Vita with one word it would be "golden". This is regardless of the bottle and packaging.
I have a strong connection with south eastern Europe. Dolce Vita manages to incorporate many naturally occurring from that part of the world very artistically. There are the aromatic wood notes, sweet fruit as well as spices. The result is quite abstract and not at all edible.

Ultimately, this may not be entirely high-brow, but not everything has to be. It is still much further away from being trivial. In fact when following up on several comparisons with Serge Lutens' FdB many people found it unworthy of that comparison, especially in its most recent edition.
I discovered the fragrance in 2007 and sadly didn't buy it until now. But I find it unchanged apart from a now relatively short life-span on the skin.

To me it's extremely beautiful, very unusual in the current boring climate, and definitely a happy scent.
17th May, 2015
I came onto this fragrance late, after it had been reformulated. Whatever it was before, and however it's dissed now, the wonderful thing about the current Dolce Vita is its bright sunny character. There are few that make me smile like this one. There are ones more complex, I suppose, more well-done, but not many with a happier personality. Worth a month of psychoanalysis.
The peach-apricot floral really comes out on my skin, with a golden yellow cordiality. Some background hay gives a warm outdoor languidness, that dryish note that speaks of hot sunshine. Combined with the voluptuous but not sugary fruit, it gives an air of the height of summer. This isn't a garden scent though, or a rustic one. No soil, no green leaves, thankfully no cliches of boring overdone wood or trite vanilla. This is that moment of sitting in the sunshine of an outdoor cafe, next to a large pot of blooming heliotrope, with it's sweet, charming character, eating a bowl of peach flambé with a friend - convivial, urbane and urban. It's golden open character brings to mind Theorema, though Dolce Vita is freer and less food-oriented. This one is more about the pleasure of food, that air of sophistication that speaks of the enjoyment of the good things in life, whatever that means to a person, but even more the enjoyment of life itself.
It has a warm heliotrope powdery drydown, mellowed by a touch of wood and a fuzz of vanilla. This one dodged three bullets. In the present moment of ubiquitous woody drydowns, vanilla, and sugary fruit, this incorporated all three but speaks of none of them, which was refreshing.
21st April, 2015 (last edited: 04th May, 2015)
Rarely is peach so beautifully represented as in this composition. The supporting cast was perfectly arranged to make the star shine that much brighter. I feel this might have been a friendly yet trite piece, had it not been for the cinnamon and sweet woody backdrop wonderfully amplifying the fruit's natural essence. It's very well constructed and super pleasant. Dolce Vita is a simple scent. If you like the idea of apri-peach over a bed of cinnamon, sandal, and white petals, this will delight you.

12th April, 2014
I fell in love with this scent when I was still at university. I still love it and wear it on special occasions. It has a feminine and light but still powerful demeanor. Not for the workplace, as it can be very distracting.
Most scent last on my skin for a very long time, about 10-12 hours.
My other half finds it "acidy" the first couple of hours.
01st November, 2013
Very ladylike!

A very classy and joyful aroma! Sweet cinnamon, a concoction of peaches and abricots plus a hint of cardamom. Extremely lady-like, perfect for evenings, deep passion in a bottle! :)

26th September, 2013
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United Kingdom
Floral cinnamon 3/5 stars

It is really the magnolia that initially stands out on my skin, with a peach note following. In the drydown a somewhat synthetic cinnamon appears, and later heliotropes with vanilla dominate the base, but not cloying. Overall subtle with limited silage and projection, and about three hours of longevity. A lighter Dior.

24th September, 2013
I've thought that Egoiste took a traditional rose/sandalwood/patchouli attar and twisted it into something French. In turn, Feminite Du Bois draped Egoiste in burgandy velvet and drenched it in wine and butter and berries until it was THE ultimate dense gothic perfume. Then, Dolce Vita came along and stripped away all the gothic finery and Arabian luxury, leaving bare the bone structure. That's not to say that Dolce Vita feels minimal, it just has a lot less happening than its older siblings.

It starts with an explosion of ionones, that hyper-bright violet over vague suede. This is supported by an unusual sandalwood that almost smells like buttered sawdust. There's a little bit of a red wine smell, as well as some fruits and a slight aldehydic brightness, but the star of the show is that buttery suede/lumber smell.

It's funny to read the reviews here. Some people like it because of the name. Some people like it because it's Dior. And a bunch of people think it's boring. I don't think it's boring, but I do think it's a calculated attempt to make a Feminite Du Bois with broader appeal and less dark weirdness, so there is a carefully planned dullness in Dolce Vita. But it's not boring...
30th October, 2012
For me it's all about the cinnamon and maybe that's why I associate this with winter. It's Christmas and ginger bread men. It's cloves and cinnamon in mulled wine. I don't think of Italy and Vespas... Weird...
25th February, 2012
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very elegant and classy,smells wonderfull!after an hour or so the vanilla notes remain but there are also traces of lemon and soap at the base notes i think. Very sensual without being very loud and annoying. One of the very few perfums that i have purchased for the fourth time. Unfortunatelly the body lotion and shower gel are not in the market anymore.
15th February, 2012
Happy.. happy.. HAPPY! I cant help but smile when i wear this fragrance - it's literally sunshine in a bottle! A sniff of this transports me to a sun-drenched, secluded spot in the south of France, sipping champagne cocktails and laughing softly whilst wearing a feminine full-length sun-dress & wide-brimmed hat, dripping with gold jewellery!
OK.. so my description leaves a lot to be desired, but somehow this scent makes me feel flirty, feminine, relaxed and youthful, yet refined, classy and 'grown-up' all at the same time.
For me this is the perfect scent for summer.
08th September, 2011
Sweet--indeed sweet, but in a drier floral-reminiscent way. I think it would be a nice fragrance to wear in cold weather, to remind one of warmer flower-filled days-not woody on my skin, too sparkly sweet to make me think of woods, or smell outstandingly woody. I don't love it, but I like it, and I can't imagine it offending anyone.

It's one of those beautifully balanced fragrances, absolutely unremarkable on my skin, but pleasant. The right day could bring out Dolce Vita, the right day could give its not- light-but-not-heavy sweetness some kind of depth and allure, but I never had that day. This is not what I imagine when I hear the term "la dolce vita", although it is definitely la dolce vita di qualcuna.

Somebody once described this scent as one of the "boring sweets" (if you said this, let me know, identify yourself!) I agree with this statement, although it is classy, and it really stands out for a boring sweet--compared to most everything on the market today, it is superb!

Actually, it's kind of more interesting in warm weather, since it seems like a safer kind of fragrance-a gentle Oriental, not Floriental, not Oriental Woody, and none of the strength, but definitely not hollow. I only owned a bottle for a while, but I wouldn't mind having it again!

21st March, 2011
I put on my skin dolce vita and i feel very elegant.

This fragrance is soft-warm and creamy, the kind of smell i will use in a beautiful sunny day, but I think it would be also very suitable for night.

Dolce vita is the kind of perfume that makes you feel glamorous, without being very vain.

Don't be alarmed, the presence of sandalwood, rosewood and cedar are very week, prominent notes are Peach, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon and a tender and creamy citrus side.

If Doce vita would be released today, i think it would have a great success, so i don't smell the old lady thing.

Very good fixation for a eau de toilette..
28th January, 2011
elegant and sophisticated, i wish it was stronger though
27th March, 2010
I was an inturn in the Beauty Salon at the Danish Parlament in 1996,
the resident stylist was a big fan of Dolce Vita, so she made all the ladies
of the government use this.
All of Christiansborg Palads oozed Dolce Vita - and it was divine.

So sweet, so ritch, so feminine ... gotta love this!

13th February, 2010 (last edited: 22nd March, 2010)
This is the first fragrance that made me desperate to own it. After wandering the perfume counters without a clue, my nose was getting tired of all the acrid nastiness that passed itself off as grown-up scent. As soon as I tried this, I knew I would wear it. It is a delicious spicy warm scent with some sweetness. On me it makes me smell like me only better, rather than burying me under a cloud of foreign smells. This is the perfume I wear most of the winter, and the one on which I get the most compliments. One bloke at work even asked what it was because he wants his girlfriend to smell like that.

I've branched out since then, but it remains my favorite of all time. On my third bottle.
05th January, 2010
This is a lovely, cedarwood scent accented with rum-soaked fruit notes. The floral top notes disappear after five minutes, making this an ideal scent for guys who don't want another Terre d'Hermès-inspired wood fragrance. Luca and Tania say the reformulation is no good, but I haven't tried it.
02nd January, 2010 (last edited: 23rd February, 2010)
Sophisticated, uplifting floral ,sandalwood ,vanilla combo that makes it irresistable to me. Sweet but not overly sweet, perfect for any occasion ... I just love this scent.
Ths fragrance is subtle,chic but lasting.
The bottle and packaging are wonderful, so Dior and I am a sucker for Christian Dior fragrances !
26th October, 2009
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United States
Bourdon's Dolce Vita is a close relative of the Serge Lutens 'bois series' (Bois Oriental, Musc, Violette) and a direct descendant of the unparalelled Feminite du Bois (Shiseido/Lutens). *FN1* Apply Dolce Vita to one hand and Bois Oriental to the other and the resemblence is totally unmistakable. Like Bois Oriental, DV's topnotes present a lush, rich collection of fruit notes supported by florals. The hints of apricot, cinnamon, and peach give it a distinctly oriental feel and distinguishes DV from the typical fruity/floral. Like Feminite du Bois, DV maintains a distinctly woody base, but it then adds a big dose of vanilla and heliotrope to sweeten and impart a powdery, almondy feel. Compared to Bois Oriental the Dior is more brash, less refined - but it's also more bold, more fun (and a hell of lot cheaper and easier to purchase).

For an EdT Dolce Vita packs a good punch of sillage and longevity (as is typical of many Dior EdTs). I'm surprised that I don't see more guys review it or mention wearing it. It's certainly not as unisex as something like Hypnotic Poison, but if you are male and enjoy Lutens' fragrances - Bois Oriental in particular - then Dolce Vita won't be much of a jump to make. The girls at my local coffee shop act as my sounding board for my various fragrances, and of everything I've worn in the last two years nothing has received such an overwhelmingly positive response as Dolce Vita (I was wearing EdT layered with parfum). It seems that DV is one of those chameleon scents that becomes very feminine on a woman but then works as a woody/oriental on a guy. A quick note on the hard-to-find parfum... it's an excellent choice if you want a focus on the woody base with less sillage but greater longevity.

Dior has cancelled Dolce Vita but ample stock remains at most online discounters... for now.

FN1 - Turin & Sanchez, Perfumes: The Guide p.101
13th September, 2009
Dolce Vita is one of the most optimistic, sunny and happy fragrances that I ever tried. It feels like someone is smiling at you, and it has the ability to make a dreary day more cheerful, it's also very warm and somewhat sweet, but not sugary. I get a lot of peach, apricot and sandalwood and vanilla out of it. I would not call it a sexy fragrance, but it is very comforting and uplifting.
24th July, 2009
I love Dior Fragrances. This was my winter/fall fragrance until 2006. It is graceful and elegant. A true classic.
20th April, 2009
Lisle Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I'm fighting with myself to pick my all time favorite between this and Casmir. This is so wonderful. Reminds me of churches. OK, I can understand that this is not what everyone would want!

Lasts and lasts. Totally sexual but not in an agressive Poison way. I keep empty bottles of this in my wardrobe and spray it in my bag so I get wafts of it even when I'm wearing another perfume. It's lingers on clothing and everything it touches so try not to get it on a coat that you might wear more than once before cleaning.

The bottle and packaging are wonderful and it does give associations with Sophia Loren and 50's glamour but doesn't smell like it's old fashioned.

12th April, 2009
Pierre Bourdon's reworking of Feminite du Bois (which he co-created with Christopher Sheldrake). Every ounce of Bourdon's classical training under Edmond Roudnitska shows through here. He takes the fruit and wood (cedar and plums) of FdB and uses it as a bassline, adding a pretty melody of fruit and flowers to give it a more goodnatured and sunny character.

If like me you find FdB a bit too big for you, try Dolce Vita. It's a lovely perfume at home at any time of the year and well worth seeking out. Something of an underrated gem, I think.
10th April, 2009
DawnLady Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is lovely - warm and comforting and not overpowering (unless you apply too much!). Definitely one for a mature woman, not a young girl.
07th October, 2008
I like dior scents,they really make you take side, you love them or you hate them.There are so many perfumes in the market nowadays that are just "nice" and it is sooo difficult to find something with personality.This one makes heads turn. I love it ,my students hate it. It´s happy, elegant,I can smell the cedar in it, warm for cold days, and cosy. The bottle takes you back to the 50s ,I can see Sofia Loren wearing this or Lauren Bacall.
This one and Le Basier du Dragon , my two favourites at the moment.
03rd August, 2008
I ran across a sample vial of this at the bottom of an old Dior shaving kit I bought a Neiman Marcus YEARS ago ... it just finally saw the light of day a couple weeks ago after being in storage since 1996!! Anyway, I tried it to see what it was like and was FLOORED!!! This scent is simply DIVINE!! I thought to myself, "I don't care if this is not a men's scent, this should be for EVERYBODY."

I ordered a bottle the very next day.

All I can say is this . . . guys, don't be afraid to try this, IMHO, Dior should market this as unisex. Everything about it is plain HOT. It’s deep, sensual, sweet, and sexy. The sandalwood, heliotrope, and vanilla base is one of the best I have come across and to me, arguably, masculine. In fact, thinking about it, I can not even think of anything remotely close . . . Give it a try! It’s fantastic for fall/winter. VERY HOT!

Thanks again Dior, you never cease to amaze me! I LOVE IT!!!!
04th December, 2007